The Non-Christian Alternative to being good in the West… Part 1.

It occurred to me early this morning that there must be a great many people in the West who strive to be good, honest people who love God, but for various reasons, do not want to follow Christianity…

My mother had me Baptized as a young child into the Presbyterian sect of Christianity, but my experience of the way people acted in that church caused me to be disinclined to attend that church.  Later, I attended a Baptist church with some of my young friends. An adult in that church cornered me and asked me if I was a Baptist, and I said no, and he said I could not attend that church if I was not a Baptist.

I remember, when I was very young, living across the street from a Nunnery, which was just down the street from a big Catholic Church, and I used to walk across the street and ask those Nuns why I was good-looking and my friend Johnny was not?  And those Nuns, like many other Christians of whom  I asked a great many questions as a child, always gave me the same answer:  “It is just the Will of God”, they would say.

That answer never seemed to me to be a proper answer to what for me was a very serious question.  And that question  bothered me a great deal.  I mention this because I can’t be the only person in the West who wonders about such things in life?!  I was four or five years of age when I was asking such questions.

It was not until thirty-plus years later that I came upon a book that answered that particular question, and a great many more questions as well. I forget the name of that book, but I read a great many books at that time, and they were all based on the same teaching.  That is, they were all based on Law of Karma.

Were you aware that the Law of Karma was established by God at the same time He Created the Creation?  The Law of Karma is one of two principle Laws upon which the entire Creation is based, and the Law of Karma was designed by God expressly for every Soul in Existence.  And the Law of Karma has no religion, no sects, and no membership, nor is there any requirements to meet… in order for the Law of Karma to operate?  And yet, it applies to every Soul, and it is absolutely just, fair, equal, and Perfect in its operation.

And the MIND that is attached to each Soul in the Creation is the local administrator for the Law of Karma. And, there is a public record of the Law of Karma that is available to every Soul that exists in, or is passing through, the Astral Region of Creation.  It is called the Akashic Records. And these records hold every thought and deed a person has had, done or been involved in.  And it exists , whether one is aware of it or not!

So, why is the Law of Karma not known in Christianity?  It is not known in Christianity because the Law of Karma depends upon another primary law of God, that of Reincarnation, or the fact that we Souls have as many lifetimes in which to fulfill the Purpose of Life as we need?  This means, of course, that the notion that a Soul only has one life to live is untrue, specious, and wrong.

Where does the notion that a Soul only has one life to live come from? I believe it comes from a misunderstanding of Hebrews 9:27.

“And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:”

And this verse is quite correct, however… it applies to the cycle of birth and death rather than to the final “Judgment”that takes place around the time of Armageddon.  The cycle of birth and death is such that at the end of each lifetime, one’s Soul is evaluated as to how well it did working though the Fate Karma it faced in its just completed life?  And depending upon how well the Soul did, its next lifetime reflects what that Soul “NEEDS” to help it grow, and improve itself.  The idea of “one life to live,” is another flaw in how this verse is misinterpreted, or misunderstood.  It is not commonly known by Christians that EVERYTHING THAT IS ALIVE ON EARTH HAS A SOUL!

It is the Soul “Within” a thing that gives it life.  When the Soul is removed, that thing dies.  The ONLY thing Real in a living thing is the Soul of that thing.

From the smallest molecule to that of Man, every living thing in Creation has a Soul. This means that a carrot has a Soul.  A tree has a Soul. A worm has a Soul. A fly has a Soul.  So… does the Christian want me to believe that if a Soul happens to be born as a fly, that is the one and only lifetime that Soul has in Creation.  And that …when that fly dies, it goes back to God and spends eternity telling other Souls about its life as a fly?  I’m sorry, my view of God is of an entity that is much more loving that that. Much more sensitive than that, and much more Creative than that.

And this is part 1 of this blog.

Peace, Brother James


WHAT IS “FATE KARMA”…and can you beat it?

Or…are we human beings born with certain “obligations” we have to meet, but then we also have the opportunity of substantially altering our lives [if we are aware of some things about the Reality of Life that most people in the West do not realize]?

The first thing we must get straight between us, you and I, is that the life most people live is one of minimum Consciousness.  And, what do I mean by that?  Let me begin my  explanation by asking a question?  Do you know what Consciousness is?  I ask this because most people do not know, nor do they care.  Most people are taught by their parents, teachers, and peers to pursue a life of hedonism.  That is, a life dedicated to self-indulgence and enjoyment of oneself, and to take pleasure in the physical things of life.  What’s wrong with that, you might ask?

Nothing in particular wrong with that… if it does not include doing harm to others, or taking advantage of others to achieve your goals? And what is wrong with taking advantage of another is… the Law of Karma says that every action brings to one the exact same action.   In other words:  As you sow, so shall you reap. And this Law is an Absolute Law of Life. That is, no one escapes this fundamental Law.

However, the Hedonist approach to life is quite short-sighted in terms of your personal growth, and the welfare of your Soul?   And the reason for this is… to create Karma takes X amount of time.  And, to have that same Karma return to you [takes time away from you, in that the return of the Karma [unless you Accept it as due you –which rarely happens] is time that generates no growth for your Soul. Again, unless you learn humility by Accepting the return of an action you initiated as a learning process… [wherein the Yin (pain) caused by your original action, is experienced and owned by you- you take responsibility for it], then  the return of your own Karma is a waste of time, and only serves to reinforce [harden] your heart [so to speak].

There is no growth for your Soul, in other words, unless like Christ said [you turn your other cheek]. This was a reference to the Law of Karma, by Christ.  Most of the references to Karma were removed from the scriptures in the Fifth century, which resulted in the Bible we have today [this is what many believe].  This was to reinforce the misinterpretation of the  single verse in the Bible that, if misread, suggests that he Soul only has one life to live.

But, if this is true, and keep in mind that a tree has a Soul [since every living thing has a Soul], then if a Soul would chose to experience being a tree, that is the only chance of experiencing the physical plane that Soul would have… if one holds the notion that the Soul only has one life to live?  This is what most Christians believe [although they do not realize this is what they believe] when they insist that the Soul only has one life to live.

I just realized that what I hoped to condense into the title of this blog is not likely possible — because what I wanted to discuss requires the reader to possess a great many  concepts that are just not part of what is known in the West. Maybe I could  convey the concept in a book?  In any case, it is possible to greatly enhance ones life, if one works very hard personally benefiting oneself while at the same time creating no negative Karma in the process.

In the meantime, give a bit of each day [say 10%] to God, and pray for guidance for your Soul.

Peace, Brother James

Why Do We Have a Constitution?

The reason we have a Constitution is imagined to be several things, but the actual reason we have a Constitution is mystical, not intellectual.

The fact is, Truth [capital “T” Truth] is an ABSOLUTE.  That means it does not change, and it is thus permanent.  However, Truth does not exist on the physical plane of existence. Truth ONLY exists on the Spiritual plane. On the physical plane of existence [the Earth], we have “relative truth,” and it changes all the time. Important, but rarely considered distinction between relative truth, and Absolute Truth.

TRUTH is ONLY found within the Spiritual dimension.

Some of the founding fathers in America were Enlightened individuals. And “Enlightened” means possessing a Soul that has acquired a high level of Consciousness… which means having lived a great many lifetimes.  And this is True, whether one believes in Reincarnation or not? And by living many lifetimes, the Souls of the Enlightened individuals had acquired [experiential] access to bits of Truth from within themselves.

And some of the founding fathers were not Enlightened, but were quite intelligent. And the unenlightened individuals could not “see”[or experience the Truth], but they were not aware they were confined to ONLY relative truth.  Unfortunately, neither group was aware that this reality is inherent with all people on the Earth plane of existence. That is… some people are naturally more capable of accessing the Truth from within themselves, while other people are not capable of “experiencing” the Truth…. but are confined to relative truth via their “intellect” [combination of brain and MIND].

INTUITIVELY… empathetically [using Spiritual insight] the Enlightened founders came up with the Constitution, which they hammered out as the best way to try and state in written form… the Truths they  mystically had access to.

Today, the Enlightened of the nation can “see” the difference between the Truth and relative truth.  But, the unenlightened insist that truth is what their MINDs cause them to think is true.  Today we refer to the unenlightened as Democrats, Socialists, and Marxists [many of whom are very intelligent] and seriously lacking in Spirituality.

Unless the Enlightened of the nation are willing to FIGHT for the TRUTH they alone can experience… the intellectuals [who lack Consciousness] will do everything they can to make sure that relative truth remains dominate in America. Judges who are intellectual, but lack Enlightenment, are servants of Satan, or evil… although their MINDs convince them that they are serving mankind by their deviously clever destruction of the Constitution.

If America is to remain dedicated to TRUTH, it must do so by condemning those who are unable to “experience” Truth.  The nation is at war, not only with the evil of the Quran, but with Americans whose egos are driven by fear of Truth.  The nation is on the brink of destruction by allowing those unable to experience Truth to INTERPRET the Constitution as relative truth.

Righteous people who can “see” the Truth must assert themselves for TRUTH, and pray for guidance.

Peace [through strength],  Brother James


I have mentioned several times previously, but it bears repeating… that there are two distinctly different types of people on Earth.

One type is the Intelack, and the other is the Enlightened type person.  The term Intelack combines the two words “Intellectualism,” and “lack”…  as in,  lack of Consciousness.

The term Consciousness refers to how much Spiritual Evolution ones Soul has acquired while in the form of a human being [and at this juncture, we lose a great many people].  You see, unless the reader is capable of accepting the concepts of Reincarnation and Transmigration, the reader must bail out of this explanatory journey into the Esoteric facts of Life.

Despite the fact that at least half of the world believes in Reincarnation, the West, encouraged by parts of Christianity, sticks to the misguided belief that the Soul only has one lifetime in which to achieve Perfection… or the Soul is destroyed.  Since I was a very small child, it has never made sense to me that God Created the Creation, and populated with Souls [as aspects of Himself] only to kill the Souls in the very first lifetime they lived.  Why would he do this?

In the Bible, it is stated that Man has but one life to live, and at the end of that lifetime, the MIND attached to the Soul of that Man must be judged. Well, this is true… at the end of each lifetime, the Soul [with MIND attached] is taken to the Astral region, and there it meets with a judge, and together, ones Soul and this judge  go over how well ones Soul-MIND combination did working through the Fate Karma ones own Soul designed for its just completed lifetime?

Then ones Soul [with MIND attached] goes to either some Hell, where the MIND is re-educated, or ones Soul [with MIND attached] goes to some Heaven, where the Soul rests before its next reincarnation.  And in the new incarnation, one has a new physical body, a new brain, personality, and psychology… expressly designed for its new lifetime.

The Intelack type person is merely a Soul that is early in its development, and thus, that Soul possesses very little Consciousness.  And we must differentiate Intellectualism from Consciousness.  It is quite possible to be very intellectual and have a less than Conscious Soul. America is filled with such people.  All those who gravitate to Marxism, Socialism, or have a very intense need to CONTROL others… is an Intelack type person.  And the distinct identifier of the Intelack is someone who believes life is unfair, and that the rich need to have their wealth taken and redistributed to the poor.  Unfortunately, there is no way to improve the thinking of the Intelack in this lifetime.  The problem is realizing they exist, and that they are a problem to Enlightened people all around the world.


Brother James

The Value of MORALITY…


The Chinese symbol for Center/centered.

The question is… what does the term MORALITY mean?

From Google, the term Morality gets us this: (from the Latin moralitas “manner, character, proper behavior”) is the differentiation of intentions, decisions, and actions between those that are good or right and those that are bad or wrong.
______________ But like most dictionary offerings, this focuses us on the symptoms that we label as moral or not moral?

My question asks for more than simply a listing of symptom behaviors. My question is concerned with what enables a person to live a life of MORALITY?

In other words, what is it in, about, or Within Man that allows, enables, or encourages a person to engage in behavioral actions and responses that others describe as symptoms of MORALITY?

Can we agree that there are people whose lives are conducted in ways that would cause a normal human being to say that these people exhibit a moral character? If this is so for some people, why not for other people as well?

In my humble opinion, and after studying this question for over 40 years, I have come to the conclusion that it is the level of C’etc, pronounced “C_etcetera,” [research Here ], that the Soul of a person has acquired [over substantial time] that determines the level of Morality a person exhibits in behavior, speech and demeanor.

And it is important that I add this: This accumulation of C’etc by ons’s Soul has nothing to do with race, ethnicity, age, education, IQ, or any other physical or intellectual attribute.

Put quite simply, I believe the MORALITY of a person is a term we apply to a person as a measure of the Spiritual Evolution of that person’s Soul, which enables that person to rise above the otherwise natural [and often negative] desires of that person’s MIND [research Here ] …if particularly curious?

_____________ What I have said thus far, pretty much suggests that I believe that Man has a Soul; that the Soul is capable of growing and maturing, or evolving; and implied in this is the idea that each Soul is unique in the way in which it is evolving. And if we can agree on this much, then we might also agree upon the concept that those Souls that have not evolved very much… just might be Souls within bodies that we observe as immoral, negative, evil, and harmful? I am, of course, speaking in a general sense, and of course in a “relative” sense. That is, relatively speaking… people who engage in negativity would be those Souls that have not [as yet] acquired much C’etc.

And I would suggest that what I have said provides an indication as to what differentiates we human beings in terms of the level of MORALITY we each exhibit?

However… the last sentence, applied to the concept of MORALITY, rests entirely upon two factors that many in the West, and in America, stoutly resist, deny, or at least ignore. That is, the twin concepts known as: The Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation. The idea of Karma is not entirely fearful to the West, but the idea of Reincarnation is quite disturbing to many people. Strangely, the more involved in Christianity one is, that is… attached to the rhetoric that Man is given but one life in which to explore and experience the entire Creation, the more one denies the two foundation stones of Life.

I was 38 years of age when I awakened to the genius of God, and how He resolved the problem of how to insure the upmost “free will” for we Souls, and at the same time insure Absolute fairness and equality for all Souls in Creation? His answer was the Law of Karma and that of Reincarnation.

The Law of Karma is truly simple in explanation, but amazingly complex in its operations. The simple explanation of Karma is this: As ye sow, so shall ye reap. And this applies to everyone equally, and there are no exceptions. But what about the murderer who “gets away with his/her crime”?

The answer is this: No one gets away with any action he/she takes, ever. The murderer will, at the time of death, be judged and will be sent to a Hell specifically designed to eliminate the idea of murder from that person’s MIND forever. When this lesson is “learned” [deeply etched Within the MIND of that person], he or she will be reincarnated… and at some point in that person’s next lifetime, he or she will be murdered in exactly the same way as he/she murdered another.  The Law of Karma is not a game, it is a very serious Law.

In this way, every Soul “learns” by doing a Karmic action… and then receiving the exact same action taken against oneself… in some lifetime. And the Karmic action that one receives always comes as a complete surprise. So, rarely is it accepted as “due one”.

Now… not every Soul is a quick learner… apparently? But the Law of Karma is an Absolute Law, and so, it has all the patience required to repeat Karmic “lessons” as long as a MIND wants to repeat certain actions. I just learned myself, in 2014, that there are some Souls on Earth that are what the Bible refers to as “sons of Satan”. One such reference is this:

Matthew 13:38 ESV The field is the world, and the good seed is the sons of the kingdom. The weeds are the sons of the evil one,

So, one’s MORALITY not only matters, it indicates the condition of ones Soul!


Bother James

About the cycle of birth and death…

The cycle of birth and death is the means by which every Soul that desires to return Home to God may engage by committing to Life, and this commitent begins that Soul’s climb up the Ladder of Life. Once a Soul commits to Life, it begins life on the physical plane as some lower life form, and it slowly works its way up the Ladder of Life, as it adds to its Spiritual growth by the good Karma it does… and limits its growth [or perhaps even transmigrates a rung or two] by the negative Karma it does.

And this reality of birth and death parallels all teachings of various religions, or is taking place behind the scenes of every religion.  So that both the Reality of Life and ones religion are both true.  But one may change ones religion at any time, but the Reality of Life is largely unknown, and it applies to every Soul from beginning to end [whatever end that might be]?

The mystics tell us that most often when a Soul has “earned” the status of human being, and that Soul lives a ‘good’ life as a human being, then that Soul may continue as a human being. And its Fate Karma in its next lifetime will be based on what progress it made in its first lifetime. It seems likely to me that only a Soul that reaches the status of human being can design the next incarnation for its next lifetime, and thus intentionally seek to clear the negative Karma it has accumulated over many lifetimes. And, of course the possibility of ‘transmigration’ is always a possibility for Souls that insist on creating negative Karma.

And yes, this does conflict with the dogma of religions that do not embrace the Law of Karma and Reincarnation. Although the Bible is filled with comments that coincide with the concept of sowing and reaping, which just means Karma, the actual usage of the term Karma was removed from the Bible [some people say] during the period 500 to 1500 AD.

If this is a Soul’s first lifetime, then the Soul is strictly monitored so that it leads a life consistent with the last life it had as an animal… which was exemplary enough to warrant it a human birth.
However, I may have lost the reader somewhat in my sharing the mystical perspective on the Reality of Life? Or the fact that the two primary foundation stones of Life that all life forms must follow is the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation? These two basic facts of Life apply to all living forms in the Creation that have committed to Life, and there are no exceptions to the Laws of God. Anyone can deny or ignore these basic realities of Life, but the only people I know who do so are Intelack people, or people who lack enough C’etc [Consciousness] to realize these Laws exist. Alas, in the Reality of Life, ignorance is no excuse and ignorance is wide-spread.

All Souls engage in Karmic action, and deal with Karma until ones Soul “learns” how to overcome Karma by Acceptance, forgiveness, and assuming personal responsibility for its every thought and action. This is all in the Bible, by the way, but it is hidden for the most part.