Have You Ever Wondered What Truly Competent Psychotherapy Is? Part 2…

In Part 2… we will enter into areas of “Competent Psychotherapy” that are entirely unknown to modern mental health, or “BS&bp,” which stands for Behaviroal Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”.

First of all, Competent, proper, or effective Psychotherapy depends entirely upon the person providing the therapy, and not on the label given to what that person is doing?  This is a backhanded way of saying that perhaps 50% of those people in modern mental health who are fully “licensed” to do Psychotherapy are neither properly trained…  nor capable of being trained.

The ONLY person capable of acquiring the peculiar skills and unusual abilities required to work with the MIND of Man is someone whose Soul is Enlightened enough to rise above that person’s MIND.  In other words, ONLY THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE ENLIGHTENED INDIVIDUALS SHOULD BE TRAINED TO PROVIDE PSYCHOTHERAPY.  And not any label of Psychotherapy, but specifically A Gestalt model that involves the therapist being able to shift from his/her physical body into his/her MIND realm [and beyond, into that of Conscious Awareness itself].  My symbol for Conscious Awareness is “C-Awar,” and I believe C-Awar is what Renee Descartes was searching for when he settled for “I think, therefore, I am”.

Why only an Enlightened individual?  Because there are only two types of people on Earth.  One type is the Intelack type individual [godless or lacking in Consciousness], and the other type is the Enlightened type individual. And only the Enlightened type individual has acquired a sufficient amount of “C’etc” [or Consciousness] to be able to “Astral Travel” or shift from one dimension to another dimension.  And to help a person deal with a conflict “Within” that person’s MIND, one must be able to explore “Within” one’s own MIND, and identify the particular emotional resonance that is conflicted “Within” the MIND of the person seeking “Proper Psychotherapy”.

You might want to read the last sentence over a few times to allow yourself to realize that I am talking about “MIND reading” of a sort!  That is, reading what is wrong “Within” the MIND of another by awakening to the exact same emotional resonance being stimulated “Within” one’s own MIND.

I refer to this natural  [although advanced] ability of Man as “Empathetic Understanding,” which I list as one of the Virtues of Man.  And obviously, to be able to freely  explore your own MIND, you must have previously discovered and eliminated any deeply repressed childhood traumata that might be  hidden “Within” your own MIND.

The requirement that anyone seeking a license as a Psychotherapist undergo his or her own course of Psychotherapy is one of the first things the Intelack type people [who took over mental health in America] removed.  So, now, in 2017, not one in a thousand mental health experts can tell you what the MIND is, where it is, or how it operates?  I mean, imagine that!  A field of mental health in which no one knows what the “Mental” in Mental Health means?

That would be like licensing a brain surgeon to conduct brain surgery and never require that surgeon to study the brain.

My point is simply this…Unless you KNOW exactly what is wrong with a person before ever meeting that person… you have no business trying to treat that person because the only thing you will do is to make the conflict “Within” that person worse.  In the case of the Veteran suffering PTSD, this means causing that Vet to become so despondent that he/she will commit suicide.  And how many mental health “experts” have been charged with malfeasance?

Mental Health is all about the MENTAL dimension of Man,  Surely there must be some people in America  who believe in God, the Soul, and the fact that the brain is a physical muscle in the skull, and is not the MIND?

Peace, Brother James


Have You Ever Wondered What Truly Competent Psychotherapy Is?

Really “competent” Psychotherapy is quite rarely experienced today, regardless how much one pays for treatment.  And the problem in acquiring competent help is that those who are licensed by some state agency to perform Psychotherapy… have no idea what Psychotherapy is?  And what they have been taught has nothing at all to do with the MIND of Man.

The MIND of MAN, by the way, comprises two Esoteric energy bodies, neither of which can be perceived by the brain. The word Esoteric is just another word for “invisible”. And although modern mental health avoids, ignores, and pretends the MIND doesn’t actually exist, the fact is… every mental conflict every human being  experiences is due to a conflict “Within” the MIND of a person.  Your MIND “is” the psychological operation going on  “Within” you, which is impossible to discover or experience by use of your brain.  And your MIND can even cause your brain to think precisely what your MIND wants it to think via a process of the MIND I refer to as “DM=SI”.

DM=SI refers to Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity. And this super subtle process operates by feeding Delusional Thinking, or “D-Think” to the Left-Hemisphere of your brain.  And a part of this “process” involves an aspect of ones Spiritual dimension [the Attn Aspect of ones Apapsyche] being used by ones MIND to convert MIND-level emotion into brain-level words and terms.  I refer to this as Delusional Thinking.

Modern mental health is strictly an exercise in Intellectualism… which means stuffing the brain full of information that is 75% disinformation [based entirely on intellectual speculation], and 25% memorizing labels [that have a host of obvious symptoms attached to them], and these ‘labels’ with the symptoms attached to them are said to be your problem, and since they are not actually “the problem”– but only symptoms of the problem, you can spend years in therapy, and the only thing that changes is your bank account.

Unfortunately, those who pay for the education and training are told that what they are learning is all there is to “KNOW”!  And these people taking the “training” have no way of knowing they are being deluded so that those in charge can maintain the Delusional Notion that what they are teaching has value.  This sham began in the early 1900s with B.F. Skinner, who knew nothing about Psyhology but a great deal about how to use his intellect to get what he wanted… which was to be called a “psychologist”.  He got his way, and America has suffered terribly.

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Evans, Richard I. B.F. Skinner: The Man and His Ideas, New York: E.P.Dutton & Co, 1968.

“A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.”

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As I said, Skinner knew nothing about the Psychology of the ancient Greeks, and his training was in observing animals, and then speculating as to what might be causing them to behave as they did…  in reaction to what he and his colleagues did to them?

To him, the behavioral actions of the animals “fit” nicely with his limitation of Intellectualism, or his limitation to use of his brain alone in attempting to comprehend Life?  He was an Intelack type personality, and thus confined to his brain and thinking. In essence, this means that he lacked Intuition, Empathy, Empathetic Understanding, and psychic ability.

Did  I mention that it is impossible to discover the MIND by use of the brain?

Well, it is impossible to intellectually discover the MIND.  This is the reason those trained in modern mental health [or BS&bp], have been shamefully mislead to believe they are trained in “psychology”.  Sadly, they know nothing about Psychology.  And the more they “think,” the less they will KNOW.

mistakenly believe that since they are licensed, this must mean they have been taught properly, correctly, and that what they have been taught is all there is to understand?

0 line  OK, this is part 1.  I will do part 2, right after dinner, and have it hopefully posted tonight.

Peace, Brother James.


A New Format, and the same message…

I am very pleased to be able to offer these posts regarding the education of all citizens of America, and especially our youth.  I want to thank WordPress for providing me this format.

Somehow we, as a nation… went very, very wrong in the early 1900s, and the emotional, mental, and Spiritual dimensions of Man were slowly set aside… while the brain and physical elements of Man  were raised to a very high status, and that same worshiping of the brain continues today.

The term “Intellectualism” is defined as focusing on the brain and thinking while avoiding and ignoring the emotional aspects of Man.  The reason this is done is not to improve the intellect, it is actually done because those who confine themselves to the brain and thinking  [unknowingly] do so because their MINDs do not trust them to be exposed to the emotional traumata their MINDs hold hidden “Within” them.

So, rather than take a chance that these people might use the stimulation of various negative emotions within themselves as a way to get in touch with those emotions being hidden “Within” their MINDs… the MIND diverts the attention of a person by feeding Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain of adults, and directly to the MINDs of children.   You see, if they became aware of the deeply repressed emotions hidden within their MINDs, their MINDs would lose a subtle  control over them.   That is, their MINDs  could no longer threaten to expose the “monsters” these people unknowingly misperceive themselves to be!    This fully non-conscious fear exists hidden deep “Within” many individuals in the world today.  And this basic misperception is taken-on by most children at the time of birth.

It is unfortunately quite natural for babies to take-on the negative emotions of their mothers [and fathers if present] as part of the birth-process.  And the MINDs of these children mistakenly assume that it must be who and what the baby is… that is causing the parent [s] to generate so much negative emotion [fear and painful memory of their own births].

Remember, the MIND of the child uses a very subtle emotional MIND-level energy to communicate with [read the MINDs of the parents].   And since the MIND cannot perceive the Energy of the Soul, or Spirituality Energy,  the MIND just assumes that who or what the child is…  has  to be pretty awful.

And, of course this sounds somewhat insane, right?  The reason this is unknown in modern mental health is that the field has denied and ignored the MIND of Man since the early 1900s, when B.F. Skinner [who feared his own MIND] boldly stated that there was no “MIND” within a person that could effect a person’s present behavior.

It was Skinner who pushed the Oxymoron “behavioral psychology” on the public, and the field of mental health as well.

So, for the last century, the Psychology of the ancient Geeks, which was a purely Esoteric Psychology, has been systematically “cleansed” of its Esoteric origin.  Today, not one in a thousand licensed mental health workers even knows what the MIND is?

The MIND is that which causes every conflict a person has “Within” him or herself.  All forms of sexual confusion is due to deeply repressed misperceptions help by people from the time of their birth.

Sad, but unfortunately true.

Peace, Brother James


BUT FIRST… Look below to paragraph in all capital letters & in BOLD.

The Congress shows good intentions in allocating MONEY to the problem of addiction to drugs, or Opiates, Smack, Pot, etc.  And in bringing together people who are also CONCERNED about the PROBLEM.

The PROBLEM IS… Are these EXPERTS not the very people attempting to deal with the problem… with no success?  The only thing money does is to make people who have no idea what to do RICHER…

Congress must ask itself… are they seeking to reduce the problem, or give the impression they are doing something? And I am serious in this question.

Allow me to explain as briefly as I can what is going on with the problem of Drug addiction.  Let me begin with the reason people use drugs?  Drugs are used by people [initially] to achieve a state not unlike when one is intoxicated with alcohol. But alcohol has a negative reaction by others, whereas today using drugs is “cool,” neat, hip, etc.

The primary reason people become addicted to drugs is… the drugs work to meet the psychological need of a person to cut-off awareness of anxiety [which is caused by that person’s MIND… threatening to expose some fearful unknown from within itself to that person’s Conscious Awareness].


1. Deeply repressed fear. 2. A need to have that fear revealed. 3.  The fact this fear is a psychological misperception taken-on at the time of that person’s birth… which can ONLY be discovered via COMPETENT PSYCHOTHERAPY.

______________________  Additional point of interest is:  Modern mental health or “BS&bp” Research Here... has no idea what the MIND is, where it is, or how it works?  The CAUSE of addiction is not the drugs… but a person’s MIND that uses the drugs to achieve a state of reduced anxiety. The actual causal behind drug use is that it works.  And no amount of cerebral, behavioral, or intellectual activity will impact the HABIT OF DRUG USE BECAUSE THE HABIT IS FIXED IN THE PERSON’S MIND.

____________Without adequate AND PROPER Psychotherapy, throwing money at addiction is an exercise in fleecing the tax-payers.

Peace, Brother James


Chances are… most people are unable to explain why any person would not want America to be more prosperous, to have more jobs, and higher paying jobs, and to have safe neighborhoods?  And yet… it was obvious that a majority of Democrats refused to applaud, and refused to stand in support of President Trump’s ideas.

What would cause the Democrats to refuse to applaud ideas that would benefit all Americans?  Was it just spite?  Was it just bitterness at losing the election?  Or, was it something else… perhaps something the Democrats themselves are not aware was going on WITHIN themselves?  I believe it was something of a psychological nature that caused the Democrats to refuse to applaud, or to stand in support of what President Trump was saying.  And I believe that what caused the Democrats to sit and refuse to applaud is worth exploring. Well… I actually believe we need to KNOW the REASON the Democrats refused to support ideas that were clearly received by a majority of people with much enthusiasm !

My work, over the last 40 years, has been to serve people as a special psychotherapist. And “special” refers to the fact that I helped people get in touch with deeply repressed MIND-level conflicts that were causing them  to engage in behaviors that were both painful, and  embarrassing for them.  These people were driven to engage in certain behaviors that caused them pain, and yet, they had no idea as to the reason for their behavior?

Not widely known is the fact that in the early 1900s, a person named B.F. Skinner,  who observed animal behavior and then speculated as to what in the environment of these animals might be causing them to act in certain ways… mistakenly thought of himself to be a “psychologist”. He actually knew nothing about Psychology, but his ego [and ignorance of what the ancient Greeks gave the world as Psychology] caused him to “think” that he knew more than the ancient Greeks.  Skinner suffered from a most common malady, that of “Intellectualism”… which is most often defined as using one’s intellect while avoiding emotionality.

What is not known about the malady of Intellectualism is that denial of emotionality is a symptom of those who [unknown to themselves], have a MIND that denies them access to their emotions [the reason for this is Psychological]. Emotional energy is the energy of the MIND, by the way.  And, despite what many intellectuals suggest… being absent ones emotions is not a good thing.  What makes a superb mother is her ready access to her emotional energy [which means Intuition and Empathy].

Modern mental health, or what I refer to as “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”] fails to address the MIND of Man. This is a fact, but this fact is not well known. The reason BS&bp denies and ignores the MIND has to do with the Delusional Thinking of Skinner [which was intellectual compensation for his fear of his own MIND].

And, what does this have to do with those Democrats who refused to applaud, or to stand in support of the ideas of President Trump?  Well, it has to do with the fact that the MIND has the ability to cause a person to “think” and “act” in certain ways that he or she may not notice… but others notice as most  peculiar.  Such people do not notice their peculiar behavior because to them it is habitual behavior, which their MINDs [by feeding Delusional Thinking] to the Left-Hemisphere of their brains, cause them to rationalize, justify and excuse whatever thoughts and behavior they engage in.  In other words, such people “see” nothing peculiar in what they think or do.  Nor are they aware that what they think and do is peculiar,  rude or negative.

In other words, there are people whose thoughts and behaviors are incongruent with the thoughts and behaviors of others, but because those observing such peculiar thoughts and behaviors have no idea what might be causing them… observers tend to just ignore that which they can’t explain.  This, of course only encourages peculiar people to continue “venting” their anxiety in such peculiar thought and behavior.

My point is this… Those Democrats that refused to applaud, or to stand in support of the President’s ideas were not simply  protesting… they were using the opportunity as a means of psychologically “venting” deeply repressed fear in negative behavior [KNOWING that no one would guess what was really going on WITHIN their MINDs].

These individuals are not really “fit” to be in the positions of responsibility in which they find themselves.  And unless they are removed, they will [unknown to themselves] continue to psychologically sabotage America.  Modern mental health is of little help or value in this regard, since BS&bp has been in denial of the MIND for almost a century.

A word to the wise… will hopefully encourage the nation to make sure that those elected to the Congress are psychologically healthy people.

Peace, Brother James


The Reason Spirituality is Strange…

The term “Spirituality” is strange because words alone can neither define, nor explain what the word Spirituality refers to.

The term Spirituality refers to the Energy of God, which… other than the terms Spirit and Holy Ghost, remains undefined by far too many intellectuals.  And why would this be the case?

The reason is that ‘Intellectualism’ refers to use of the brain [absent the energy of emotion … which is the energy of the MIND].  The brain is incapable of experiencing either the energy of the MIND, or the Energy of the Soul [and the Energy of the Soul is  the Energy of Spirituality, which is the Energy of God].  So, the brain and thinking is a physical operation limited to the brain, which is physical.

That is… the whole human being is composed of four simultaneously existing energy dimensions, each with its own vibrational reality

Normally, we do not notice that we are separated into so many parts.  The reason is that the operational dynamics of the MIND extend from the physical [brain] realm to the Higher MIND realm [which is just this side of the Spiritual dimension of the Soul]. And the operations of the MIND are too subtle for the brain to perceive… although, the MIND directly impacts [and subtly directs the brain] by use of  “DM=SI” and “Delusional Thinking”.*

*…My work over the last 40 years has been  a process of discovering and revealing the Esoteric [invisible] operations which take place Within Man. And to do this, I have had to coin or create a great many new terms, labels and symbols to stand for, or point to, these otherwise invisible operations.

The symbol “DM=SI” stands for ‘Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity,’ and this means that the MIND can feed Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain, and the brain “thinks” that what it is thinking is true.  This is the reason the Democrat or Liberal [ or Intelack] can tell lies so convincingly.  Such people literally believe what they are saying to be true.

No person is capable of sensing the subtle difference between the Truth and Delusional Thinking unless that person is Enlightened to some degree.  This level and type of Consciousness is called “Conscience”.  And, a Soul must be quite Enlightened to enable it to clearly “see” and “hear” the false hoods of Intelack type people.

Alas, the majority of people on Earth today do not possess Souls that are Enlightened.  Therefore, far too many people tend to believe what corrupt politicians tell them.  People listen to the words… and do not “perceive” the evil such words are masking.

So, Spirituality is strange because only an Enlightened Soul is capable of awakening to the Truth from Within itself… and to do this a Soul must have worked its way above the point where the MIND can mislead that Soul by use of Delusional Thinking.

Now, if this has little meaning to you, that’s OK.  And if this makes sense to you, then you are Enlightened enough to “see” the Truth. For this, you must be thankful, and pray with deep humility for having reached the level your Souls has achieved.

As Christ said to his disciples, “for you it is given to see and to hear that which the masses can neither see nor hear.”

Peace, Brother James

Common Core reminds me of Skinner

Does the reader remember hearing about B.F. Skinner, the person whose ill-conceived idea of  a “new psychology” has destroyed America?

I am writing a new book on the following  paragraph which is a quote from Skinner, in a book by Evans, Richard I.  B.F. Skinner:  The Man and His Ideas. New York: E.P. Dutton & Co, 1968:

A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.”

I believe this one paragraph is responsible for the destruction of America, and the disastrous state of education in America as well.  It took a century to accomplish, but every negative thing taking place in America today can be directly traced back to this statement by Skinner… and its adoption by modern mental health as a valid statement.

The only thing valid within  this statement of Skinner is how it illustrates his  intense fear of that of which he was ignorant:  His own MIND.  His ignorance of Psychology is clearly illustrated by his saying:  “somehow or other” in referring to the MIND of every human being [of which is was completely ignorant].  Skinner was an Intelack type personality:  Quite Intellectual, but utterly devoid of Conscience.

What he meant was that for him… the child did not possess a MIND, and [somehow or other] magically … to which is own MIND rebelled and insisted he use the term “animism,” to try and mask his ignorance and fear.  In this, Skinner  was no different than many Intellectuals [people lacking Conscience] today who push Common Core as a means of trying to cripple the Intuition, Creativity and Spontaneity of children. So afraid of this natural ability of children are these  Intelack adults.

If the nation had a competent level of mental health or psychology today,  this would not be a problem. Alas, the reality is Skinner’s ignorance is rampant in both fields today.


Brother James