When Does the Illusion Become Reality?

A segment of Chapter 1,  of my new book: 



Title:  Do Not Fear God

Sub Title:  Rather Fear His Law of Karma

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… What is the Purpose of Life in an Illusion?
So, how does a Soul that is Neutral come out of Creation with “Wisdom,” which is something, is it not? But maybe some things… when they reach a level of Truth,  cease being  things, and become their essence, which is  Truth?

Is Truth, Reality, and Wisdom things, or are these terms for essentially the same thing, which is achieved through different channels?  And if something is Neutral, is it not without opposition? If Truth just is, and it is because there is nothing to fault in it, or argue with, or change… Then is Truth not the same as Neutral?

Therefore, are all absolutes complete “Within” themselves, and thus, we would take  Truth, and Reality, and  we would simply add NSgy [Neutral Spiritual Energy] to that list?

It is the level and stage of the (“-M-“) attached to A Soul that makes a difference. And all Souls are slowly climbing up the Ladder of Life moving toward becoming absolute Truth by slowly eliminating all the possibilities of relativity that in a plane of duality must be explored before eliminating the either-or nature of duality… which is always a transitive state of becoming the origin of all Energy.  So, are we Souls the comic relief?

So, strangely, the Purpose of Life is to explore the relativity of life in the Illusion, so as to more toward the absolute nature of things, by slowly eliminating  that which is relatively true, aiming to discover  the core Energy behind all Creation, which is God,  Truth, and Love.

Peace, Brother James


What Role does Trauma Play in Phobia [and when did the Trauma occur?]

I was recently researching the phobia called “Achievemephobia,” which is what the field of mental health has labeled the fear of success.  And I was once again reminded that reading material written by people who enjoy Intellectualism reads like a dog chasing its tail.  That is, the writing is circulatory in that it always turns back into itself, with no “Causal Factors” listed?

There is a great deal of emphasis placed on what is obvious in modern mental health. That is, what can be seen and talked about by use of the brain and physical senses, and an endless stream of words, that are all “Abstract Terms” in that the definition of each involves more words that refer to more words that circulate around the dictionary, since the human being is forgotten in the avalanche of words… which never get at what actually “CAUSES” the symptoms the words point to.

A phobia will never be understood by the use of words because what “causes” a phobia is “MENTAL,” not physical, or intellectual.  And being held within the MIND [which is not physical, but is composed of emotional energy], what causes a phobia is a deeply repressed traumatic event in a person’s past [and to complicate things more…] the event quite likely took place in a previous lifetime.  Now, in what way will focusing on a person’s present behavior help us help the person suffering from a conflict in the MIND, due to a traumatic event in some past lifetime?

So, I have abandoned my search in current literature, and I am now in pursuit of myself in terms of self-regression therapy.   I will perhaps write another blog sharing what I find?

Peace, Brother James

Does Everyone have the Same Psychology? [part one]

arrow  The fact is… the way “Psychology works is the same for everyone, and that means ranging from the full-blown psychotic murderer to the little boy who will eventually be confused regarding his own sexuality,  This means  the sexual pervert has the same basic Psychology as that of the successful business executive, or the local religious minister, the the city policeman or woman.  And this requires some explanation, does it not?

Imagine, if you will… two different houses, each with the same kitchen cabinets in each house.  The cabinets represent the Psychology of that particular house.  Each house has the same set of cabinets [the same Psychology], but what is stored in each cabinet differs greatly.  And this then explains how it is we individuals are so different, although on the outside we all appear to be pretty much the same.  We have the same cabinets, but what is hidden “Within” those cabinets is unique to each person.

And it is the unique experiences contained “Within’ the MIND [Let us use the symbol M to stand for the MIND of Man].  And we use the symbol M so that our own MIND will not cause us to confuse the brain and the MIND… which the M has a tendency to do.  So when you see the symbol M in my writing you will always KNOW that I am speaking of the Esoteric [invisible] M of Man, and not the brain, or any part of oneself that can be known by the brain or one’s physical senses.

And what is stored “Within” the Mof Man?  Deeply repressed and scary misperceptions taken-on at the time of birth [that is, certain negative emotions contained “Within” the Mof one’s mother, and father [if the father is present]?  And these misperceptions are negative self-views of oneself… that are mistaken, but are nonetheless believed to be who and what one is!

One’s Muses these misperceptions to scare us, or frighten us into saying or doing what the Mwants us to say or do:  Not arbitrarily, nor capriciously, but to make sure that we are fulfilling the Fate Karma we came into this life to fulfill. And, what is this “Fate Karma” business?  To explain this, we must use two basic principles of Life.  These are the Law of Karma, and Reincarnation and/or Transmigration.  Reincarnation simply means being born again in the same life-form we had when we died.  Transmigration means being born into a lower life-form that we previously had…and this is not common, but it does occur, when a Soul is seen as “not ready” to be in the human form.

To understand “Karma,” we must  introduce the “Law of Karma,” which was designed by God as the primary Law of Creation.  The most simple explanation of the Law of Karma is this:  As you Sow, so shall you Reap. Yin sm This is the symbol of Yin-Yang, or the symbol of the Law of Karma.  It is a very Mystical symbol, and it is also the symbol of Life in the Creation. That is, the duality of life… which is best experienced  in the physical dimension of Creation.  In physics, this law is known as “For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction”.

The Law of  Karma is an absolute Law in that it applies to every living thing in the Creation.  And there are no exceptions to this Law. None.  And that means that the term “Psychology” is the internal operation of this Law taking place “Within” every living thing in Creation.  So, willingly or not, each of us is in the process of doing Karma, and receiving the exact replication of every bit of Karma we have engaged in every life we live. Again, there are no exceptions to this Law of God for all Souls in Creation.

And the ONLY way to cause a bit of Karma to cease returning to us, over and over again, is to COMPLETE that bit of Karma by Accepting full responsibility for the Karma that happens to oneself, and fully forgiving the person who has returned one’s Karma back to oneself!   And what is really keen about this is that everything that happens to us is DUE US. This is a hard thing to embrace because the M feeds Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain… which causes us to perceive that what happens to us as an assault, or an accident, and that in all cases we are VICTIMS.  Thus leading us to be upset, angry, and in some instances we want revenge on those who do us wrong!

Alas, any resistance to the Karma that happens to us… merely sends that bit of Karma back around again to re-visit us in the future.  The ONLY way to end any bit of Karma is to Accept full responsibility for it, and to forgive the messenger entirely.

Peace, Brother James

Some little known facts about the Democrat Personality…

The reason I feel obligated to share with others some important facts about the Democrat Personality is… my 35+years as an “Esoteric Psychotherapist”. That is, someone who studies and comes to understand what the MIND is, and how it works!  I refer to my work as “Esochology,” or a study of the MIND and Spiritual  dimensions operating ‘Within’ Man. Not everyone has been forced to discover the psychological factors that cause certain people to lack the ability to judge good versus evil?  But that is the primary and essential work of the competent Psychotherapist !

fourThat is, in order to explore one’s MIND, one must let go of the brain and thinking long enough to become lost in one’s own MIND… which is not part of one’s physical body.  The fact is, not everyone is meant to practice “Esoteric Psychology”.  If modern mental health realized this, a great deal less harm would be imposed on American citizens.  But that is another story.

What I discovered from within my own MIND is that each person has a Soul, and the Soul of each person possesses  a certain number of “Virtues” [or bits of Consciousness]! I label these virtues Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.  And perhaps a way to describe these is that each comprises a certain level of Truth, or aspects of TRUTH, that we Souls acquire by “Completing Karma,” and.. what does this mean?  

A person, that is, the “Whole of a person,” has a choice to make each time he or she is confronted with something hurtful, painful, or agrivating? And how we deal with this event determines whether we complete a bit of Karma, or we resist that bit of Karma, and if we resist it, this guarantees that it must come around again to confront us?  You see the “secret” is… nothing happens to us unless it is supposed to happen to us… due to our doing the exact same thing sometime in the past.  And yes, this is a most difficult thing for a person in the West to believe.  And I understand if the reader resists this bit of truth.

My point is this… As a Soul Accepts Karma, and forgives the messenger, that Soul acquires “C’etc,” or my symbol for the Virtues of Life.  And this leads us to the two types of people on Earth. 1. The Intelack, and 2. The Enlightened person. The Enlightened Soul is one that has lived many lifetimes and has acquired a substantial amount of C’etc, or the Virtues of Life… which means a high level of Conscience, which means an ability to resist the evil desires of the MIND.

The Democrat type person is an Intelack type personality, or a Soul that is new or relatively new to the form of human being.  Being a Soul that is relatively new to the human form, the Soul of that person simply lacks sufficient C’etc to recognize, or resist evil, and in addition, lacks sufficient C’etc to realize the cost of lying, cheating, stealing, or engaging in negative activity requires a Soul to be re-educated in some Hell between lifetimes. Lacking this “re-education,” the MIND of the Democrat is simply more prone to engage in and even support the evil acts of others.

This then is the sad reality we human beings must deal with day in and day out. The wise person would make sure those who are Democrat, do not gain any position that tempts that person with money, or power!

Peace, Brother James

Open Letter to Christians United For Israel… RE: David’s Temple #3

Many years ago, Carl Jung used the term Synchronicity to apply to what he noticed as several people awakening to the same bit of Truth in diverse locations.   What he noticed was the fact that Truth is universally available all the time, and those awakening to it possess Souls that are “ready” to awaken to a particular bit of Truth.

Well, given the above, it is likely others, beside myself, may have awakened to a bit of Truth subtly offered within the presentation I watched on YouTube the other day?  And let me try to explain…

The host of the program [Watchman Episode #3], dealing with the recent discovery of King David’s Temple, in Jerusalem, was listening to his guide, who pointed out that a massive pond was located at the base of a very high stone staircase, going up several hundred feet.  The guide said that those who visited the Temple on certain times of the year  would likely be in the thousands, and that they were required to “cleanse” themselves before climbing the long stairway…

Well, that triggered something I had been writing in my new book,  just the day before.  That is, the fact that the Soul, before leaving the cycle of birth and death in and out of the Earth plane, would have to first spend a long time time clearing Karmic accounts that the MIND of that Soul had acquired over lifetimes. In other words, before the Soul could begin its “climb” up the Spiritual ladder, its MIND would have to be purged [cleansed] of enough Karmic debt [attachment] to allow the Soul to enter the Astral Region [thought to be the first Spiritual region by many].

A worldly example of this would be someone desiring to climb a mountain, and demanding that he be allowed to carry all his belongings with him…

And the method of cleansing is via “a specific Meditation given to certain Souls who are determined by God to be ready”.  And this bit of Knowledge is only known by those who have been exposed to Eastern Mysticism in some way, or whose Souls are Enlightened enough to recognize the Mystical “cleansing process” that begins with “special Meditation,” which is a necessary step in the Soul’s path back to God.

The MIND, in other words, in using the Soul’s Energy to create phenomena, subtly obligates the Soul to that phenomena.  So, the Soul must divest itself of the “attachments” to that phenomena, before it can leave the Earth Plane.

In other words, the pond, stairs, and ritual of cleansing are all symbolic of the  SPIRITUAL PROCESS REQUIRED OF EVERY SOUL THAT SEEKS TO LEAVE THE CYCLE OF BIRTH AND DEATH FOREVER.  And this “process” or Spiritual Practice was obviously KNOWN BY KING DAVID. Which means that Kind David knew of “the one universal method every Soul must use to return to God”.

My interpretation, of course, is not an intellectual one, but is based on over 40 years “meditation,” of a special nature.  And, because the symbols explained in the presentation were so powerful, I felt obligated to share what I saw in them.

Peace, Brother James

Atheists Can’t Help Seeming Arrogant…

In recent days, during meditation, I have had some painful, and yet, insightful realizations regarding myself.  And this morning, when I applied what I have learned about myself to the plight of the Atheist, a remarkable understanding came to me via my Intuition.

That is, I realized that the Soul of the Atheist-type individual has simply not awakened to the very subtle Energy of Spirituality from “Within” itself, and therefore, it is the MIND of the Atheist that is speaking through the Left-Hemisphere of the brain of the Atheist, and not the Conscious Awareness of the Atheist.

“What difference does this make,” you might ask? Well, it makes quite a lot of difference… when you look at the larger picture of your own Soul… as monitored and recorded by the MIND that is attached to your own Soul.

That is… the balance scale of Reality [the Law of Karma, in other words] is so finely balanced, and so Perfect… that every negative thought we have is made part of our own store of Karmic debt, which must ultimately be cleared before we can go Home.

Is the fact this is taking place, even though we are not aware of it seem fair?  Not to us, it doesn’t.  But, to the Law of Karma, which God Created, it is absolutely fair — it is fair because it takes place with every single Soul, with no exceptions!  It is part of the Purpose of Life, in fact.

So, from now on… I will look at an Atheist with a sense of pity, not scorn.  And I will save myself a great deal of negative Karma.

Peace, Brother James

Non-Christian Alternative to being good in the West… Part 3, The Law of Karma

The Law of Karma illustrates the Absolute Genius of God. Although this Perfect operation is entirely invisible [except for its results on Earth], the concept is pure Genius.  The basic premise of this Universal Law is this:  “As you sow, so shall you reap”.  And this applies to every Soul in the Creation.

That is, every thought A person completes… sends out a vibration whose energy is directed to the MIND of the person whose MIND-level “desire” has just begun the process of  “creating” phenomena for the MIND issuing that command.  And if that command is not halted by a direct order to cease sent by the Soul of that person… whose MIND has just ordered that thought… then that thought is converted to an action, which is carried out by the brain and physical senses of that person. And every action of every person creates Karma, and all Karma is to some degree NEGATIVE KARMA.  “Why is this,” you might ask?  ??

imp  Well, the reason every bit of “Karmic attachment” is “negative” is that every attachment a person has, requires that person’s Spiritual Energy to sustain and maintain that attachment. And all Spiritual Energy used in sustaining attachments to phenomena of Creation is Spiritual Energy used in denial of God.  “But,” you say, “we were not told this.” And I respond, “Oh, OK”.

You see, virtually none of us have been told that this Creation is “an illusion”!  But, I suppose it was thought that the term “Creation” might provide we Souls a clue as to what it was we were caught up in?  We are caught up in an elaborate “play” in which we Souls are all actors, whose purpose is to fully explore and experience everything Neutral Spiritual Energy [or NSgy] can be?    <<

And… we are all busy doing that, based entirely on three things:  1. The Purpose of Life, 2. The Law of Karma, and 3.  Reincarnation or  Transmigration.

You see, despite how hard many religions try to deny the Law of Karma [which is God’s Law], …  the Law of Karma it is not a matter of choice.  Whether you believe in it or not is irrelevant.   It is Absolute in that there is no way to get around, ignore, deny, or avoid this Central Law of Life.  It is simply a Core Principle of all life in the Creation.  And the sooner a person comprehends this basic Law of Life, the sooner that person can begin to orient his/her life in accordance with that basic principle of LIFE.

If you desire goodness and mercy, render goodness and mercy..  If you want pain and suffering, then render pain and suffering.  If you rob, expect to be robbed. If you hurt, harm or murder others, then expect to be hurt, harmed and murdered. Truly simple is this marvelous principle of Life in the Creation.

Peace, Brother James