The REASON everything President Trump is attempting to do to prevent America from experiencing what the EU is experiencing: An invasion of Islamist extremists dedicated to establishing a world-wide Caliphate– or world-wide domination by Islam… where everyone who does not submit to denying God in favor of the Quran is killed… IS THE FACT THAT LIBERAL JUDGES IN AMERICA ARE PSYCHOLOGICALLY THE SAME AS ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS.

That is, those Judges who are dominated by their MINDs [which means a denial of the Spirituality within themselves], and thus, given over to domination by the MIND, have no idea they are serving Satan, or the negative desires of their MINDs.  This is the  psychological aspect of the problem.

The other aspect of the problem is a refusal of Spiritually Enlightened Americans to actually “see” ISLAM as evil [as clearly stated in the governing Constitution of Islam, which is the Quran].  Islam is not a religion, it is very much like Communism, in that it is a totalitarian means of governing people. If Islam is a religion, then Communism must also be a religion.  The reason Communism is not a religion is that Carl Marx hated religion… and was not shrewd enough to realize how, by calling Communism a religion, he could manipulate Americans using their own  Constitution.

It is well past time for the Congress of the United States to pass a law stating that any religion that calls for raping women, and killing children in the name of its false god does not fall under the protection of the Constitution of the United States of America.

THIS IS THE ONLY  WAY AMERICA IS GOING TO PREVENT DELUSIONAL LIBERAL JUDGES FROM PREVENTING AMERICANS FROM PROTECTING THEMSELVES AGAINST WHAT IS TAKING PLACE IN EUROPE.  It is time for America to wake up and smell the evil that is seeking to destroy America by abusing our own Constitution against us. Do not think for a moment that just because Muslim Brotherhood member are evil, that they are also stupid.  They are gifted liars, cheats, and manipulators of laws to serve their own vile purposes.  America is at war with Islam, and we are losing that war.

If you realize the truth of what I have just written, then do not sit by and allow this to take place.  Contact your representatives in Congress and demand they act immediately to pass a law declaring Islam a non-religion based on its own Quran. This will put an end to misguided Liberal judges abusing and misusing the Constitution to enable an Islamic take-over of America.

Peace, Brother James



Today, on Twitter, I noticed the current game of KEEP-AWAY played by the main stream media and the Democrats in Congress is… LET’S GET SESSIONS… SO WE CAN PREVENT OUR DEM LEADERS FROM GOING TO PRISON.

Sadly, far too many Republicans, and even Conservatives fail to recognize this game, and by their ignorance [or failure to pay attention] they allow good people in DC to be beaten up by the evil people in the main stream media, and the corrupt people in Congress.

Virtually  every few days, Obama sends over a name to the Democrats in Congress, who then call the servants of Satan in the media, who then put in banner headlines the name of the good person to be destroyed, and millions of Americans who still read newspapers, and listen to the Marxist news on the TV, believe what the main stream says.

I, myself am sick of this game, although I have not been a part of it for a long time now.  When I see it being played, it makes me sad to be reminded how impotent are the Republicans and Conservatives in allowing the Main stream media and the corrupt Democrats to get away with this game.

In my opinion it is time for good people in Congress to begin to speak out [to social media, since the main stream media WILL NOT PRINT WHAT GOOD PEOPLE SAY], and expose the vile, ugly, and intentional misinformation promoted by Democrats in Congress… as they serve Obama and his master Satan.


Peace, Brother James

Some more words regarding issues today… from new book

And the ONLY way to learn about the MIND is to learn about ones own MIND by engaging in proper and competent Psychotherapy from someone who is Enlightened enough to facilitate the exploration of one’s own MIND. And no, this cannot be done by use of the brain and thinking.

And what the Intelack people trained in BS&bp fail to recognize [because they have been taught to ignore Reality, and even licensed to in fact deny Reality], is that Man is composed of more than just the brain and thinking. Man IS NOT A ONE DIMENSIONAL THING.

For the Veteran, or the child, it is not an intellectual decision to commit suicide, it is the only option provided to these people by their MINDs which are in conflict. THIS IS BASIC PSYCHOLOGY 101!

Unfortunately this reality has been denied for the last century by Intelack people in BS&bp. And now their denial is institutionalized, and they will fight with all they have to retain their ignorance. And politicians, who only listen to powerful organizations who feed them $$$, do not listen to people like you, or me.

What one wonders is whether these politicians are blind and deft as well as filled with greed? Surely the suicides of Veterans should raise some kine of questions in these politicians?

Or is maintaining the ignorance of BS&bp important enough to sweep the suicides under the rug of political cover-up?  Money and special interests over lives of Veterans?

How often do we watch some politician ask a question of some fellow bureaucrat or representative of some favored group, and the answer is an obvious lie, and the politician says nothing?
_________ But do not give up hope. There are ways to help ourselves despite the abject failure of politicians, and the deceitful disregard of people bonded together to protect self-interest over Truth.
_______________The MIND…


Senator Ted Cruze today spoke, and in my opinion, he sincerely expressed sadness and disappointment with some ‘lies’ told by Mitch McConnell.

My Question to you is this… Do you KNOW what caused Mitch McConnell to tell these lies?  I don’t mean greed, fear, blackmail…. which may be aspects of the lying, but what TOOK PLACE INSIDE OF McConnell THAT ALLOWED HIM TO LIE TO HIMSELF AND OTHERS?

OR, put another way, what enabled McConnell to lie to a great many people about an issue of great importance to all Americans, and not just Republican Senators?  Or, was his lying intentional [that is, a denial of Truth for selfish reasons based on greed & avarice]?  And this last question raises a crucial point… IS IT POSSIBLE FOR AN HONEST PERSON TO LIE, PERIOD?

I DO NOT BELIEVE IT IS POSSIBLE FOR AN HONEST PERSON [or someone within whom a love and respect for God exists] to knowingly lie.  “Knowingly lie”?  And from here on, we move into the operations of the MIND and Spirit of Man, and well beyond the operation of the brain, thinking, and intellectual “choice”.  You see, believe it or not… there are people among us that are evil, and lacking in Conscience.  The Souls of these people are immature, or lacking in the Virtues of Life that all Souls are slowly seeking to acquire — to further their Spiritual Evolution [if indeed, this is the desire of one’s Soul]?

1 Corinthians 2:14  The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God [Truth] for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are Spiritually discerned.

If we read this with a bit of ‘discernment’ we realize  that some people ‘lack’ the things of the Spirit…  And are not compelled to act from Truth.  But are operated by their MINDs, and the MIND does not deal in nor perceive Spirituality, or Truth.  But the MIND tends to glorify itself, and usually at the expense of others.

So, surprise, surprise… some people appear to be quite “normal”.  And they can often act with great skill, where manipulation of what others think and believe are concerned.  These people can be well-educated, well-placed in various vocations, and depending upon the level of “Consciousness” of the Souls of such people, their skill in lying is only limited by the Enlightenment of those they seek to fool, manipulate, swindle, hoodwink, cheat, or control by deviously clever lies, distortions or fabrications.

Ephesians 4:18 They are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart.

Senator Ted Cruz is an Enlightened individual [evolved Spiritually], and thus, uncommonly capable of Intuitively experiencing the absence of Truth in other people [a natural attribute of the fully competent psychotherapist].   To do this, a person must possess a Soul that is able to resist the desires of his or her own MIND, and these desires are GREED, ENVY, and an insatiable need to CONTROL others [which are the deep-seated desires of the typical politician whose PRIMARY PURPOSE FOR LIFE IS POWER AND CONTROL.  I refer to such people as Intelack type personalities. Described HERE.

John 8:44 ESV    You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

And what motives this insatiable NEED to CONTROL… in the Intelack type personality is Fear.  And surprisingly, what such a person fears is the  Truth, or Spirituality.  That is, Honesty, Goodness, and events whose purpose is activated by people of good conscience.

Alas, good people who are not Enlightened, try to see the darkness in people, but the darkness of evil does not reveal itself to the physical senses.  Evil is only discerned in examination of the symptoms of lying, cheating, and corruption.

Well, I believe McConnell lied because he is a godless human being, lacking Conscience, and Consciousness, he is not revealed for what his MIND is, except to those wise enough to note how he serves another son of Satan, Obama.  Liars cannot “see” that others like themselves are lying.  What they can see and intensely fear is the Truth.

All conscious and Enlightened people in nation need to strongly support Senator Ted Cruz in his heroic effort to stand against the evil of DC, so perfectly exhibited  in the duplicitous actions of McConnell, and his fellow Intelack individuals.


Brother James

Why Liberals Lie…

As strange as the title might seem, there is a reason for the type of person we refer to as a “Liberal” to lie, and this little blog will focus on explaining this reason… and why the lying is not by choice, but by necessity!

But let me first announce that there are two basic, and fundamentally different types of people on Earth.  One is the person I identify as the “Intelack” class person [which includes the Liberal, Democrat, Progressive, Socialist, Communist, and in severe cases – the fascist, psychopath, or terrorist].

The second type of people I refer to as Enlightened individuals, or those people whose Souls have  acquired a substantial amount of “C’etc” [pronounced C-etcetera], and C’etc refers to the Virtues of Life all Souls are slowly acquiring over many, many lifetimes.

In case you have not made the connection already, I am suggesting that human beings are [and this is unknown to many people] following a very precise Purpose of Life, which largely takes place at levels our brain and physical senses cannot perceive.  And if you are particularly interested in the Esoteric dimensions of Man, then click Here .  And, if you can just take my word for it, the Intelack class individual has no idea he or she is any different than anyone else.

So, we have two very different types of people wandering around sharing this Earth together… and neither type actually realizes how different they are, or more precisely, the reason they are so different.  Although  the Enlightened person certain recognizes that the Intelack is different simply by the thoughts and behaviors of the Intelack type person.  But lacking any clear understanding as to the reason the Intelack [Liberal/Democrat] is so very different, the Enlightened individual imagines it must be the great intellect of the Intelack person that makes them peculiar?

Actually, the Intelack is [if one is] intellectual because he/she is often provided a great deal of Intellectualism in compensation for a lack of Consciousness.  What is “Consciousness”? Consciousness is explained Here. But briefly, Consciousness [CONS, or C’etc] is defined by me as Conscience, Discretion, Acceptance, Knowledge and Empathetic Understanding. And all these Virtues are held within what I refer to as the Apapsyche of Man. And the Apapsyche I define as the “Operational Energy of the Soul”.

And the way in which we acquire C’etc is by doing and “completing” Karma. Again, if interested, research Here.

The point is… the Intelack class personality lacks sufficient C’etc to enable him/her  to push back against, or nullify the often negative desires of his or her MIND.  That is, the Intelack is vulnerable to the desires, and fears of a MIND that is not moderated or restrained by ones Soul or Consciousness.

This means the Intelack lacks the ability to rise above fear;  or the ability to differentiate between good and evil.  And perhaps most importantly, the Intelack  is operated by his/her MIND… which subtly uses  Delusional Thinking [D-Think] fed to the Left-Hemisphere of his/her brain, which he/she believes to be true:  Since the brain cannot differentiate  normal thinking from the D-Think fed to it by the MIND.

So, when the Liberal [Intelack] lies, the lying is being conducted by the MIND of the Intelack, and the reason for the lying is so that the Intelack is protected from being exposed to truth, which would automatically expose the Intelack to the deeply repressed fears within his/her MIND.

When the Bible speaks of the “Light of the Soul,” it is not just poetic language, it is speaking to the Reality that within each of us is the Light of Spirituality, if it is not hidden by ones MIND?   The MIND is tasked with making sure that none of us gets ahead of our own evolution.  And this means that for the Intelack class personality, his/her Soul is not as yet ready to awaken to the Truth of Spirituality.  And, of course, none of this is part of our intellectual awareness.

So, it is the fairly Enlightened individual who is able to “see” this blockage of the MIND in certain people.  The ideal combination is the Enlightened individual who is also trained in ancient Psychology.  That produces a person who routinely “sees” the evil actions of the MINDs of people.  But since what the Enlightened person “sees” is not ordinarily  seen by others, the others tend to not believe what the Enlightened people say.

So, Liberals lie, and not being readily caught, they very often get away with their lying.  It would of course be wise for people to make use of the Enlightened people on Earth… but let’s not hold our breath on that one.