WHAT IS “FATE KARMA”…and can you beat it?

Or…are we human beings born with certain “obligations” we have to meet, but then we also have the opportunity of substantially altering our lives [if we are aware of some things about the Reality of Life that most people in the West do not realize]?

The first thing we must get straight between us, you and I, is that the life most people live is one of minimum Consciousness.  And, what do I mean by that?  Let me begin my  explanation by asking a question?  Do you know what Consciousness is?  I ask this because most people do not know, nor do they care.  Most people are taught by their parents, teachers, and peers to pursue a life of hedonism.  That is, a life dedicated to self-indulgence and enjoyment of oneself, and to take pleasure in the physical things of life.  What’s wrong with that, you might ask?

Nothing in particular wrong with that… if it does not include doing harm to others, or taking advantage of others to achieve your goals? And what is wrong with taking advantage of another is… the Law of Karma says that every action brings to one the exact same action.   In other words:  As you sow, so shall you reap. And this Law is an Absolute Law of Life. That is, no one escapes this fundamental Law.

However, the Hedonist approach to life is quite short-sighted in terms of your personal growth, and the welfare of your Soul?   And the reason for this is… to create Karma takes X amount of time.  And, to have that same Karma return to you [takes time away from you, in that the return of the Karma [unless you Accept it as due you –which rarely happens] is time that generates no growth for your Soul. Again, unless you learn humility by Accepting the return of an action you initiated as a learning process… [wherein the Yin (pain) caused by your original action, is experienced and owned by you- you take responsibility for it], then  the return of your own Karma is a waste of time, and only serves to reinforce [harden] your heart [so to speak].

There is no growth for your Soul, in other words, unless like Christ said [you turn your other cheek]. This was a reference to the Law of Karma, by Christ.  Most of the references to Karma were removed from the scriptures in the Fifth century, which resulted in the Bible we have today [this is what many believe].  This was to reinforce the misinterpretation of the  single verse in the Bible that, if misread, suggests that he Soul only has one life to live.

But, if this is true, and keep in mind that a tree has a Soul [since every living thing has a Soul], then if a Soul would chose to experience being a tree, that is the only chance of experiencing the physical plane that Soul would have… if one holds the notion that the Soul only has one life to live?  This is what most Christians believe [although they do not realize this is what they believe] when they insist that the Soul only has one life to live.

I just realized that what I hoped to condense into the title of this blog is not likely possible — because what I wanted to discuss requires the reader to possess a great many  concepts that are just not part of what is known in the West. Maybe I could  convey the concept in a book?  In any case, it is possible to greatly enhance ones life, if one works very hard personally benefiting oneself while at the same time creating no negative Karma in the process.

In the meantime, give a bit of each day [say 10%] to God, and pray for guidance for your Soul.

Peace, Brother James


Consider this illustration just a bit… Suggesting we human beings.


What is “Consciousness”?  My symbol for  Consciousness is “C’etc” which can be researched HERE.  In short, the symbol C’etc stands for the Virtues of Life. or what the ancient Greeks referred to as Consciousness.  I list these Virtues as Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding [empathy, or empathetic ability to experience the UNKNOWN of Life].

That is, when a person depends entirely upon his or her brain, what that person is able to “know” are phenomena of the physical dimension,  or the “abstract terms”  we use to point to the Esoteric or invisible elements of Life… which the Intelack type individual [DUE TO A LACK OF CONSCIOUSNESS] is incapable of experiencing!  Why?  Because the Intelack [THE SHORTER RECTANGLE] LACKS THE LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS WHICH  IS REQUIRED TO EXPERIENCE the Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Life. This in turn has to due with the relative maturation of a person’s Soul.

Each of us has a   Soul, and each Soul is slowly acquiring Consciousness, or what I refer to as C’etc.  Now, to imagine that one lifetime is all that is needed for a Soul to acquire a full load of C’etc… is a common misperception, but this misperception [although quite common] is… nonetheless seriously incorrect.

In other words… the Liberal/Democrat-inclined news person is biased  not by CHOICE… but rather because he or she is lacking in Consciousness. And as a consequence of this, the Intelack type news person can’t help being biased, nor can he or she help being locked into relative truth.. That is… a belief that ignores and avoids the actual TRUTH.  Now, WHY would this be the case?

The REASON the Intelack news person is unable to “see” or “hear” the TRUTH is that the TRUTH only exists on the Spiritual plane of existence.  And the Spiritual plane or dimension can only be accessed by those people who are Enlightened.  And being Enlightened means ones Soul has acquired the required C’etc to enable ones Soul to “see” and to “hear” bits of Truth. And more importantly, to “see” and resist evil.  And none of us can KNOW how much C’etc our Souls have acquired by simply looking at one another.

To recognize the Intelack [or the Soul that is lacking in C’etc (pronounced “C_etcetera”)], one must “LISTEN” very carefully to what a person says, and especially we must watch what a person does?  If a person believes that big government is good for mankind, that person lacks personal Trust, which is only available to an Enlightened Soul.  If a person believes the wealth of some people needs to be taken from them in order to give it to the poor [thus going against the PLAN of GOD and the Law of Karma], that person is an Intelack… and it is not possible for that person to”see” nor “hear” anything other than what that person’s MIND causes that person to “think” is true. A lack of Conscience & Discretion, in other words.

So, if one is Enlightened enough to comprehend what I have shared, then one must realize that it is virtually impossible to convince an Intelack of the Truth.  Now, every Liberal or Democrat is [to some degree] an Intelack, and will naturally resist quite strongly any legislation that calls upon people to assume RESPONSIBILITY.  Or, any legislation that is based on TRUTH, which means living naturally based on the natural maturation of ones Soul.  That is, those Souls that have acquired a greater amount of C’etc naturally are more able to lead others in ways that are helpful to others, but does not CONTROL others. On the other hand, the  Intelack type individual automatically seeks to CONTROL everyone and everything… because he or she is filled with fear, and insecurity [which is a natural consequence of a lack of Spiritual Evolution… or C’etc].

I do hope this helps explain the Intelack type news person, and his or her inability to face the Truth, and therefore a tendency to favor relative truth, or avoidance of the Truth?  It is not intentional, it is simply the best they can do.

It is the responsibility of the Enlightened individual to insure that Intelack people are steered into positions where they cannot negatively influence other Intelack people to wage war on the good of life… as they respond to their unknown fear of the Truth [or Spirituality].  Of course this is difficult to do, since we can’t tell who the Intelack are by simply looking at people?  But when the Intelack tells us who he/she is by what political party he/she supports, well then, shame on the Enlightened people for not recognizing this choice and dealing with such people  appropriately.

Slavery is the natural way of the Intelack [who is godless, and lacks Spirituality]. Just as the Quran is obviously  written by an Intelack Muhammad, since it is based on hate and actions that are clearly against God.  Anarchists hate America because America holds God in the highest respect… and the Anarchist is godless, and thus not curbed in his or her revolt against humanity,  which serves  Satan rather than God.

Peace, Brother James

Why Do We Have a Constitution?

The reason we have a Constitution is imagined to be several things, but the actual reason we have a Constitution is mystical, not intellectual.

The fact is, Truth [capital “T” Truth] is an ABSOLUTE.  That means it does not change, and it is thus permanent.  However, Truth does not exist on the physical plane of existence. Truth ONLY exists on the Spiritual plane. On the physical plane of existence [the Earth], we have “relative truth,” and it changes all the time. Important, but rarely considered distinction between relative truth, and Absolute Truth.

TRUTH is ONLY found within the Spiritual dimension.

Some of the founding fathers in America were Enlightened individuals. And “Enlightened” means possessing a Soul that has acquired a high level of Consciousness… which means having lived a great many lifetimes.  And this is True, whether one believes in Reincarnation or not? And by living many lifetimes, the Souls of the Enlightened individuals had acquired [experiential] access to bits of Truth from within themselves.

And some of the founding fathers were not Enlightened, but were quite intelligent. And the unenlightened individuals could not “see”[or experience the Truth], but they were not aware they were confined to ONLY relative truth.  Unfortunately, neither group was aware that this reality is inherent with all people on the Earth plane of existence. That is… some people are naturally more capable of accessing the Truth from within themselves, while other people are not capable of “experiencing” the Truth…. but are confined to relative truth via their “intellect” [combination of brain and MIND].

INTUITIVELY… empathetically [using Spiritual insight] the Enlightened founders came up with the Constitution, which they hammered out as the best way to try and state in written form… the Truths they  mystically had access to.

Today, the Enlightened of the nation can “see” the difference between the Truth and relative truth.  But, the unenlightened insist that truth is what their MINDs cause them to think is true.  Today we refer to the unenlightened as Democrats, Socialists, and Marxists [many of whom are very intelligent] and seriously lacking in Spirituality.

Unless the Enlightened of the nation are willing to FIGHT for the TRUTH they alone can experience… the intellectuals [who lack Consciousness] will do everything they can to make sure that relative truth remains dominate in America. Judges who are intellectual, but lack Enlightenment, are servants of Satan, or evil… although their MINDs convince them that they are serving mankind by their deviously clever destruction of the Constitution.

If America is to remain dedicated to TRUTH, it must do so by condemning those who are unable to “experience” Truth.  The nation is at war, not only with the evil of the Quran, but with Americans whose egos are driven by fear of Truth.  The nation is on the brink of destruction by allowing those unable to experience Truth to INTERPRET the Constitution as relative truth.

Righteous people who can “see” the Truth must assert themselves for TRUTH, and pray for guidance.

Peace [through strength],  Brother James

The Wonder is…What We Think is Mostly Incorrect

It is, of course, egotistic of me to imagine I might know something beyond what another might “know”… But then, even though it is egotistic, it is also true.

The fact is… this is just the way the Reality is, and the wonder is… hardly anyone knows where he or she is in terms of his or her evolution.  If one even thinks about his or her evolution?  And, I am speaking about one’s Spiritual Evolution… which is entirely different from one’s level of intelligence, or level of education, or how old one is, or what one thinks about oneself.

How prepared are you to define the following?  Soul. Spirit, MIND, Astral body, Causal body, Conscious Awareness [or C-Aware],” or God? If I were to tell you that your Soul is an aspect of God, and that it is composed of Neutral Spiritual Energy [NSgy], and that we all begin as a micro-organism, and we are slowly growing by incarnating into more complex bodies over countless lifetimes… [depending upon one’s Karma], would you believe me, or discount what I am saying because you “know” that Man only has one life to live?

Were you aware that nowhere in the Bible does it state that Man only has one lifetime in which to achieve Perfection?  It says that we [our physical bodies] die after each lifetime, and that is quite true. One’s physical body, brain, personality and psychology die at the end of each lifetime.  What continues is ones Soul with a MIND that is attached to one’s Soul… that one’s Soul had to take-on when first entering the Creation.

We also [normally] forget our past life, and one’s brain slowly “learns” who one is as one [in whatever life form one’s Soul is within] slowly acquires a sense of oneself in the life form in which one finds oneself?

So, if you find yourself in the human form this lifetime, be grateful you have made it this far. It is very easy to slip backwards… depending upon how one uses this special lifetime?  This slipping back is called transmigration.

If this is a second lifetime as a human being, you have beaten the odds, so…as soon as you can, find a way to thank God for this privilege.  And try to live a good and righteous lifetime, so that you might reincarnate into a human form again.

The purpose of Life is to slowly rise up the Ladder of Life, and to use the human form to resist evil while dedicating oneself to God, who is the Father of all Souls.

Peace, Brother James


“NEW WORLD ORDER”… What does this mean?

Although the idea [entirely intellectual –  which means held entirely within ones physical brain], regarding  a “New World Order,”  or a One-World Order [in which all human beings are thought to deserve a life that is  “EQUAL”]… is a very popular  idea  with  people who are largely absent a solid base of Spirituality… [and yes, this statement does initially appear as an oxymoron].  We are regretfully taught that there is an actual correlation between intelligence and a person’s level of Consciousness, or  the  Spiritual Evolution of a person’s Soul.

This correlation,  which is imagined by the  brains [of those individuals who are vulnerable to being  controlled by their MINDs (explained momentarily) … this concept… that the brain is directed by the MIND… is  not well known by the public because modern mental health has been in denial of the MIND of Man for over a century.  Those people who are most vulnerable to this denial of the MIND are people with Souls that lack  a certain level of Consciousness [or the Virtues of Life].

This denial of the MIND is a natural  part of the natural Defense Mechanism of  Skinner [the father of Behaviorism], and this means modern mental health is based on the Delusional Thinking of B.F. Skinner. Let us review a quote of Skinner’s which tells us all we need to know about his ignorance or Psychology and Reality.

_____Richard I. Evans,B.F. Skinner: The Man and His Ideas. New York: E.P. Dutton & Co. 1968,

“A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.”

In this  quote, Skinner’s reference to “the child of our past,” was his best effort to refer to the MIND of Man… since Skinner was quite ignorant  regarding  the MIND of Man, as he was ignorant of Psychology as well.  I mention this only  to illustrate the reason modern mental health lacks an adequate understanding of the MIND of Man.  And the fact that the MIND  of Man is the CAUSE of all mental illness means that ignorance of the MIND makes modern mental health more a danger to Mankind than a benefit.

The fact the present field  of “psychology” is largely controlled by Intelack type individuals [or people who are controlled by their MINDs], results in a very serious avoidance of the actual Psychology of Man.

Those people on Earth whose Souls lack a high level of Conscioiusness [or Spiritual Evolution] naturally [although they are not conscious of this] fear both the MIND and Soul in mankind, and thus,  they are confined to the brain or Left-Hemisphere of the brain.  That is, they attempt to “think” their way to some Utopian ideal, just like Lenin, Mao, Stalin, Hitler,  Soros and Obama.

Like it or not, believe it or not… the fact is… this Earth is where we Souls “act out” our desires and receive the results of such desires in a universal Law of Karma. And the term Karma simply means “action”.  As ye sow, so shall ye reap, is a fact.

So, to imagine that all people should be the same is quite insane, when placed up against the Reality of Life.  But MIND-driven, Intelack type people… do not possess the level of Enlightenment that allows them to “see” or “hear” the truth that we human beings are on Earth to “learn,’ and “grow”… and not to be ruled by Intelack type individuals.

Peace, Brother James

The Soul’s Path to God

In the diagram below, I have indicated the Path of those Souls that will find their way back to God.   These are the steps every Soul must take to return Home to God.  The only difference a religion on Earth makes is that it can help or hinder the advancement of one’s Soul in this process… which is the single same process all Souls must take in their return to God. For very practical [albeit Mystical] reasons.

And when I say ALL Souls, I am also speaking of Christ, and all Perfect Living Masters as well.  Christ was a unique Soul, chosen by God to perform the tasks God wanted accomplished.  But even Christ had to complete the Path of all Souls seeking to become One with God [or 1=1].  The reason that all Souls [intended to become One with God] must complete this Path… is that the Energy of God is unique.  And it is Perfectly Neutral, which means no thing [nor thought, desire, nor any unfinished business] can be left Within a Soul returning to the unique Energy of God.


God is the primordial Energy of existence, and I believe this Energy is Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy.  And I believe this because no other form of Energy could be trusted to not be influenced by the Creation.  In other words, to remain entirely aloof from the Yin-Yang nature of the Creation, God would have to be composed of Neutral Spiritual Energy.  Neutral is the only Energy that could be trusted to not be influenced by the Creation. NSgy is the Reality behind the illusion, in other words.  All Absolutes must of necessity be found within the Spiritual dimension, since it is the ONLY dimension that is Real in an Absolute sense.  That is, permanent, and unchanging.

Creation is such that it requires resistance to enable something to materialize from “nothing”.  The entire Creation is an illusion, that is, the whole of Creation is CREATED.  It utilizes actual energy, thus it appears quite real.

In other words… to Create something from nothing… God would have to have resistance, and this then is the purpose of the MIND-level energy,  which is a subtle stepped-down Spiritual Energy, and thus… the MIND-level energy, with its  Yin-Yang nature of good and evil [or the two aspects of ‘Male’ (out-goiong) and Female (in-going) energies] was  required to form the phenomena of Creation.

So, the story of Genesis is an attempt by  Man to explain what is a purely mystical process, the nature of which can ONLY be KNOWN by a Soul that has acquired a very high level of Enlightenment.  And… pretty much unknown by most people… to acquire an increased level of Enlightenment, a Soul must let go of attachments held by the MIND that is attached to it.

You see, the “cost” of acquiring the attachments we Souls possess requires a Soul to “spend” its own Spiritual Energy… which its MIND converts into the attachments to the illusion… which bind the Soul to the cycle of birth and death and the illusion of life.  It is the unloading of these attachments that takes so much time to be spent in the higher regions of Creation.

Going back to the illustration above, the only way what I have shared with the reader works… is if every Soul is part of both the Law of Karma, and that of  Reincarnation.  In other words, it is not possible for any Soul living as an Amoeba to evolve into a human being in one lifetime.  So, like it or not, both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation, are the two Principle Laws of Life. And both are Absolute laws, and both are essential in the Creation of God, and expressly designed for His Creation… and operational Within every Soul.  But not all Souls will realize or accept the offering of God.

So, after very long periods of time, the Earth is renewed, and Man is judged. And only those Souls judged as “righteous” [worthy of remaining as active parts of Creation] will continue as Souls. What happens to those Souls not judged as worthy?  Read Revelation 20:10-15

Peace, Brother James

WHAT IS “ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT” & Where Does the Idea Come From ?

The phrase [expressed in various ways,  1-worlder, New World Order, One World Government, and currently, it has  manifested in what we refer to as the “United Nations”].   All of these terms are labels and names for an invisible driven force that exists within certain types of people on Earth.  In other words, the people on Earth who are naturally drawn to the concept of a ‘One World Government’ share something in common.

What they share is  an unrelenting psychological “need,” hidden Within the MIND of a particular type of person.  And this fully non-conscious psychological “need” [held Within the MIND of such people]  compulsively drives then to try and  “CONTROL” mankind.  And as a consequence of this… these people are especially vulnerable to any idea, plan, program, or political party that is based on [secretly fulfilling] this NEED to CONTROL MANKIND.

And, of course this relentless need is quite unknown to these people at a conscious or cognitive level of awareness.  So, they are drawn to support those people who promise a larger, and larger government, and promise to provide them with more and more CONTROL over their lives.  I refer to those people who unknowingly crave more and more CONTROL over their lives as the Intelack  class people.  The Intelack type person is simply a Soul that is new to the form of human being, and thus, they are operated by their MINDs [because their Souls have not, as yet, acquired a level of Consciousness sufficient to resist the desires of their MINDs].

And all of what I have just described takes place Within the Intelack; that is, takes place Within the MIND of such people, and they have no conscious awareness of having this need at all.    So, we have the Liberal, Democrat, Socialist or Marxist, and such people have no idea why they cling to the ideals of these forms of government?  What CAUSES A PERSON TO BE AN INTELACK?

In the simplest terms, what “causes” a person to be an Intelack  is a lack of Consciousness… and the term Consciousness  might also be referred to as a lack of Spiritual Evolution of a person’s Soul.  And to acquire Spiritual Evolution, or Consciousness, requires a great many lifetimes as a human being.  Since it is only in the form of a human being that one’s Soul can acquire the Virtues of Life, which the term Consciousness stands for.   Simply put… the Purpose of Life is for each Soul to slowly acquire C’etc [or Consciousness]. And we have as many lifetimes  [in many different forms] as we need to accomplish this task.

To properly explain what “CAUSES” a person to be an Intelack is… easy or difficult… depending upon your personal level of Consciousness?  That is,  it is  difficult for many to believe the invisible  operational dynamics of the MIND and Soul  because… for over a century now, modern mental health has been in denial of three-quarters of the whole of Man.  That is, BS&bp [or my symbol for modern mental health]  has operated based on the mistaken views of B.S. Skinner [a behavioral scientist whose own MIND caused him to believe that the MIND of Man is irrelevant].  He was mistaken, of course, but a great many people, especially in the West, believe they only have one life to live. And this belief is due to the removal of text from the scriptures that suggest otherwise… in the early centuries of the Catholic church.

And this brings us to Revelation 17:5.  And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT , THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATION OF THE EARTH.

If you are familiar with Catholic communion, you will recall that a cross is put upon the forehead of the person by a priest… Now, go back and read the previous verse. It most likely never occurred to you that the “mark of the beast” was this cross placed on a Catholic’s forehead… right?  It never occurred to me before. But by placing 17:5 before Revelation 16:2, the mark of the beast suddenly makes sense.


In the Bible, Revelation 16:2, we read:  And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore  upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image.

In other words, the Catholic church is the “…woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast…”  And the woman was “arrayed in purple and scarlet dolor, and decked with gold and precious stones…” It is the Catholic church that is described in Revelation 17:6, And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.

Revelation 17:7, And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman and of the beast that carreith her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns.

Revelation 17:9, And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

This clearly speaks of the seven hills of Rome, which is the home of the Vatican.

The rest of Chapter 17 tells us of the many nations that will join the Pope in seeking to destroy Israel, because Israel will not abandon God in favor of the Pope and his “one world religion”.

In other words, Chapter 17 tells us of the religious half of the duo of the False Prophet and the Antichrist, and the Antichrist will be the secular leader of the One World Government [most likely the United Nations].  And this combination represents the ultimate attempt by human beings to deny and attempt to replace God.  The False Prophet and the Antichrist represent the ultimate Intelack human beings.

And, of course, these two serve Satan, whose job was ordained by God, to serve the purposes of God. And these purposes are God’s to KNOW.  Our job is to attempt to “see” through the language to discover the subtle Spiritual  path back Home.

The lesson is, I believe, clear.  One’s Soul must dedicate itself to God, and for the Christian, to dedicate ones allegiance to Christ as the son of God, and to avoid worshiping idols, symbols, or Intelack type individuals.

All that is of the Earth, is of the Earth, not God.

Peace, Brother James