What’s the Difference Between Truth, and Relative Truth?

The difference?  Relative truth can change, depending upon circumstances, while Truth is an Absolute, and it never changes.

Truth is permanent, does not change, cannot be altered, and strangely, it cannot manifest on the physical plane of existence.  So, how does one know whether what one is thinking is True, or not?

If you are “thinking it,” then it is not True.  It is relatively true.

Truth can only be known by “Intuition,” which is an aspect of your Soul, which is a unique part of Man in that, although it is “within” ones body, it is at the same time separate in that the vibration of your Soul is Spiritual Energy which is part of the Spiritual Dimension… which is not even part of Creation.

So, it is quite possible for a person to KNOW the Truth and be unable to articulate it to others… unless those others are in possession of the Truth themselves.  And unless those people are Enlightened to some degree, they will not be in possession of the Truth.  Thus, we have the frustrating reality that those who should be making decisions regarding the most positive direction for Man to pursue… are overwhelmed by people who are perhaps quite intellectual, but lacking access to Truth, they will inevitably make the wrong decisions.

Welcome to the illusion of life that is subtly intended to help Enlightened people make the decision to leave this perpetually flawed illusion in favor of following the Truth. This is the often mentioned Purpose of Life that is mostly unknown, and yet, like the Law of Karma, it is the governing Truth for Man.

Peace, Brother James


A Peculiar Thing About Truth…

Although it is said that Truth does not exist… that thought is untrue.

Truth does exist,, but it exists in a dimension that is not physical, and thus, not available to that part of Man that is associated with the physical brain.

So, that explains the reason philosophers have not found the Truth. That is, they… being confined to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain, and thinking, do not make use of the ONLY part of Man that can ‘experience’ the Truth… which is the faculty of Intuition, which is a part of the Soul, which is purely Spiritual.

That which enables a person to gain access to the faculty of Intuition is the Soul, which depends upon the level of Consciousness it has acquired… by completing Karma?  Now, if you do not believe in the Law of Karma, or that you possess a Soul, well then, how likely is it you will let go of thinking long enough to experience your faculty of Intuition?

Experiential awareness of ones Spirituality is limited to those who, first of all, believe in God.  Secondly, if you stand still with your belief in God, and do not make use of it to climb up the Ladder of Life, then you do not reach the level where Intuition is actively operating.   So, a passive Soul pretty much remains at a level where the MIND controls what one thinks and believes?

Unfortunately, Intuition can be used, but only if one “believes” it exists.  If one prefers use of the brain, then one is allowed to make use of the brain, and that results in one being unaware of the existence of Intuition, Spirituality, and, of course, Truth.  This is the condition I refer to as the Malady of Intellectualism [or a person whose fear of the unknown causes that person to cling to the brain and thinking]… which is a condition brought on by a lack of Faith… which is the natural result of an immature Soul.

So, Truth most definitely exists, but it only exists to those whose Souls have climbed up the Ladder of Life to the point where they have contacted Intuition, which then enables them to “experience” bits of Truth.  Alas, only those people who have reached this level of the Ladder of Life can experience Truth.  So, it is not possible to share one’s bit of Truth with anyone whose Soul has not climbed the Ladder of Life to the point where they can experience Intuition.

And, this is just the  way Life is structured, which fits the Law of Karma, and we Souls have as much time as we need to awaken to this Reality…contrary to what we have been told.  But once a Soul discovers this, it become anxious to leave the cycle of birth and death as soon as it can do so?

Peace, Brother James

What do I Mean When I Say “The Soul Has no Race”?

I am speaking of the fact that the Soul is immortal, and that we Souls have as many lifetimes as we need to fulfill the Purpose of Life?

In other words, the external form which the Energy of the Soul enlivens… can, as the Eastern Mystics tell us, run the full spectrum of the “Wheel of Eighty-Four”… and this phrase refers to the 8,400,000 different species of life forms a Soul can incarnate into upon the Earth plane.  One life form at a time.

In the West, generally speaking, we believe two things we are told… which are not true.  One is that the Soul only has one life to live.  And the other thing is that Man alone has a Soul.  Both things are mistaken beliefs by people who have not made a study of Mysticism, or the Fifth Century period of the Popes and Catholicism.

Both Reincarnation and the True story about the role of Spirituality in the life of Man were written out of [removed] from the Bible [or an attempt to do so was made] in, and around the Firth Century A.D. The reason?  Desire for power, ego, greed, and ignorance.

The fact is… every living organism has a Soul.  And the ONLY REAL part of everything that is alive is the Soul [which is immortal], and the Soul has a MIND attached to it [which remains with it until that Soul leaves the cycle of birth and death forever].  The MIND enables  each Soul  to fully and completely explore and experience everything the Creation has to offer?

So, the idea that the Soul [which is an aspect of the Energy of God, and is immortal] has a race, just because it happens to be in a particular physical form this lifetime is sheer nonsense, coupled with ignorance.  The Soul [and this means every Soul] is composed of Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy.

Peace, Brother James

When a person uses the term “Ego,” what is that person talking about?

To be clear… most people “think” the term Ego has to do with one thinking or acting like a know-it-all.  Feeding his or her Ego, in other words.

But, in Reality, what is the Ego?  The term “Ego” refers to the way in which one’s MIND views what is taking place outside of oneself relative to how one’s MIND pictures oneself?  If people and things outside yourself are praising you, and treating you as though you are important to them, then your “Ego” is receiving positive and reinforcing strokes, and one’s MIND is pleased with “itself”… and note I am saying  one’s MIND is pleased.  Does your MIND think it is you?

Yes, actually it does!  The fact is, for many, perhaps even most people, it is the MIND “WITHIN” them [which is actually invisible to the brain] that determines whether or not one is important, worthwhile, good or not so good, and almost all of this judgement is based on how people outside oneself treat oneself? Especially those one is attached to?

So, how does it feel living one’s life based on what others think of you?  Or, perhaps you don’t think you do this?  Don’t fool yourself.  The only people who do not measure themselves by what others say about them.. or how others treat them, are really healthy and highly Enlightened individuals, who have gone through a sufficient number of difficult events to “prove” to themselves that they are capable, competent, and rarely unable to accomplish a task.  And the most important element in loving, respecting, and trusting oneself [based entirely on one’s own Reality], is only achieved when one KNOWS of a certainty that one is Acceptable to God.

How does one achieve this state of being?  When one meets a Saint, Mystic, or Perfect Living Master, sent by God into the Earth plane, to Initiate Souls into a Path leading back to God.

People who are especially dependent upon others determining whether or not they are OK… are people who have no idea who or what they are?  And this unfortunately means the vast majority of human beings.  Most people are quite dependent upon others telling them they are OK… and that’s just the way of life on the Earth plane.  If curious about this… find a book written by Julian Johnson, called The Path of the Masters.

Peace, Brother James

About the label “Esogist”…

The term “Esogist” comes from the term Esochology, which stands for a “study of the Esoteric dimensions of Man”.  An Esogist is someone who spends much of his or her life in the study of the MIND and Spiritual dimensions of the Whole Human Being, or WHB.

Every human being is composed of four separate vibrations, each dimension has its own reality, and yet they are entirely interactive.  These four parts of a human being comprise the Whole Human Being, or WHB.   From inside – out, these are the Spiritual dimension, the Higher MIND dimension, the Lower MIND dimension, and the Physical dimension…with which we are all familiar.

Most people are unfamiliar with these four dimensions because three-quarters of them are invisible to the brain and physical senses.  So, people who are confined to the brain and thinking are naturally ignorant of three-quarters of who and what they are in Reality. 

Many people live their entire lives believing that what they think is true, is actually true. A large portion of the population who tend to vote Democrat are such people.  These individuals possess Souls that are perched upon the lower rungs of the ladder of Life.  In time [many lifetimes], these people will discover how limited the brain is,, and how mistaken they have been.

Peace, Brother James

A snippet from a resent book… and a clue as to what makes an Islamist a danger.

…How does a person begin the job of seeking to escape the cycle of birth and death?
This is a great question, and let’s include  an answer to this Mystical question as we close this little book.
The fact is… Most of the work needed to achieve the goal of overcoming the Law of Karma — [at least the administrative part of the job], is taken care of by the Law of Karma itself. But wait a moment…
What is the Law of Karma, and what does it have to do with the “cycle of birth and death,” or the Purpose of Life?
In the West, we are mostly unfamiliar with the Law of Karma, and how the life we imagine to be real, is, in fact, an Illusion… that only seems real.
What “is” absolutely Real, is the “Purpose of Life,” which mankind holds to be that which each person believes it is… or alternatively, believes the purpose is what one “thinks” it might be? While the Truth is… the Purpose of Life is for each Soul to slowly grow and mature, over many ages, by exploring and experiencing the almost endless variety of phenomena that NSgy [Neutral Spiritual Energy] can be, do and Create… Guided by the Law of Karma, which was designed by God specifically to insure fairness and equality in the Creation.
Can you pick out the Enlightened Soul?
Enlightened Soul
It’s this  thisone, the one with light active within it.
We can’t really see which Souls among us are Enlightened? But if you listen carefully to an Enlightened Soul, you will hear terms that refer to phenomena that many are unable to experience, and yet, the Enlightened person seems to KNOW what these terms refer to? Because the Enlightened Soul is  given to receive bits of Truth other Souls are not ready to receive.
This sense of “KNOWING” by Enlightened individuals is what frightens people I refer to as Domiphobic personalities, and [in earlier times?], those with Domiphobic personalities would execute Enlightened people just for being Enlightened.  Just like the Islamist does today.
Could this be the reason Democrat [Domiphobic] type people today fear and try to destroy Enlightened Conservative individuals”?
The reason for the fear “Within” Domiphobic individuals is that the MIND [symbol for the MIND is (“-M-“)] of the Domiphobic personality cannot perceive Spiritual Energy, or NSgy [Neutral Spiritual Energy].  So, when he or she meets an Enlightened Soul that subtly radiates the Energy of NSgy, the MIND of the Domiphobic personality is frightened by an Energy that his or her (“-M-“) can neither perceive nor figure out. But the (“-M-“) does perceive that such Energy is a Dominant Force that challenges the authority of the (“-M-“).
Domiphobic = fear of a Dominant Force, which is NSgy, or Truth, or Spiritual Energy.  And sadly, the Domiphobic personality has no idea the anger and fear he or she is experiencing is due to his or her own fear!  The (“-M-“) of the Domiphobic personality blames the Enlightened person for what the Domiphobic person is experiencing.  This is a classic and common psychological phenomenon I refer to as  “denial,  dissociation, and projection”.

Peace, Brother James

A Common Error Made by Modern Mental Health is Often Fatal for Those Being “Helped”…

This particular blog may be too honest and real for some readers?

But it needs to be told… therefore, it will be told.

What would you say if the error I am talking about was responsible for the deaths of Veterans who are committing suicide in increasing numbers?

Or, that this error is responsible for turning children into drug addicts?

Or that this error is responsible for people going to see a psychiatrist for years–even while that person is taking drugs– when the “cure for that person’s problem” should be routinely resolved in two or three visits?

What I am talking about is the MIND of Man… and my symbol for the MIND is M. Now…what is the Mof Man?  The Mrepresents two subtle energy bodies … which are invisible to the brain and physical senses], and, although these subtle energy bodies are invisible to Man, they are very important to Man. And although they exist “Within” every  Human Being, they are completely ignored by ‘modern mental health,’ psychology, and even psychiatry today.  And perhaps most harmful is the fact that the Mis ignored by religion today.  Most religions prefer to use the term ‘evil’ or ‘devil’. But the terms evil and devil apply to the symptoms people display, and not to what is CAUSING those symptoms… which is entirely due to the M “Within” Man.

Would you not imagine that if the M is as important as I suggest… then modern mental health would have an interest in the M?

Well, your imagination is correct, but what overrides the imagination and curiosity  of modern mental health regarding the M is “fear”.  Not just any fear…  we are talking about a fully non-conscious fear of being drawn into the great dark “Void” spoken of in the Bible… [relative to what is believed to have existed prior to God Creating the Creation].  Another term for that “Void” is “NOTHING”.

Over my thirty years working as a Psychotherapist, I repeatedly had to help my clients overcome a [non-conscious] fear of being cast into “nothing”…if they let go of the brain and thinking.  And, in a way their fear was justified…  but not as they non-consciously imagined.

The fact is, the ONLY way to eliminate some deeply repressed “misperception” held “Within” one’s M realm [taken-on by one’s M at the time of  one’s birth]… is to let go of one’s attachment to one’s brain and thinking, and allow one’s faculty of “Intuition” to leap into one’s M realm… guided by a competent Psychotherapist who has risen above his or her own fear of his or her own M. And there is no alternative to this requirement on the part of the person who can be trained as a competent Psychotherapist.  But, as you can imagine, finding an Enlightened individual capable of letting go of his or her attachment to the brain and thinking… is, in itself, a challenge.  Or… put another way… who is Enlightened enough to “judge” the Enlightenment of others so that ONLY those capable of becoming “competent Psychotherapists” ARE UNIQUELY TRAINED  to serve the desperate needs of America?

Modern mental health, psychology, and psychiatry should be the most important professions a human being can hold.  Alas, they have been taken over by what I refer to as Intelack type people, and these once honored professions no longer serve mankind, but are now filled by people who deal with their fear of the M Within themselves by pretending to “help” others.

The “MENTAL HEALTH” fields have been taken over by Intellectualism, and people who unknowingly fear the very thing their professions once sought to address:  The M of Man.

It is a shame that this non-conscious fear “Within” people cause them to unknowingly fight against a proper training of Enlightened individuals who could dramatically help so many suffering Souls in America.

Peace, Brother James