Non-Christian Alternative to being good in the West… Part 2 (Spirit)

Let us pause, for a bit, to consider a seriously interesting phenomenon!

Those people who believe in God, also tend to believe that there is only ONE God, not many.  So… how do we explain so many  different religions in the world?  May I suggest an answer [that Mystics unanimously agree with, by the way]… and that explanation is this:  The various religions are started by people who are/were greatly attracted to some Mystic or Saint who died.   And in trying to replace that empty place deep “Within” themselves, they created some image or totem, or set of rituals with which they hoped to  remember their Spiritual leader.  And they all contribute what they can remember about the leader, and about what he or she had said to them.

The problem with this well-intentioned effort is this:   The “Spirituality” of a Saint, Mystic, or Master is not what that Spiritually awakened individual said, or did… but is rather  the “NATURE OF THE SOUL”  “Within” that  unique SOUL? The Soul of a Saint or Mystic is of God, in the form of a human being.

And as strange as it might seem, those who begin religions are not the most Enlightened of those attracted to some Saint, Mystic, or Master, although they are quite genuine in their attachment to the “person of that Saint or Mystic”! But… every true Saint or Mystic tells those who can “hear,” that he or she ONLY SPEAKS FOR GOD,  and this unique communication ONLY exists BETWEEN SOULS! That is, from Soul to Soul.  And more specifically, between Spirit and Spirit.  The term “Spirit” referring to the Neutral Spiritual Energy of the Soul, or “NSgy”.

If you are familiar with the Bible, then you recall Christ saying… that he came for his MARKED SHEEP, and that his Sheep KNEW HIM, and HE KNEW Them. Christ also explained to his disciples that what they “were given” to “hear” the masses could neither “see” nor “hear,” so he spoke to the masses in parables.

This was not some euphemistism Christ was saying, it was a very Mystical Truth that ONLY Saints and Mystics sent into the Earth by God are capable of utilizing to awaken the Spirit “Within” certain Souls… that these Saints and Mystics come into this Earth plane to Initiate into a Special Spiritual Path.  And this is also the reason there is always at least one Saint or Mystic on Earth at all times.

[And the above point will be discussed more fully in Part 3:  The Law of Karma and how it works?].

Life is a great deal more complex and involved than what we have been told it is.  And for those who “think” that life is an accident… they are mistaken.  And life on Earth is just one phase of the Reality of Life.  A most crucial phase, and a phase that takes many, many lifetimes to complete. But it is a phrase each Soul must “complete”… or be treated like the fallen Angels… at the close of Armageddon.

Are you familiar with the phrase in the Bible:  Many are called, but few are chosen?  Well, this phrase specifically refers to the fact that certain Souls have acquired the proper amount of what I refer to as “C’etc” [pronounced “C_etcetera”], and C’etc refers to what the ancient Greeks called Consciousness. C’etc refers to Knowledge [Wisdom] that we Souls are slowly accumulating by “Completing” Karma in those lifetimes in which we do so?  Mind you, very often we create more negative Karma than positive Karma, and in the interum between death and a new birth, we visit Hells in order to re-educate our MINDs.

Those who start a religion to “honor” a Saint or Mystic are well-meaning individuals who… Alas,  subtly missed the SPIRITUAL POINT OF THAT SAINT OR MYSTIC.  Which is… God sends Saints and Mystics, they do not arise from Man.

That is… What makes a Saint or Mystic invaluable is that the Soul of the Saint or Mystic is “God-Realized“. That is, the Saint or Mystic is specifically sent into the Earth plane to “Initiate” certain Souls [Souls that have acquired sufficient C’etc to warrant Initiation], into a Spiritual path that leads back to God. And no Soul needs to feel anxious about this, since it is an Absolute certainty that when your Soul is “ready,” the “Master appears”.

Back to those who begin religions… The Bible tells us that this is precisely what happened with the twelve apposals of Christ.  That is, Christ himself told them to go back to Jeruselem and pray, as they waited for the “Comforter” that Christ said he would have his Father, God, send to them.  What does this mean?  The statement of Christ to his disciples simply meant that, because Christ had been with them for such a short time, they had not [as yet] fully developed the “Spirit,” or “Holy Ghost” “Within” their own Souls.  And it is this very point that Part 2 is attempting to explain.  But we will discuss this more later.

Peace, Brother James


All Souls are from God, but they are not all “equal” in maturation

And if this flies in the face of what we have been told, so be it.  All Souls are in the process of acquiring what we might refer to as Spiritual Evolution [or Consciousness], and this refers to and requires the slow, many-lifetime process of engaging in and completing Karma [which is defined as Action-Reaction].

That is, what is called in physics the principle that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  In the Law of Karma this is called the Yang and Yin principle. Or the concept that “as you sow, so shall you reap”.  And each action we do is an act of Yang energy [male and outgoing], and that will in turn require the return of that exact same Karma in its YIN form.  And Yin Karma means the emotional experience of receiving precisely the exact same Yang Karma acted out against oneself.

Now, if one is able to receive that Karma [or utilize the Virtue of Acceptance] then that bit of Karma is complaint.  However, Acceptance is rarely exercised when one receives the results of one’s own Karmic action.  Most often a person believes the action taken against oneself is unwarranted, unfair, unjust, and one then resists the action, or seeks revenge for such action… which results in that particular Karma  coming back again, and again, until one realizes that it is coming back to one because it was CAUSED by oneself.  The only way to “complete” that Karma, is to own it, and to forgive the person who returned one’s own Karma to oneself.

So, the fact is… each of us is in the process of trying to LEARN what the Law of Karma is, and how to deal with it.  And that means that each of us is separate and unequal in how much Karma one has COMPLETED?  The following sketch is a visual reminder of the  two basic types of people on Earth.


I refer to these Virtues by the symbol “C’etc” [pronounced “C_etcetera”], and each Soul is in the process of accumulating these Virtues by engaging in the Karma of life.

So, part of humanity are Intelack Souls, and part of humanity are Enlightened Souls. And sometimes it is difficult to tell which is which, but it is important to discover this, because the Intelack individual is naturally prone to evil.

Peace, Brother James

Questioning things…

In my new book: Questions About Life…  I wrote this today…

Just a question that pops into my thoughts… are we clear on the concept that we Souls have been in the Creation since God created Man? This concept makes a lot more sense if one is not confined to the notion that this massive physical universe was created for we Souls to experience just ONE lifetime.
To compound my difficulty with the Christian notion that a Soul only has one lifetime to live… is the fact that every living thing requires a Soul. It is the Soul Within a living form that gives that form “life”.
In other words, when you look out of your window, and see a bird, perched in a tree… that bird is [according to Christianity] living the only life it will experience in the Creation. And when it dies, it will remain in the ground, or its parts will be distributed over miles by the wind… and at some future time… its Soul will be judged as to its “works”? And a determination will be made as to whether it continues or is cast into the Lake of Fire?
What “works” will that bird have accumulated over its one lifetime?
Did you realize the notion of one life to live… is supported in the Bible by one verse?
Hebrews 9:27 And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgement.
Now, at least half of the world’s population does not agree with the notion that Man only has one life to live, but some Pope, or Popes, around the fifth century, decided that this verse meant that Man only had one life to live on Earth. And millions of people, who follow Catholicism, believe what the Pope(s) have interpreted the Bible to mean.
However, using the exact same verse, I will share with the reader what Eastern mystics have said… as it relates to this verse.
And too, in the Bible, in Revelation, it clearly states that the False Prophet will be the last Pope… and this False Prophet will lead many people to accept the Antichrist… and in doing so, these people will confine their own Souls to the Lake of Fire.
Who is correct? Which interpretation is true, and which interpretation best “fits” what God had in mind when he Created the Creation?
In Eastern mysticism, this notion of the Soul and its experience of LIFE… describes Hebrews 9:27 in a very different way. And in this Chapter, and in my discussion of the “Purpose of Life,” I will base my views on this Eastern view… simply because I find [in my 80+ years of this lifetime], that which I am sharing is a more fitting [more loving] view of what God intended for we Souls and His Creation.
In Eastern mysticism, as shared by several religions, both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation, are both key players in fulfilling the Purpose of Life.
The concept of the Law of Karma is a perfect solution to the Creation… if, what one hopes to achieve is Spiritual Equality and Peace. And I say this because the goal of the Law of Karma is to achieve a complete and objective Wisdom regarding what NSgy can be, or do?
And I challenge anyone to find a better solution, given that what one has to work with is nothing. That is, NSgy is Neutral Spiritual Energy, and thus, outside of the Spiritual dimension itself, NSgy does not exist. What math will explain that which cannot be seen, nor conceived?

Some lines from new book 4 Inmates

For example, most Democrat politicians think of themselves as “helping” others. And I have yet to hear a Democrat say that he or she is correcting the errors in Life created by God… but that is precisely what they are attempting to do. Which is why what they do is to harmful, painful and destructive for mankind.

Do such people really believe there is no “need” in life for poverty? How does a Soul explore and experience poverty, if there is none? How does a Soul “help the poor” if there are no poor to help?

If judges who fear personal responsibility themselves give lenient sentences to people who commit crime, how does a person experience the proper result of committing crime? In other words, the actual results of actions committed by people incapable of “anticipating” the natural results of their actions, will always be harmful for people. And the fact those who are harmed are “due such harm as their Karma,” does not reduce the Karmic obligations generated by those who created the pain and suffering for people!

So, the Law of Karma is Perfect, but those engaging in and suffering the result of Karma do not realize what they are doing, otherwise they would not be doing what they are doing. So, as one becomes more Enlightened, this means one has spent ones own time sowing and reaping Karma, and has slowly “learned” that indeed there is a cost for every action a person takes.

The two types of people then… are those who are early in the process of Life, and those who have been at the work of Life for some time. The Intelack type person is new to the game of Life, and the Enlightened person is an older Soul, and having learned the cost of doing evil, is able to resist the temptation.


Brother James

Some Hope for Mankind… in History…

From The Path of the Masters, by Dr. Julian Johnson.

“We believe… that the lowest ebb in the degenerative retrogression of the human race took place something like four hundred thousand years ago.  Of course, that was some time before the beginning of this Kal Yuga, the Iron Age… For they say that Kal Yuga began only about five thousand years ago.  From that time on, slowly, almost imperceptibly, the race has regained some portion of what it had lost.

If the darkest period of human history actually occurred as we believe, about the middle of latter half of the Dwapar Yuga, the Copper Age, then the race has been slowly evolving ever since that time. That would fit in perfectly with the findings of scientific evolution based on geological records, and the few fragments of prehistory man which have been left.  Now man must go on evolving until he reaches the noon tide of the next Golden Age.  This will, of course require some time.  But signs of such an upward trend are not wanting.  It is moreover our condition, looked at from the viewpoint of the long cycles of time, that there will be a very rapid upward  advance from now on [Dr. Johnson wrote this in 1939, and revised it in 1957].

We need not worry about war clouds.  Out of the jar and clash of conflict, a newer and better civilization will emerge.  Let no faint heart imagine that civilization is to be destroyed.  It cannot be done. Real civilization is yet to rise above the wreck of battle. The spiritual science of the Masters must yet point the way for the building of a new federation of man.  The leading economic principle will be that every man shall enjoy that which he has earned, and its fundamental law shall be the law of love.”

Dr. Johnson, was a sage student of mysticism, history and Spirituality.  I find his reference to the “noon tide of the next Golden Age,” of interest to us, since both prophets in history and the Mayans tell us that the end of the Iron Age occurred in 12/21/2012 , which then naturally leads to the beginning of the next Golden Age of Man.  A thousand years of which, the Bible tells us will be ruled over by Christ, and those Christians said to be martyrs of Christ.  What a most propitious beginning of the new Golden Age of Man.

My point is, the Reality of Life is not all-to-geather what many believe it to be.  And God tells us via his disciples that for those who love God, there is no death.  This no doubt speaks to the Soul of Man, which is of God.  Not our physical bodies.


Brother James

A Practical Guide for Dealing With the End Time…

And, let us begin by explaining what the “End Time” or end times is?

If you are an avid student of the Bible, then you likely are aware of the end time,  the explaining of which is the principle purpose of the book called Revelation.  The end time, or times… since the period describes a prolonged period of time… ranging from 2012 to 2024, or about 12 years in total.

In 2012, much of the world became aware of the fact the Mayan Calendar ended in 2012.  The specific date was 12, 21, 2012.  The Mayans simply ceased use of their calendar in 2012.  And one Mayan elder predicted that a great many negative things were going to happen.  And when asked about what was going to occur?  He said this:  And I paraphrase slightly… “If one is aligned with the the right energy, one would be fine.” What the elder did not explain [perhaps did not think was important to mention, or was not aware of]… is that 2012 was the beginning of a change in the magnetic lines of energy related to the Earth, and this also related to an alignment of many planets with the center of the Milky Way.  And these major events, signaled [for the Mayans, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus and other mystics and prophets] a BEGINNING of the End Times… Which means a slowly worsening world situation BEGINNING in 2012.  And this is what the Bible points to… that is,  a period of disasters and geophysical events, which will culminate in a 3.5 year reign of the “Antichrist” and the “False Prophet,” which ends with the War of Armageddon, and the return of Jesus Christ, who will defeat the army of the Antichrist, and will rule over those people of Earth whose names are in the “book of life” for a thousand years.

What I have realized since 12/21/2012, is that this “ending” of the Earth… is taking place so slowly that hardly anyone can sustain the excitement or fear, panic and terror… in their lives for twelve years. And so, denial and rationalization takes over, and the prophecies take a back seat to the demands of life [and the demands of ones MIND] as the MIND keeps most people focused on the daily needs of living.

In other words, the increase in earthquakes is slowly increasing;  the disasters caused by weather are slowly increasing; plane disasters are slowly increasing; violence, hatred, and racial tensions are slowly increasing.  These are taking place slow enough that the MINDs  of people on Earth can maintain the delusional belief that these are just “natural” events, and trying to maintain ones family is more important that worrying about that which one cannot control.

The same is occurring with each individual as many people are becoming “used to” evil people and events increasing in their neighborhoods, cities, states and in government.  A general increase in complaining is not met with Marshal Law, as long as the complains remain verbal, and are not acted out.

And precious few individuals are aware of how the Bible predicts the rise of a one-world government, that will be taken over by what the Bible calls the Antichrist.  And this Antichrist will be aided by the last Pope, who the Bible called the “False Prophet”.

All of this is taking place, if a person will [or can bring himself to do so] put the events being presented in the media together… as part of what Revelation spells out for all to see… who have “eyes to see””

My “practical” guide amounts to this:   Whether you believe in the Bible or not, or are religious or not, you can [if you believe in God] do what is necessary to have your Soul go to Heaven rather than the Lake of Fire when the end finally occurs… which I suspect will be 7 years from the time the Israelis and Palestinians sign a temporary peace agreement [due anytime now].  Of course If I am wrong regarding the peace agreement, so be it.  The rest of the prophecy of Revelation is taking place one prophecy at a time.

My principle point is this:  What will determine whether ones Soul goes to the Lake of Fire, or to Heaven, is whether one loves God more than life [on this physical plane, which is, in reality, an illusion].  In other words, consider the question of what is Real in an absolute sense?  God is Real, and ones Soul is Real, and everything else is part of a Creation that has been for we Souls to experience… not for us to imagine is more  important than God.

Yes, God is invisible, mystical, and unseen… and yet, is this not also true of your Soul?  Your Soul is of God, and nothing on this physical plane is Real, in an absolute sense.  You will determine your own fate, quite literally, in whether  you fear death [which cannot occur to your Soul, unless determined by God] more than you fear denying God, which is YOUR ONLY SALVATION.

In other words, it is perfectly OK to die, if you die holding the thought of God in your heart. It is your love of God that will save you.  It is your fear of death in the illusion that will send your Soul to the Lake of Fire. Each individual must choose God, or the illusion. This choice determines whether you go to Heaven, or go to the Lake of Fire… along with all those who either engage in evil, or  deny God.

A practical guide is to love God more than your own life [which is an illusion that seems real].


Brother James

Section of Preface of my new book…. [Why Man should cherish LIFE]

Fear of the unknown elements [which exist in the Reality of Life] is a problem that is as old as mankind itself. And, there have been, there are today, and there will always be “immature Souls” Within people that require their MINDs to CONTROL what they think, say, and do. And the unfortunate fact is… those Souls that lack Consciousness [are immature in their acquisition of the Virtues of Life] and have little or no option but to be controlled by their MINDs… since such Souls are not mature enough to override the desires, thoughts, and actions of their MINDs. Such Souls are not as yet open to experience the Spirituality Within themselves, and therefore, they are forced to fear what their MINDs cannot perceive; and what the MIND cannot perceive is the Spiritual Energy of the Soul to which the MIND is attached.
And before the reader gets all excited by this seeming oversight by God… the inability of an immature Soul to exercise its Spiritual power when it is too immature to realize what its power is, or can do, is merely a common sense limitation. So, until the Soul is mature enough to warrant substantial access to its own power to resist the MIND, the MIND must exercise control over such a Soul [but only in so far as the MIND helps that Soul fulfill the Fate Karma the Soul designed for this present lifetime… [if the Soul has lived as a human being before, and its life was positive enough to warrant another birth as a human being]? If a Soul is in  its first lifetime as a human being, and that Soul’s life is more negative than positive, then the next incarnation of that Soul will likely be “transmigration,” or back to a lower species in order to get its fill of living out its animal cravings.
The major point to Life is that once a Soul commits to life [which means chooses to leave the Astral or Causal region, and to begin the journey back to God by committing to Life, then that Soul actively begins to engage in the Law of Karma. And this Law of Karma applies to every Soul that has committed to Life. From the most minute cellular life form to the human being, every Soul that has committed to Life is constantly monitored by the MIND that is attached to every Soul. Every thought, emotion, or deed is listed as part of a permeant record for every Soul that is part of the cycle of birth and death. And there are no exceptions to the Law of Karma. And the process of climbing the Ladder of Life is a vey long process.  It takes many lifetimes to become Enlightened, in other words.
The cycle of birth and death is the means by which any Soul that desires to return Home to God may do so by committing to Life, and that begins that Soul’s climb up the Ladder of Life. Once a Soul commits to Life, it begins life on the physical plane as some lower life form, and it slowly works its way up the Ladder of Life, as it adds to its Spiritual growth by the good Karma it does… and limits its growth [or perhaps even transmigrates a rung or two] by the negative Karma it does.
The mystics tell us that most often when a Soul has “earned” the status of human being, and that Soul lives a ‘good’ life as a human being, then that Soul may continue as a human being. And its Fate Karma in its next lifetime will be based on what progress it made in this  lifetime. It seems likely to me that only a Soul that reaches the status of human being can design the next incarnation for its next lifetime, and thus intentionally seek to clear the negative Karma it has accumulated over many lifetimes. And, of course the possibility of ‘transmigration’ is always a possibility for Souls that insist on creating negative Karma.
And yes, this does conflict with the dogma of religions that do not embrace the Law of Karma and Reincarnation. Although the Bible is filled with comments that coincide with the concept of sowing and reaping, which just means Karma, the actual usage of the term Karma was removed [some people say] during the period 500 to 1500 AD.
if this is a Soul’s first lifetime as a human being,  then that Soul is strictly monitored so that it leads a life consistent with the last life it had as an animal… which was exemplary enough to warrant it a human birth.  The Hindu believes life as a bovine precedes life as a human being.
It just occurs to me, I may have lost the reader in my sharing these mystical perspectives on the Reality of Life? Or the fact that the two primary foundation stones that all life forms must follow is the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation? These two basic facts of Life apply to all living forms in the Creation, and there are no exceptions to the Laws of God. Anyone can deny or ignore these basic realities of Life, but the only people I know who do so are Intelack people, or people who lack enough C’etc [Consciousness] to realize these Laws exist. Alas, in the Reality of Life, ignorance is no excuse.