WHAT IS WRONG WITH POT? More than you could imagine!

I suspect the reader can imagine those pushing pot have a vested interest in the drug called Cannabis, or “marajuana” being legalized… and that interest is “psychological”… and this is what I wish to address.

Cannabis…[from DuckDuckGo]


Cannabis, also known as marijuana among other names, is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant intended for medical or recreational use. The main psychoactive part of cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol, one of 483 known compounds in the plant, including at least 65 other cannabinoids. Cannabis can be used by smoking, vaporizing, within food, or as an extract.More at Wikipedia
That is… I wish to discuss the more hideously evil aspects of this drug that are not being discussed, mentioned, nor considered.  And these aspects are the psychological dimensions of the drug.
Let us quickly take a look at the whole human being:
= Man#1 is the physical body, brain and physical senses. #2 is the Lower MIND, and #3 is the Higher MIND, and #4 is the Spiritual Dimension [or the Soul of Man]. When one thinks, one is using the brain. What we are not taught is that the brain is ONLY physical.  That is, the brain of Man has no control over the MIND of Man.  On the other hand, the MIND can cause the brain to “think’ whatever it wants the brain to think… by simply feeding Delusional Thinking [or D-Think] to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain.
How it it you don’t know this?  You don’t know this because modern mental health began denying and ignoring the MIND of Man in the early 1900s.  This was due to the influence of B.F. Skinner, a scientist who mistakenly thought he knew what Psychology was…  because he was stuck in Intellectualism, and his own MIND fed this mistaken notion to his brain [which supported his Ego, and his lack of understanding of the Esoteric dimensions of Man].  He was not aware of  the diagram above, in other words.
You see, the Whole Human  Being is composed of four separate dimensions, each with its own vibrational reality, or range of energies.  This means that three-quarters of the Whole of oneself are invisible to the brain and physical senses.  And this means that we cannot “think” our way to the MIND hidden ‘within” us.  And what has this to do with pot?  Quite a lot, actually. 
The serious impact of Pot takes place at levels we can neither see, nor deal with by physical means.  That which we can experience at a conscious level, like feeling relaxed, for instance, is the drug of Pot interfering with the normal communication between one’s nervous system and one’s brain.  In doing this, we are not aware of the number of  brain cells the drug is destroying in order to provide us with this “relaxed” state of being.
You see, or most likely you do not see… that the lack of anxiety, worry, concern, or simply being “up tight” that a person “normally” experiences is simply one’s MIND feeding the Left-Hemisphere of one’s brain D-Think that causes one to “feel” these labels of experience.  And the reason for this is the Law of Karma, which operates from “Within” one’s MIND.  We are, in other words, a most complex and involved organism.  And we “think” that  Pot causing us to not be able to communicate with ourselves  is a good thing.  Well, it is not a good thing, it is actually a really bad thing.  But I doubt many will agree with me, unless they know more about what is going on “Within” themselves?
The Purpose of Life is for we Souls to explore and experience Life.  Not for the ‘fun of it,,” but for us to gain Knowledge and Wisdom.  And, every pain we experience is part of our growth process.  Again, not something most people would agree with, without a deeper understanding of the Mystical Reality of Life.  Each of us is, as I said, a most complex organism, and Reality is constantly taking place “Within” and around us all the time:  However, most of this Reality is taking place at levels we can neither see nor think about!
Actually, to experience these realms as a Whole is limited to those among us who are quite Enlightened Souls.  We refer to these individuals as Saints and Mystics.  And each Soul [whether this is known to a Soul or not] is a part of this process. The more Enlightened one is [ which means the more Consciousness one’s Soul possesses], the more aware one is that this mostly secret process is taking place.  And this means that we are people who are divided by the level of Consciousness each person has acquired?  But, how many are aware of this?
D vs R Every human being “fits” within this illustration some place.  Some are very far Left or Right, and most are likely toward the middle somewhere?  But those on the Left are the people who want Pot usage increased, while those on the Right realize how dangerous doing so is for everyone.  It takes as much concentration as a person can muster to resist evil.  When one uses Pot, or some other drug, one is destroying the very memory one’s Soul has placed in the brain cells that help one resist evil.  Pot and most drugs destroy brain cells… and one is not even aware just how hard one has worked, over many  lifetimes, to acquire this limited ability to resist the evil desires of one’s MIND.  Such a tragic thing to do.
The physical realm cannot perceive the Mental realm, and the Mental realm cannot perceive the Spiritual realm.  And yet, each has a part to play in the Whole of Man,  We discount or ignore three-quarters of ourselves at a very great cost to ourselves in pain and suffering.  And when a culture fails to teach its young about the waste of hard-earned Consciousness they throw away by using drugs, that culture is committing a form of suicide.
If parents actually loved their children, they would teach their children the terrible waste of goodness they are throwing away when they serve an evil MIND’s desire for drugs.  No one escapes the Law of Karma. Every negative act creates a Karmic Due Bill that must come back to oneself in some lifetime.  And yes, all Souls routinely Reincarnate into one form of life or another, depending upon the Fate Karma a Soul must face in this lifetime?
I can only try to point to a Reality that many cannot perceive.  But eventually, all will come to “see” what a terrible thing is being done to young people by Phobic-D type individuals.  
Peace, 1-Brother James

Parents… Is Your Child “Enlightened”? If So, What do you Do? [part 3]

If you have understood part 1 and 2, then you are more Enlightened than you perhaps realized?  Or, even if you have not fully understood parts 1 and 2, if you have been able to accept them as possibilities, then your Soul has acquired more Consciousness [or “C’etc” — my symbol for the Virtues of Life], than you might have imagined?

In part 3, I hope to explain the Psychology that is involved when each of us is born?  The process by which the personal psychology and personality is formed “Within” every human being is a most complex and to me, fascinating process.

To begin with, the birth of a human being is no accident, nor is it arbitrary, nor is it random or capricious.  To be born, a Soul must find a Soul that “owes” one a birth and is having sex with another Soul; and the female of the pair is willing to give birth, rather than abort you for expediency!  Does the reader get how problematic obtaining a birth is?  At least in these times?  The requirement that the female of a couple owes you a birth, and is willing to carry you to term is, well, it’s not something one can really  count on today!

But, let us assume that your Soul has found someone who owes you a birth [which means someone for whom you did a very special service, or someone who did you a particularly evil act]?  So, this situation in itself makes the idea of a good and supportive relationship somewhat questionable… even though neither you nor your mother will remember what brought the two of you together?  And remember… your Soul is an independent operator, and the only “history” between you and your mother is one neither of you can consciously remember!  But if it was particularly negative, then the MIND of one or both might subtly influence how the two  relate to one another?

Now… this next bit is quite important, but little-known in what passes as “psychology” today! At the time of birth, the MIND of the child reaches out to the MIND of the mother [and the MIND of the father, if he is present], and the child’s MIND obtains all the  [pertinent]  emotional energies actively repressed “Within” the MIND of each parent… because these will be needed by the MIND of the child as it engages in the Fate Karma it designed for this lifetime!

So, like it or not, the child “takes-on” the deeply repressed emotions of one or both parents, to be used by the MIND of the child in fulfilling the Fate Karma the Soul of the child has chosen to work on in this lifetime!  And the only way a parent can reduce this load of negative Karma the child takes-on is… for the parent to have engaged in Gestalt Psychotherapy facilitated by a fully trained and competent Gestalt Psychotherapist.  The Catharsis that parent will have gone through as a result of his or her Gestalt Psychotherapy will have removed a great deal of fear and deeply repressed traumata from that parent’s MIND.  So, the MIND of the child will have to shop around to obtain the emotional ingredients it needs to develop its psychology and personality for this lifetime.  The parent who is free of fear and other negative emotions is quite rare, as you might expect!

Now, what I just explained is true for every child that comes into the Earth plane.  And how many parents are aware of this phenomenon, do you suppose? The answer, I would suspect is less than one or two percent.   And this number would represent the number of people who are psychologically free of repressed fear and traumata due to successful  completion of Gestalt Psychotherapy.  Would a nation benefit greatly by encouraging its citizens to engage in and complete Gestalt Psychotherapy?  Of course it would, but first it would have to override the objections of Phobic-D type individuals who intensely fear what is repressed “Within” their MINDs.

Hopefully, at some point in the next Golden Age, people will encourage each other to engage in Gestalt Psychotherapy to remove the deeply repressed negative “misperceptions” stored “Within” their MIND realms.  Is this likely?  Who knows?

So, what can the parent take from this peculiar Reality that is practical and useful?  Well, essentially this… the MIND of the child will reach out to the MIND of the parent. This is built into the system, and it is also needed to take place in these times.  So, knowing this, a parent is wise to work on being as Accepting of the child as possible.  That is, to try and not reinforce the negative misperceptions taken-on by the MIND of the child.  And to avoid doing this is not easy to do…unfortunately!

Why do I use the term “misperceptions”?  I use this term because it “fits” what takes place.  That is, the MIND of the child assumes that the negative emotions repressed “Within” the MIND of the parent “must be” the parent’s “reaction” to who and what the child is!  Children are quite self-centered, but perhaps you have noticed this?  The reason for this is that a child is a stranger in a strange place, and the MIND of the child is desperately seeking to get a sense of who it is, and what it needs to be and do?  And much of what the MIND of the child takes-on are therefore “mistaken perceptions,” [or the child is mistakenly perceiving  (assuming) that he or she must be what is causing the negative emotions “Within” the parent]!  The MIND is a very powerful instrument, but it is not the Soul, and it does not possess Truth, Reality, Knowledge or Consciousness… all of which are elements of the Spiritual Dimension… which is the only Source of Spiritual Truth in the human being.

The MIND of the child is a fully functioning MIND… at the time of birth!  Indeed, it is not at all unusual for the MIND of a child to be far more advanced that the MIND of either parent.  Remember… there is nothing biological about the Soul or the MIND of Man.  And the fact that the Soul has its own Reality just like the MIND has its own Reality only means both are quite separate from the physical dimension of Man.  So, the Soul of a child can be much more Enlightened than the Soul of either parent?  And, again, this is no one’s “fault”!  It is simply the way life must be in order to accommodate the varied Souls that are all playing in this massive game of Life.

In the next blog, I will do my best to zero in on the details of how a parent can relate to a child to reinforce the positive, and avoid the negative.

Peace, 1-Brother James


Regarding the “Death Penalty”…

Yesterday, President Trump mentioned the “Death Penalty”.  This was in regard to the awful carnage and the taking of life at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.  And before the godless media of the nation accuse the President of being heartless, cruel, and insane… let us consider a bit of Truth and Reality… shall we?

It is sad that so many in the media today possess Souls that are early in their maturation process, but such Souls are not just confined to the “MEDIA”.  The same types of Souls are found within all walks of life.  In the Bible, this is explained as Souls incarnating specifically to engage in, or be challenged by evil, which is the dominant presence in the “End Time,” or the Iron Age of Man. And what I am alluding to is simply some background for what I wish to address… which is… what is the best thing to do with a murderer?

11aAnd I mean… in Reality [beyond rhetoric, fear, hysteria, etc..] what is the best thing that we can do about those people who kill other people?

Now, what a person “thinks” has to do with [and depends ENTIRELY upon where one’s Soul (or level of Consciousness) is]… which is another way of saying:  “How Conscious” one is… which will indicate how much Conscience one possesses?  And, what do I mean, right?  When is the last time you heard some “authority” say… “His level of Consciousness prevented him from acting with Empathetic Understanding”!

What did Christ mean, when the Bible quotes him as saying:  “Thou shalt not kill”?  Christ meant that it is a sin to take life… regardless what level of life one is taking?  And yes, there are levels of life, and life-forms, and this is just one more important  thing everyone SHOULD KNOW, but, in the West, very few KNOW about this!  And this is a blog, not a book. I must stay on track!  The topic is the “Death Penalty”.

The REASON mankind has laws, and people specifically delegated to judge people relative to such laws, is that judgement is  IMPORTANT! ALAS… Man has failed miserably in demanding a high level of  Consciousness in those RESPONSIBLE FOR JUDGEMENT OF MANKIND! And this takes us to the little-known fact that some people are simply less CONSCIOUS than other people are!

The PROBLEM IS… HOW CAN WE KNOW THIS SIMPLY BY LOOKING AT ANOTHER PERSON?  The answer is… We Can’t KNOW how Conscious another is by simply looking at another person. This is the reason the Judicial Committee of the Senate exists [SUPPOSEDLY}!  That is, they are supposed to judge people who are proposed to be judges as to the “FITNESS” of such people?  But who is doing this judgement?  I MEAN… HOW CONSCIOUS ARE THEY?

You see… or more likely you do not “SEE”?  Each person has a “RELATIVE LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS”!  Or… “RLoC.”  And the ONLY way to ascertain a person’s “relative level of Consciousness” is to have someone with a very high level of Consciousness do the judging!  You see arrow…  there are two basic types of people on Earth.  I refer to these as  1: The Phobic-D type, and 2. The Enlightened type [which means people who possess a higher level of Consciousness].  And… how many readers know what I am talking about?

YOU SEE… We in America have not reached a level of Consciousness wherein we realize that those people who “think” they are Democrat are [and this is quite unknown to Democrats]… lacking sufficient Consciousness to even judge the RLofC of other people?  And what is even worse… the Democrat unknowingly fears people who possess a high RLoC [which the MIND of the Democrat perceives as an “Unknown” element that is frightening to the Democrat type person].   So, the Democrat is negatively disposed toward, and will inevitably seek to punish those people whose level of Consciousness is higher than their own level of Consciousness.

And a bizarre twist on this is that the Democrat type judge will perceive people with a low RLoC as people who need to be taken care of.  And thus, those people with a low RLoC will inevitably resist the Death Penalty for people who, like themselves, possesses a low RLoC.  And this is the current state of justice in America.  And we can see this clearly by simply watching what is going on in the FBI and the DOJ.  Both agencies are being run by individuals who lack Consciousness.

Consciousness is just another term for Spirituality, or an Enlightened Soul. That is, a Soul that has engaged in and Completed a great deal of Karma. And thus, that Soul has acquired a high RLoC.  And, of course, the ONLY way a Soul can do this is over time.  So, we have yet another hurdle for some to jump… which is the hurdle of Reincarnation, which is the term that means we Souls have as many lifetimes as we need to fulfill the Purpose of Life.

Anyone can believe whatever he or she wants to believe.  This is obvious in America, isn’t it? But just because one believes in something does not make that something true, does it? And one can only “think” what one’s MIND wants one to think… and this is another little-known Reality.  There is so much that modern mental health does not know, and this negatively impacts all of us.

Bottom line is this: The very best course of action relative to a murderer, once the person is found guilty, is to sentence the person to death.  And the reason for this becomes obvious when one understands what the various Hells are for?  That is, the ONLY way to re-educate the MIND of a murderer is for it to be done in a Hell specifically designed to permanently remove the desire to murder from the MIND.  These Hells exist for we Souls, and it is foolish not to make use of them for ourselves.  Is what I am suggesting made easier when you realize that the Soul is immortal, and that the various Hells on the Astral Region of Creation are there specifically to deal with the evils of the MIND?

It is simply reasonable that the more RLoC a person’s Soul has acquired, the more that person will view life for what it is:  Which is a huge play in which we Souls are lost in the Illusion that the Creation is real, and that Reality is a myth. And some of us are fortunate enough to have stumbled onto a few secrets that have awakened us to a higher level of Truth.  But, of course anyone can resist, discount, or deny what I have shared?

Peace, 1-Brother James

The Little-known Mystical Benefits and curative nature of Grief…

Have you ever wondered what causes ‘grief’?  Or do you, like most people, try to hide your grief?  Why do you suppose people try and hide grief?  If you see someone who is experiencing grief, do you ask yourself what is going on inside of that person, or do you quickly look away… pretending that the person isn’t really lost in his or her grief?

As little as BS&bp, or “modern mental health” knows about the MIND, those trained in the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology,’  know even less about the Mystical nature of Grief… which is associated with the Higher MIND, and is a most effective means of “erasing” psychological misperceptions held “Within” the MIND… which are there due to the nature of Karma!  Which is, by the way, the primary Law of Creation that was designed by God to insure that every MIND of every Soul is treated with absolute fairness!  What do I mean?

The Law of Karma can be stated like this:  “As you sow, so shall you reap”. This means that every thought or action your have or take is the same thought or action that will come back to you at some point in some lifetime.  You were, of course, aware that we Souls have as many lifetimes as we need to fulfill the purpose of life? If you do not know this, then it is time to discover this fact, since not knowing it makes one more vulnerable to the evils of the world.

Perhaps the primary reason to discover the nature of Karma is that ignorance of this Law means that one is much more vulnerable to being pulled into unknowingly engaging in evil.  And every such action engaged in means that same action will come back to oneself!  It is simply the Law of Karma.  Does this mean there are no accidents in life?  Pretty much so.  Nothing happens to us that is not due us!  Isn’t that something?

You see, the purpose of Life is to explore and experience Life. And the Lower MIND is the primary vehicle for helping you accomplish this. And to the MIND, it doesn’t matter at all whether the action is good or evil… until the MIND has to go to some Hell for re-education to eliminate that particular bit of evil. Then the MIND develops a “phobia” regarding that particular evil. And this is the way the MIND “learns” about good and evil. And… because your Soul must accompany your MIND as your MIND undergoes its re-education,  your Soul “learns” this as well.

You see, for the MIND, this physical plane is a great deal of fun.  It can do whatever it wants to do, with the idea that it won’t get caught… because it observes other people doing things and they don’t seem to get caught. It is the Soul that KNOWS the difference between good and evil, but it is the MIND that is in charge of making sure the Soul explores the whole of life.  After a number of lifetimes, the Soul begins to tire of the MIND continuously creating negative Karma, which become “Karmic Debts” that bind the Soul to what the Mystics call the “Wheel of 84”.  That is, 8,400,000 different life forms which exist on this physical plane.  And we Souls can be incarnated into any of these that the Law of Karma decides is best for what we Souls need to experience?

And all of this makes clear that we Souls are caught in a kind of trap.  We need a MIND to interact with the Creation, and yet the MIND is what creates our experience of the Creation, and each experience becomes a Karmic obstacle to our going Home.  And at the bottom line of Grief is our realizing this Reality.  We Souls are trapped here on this Earth plane due to our own need to explore and experience the Creation.  After a number of lifetimes, this Reality begins to become obvious to us [at a non-conscious level of course], and we begin to Grieve internally, and this intense sadness just builds and builds.

This is a rather lengthy way of saying that the need for the Soul to grieve is the amount of Karma the MIND has created, the accumulation of which pushes the Soul further and further from being able to return to God.  You see, ONLY the Soul that is free of Karma can enter the Spiritual Dimension, which means that Souls that are not free of Karma cannot go Home.  And thus, every experience that is stored in our MIND becomes another reminder of our separation from God.

So, every opportunity you have to grieve… make sure you do so, because unknown to us is the fact that by grieving, you are “erasing” Karma that is stored “Within” your MIND… which serves as a barrier to your going Home. One might say that the ability to grieve is God’s way of helping us free ourselves from the Law of Karma.

More on this later.

Peace, 1-Brother James


A CALL FOR GOLDEN AGE YOUTH… or GA Youth!… From 8 to 88!

Or… perhaps you do not believe in a new Golden Age of Man?

2 c0py  This is my new logo, and it differs from my last logo

which is below:

two copy 2  The first logo, you will note is missing the letters G A, and  YOUTH and it has a central question mark [instead of a explanation point]!  And the  GA stands for “Golden Age,” and YOUTH stands for Enlightened Children, who will represent the bulk of people being born in the New Golden Age of Mankind.

But…  perhaps you are not aware that there will be a new Golden Age of Man, and many on Earth today will be among those human beings born into that New Golden Age of Man!  However… and on the other hand, the great bulk of mankind will not be present in the New Golden Age of Man!  Where will this great bulk be?  Well, after a long period of time in “Hell,” the bulk of Souls will go into a form of sleep.  And they will not awaken again until the next Bronze Age, or the next Iron Age… not unlike what we are experiencing today.  The Mystics tell us we are in the last part of the Iron Age of Man.

You see, Creation is constructed in such a way that there are four repeating Ages of Man:  The Golden Age; The Silver Age; The Bronze Age; and the Iron Age of Man.  We are currently experiencing the end of the present Iron Age of Man, which is the darkest, and most evil Age mankind faces.  This period is spoken of in the Bible as the “End Time,” or a dark and evil period ending in what is called Armageddon.  In which all Souls are “judged,” and some go to Heaven, and most go to Hell, which the Bible refers to as the “Lake of Fire”.

During the time between Armageddon and the beginning of the New Golden Age of Man, All souls that are “saved” spend time in a form of sleep.  And this sleep lasts for a period of time in which the Physical Universe re-structures and re-news itself.  Then, when the Physical Universe is ready for life again, Souls are sent back into the cycle of birth and death.  And the Age current on the Earth is now the New Golden Age of Man.  And what makes the Earth so unusual during the  Golden Age is that the great bulk of Souls on Earth are mostly Enlightened Souls, which means that the Souls possess a higher level of Consciousness, or put another way… a greater amount of Spirituality.  This means that Love, Truth, Honesty, Goodness, Kindness, and the other positive attributes that reflect Spirituality are present in the lives of people.  It also means that pure Creativity is also enhanced… and this is a “mixed-bag”!

It is this heightened level of Consciousness and Creativity that enables people to create, experience, and enjoy great and wonderful things on Earth.  And yet…, the Reality of Life is always present!  What Reality of Life is that?  The Reality of Life that is governed by the Law of Karma: For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.  For every experience of great joy, there is the opposite experience of great sorrow.  This, unfortunately, is the way the Creation operates.  Why is this the case?  Because the Creation is based on a duality, which is required to create opposing forces, which create friction, which creates form, which we can see.

The “secret” to the whole of Creation lies in the nature of the Energy of Spirituality, which I believe is Neutral Spiritual Energy, or “NSgy” for short.  And the unique nature of NSgy is that of Neutrality.  And we have no example on the physical plane for “Neutrality”.  Again, duality vs Neutrality.  We can’t see the Soul because it is Neutral.  And thus, neither good nor otherwise, but it is always Neutral.  So the age old battle between good and evil is, in Reality, a battle between Neutral and duality.  Or more precisely, a battle between Reality and Illusion.

What does this mean?  Unfortunately, it means that Perfection is not possible to achieve in the Creation.  So, no matter how wonderful the physical creation becomes, lurking in the shadows is the MIND [or (“-M-“)] of Man, with its Greed, Envy, and ceaseless desire for more and more experience of the Illusion… seeking Reality.  We might say that the MIND is duality, or the symbol of Yin and Yang: Yin sm

But, this message is not for, nor is it about the Bulk of Souls!  This blog is about those  people today [many of whom]  possess Enlightened Souls!  How do we know who these people are?  Well, that is a question this blog may help us answer?

What will determines whether or not one’s Soul is likely to be present in the next Golden Age of Man… is the present level of  Consciousness “Within” one’s Soul today?

SO… let us discuss this just a bit!  And before we progress much further, let us remind ourselves that in the Illusion we have groups of Souls that appear to have common beliefs and desires.  The Reality is, each Soul is an individual Soul, and it remains that way as long as it remains in the Creation.  So what appears to be a commonly shared belief is simply a momentary similarity due to a point in time… being carried forward as unchanging… whereas the Reality is that moment in time is short-lived.

We human beings are like bits of material in a river. We come together only to be soon parted almost instantly by the endless motion of the water. Life is a series of experiences, each adding to Knowledge “Within” oneself, but each experience also causes us to be different that we were, and we will never be that person again.  The Reality we resist embracing is that each of us is alone, and we remain alone until we rejoin the Source from which we were separated!

If you feel lonely, a bit lost, or unsure as to who and what you are, or should be?  Then you are more Enlightened than those who are certain as to whom they think they are!  The “trick” to being OK with Reality is to be able to embrace being lonely as a secret way of  embracing your own Spirituality.  We can be Real, or we can pretend to be a great many things… all of which are Illusion.  The more you pretend to be something, the less Real you are. Strange situation, is it not?

If I were young, instead of being 83, I would read the Bible, study the writings of Mystics, and I would be determined to be ready to completely enjoy the next Golden Age of Man.  I would steep myself in every kind of study that is available to me, and of all the choices for vocations and activities available to Man, I would concentrate all my energy into a field I found most fascinating.

As for me, I have spent the last 40+ years in daily meditation fully intending to make this my last lifetime on Earth.  I believe, with a great deal of help from my Spiritual Master, I have been successful.  So, I will not see you in the next Golden Age of Man, because I will be taking a journey backwards through the realms of Creation, to where we Souls first came from!  So, I wish every Soul good fortune, and encourage each Soul to strive to be the best one can be.

Peace, and do not follow the flock of sheep, but seek what is best for yourself, since you came in alone, and you will go out alone… eventually.

Brother James

What Does the Term “Mysticism” Mean?

In this offering of this blog… allow me to suggest that the average, normal, and typical dictionary definition for most of the terms used in my blogs will not suffice to define, nor to explain what the various terms mean!  I mean… the typical dictionary definition only defines a word using other words… as though doing so will actually “convey that the word being defined actually “stands for’?

Take for example, the the term Soul.  What is a Soul?  Where does it exist?  What does it do?  And can we experience the Soul by use of the brain and physical senses?

From Google, we get this definition for Soul:
noun: soul; plural noun: souls
  1. 1.
    the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.

dot line

This provides us words. Such as “spiritual,’ “immaterial,’ and ‘immortal’.   What do these words tell you about these words, or the term Soul, for which they serve as sign posts that point to Soul?  Even if we memorize these terms, and their meanings, how does that provide us  with an “Experiential Knowledge’ of the  Soul?

It does not do so, is the answer!  So, how does one come to experience one’s own Soul, and what is the “REASON” our brains and physical senses cannot do this for us?  The Reason is quite Mystical. That is, the Whole of Man consists of four entirely separate vibrational dimensions, each with its own reality. And only one of these, the Physical Universe, can be experienced by the brain.  And the simple reason for this is that the brain is itself physical.

CreationIn this sketch, the Soul is part of the “Spiritual Reality,” which is the “Primordial Existence,”  or what we refer to as “God,” or what the Bible describes as the “Void,” which is normally describved as empty, dark, or nothing.

Therefore the brain can only perceive that which is physical, tangible, and capable of being perceived by the brain and physical senses.  And this refers to one-quarter of the Whole Human Being, or WHB.

Or put another way… three-quarters of the Whole of Man are “Esoteric” dimensions of Man, or parts of the Whole of Man that the brain cannot perceive!   Esoteric just means ‘invisible’.

The term Mystic refers to someone who is able to use his or her faculty of Intuition to experience the invisible elements of Life.  The term Mysticism is the process by which a Mystic does this.  And, the reason the Mystic is able to do this is that the Mystic is “Enlightened”!  But what does Enlightened mean?  Well, we will discuss that in our next blog.

Peace, Brother James


On Behalf of my 83rd Birthday… A TREATISE ON “MEDITATION”…


This Treatise had its beginning on March 17, 1972. That is 46 years ago, and that is the date I received “Initiation” from a Mystic… which is crucial to this treatise, but  that event, without  reader-preparation, would simply be confusing.

Over the last quarter century, I have written a great many books. What makes this strange is that in the eleventh grade, the only punctuation I used was a dash, like this ( – ).  Should I write, I wrote a single  run-on sentence punctuated here and there by a dash – between thoughts.  I attribute this to the fact that in the fifth grade, I could neither read, nor write. I am thankful to Mrs Cox, in the fifth grade, and Miss Ziebold in the eleventh grade. This is just my background.

What I discovered over the years is that Knowledge has nothing to do with information, the brain, or education.  Knowledge is entirely experiential, and it only takes place as a most complex process entirely  “Within” the MIND and Spiritual dimensions of each human being  We return to this concept shortly.

We think of life as sequential.  That is, events taking place as a series of straight lines [one after another].  Whereas, in Reality, Life is always now [like a stage] with past and future events waiting off-stage to make a sudden appearance, and we integrate these into now [“ignoring” the incongruity of the event].  In this sense, Shakespeare was correct.  What causes us to ignore the lack of congruence is the MIND, for whom time is irrelevant. It is carrying out its job of integrating the Law of Karma with what we believe is a linear life unfolding before us… as we view these seemingly “accidental” events as unrelated to us.

To comprehend the subject of “Meditation,” we must understand what this term means? And, it is difficult to understand the term “Meditation” because the key to the term Meditation is the term “Esoteric”.  Esoteric means ‘invisible’ to the brain and physical senses.  Or put another way, the key-principles of Meditation involve  the “Attention” faculty of Intuition, and  that of “Concentration,” both of which are operations of the Soul… and people mistakenly “think” they know what the Soul is? How many of you have seen a Soul?  And to think one knows what the Soul is, when one has no idea what the Soul is… is a common form of Delusional Thinking, which is virtually ignored in Western education.

Mankind therefore engages in a subtle form of Delusional Thinking, which is the MIND feeding Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain, and we do not realize this is taking place continually. The fact the MIND can feed Delusional Thinking [or D-Think] to oneself, and one is unaware that what one is thinking is what one’s MIND wants one to think… is a bitter pill to swallow for the Ego of Man.  So, we ignore it, and we deny it can even happen.  And the MIND counts on [and helps] us  deny this phenomenon.

So, now we have briefly set the stage, so to speak, let us discuss the practice of Meditation?  We begin with discussing the “purpose” of Meditation?  Meditation is a crucial part of the teaching of every Saint or Mystic that has been sent into the Earth plane by God… And the reason Meditation is so important is that Meditation is the ONLY way for the Soul to begin to stop the leeching of the Spirituality of the Soul by the MIND that is attached to the Soul.

How does the MIND “create” Karma?  It takes a bit of the Spiritual Energy of the Soul and “creates” an event for the Soul to vicariously experience… Vicarious in the since that it is the Soul’s own Energy that creates and sustains that event.  And then the MIND stores that event in its memory as Karma.  And, over many lifetimes, that storehouse of memory is filled with what we call “Attachments”. The attachment we speak of is the Spiritual Energy of the Soul that is dissociated and held in all that Karma.

This is the reason the Mystic speaks of the Soul being a “slave” to the Karma held within the MIND.  Although it is the experiencing of this Karma that will eventually give we Souls experiential understanding…  it must be converted from Karmic experience into Knowledge, and Truth.  And that takes place Within us at levels of which we are unaware.

Meditation involves Attention, Concentration, and Acceptance… although the Acceptance part is rarely discussed. Acceptance means forgiving oneself for having spent ones own Spiritual Energy on pleasures of the Illusion.  Both the positive and the negative experiences we have participated in  have been at the expense of our own Spirituality.  In other words, we used our own Spiritual Energy to fulfill  our “desires” for these experiences of the Creation.  And when a Soul awakens to this FACT, it most generally creates a great deal of grief, sorrow, and humiliation.  And we are ashamed, but that is Ego.  This subtly begins the awakening process of “seeing” the difference between the Reality of God, and the Illusion, which we  believed to be real and important. 

Grief is the magic eraser of  Karma, and the more a person can grieve, the quicker that person converts Karma into Knowledge.  Humility only comes from humiliation. So, rather than try and hide from humiliation, embrace it deep within yourself.  See it as a friend, and as a way to clean out the storerooms of Karma from “Within” oneself.

The MIND does not appreciate, nor does it initially support nor encourage this transformation by the  Soul.  In fact, the MIND does everything in its power to dissuade the Soul from engaging in Meditation.  It attempts to feed D-Think to one during Meditation.  It will also bring up all kinds of memories from deep within itself, and it displays these on a screen during one’s Meditation.  This is the reason the Mystic tells us to do both Simran [or repeating of the holy names], and dhyan [which is focusing on the Mystic that Initiated one’s Soul]. And one must keep ones full Attention fixed in the eye-center, resisting the temptation to look either left or right, up or down.

And this is Meditation. An attempt by a Soul to focus all its Energy at the eye center, at the forehead, and to exclude everything else.  And this is a very long and difficult process, and it takes a great deal of dedication, desire, intention, and surrender of one’s Ego.  And the MIND will be relentless in its offering of distractions in various forms:  One’s work, children, politics, pains, aches, and any resentments the MIND can stir up during the day… are stored and presented during Meditation.   A favorite of my own MIND is providing me flashes of pictures of the movie I saw the day or evening before.  I personally sit for meditation between 2 and 3 a.m.  And I have done that every day for the last 46 years.  And, this morning was not unlike any other morning… except that now, I am much more aware of how relentless my MIND is in its attempt to interject itself into my Meditation.  The statement of Christ, “If thine eye be single, they whole body shall be full of light,” is a reminder that what Mediation needs to be is one-pointed Attention of all one’s Concentration. This intensity is quite tiring.

Most Mystics, or Masters, remind us of just how difficult Meditation is, and they know this because every Soul must go through the same process.  There is only one Path back Home to God, the Father of we Souls.  I hope my sharing this bit about Meditation has been helpful.

Peace, Brother James, May, 2018