Open Letter regarding Psychology of the Liberal/Democrat Personality…

Let us begin our discussion with a Axiom:

A  Knowledge is part of one’s Spiritual Dimension, and Information is part of ones intellectual or physical dimension.2 partsThe left square [#1] is the Left-Hemisphere and the right square is [#2] the Right-Hemisphere of the brain.

The above diagram is virtually unknown in education today, it is unknown because to comprehend the concepts illustrated in this diagram, a person must possess a Soul that is Enlightened sufficiently to “see” and to “hear” subtle bits of Spiritual Truth.  The same bits of Spiritual Truth  [Knowledge] that Christ spoke of in the Bible, when he spoke to his disciples about the masses being unable to “see” and “hear”  the bits of Truth that his disciples were now able to see and to hear.

Education today is based on what the Intelack type personality “thinks” is true. And the Intelack type person is confined to the brain and thinking [or the Left Hemisphere of the brain] .  The Intelack is lacking what I refer to as sufficient “C’etc” [Consciousness or Enlightenment] to enable him/her to Intuit bits of Truth that his/her Soul will acquire over many, many lifetimes [and… this means that we Souls are not all “equal” in terms of the level of “maturation” of our Souls].  Research the term “Intuition” here.

This means there are two different types of people on Earth. And it is not possible to see this difference by simply looking at a person.  And, unless you are somewhat Enlightened, you will not “see” nor “hear” the “lack of Enlightenment” displayed by an Intelack type personality.

The most obvious “symptoms” of the Intelack type individual are: 1. A need for more government control over everyone and everything in life. 2.  A tendency to be as lenient as possible with people who engage in evil. 3. An intense [but usually non-conscious] fear of personal responsibility.

So, what explains the Democrat who is corrupt, but denies it?  For the Democrat, it is not conscious denial, it is his or her MIND feeding Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of his/her brain, which he/she has no option but to believe.  This means… in other words… that it is useless to use common sense in discussing law  with the Intelack individual.  And the only compromise the Intelack is willing to make is if the Enlightened individual will embrace evil, which is the “secret” goal of every Intelack type individual.

You see, the Intelack lacks Consciousness, or C’etcwhich means he/she lacks a level of Spirituality needed to “see” the Truth.

And do not imagine for a moment that the Intelack is not deviously clever in his or her arguments, ideas, and ceaseless attempts to insure that government gains more and more CONTROL OVER THE LIFE OF EVERY CITIZEN.

This then is the reason the Democrat can oppose laws that benefit mankind …when  these laws also depend upon and require citizens to assume responsibility for their lives.   The Intelack is soft on crime because the Intelack lacks Conscience, Discretion, and thus, a tendency to view evil as “normal”.

I hope this look into the Psychology of the Liberal, Democrat, Socialist, and Marxist has been helpful.

Peace, Brother James


Why we in the West fail to realize the Reason some people deny God, while other people Love God?

And, before we begin  this serious topic — ponder this question:  Is it possible to actually love someone one has never met?  arrow 11a

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As strange as it might seem…and in spite of the fact that a great many people mistakenly believe that because the SOULS of people are the same Spiritually… [ or “Within” a person], then people should also “be” the same…externally?  The fact is… mankind represents two [2] distinctly different types of people.  One type I  refer to as “Intelack,” and the other type I refer to as Enlightened.

The problem we have [particularly in Western cultures]  is a problem of improper education, which is the natural result of institutions being run by the most intellectual type people… rather than run by the most Enlightened type individuals.  And, the question then becomes:  What is the difference between an intellectual type person and an Enlightened type person?  The difference is the intellectual is run by his/her MIND, and thus denies God.

To begin to discuss this hugely important topic, we must first agree on some basic principles of Life? Does a carrot have a Soul?  How you answer this basic question will determine whether you are a friend of Truth, or a defender of “let’s pretend”!  And while on this question, how about a Tree, a dog, a cat,  a snake, or a cell?  Do these life-forms have Souls? And are all Souls the same?

A A Soul is an aspect of God, and thus, the Soul contains the same Energy as that of God, which is invisible to the physical senses of Man.

The simple fact is… every living thing has a Soul. It is the Soul that provides “life” to  every living thing in the Creation; from cell to Man.

Now a second important question:  How many lifetimes does a Soul have in which to accomplish the Purpose of Life?  The Purpose of Life is to explore and experience all the ways that Neutral Spiritual Energy can manifest itself in the Creation?  And to do this, the Soul needed to take-on a MIND, which God provided each Soul as we entered the Creation.

Final question?  It it likely that a Soul that has not acquired Enlightenment would be able to resist a MIND whose purpose is to insure that the Soul remain somewhat like a slave to the desires of the MIND, until that Soul is capable of acquiring sufficient Consciousness to rise above the MIND?

Answer:  No, the Soul of an Intelack type person remains subject to the dictates of the MIND, which views the Energy of God as the “unknown,” and thus, the [Lower] MIND remains  fearful of the invisible Energy of God.

And,  since the only part of Man that has seen God is the Soul of Man, only the Enlightened Soul can manifest its Love of God.

Peace, Brother James

Three Things Every Child Needs to Know… Part 2 of 3

What makes this series of blogs somewhat difficult for those educated exclusively in the West to accept is the “Reality” of Life these blogs are based upon.  That is, the Law of Karma is the principle LAW of life in the Creation… because it is the Law that God designed for the Creation. 

Karma is simply this:  “As you sow, so shall you reap.”  In other words, every thought and action a Soul-MIND takes… is recorded by the MIND that is attached to the Soul of every life-form in Creation.  And it is also listed in a book on the Astral plane of existence referred to in the Bible as the “Book of Life”.

This means, of course, that every living thing in Creation has a Soul. If this is news to you, chances are it is news only because so little of the Esoteric Truth and Reality are discussed, or taught in the West!  How come?  Well, it is not just one reason, but several. First, Reality is invisible to the brain and physical senses. Second, the ONLY way to experience the invisible in Life is to use one’s faulty of Intuition. Third, the only people “Within” whom Intuition is especially active are those who are quite Enlightened.

And the term “Enlightened” refers to someone whose Soul has acquired what I refer to as an abundance of “C’etc“… [pronounced “C_etcetera”].   And “C’etc is my symbol for the “Virtues in Life” that all Souls are slowly acquiring over many, many lifetimes: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding. 

The phrase “Empathetic Understanding” would also include the terms psychic, Intuition, empathy, and extrasensory perception.  And Intuition is the means by which our Souls convey bits of Truth [or Knowledge] to ‘us’ [and “us” refers to what I refer to as Man’s  “Conscious Awareness.” or “C-Awar”]  for short.

I believe what I refer to as C-Awar is what Renee Descartes was searching for when he steeled for “I think, therefore, I am”.  He was in error, but that is water under the bridge.

So… for these and other reasons, the scriptures were altered, I believe. And removed were references to Reincarnation and the Law of Karma. One reason [I believe] the scriptures were altered in the centuries around the Fifth Century, by some of the early Popes, was primarily to better control the masses who were already prevented from reading.

When godless people get in control of education, people always suffer. And this should be taught to our children. They need to be taught that some people hate God, because these people are Intelack, and lack Conscience. And the Intelack will always be a poor choice to be a politician or a judge.  And this needs to be conveyed to our children as well. 

The Democrat or Liberal are not “choices” these people make based on reason,  it is the result of their fear of God, Truth, and Reality.  And to place an Intelack in the position of a teacher is to insure that your child is forced to believe what the Intelack believes:  That  Truth, God, and Reality does not exist and any reference to these needs to be torn down.

Peace, Brother James

Three Things Every Child Needs to Know… Part 1 of 3 parts.

1. The Law of Karma. 2. God is Real. 3. The Purpose of LIFE!

Of course, in order to teach a child these things, an adult or parent must of necessity KNOW these things him or herself.

In life, we have relative truths [which are small case “t” truths], and these truths  change as we slowly acquire Knowledge [not information, but actual Knowledge].   We also have capital “T” Truths, which are difficult to discover, and they require a great deal of time and personal experience to discover! Capital “T” Truth refers to “experiential Knowledge,” which means that one is actually in possession of the actual experiences required to “KNOW” something… which means to possess the TRUTH of something; which means Complete Knowledge of every aspect of something, which never changes!

And… I can hear the reader saying, “But, wait a minute, how can a child of three possess personal experiential Knowledge of something, he or she has not [as yet] experienced”?

 Well, this is a valid [and important] question, and allow me to answer that question in this way:  “How do you “KNOW” your child has not experienced the phenomena necessary to “teach” this bit of KNOWLEDGE?

And for most parents in the West, your answer will be:  “Well, I know my child has not experienced that which is required to produce KNOWLEDGE of a certain Truth, because he is only three years of age”!

And I will respond to that parent, as lovingly as possible, by asking that parent this question:  “How old is the MIND “Within” your child”?

And I ask this because God gave each Soul entering the Creation a MIND, and a Spirit.  That the MIND God gave each Soul allows the Soul to interact with the phenomena of the Creation.  You see, the Soul is an aspect of God, which means the Soul has the same Energy as that of God.  And the Energy of God is such that it is PURE Spiritual Energy.  And the Energy of God is unique! It is such that ONLY Pure Spiritual Energy can enter the Spiritual dimension.  I refer to the Energy of God as Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy, and this is the primordial Energy of Existence.

The three realms of the Creation consist of a stepped-down Spiritual Energy which God projected into the Void to Create the three dimensions of Creation:  The Causal Region, the Astral Region, and the Physical Universe. And the Soul is a visitor in each of these realms. It is the “Created” MIND of Man that the Soul uses to explore and experience the Creation [which is the Purpose of Life].

So, when you look at your child, what you “see” is the physical structure of your child. You cannot “see” the MIND of your child, nor the Soul of your child, because these dimensions  are invisible to the physical senses of we human beings.  The only part of Man that can “experience” certain aspects of the Energy of the Soul, is Man’s faculty of Intuition… which is contained in every human being, however, it is dormant in most human beings.

And this is getting long, so let me continue in Part 2 of this series. You might want to save this blog in some way…

Peace, Brother James      Creation


Atheists Can’t Help Seeming Arrogant…

In recent days, during meditation, I have had some painful, and yet, insightful realizations regarding myself.  And this morning, when I applied what I have learned about myself to the plight of the Atheist, a remarkable understanding came to me via my Intuition.

That is, I realized that the Soul of the Atheist-type individual has simply not awakened to the very subtle Energy of Spirituality from “Within” itself, and therefore, it is the MIND of the Atheist that is speaking through the Left-Hemisphere of the brain of the Atheist, and not the Conscious Awareness of the Atheist.

“What difference does this make,” you might ask? Well, it makes quite a lot of difference… when you look at the larger picture of your own Soul… as monitored and recorded by the MIND that is attached to your own Soul.

That is… the balance scale of Reality [the Law of Karma, in other words] is so finely balanced, and so Perfect… that every negative thought we have is made part of our own store of Karmic debt, which must ultimately be cleared before we can go Home.

Is the fact this is taking place, even though we are not aware of it seem fair?  Not to us, it doesn’t.  But, to the Law of Karma, which God Created, it is absolutely fair — it is fair because it takes place with every single Soul, with no exceptions!  It is part of the Purpose of Life, in fact.

So, from now on… I will look at an Atheist with a sense of pity, not scorn.  And I will save myself a great deal of negative Karma.

Peace, Brother James


Are you familiar with this symbol:  Yin sm… well, this is the  Yin-Yang symbol, and it stands for the two dimensions of the MIND.  The Yang aspect of the MIND is the ‘male, or out-going energy aspect of the operating energy of the MIND;  while the Yin ‘female’ aspect is the emotional, or in-going energy of the MIND.  It is this returning of your own action that provides you with the experiential understanding of how it feels to receive what you did?

In other words, the Yang is the experience of taking action aspect, and the Yin is the  receiving of that same action coming back to oneself… while having forgotten entirely that it was oneself that initiated the Karma one is receiving in the first place:  Regardless whether that action is positive, or negative.

The MIND was necessary for Creation so that two opposites were Created.   In other words, the battle between good and evil we hear so much about is a battle between your Soul [representing the Spiritual Within you], and your MIND [representing all the actions that are directed towards what the Bible refers to as “Mammon”].  And Mammon simply means opposite God, and favoring or focused upon the Creation [which is other than God… remember].

The  Creation is operated by the Law of Karma.  And this Law represents the primary Law of the entire Creation. Every living thing in Creation has a Soul, and every Soul [and the entire Creation in fact] operates in strict accordance with the Law of Karma.   Every action taken by the MIND is accounted for by one’s own MIND, which is the local administrator of the Law of Karma, so that a record of every thought and action you take is recorded… by your MIND, and a public record kept on the Astral Region, which is called the Akashic Record.

 The basic concept of the Law of Karma is this:  There is an equal and opposite result of every action taken in Creation.   The short form description of the Law of Karma is this:  As you sow, so shall you reap. And the recording of all of this is automatic, absolute, and no one nor anything escapes this recording. In the Bible, it is referred to as the “Book of Life”.

The Purpose of Life is simple.  Life exists for we Souls to “learn” by experience, everything that Neutral Spiritual Energy [or NSgy] can be, do and create? One’s Soul was initially just NSgy, and knew nothing but Joy, Peace, Kindness, and Contentment.  And curiosity  [as depicted in Genesis, in the Bible] caused the Soul to commit to the cycle of birth and death.  And, here we are.

The law of Karma is universal, Absolute, and no Soul escapes or avoids this Law. Nor can any Soul be excused from the essential necessity of this Law of God. The experiencing of the Law of Karma [and its successful “Completion”] is the Purpose of Life.  Therefore this Law, once a Soul commits to the cycle of birth and death, WILL BE APPLIED TO AND COMPLETED BY EVERY SOUL… NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES.  That means, no matter how many lifetimes it takes…  And Eastern Mysticism refers to the cycle of birth and death as the “wheel of eighty-four,” which refers to there being 8,400,000 species into which we Souls can incarnate as we explore Creation.

The Purpose of Life  [once a Soul commits to Life via the cycle of life and death], is to slowly grow and mature by experiencing the Creation via the Law of Karma.  Obviously then, Life is no accident, nor is it in any way capricious.  It is absolutely is a matter of “choice”… however… once a choice is made, that first choice was “free”. After that, every choice is conditional, and thus, to say one has “free will” is a gross exaggeration! Every action taken creates an opposite “reaction” that is that exact same action being taken against oneself, but one has no idea that oneself is the REASON FOR WHAT ONE EXPERIENCES IN LIFE.

And the level of ignorance of the Law of Karma in the West is huge. So most people in the West are creating negative Karma that will bind them to this physical plane for lifetimes into the future.

So, what is the origin of Evil?  It is one’s own actions coming back to bite one in the seat of the pants.  The best advice given to mankind by Saints and Mystics is this: Pray for forgiveness, and do your very best to avoid creating any more negative Karma than is necessary …as required to simply maintain your life.

Peace, Brother James

The Non-Christian Alternative to being good in the West… Part 1.

It occurred to me early this morning that there must be a great many people in the West who strive to be good, honest people who love God, but for various reasons, do not want to follow Christianity…

My mother had me Baptized as a young child into the Presbyterian sect of Christianity, but my experience of the way people acted in that church caused me to be disinclined to attend that church.  Later, I attended a Baptist church with some of my young friends. An adult in that church cornered me and asked me if I was a Baptist, and I said no, and he said I could not attend that church if I was not a Baptist.

I remember, when I was very young, living across the street from a Nunnery, which was just down the street from a big Catholic Church, and I used to walk across the street and ask those Nuns why I was good-looking and my friend Johnny was not?  And those Nuns, like many other Christians of whom  I asked a great many questions as a child, always gave me the same answer:  “It is just the Will of God”, they would say.

That answer never seemed to me to be a proper answer to what for me was a very serious question.  And that question  bothered me a great deal.  I mention this because I can’t be the only person in the West who wonders about such things in life?!  I was four or five years of age when I was asking such questions.

It was not until thirty-plus years later that I came upon a book that answered that particular question, and a great many more questions as well. I forget the name of that book, but I read a great many books at that time, and they were all based on the same teaching.  That is, they were all based on Law of Karma.

Were you aware that the Law of Karma was established by God at the same time He Created the Creation?  The Law of Karma is one of two principle Laws upon which the entire Creation is based, and the Law of Karma was designed by God expressly for every Soul in Existence.  And the Law of Karma has no religion, no sects, and no membership, nor is there any requirements to meet… in order for the Law of Karma to operate?  And yet, it applies to every Soul, and it is absolutely just, fair, equal, and Perfect in its operation.

And the MIND that is attached to each Soul in the Creation is the local administrator for the Law of Karma. And, there is a public record of the Law of Karma that is available to every Soul that exists in, or is passing through, the Astral Region of Creation.  It is called the Akashic Records. And these records hold every thought and deed a person has had, done or been involved in.  And it exists , whether one is aware of it or not!

So, why is the Law of Karma not known in Christianity?  It is not known in Christianity because the Law of Karma depends upon another primary law of God, that of Reincarnation, or the fact that we Souls have as many lifetimes in which to fulfill the Purpose of Life as we need?  This means, of course, that the notion that a Soul only has one life to live is untrue, specious, and wrong.

Where does the notion that a Soul only has one life to live come from? I believe it comes from a misunderstanding of Hebrews 9:27.

“And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:”

And this verse is quite correct, however… it applies to the cycle of birth and death rather than to the final “Judgment”that takes place around the time of Armageddon.  The cycle of birth and death is such that at the end of each lifetime, one’s Soul is evaluated as to how well it did working though the Fate Karma it faced in its just completed life?  And depending upon how well the Soul did, its next lifetime reflects what that Soul “NEEDS” to help it grow, and improve itself.  The idea of “one life to live,” is another flaw in how this verse is misinterpreted, or misunderstood.  It is not commonly known by Christians that EVERYTHING THAT IS ALIVE ON EARTH HAS A SOUL!

It is the Soul “Within” a thing that gives it life.  When the Soul is removed, that thing dies.  The ONLY thing Real in a living thing is the Soul of that thing.

From the smallest molecule to that of Man, every living thing in Creation has a Soul. This means that a carrot has a Soul.  A tree has a Soul. A worm has a Soul. A fly has a Soul.  So… does the Christian want me to believe that if a Soul happens to be born as a fly, that is the one and only lifetime that Soul has in Creation.  And that …when that fly dies, it goes back to God and spends eternity telling other Souls about its life as a fly?  I’m sorry, my view of God is of an entity that is much more loving that that. Much more sensitive than that, and much more Creative than that.

And this is part 1 of this blog.

Peace, Brother James