In the reality of Life… the more Enlightened a person is [the Soul of that person], the more Intuitive that person is. And,this is just a [little known] fact of life.

Trump is quite bright,  Enlightened, and thus, quite IntuitiveIntuition, by the way… is the way in which bits of Truth are provided to us by our Consciousness — when we are “ready” to awaken to some higher bit of Truth. This is a long and very involved story, so just take my word for this, if you will?

When Trump reads something, or hears something, he Intuitively realizes what is prompting what he reads, hears, or sees. That is, the subtle truth taking place behind what he reads  sees, or hears.  Most Enlightened people can do this, but few of them  realize this is a “gift” of Enlightenment. And such people therefore imagine that everyone can do this, so they don’t perceive that they are ‘different’.

The point to stress here is that the typical Dem/Lib, or Intelack type person [lacking in Consciousness] has no idea that they simply can’t “see, hear, or experience” what the Enlightened person can see, hear, and experience. This naturally gives Trump an advantage in business… however, as President, when he awakens to a bit of Truth and shares this with a Tweet, most of those reading the Tweet only SEE the words he tweets, but fail to perceive the underlying bit of Truth behind his Tweet.

Trump Intuitively perceives the evil deeds of Obama, and the evil people surrounding Obama…  even though Obama is no longer President. Of course Obama and those who serve him try to mask and cover up the evil, corrupt, and criminal actions they engage in by intellectual clap-trap. But an Intuitive person can “SEE” the evil behind their deeds, and this is what Trump is Tweeting about.

I SEE the evil deeds, do you?

Peace, Brother James


Thinking is an involved process…

This diagram illustrates the process of thinking, and the alternative process of Intuition.


One’s Intuition is an aspect of ones Spiritual dimension, and has nothing to do with intellect, or thinking. Notice it by-passes the thinking process entirely.

Thinking, on the other hand, begins in the Higher MIND, and is largely based on one’s Fate Karma [that one came into the Earth plane to work through]. Also involved in thinking is what I refer to as the “DM=SI,” or Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity.

And, although we ‘think’ we have “free will,” what we actually have is a “conditioned free will,” which means we are constantly operating like actors on a stage [acting out a part we wrote ourselves — based on what Karma we wanted to work on in this lifetime]. And the other players that come onto the stage are bit players that LIFE has arranged to be part of the play we designed. This is precisely what Shakespeare spoke of.

From time to time, each of us experiences something akin to Deja vu, or a sense that we have somehow experienced some situation previously?  This is a vague memory of a prior experience that we did, indeed, experience, and we are now currently re-playing that experience in hopes of “Completing the Karma we created in that previous event”.

The Genius of God in establishing the Law of Karma is that it normally operates in a way that we rarely even notice that it is a repeat of some previous event.  And the mercy of God is that we are allowed to keep repeating past events until we finally realize that what “caused” the event is our own previous actions, and that we need to “Accept” responsibility for what we are experiencing, and to forgive all the actors,including ourselves.

This is what Christ meant when he said do not judge, and when a person slaps you one one cheek, turn the other cheek as well.

In other words… try to accept responsibility for the event, and  forgive the people involved.  Very often quite difficult to do!

Peace, Brother James

An Interesting bit from book today

When one meditates, the purpose of meditation is to slowly teach ones faculty of Intuition to awaken, and at the same time, by-pass ones MIND, and ones thinking of the brain. In other words, the purpose of meditation is to develop ones faculty of Intuition… which is the ONLY way to contact the Spiritual Energy Within oneself.
And… until, and unless ones Soul has acquired a substantial amount of C’etc [Consciousness], there is not much to Intuit. This is the reason the Intelack type person [who lacks C’etc], is unable to comprehend the Spiritual nature of the Enlightened individual. The Intelack has little or no access to Intuition, and thus… little or no experiential understanding of what Spirituality is; and no experience of Empathetic Understanding with which to contact [the Esoteric realities of C’etc… that the Soul of the Intelack has not, as yet, acquired].
The Intelack simply does not have the capability of accessing that which would allow him or her to “see” or “hear” what the Enlightened type person KNOWs. Unfortunately, the Enlightened person has no idea that the Intelack person has no way to KNOW what the Enlightened person KNOWs.
And so, we have these two very different types of people looking at one another, thinking that because they look alike, they are alike.
And nothing could be further from the truth.


Brother James

A Matter of Intuition… a secret Science fears !!!

Since education today is literally owned by people confined to the malady of Intellectualism [that is people confined to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain, and in denial of emotionality almost entirely], so I wonder how many people realize that our children are not taught how to use, grow, or encourage their faculties of Intuition?

And how many people realize a major intent of Common Core is to insure that no child ever be given an opportunity to experience his or her faculty of Intuition… which means Common Core is intended to destroy a child’s ability to love God.  Since Spirituality is only available to one via ones faculty of Intuition.  Intuition is an aspect of ones Apapsyche [Operational Energy of ones Soul] or an aspect of ones Spiritual dimension, and thus,  not part of ones thinking at all.

And since most science-type people are very much into their brains and thinking [as opposed to use of their faculties of Intuition],  for them to seek to prevent a child from exploring Creativity, and imagination [as Common Core does] is a perverted  idea of people who fear their emotions, and quite likely Spiritual Truth as well.  The fact is… this almost evil part of Common Core is not often mentioned.  But for me, it is the most important and hideous part of Common Core.

But returning to the faculty of Intuition, it must be stressed that if allowed, children will naturally and automatically use their faculties of Intuition when playing, or spontaneously creating thoughts and scenarios to “fit” their imaginative explorations of ‘let’s pretend’.  But to the Intelack type person [those confined to thinking], this imagination of children is frightening to them, and they seek to prevent children from engaging in this exercise of Intuition.

This is perhaps the greatest reason for home-schooling of children.  The American system of education used to be the best in the world.  But since the greed of Unions have taken over our education, it has become a “business” dedicated to making money… not educating youth.

Perhaps this is what has happened to the Congress as well?  Too much money, and too much greed, which always creates corruption.  Term limits needed desperately.  Just like cities and states must find a way to fire bad teachers [who see teaching as a way to make money, period], and these harmful teachers are kept  in place… simply because teachers are cash cows for the Unions.  Unions see children simply as numbers which generate income.  That is why the Union lobby is so opposed to Home-schooling, and School Choice.

If your child is imaginative, and creative, encourage these abilities.  Do not punish the Intuitive child for being bright and naturally creative.  No child should be punished for expressing what God has provided that child.


Brother James

Proper/Competent Psychotherapy… Part III

Let me try and focus in on the Psychotherapist and what constitutes proper and competent Psychotherapy.

I told my students, when I was teaching: “If a therapist does not KNOW what a client needs by way of therapy… even before ever meeting the client, then the therapist has no business seeing clients”.

What did I mean?  I mean that every MIND is the same.  And every MIND operates in the exact same ways.  And if a person is sufficiently aware of his own MIND, and its operations, then he is aware of all MINDs.

All mental conflicts are variations on a theme, and this means that the dynamics of the MINDs of people in conflict are operating according to certain principles which have to be the same… merely because of the way the MIND operates relative to the brain and the Spiritual dimension to which the MIND is affiliated?

And when I say ‘MIND,’  I am speaking of a duality, not a singe entity.  We all have a Lower MIND, and a Higher MIND.  Generally speaking, the Lower MIND, which is associated with the Astral region of Creation,  has to do with the physical plane, the physical body,  and feeding Delusional Thinking [or D-Think]  to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain.  The Lower MIND is tasked with insuring that none of us get ahead of ourselves relative to what I refer to as the “Ladder of Life” [explained momentarily].

The Higher MIND is a different vibrational reality, and it is associated with the Causal Region of Creation.  And generally speaking, the Higher MIND does not kick-in until a person’s Spiritual Evolution has acquired substantial Enlightenment.  So, when we speak of the MIND, we are normally speaking of the operations of the Lower MIND.

Some years ago, I came up with the analogy of a “Ladder of Life,” [or LofL],  to enable me to better explain how ones ‘Consciousness” [or conscious awareness] is determined by which rung of this LofL ones Soul is perched upon?  In other words, ones Soul rises up this LofL by completing Karma, and when ones Soul rises up a rung, a great many higher relative truths become available to ones conscious awareness. These are experienced as Ah-ha’s by people via their faculty of Intuition, which is a part of ones Spiritual dimension.

And we speak of this slow acquisition of Consciousness by ones Soul as Enlightenment, or a rise in ‘Spiritual awareness,’ or just ‘increased Consciousness,’ etc.  And this process of elevating the Soul is “built into” the “Purpose of Life,” and although an active part of every human being, it is also mostly unknown.  It is unknown because it takes place at levels Within Man via the faculty of Intuition [research Intuition here],   where the brain cannot operate.  And since it is ONLY an Enlightened individual who can “see” [actually Intuit] the Truth of another Enlightened individual, this limits awareness of this human dynamic to ONLY Enlightened individuals.

And, with many in science being limited to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain and thinking about life, these individuals tend to use thinking rather than “trust” their  Intuition… which they cannot “prove” via physical means.  And this then suggests and indeed points to the two basic types of people on Earth.  One is the thinker [or person who depends upon the brain to relate to life], and in recent years I have labeled this type person an Intelack type individual.  and two, the Enlightened individual who [especially as very young children] make a natural use of their faculty of Intuition [or accessing bits of Truth they have stored Within a portion of their Spiritual dimensions I refer to as the Apapsyche] or Operational Energy of the Soul.

It is, by the way, the natural Intuition of Enlightened children that Common Core, and those who promote Common Core, like Jeb Bush, who seek to punish children for being Enlightened, and for possessing the faculty of Intuition.

So, if the fields of mental health, psychology, and psychiatry were not controlled by Intelack type people, they would perhaps be more open to encouraging Enlightened people to apply for training in these fields?  But the present training in these fields is pure Intellectualism, and a general disdain for Enlightened people exists.  So, these fields become more and more fearful of the  three-fourths of the whole of Man, and our mental health problems in America grow greater and greater.  In my opinion, of course.

The educational system in America is headed by Intelack type individuals, and this means the entire field has a bias toward the brain and thinking, and a disdain for Intuition and that of Knowledge via Intuition.  So, if an Enlightened young person is able to escape being brutalized in the early grades, then the Enlightened student will be hammered in college or university.  Sad that fear of Enlightenment is so rampant and prevalent in education in America.  But then, we are in the ‘end times’ are we not?


Brother James


Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself… “What is evil, and is it a part of me”?

And so, what is the answer?  Is evil  a part of Man, or not?   At 80 years of age, I believe I finally know the answer to this question.  And I know the answer because I was given the words, Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy, via my faculty of Intuition many years ago.

You see, we are reminded continually to be good, and to rise above evil.  But when is the last time you heard someone say… “Man is composed of Neutral Spiritual Energy”?  We don’t hear this because it is true, and not true at the same time.  The Soul of Man is composed of NSgy, but the Soul is invisible, so is the Energy of NSgy.  So, although the only thing that is Real in Man is the Soul, at the same time, the Soul of Man is composed of an Energy that cannot be experienced by  anything that is not itself composed of NSgy.  And the only part of Man that is NSgy is one’s Soul…  and a part of one’s Spiritual dimension called Intuition.

So, the only part of Man that is Real [in an absolute sense] is one’s Soul and a little known part of Man called “Intuition”.   We might think of Intuition as being the means by which one’s Soul communicates with oneself [or with ones sense of Consciousness].  And what ones faculty of Intuition communicates to ones Consciousness are bits of Truth that ones Soul has slowly acquired over many, many lifetimes.

I don’t know how many people are familiar with the Law of Karma, but it is the basic law of Creation.  And it was designed by God, and as each Soul entered the Creation, shortly after the Creation was formed, a MIND was attached to each Soul.  And the MIND attached to each Soul is the local administrator of ones personal Karma.  All ones thoughts and actions are stored Within ones MIND. And the basic law of Karma is this:  As you sow, so shall you reap. Every action you take, that exact same action will come back you to… if not in this very lifetime, then in some future lifetime.  And what enables the Law of Karma to work is the second law of Creation, which is Reincarnation of the Soul, plus the term transmigration.

Reincarnation is simply the fact that the life form in which ones Soul is operating has a limited life span, and when that lifetime is over, the Soul must be judged…

Hebrews 9:27 ESV   And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment,

At the time of death, ones Soul vacates the body and in ones Astral body, one eventually finds oneself before a judge, and together ones Soul and the judge go over how well one did in dealing with the Karma one designed for ones just completed lifetime?  At the close of ones last lifetime ones Soul designed a Fate Karma for the lifetime just completed.

After the evaluation, and designing a new Fate Karma for ones next lifetime, one then goes to some Heaven if one deserves it, or to some Hell, if that is what is needed?  Ones next lifetime is set up synchronistically with the end of ones stay in Heaven or in Hell.  Ones Soul travels to the Earth plane and initiates its new life by giving “Life” to the meeting of a sperm and an egg.  At a certain time, ones Soul takes up residence in the “eye-center” of its new body. At the time of birth, ones Soul drops down into the new body and its MIND takes charge of all the energy centers of its new body.  This is the time when the new personality and psychology of the child is formed… by drawing from the MINDs of its parents.

Evil stems from the MIND, and the desires of the “Lower MIND,” and if left to its own desires, the MIND can be quite evil.  What moderates or diminishes the evil of the MIND is the Soul of a person.  And this depends upon the Spiritual Evolution of the Soul to which a MIND is attached?  And Spiritual Evolution is determined by how much “C’etc” a Soul has acquired?

C’etc is my symbol for the Virtues of Man that each Soul is slowly accumulating by encouraging the MIND attached to a Soul to engage in and COMPLETE Karma. And this basic operation of the MIND is enhanced by,  or thwarted by the family, environment, and education of a person?   And of course, all of this must occur as part of the Fate Karma the Soul designed for its present lifetime?

So, will evil always be with mankind?  Yes, unfortunately, but it varies greatly depending upon the Spiritual Evolution of each Soul.  The strength of ones Soul to resist the temptations of evil depends upon how strongly attached to God ones Soul is?  And i believe that attachment may well depend upon whether ones Soul was “marked” as it entered Creation, or not?  You see, many Souls did not want to leave God, when all Souls had to enter the Creation, and God marked those Souls that did not want to leave.  Are these the Souls spoken of in the Bible as being in the “book of life”?  Perhaps so?


Brother James

Promised Blog about “KNOWINGS”…

Last week, I promised to include something about Intuition I learned teaching  in college many years ago… Well, this is it, which is also included in my new book.

That person who is trying to talk about Wisdom he or she has awakened to from Within him/herself will [whether consciously or non-consciously] make use of “riders of Truth” which will subtly attach themselves to certain words [thus making those certain words “riders of Truth’] and if another person is “ready” to awaken to this bit of Wisdom… from Within him or herself, then that person will subtly experience a great Ah-ha… as that bit of Wisdom bursts forth as that person awakens to the Wisdom hidden Within the Spiritual dimension of that person. This amounts to one Soul communicating to another Soul, and the two Souls are sharing Wisdom between themselves. And no one who is not “ready” to awaken to this bit of Wisdom will have any idea what is taking place Within these two Souls?

And this reminds me of the time I taught an exploratory college class I entitled “The Origin of Creativity in Man”.

My decision to teach this class was one of several strange things that I experienced during a year in which I underwent a substantial ‘waking up’ of my own Spirituality. And this class served to awaken a great deal from Within myself, and from Within about half the students in the class.

I did not ask permission to teach this class, I just thought it was important to do, so I told the class members on the first day of class the following: This class is normally entitled “Art for non-Art Majors,” but this quarter we will instead be pursuing “The Origin of Creativity in Man”. And because it will be a special class, each of you may, at the end of this class, inform me as to the grade you want for this class, and that is the grade you will receive. Then I asked the class: “How many believe this is fair”? Most of the students raised their hands, so the new class began.

In preparation for the class, I had visited the main bookstore in town, and I picked up a great many books on the occult, on mysticism, a Bible, “Be Here Now,” by Baba Ram Das, and also “Lao Tsu/Tau Te Ching,” by Feng, Gia-Fu, and Jane English. I glanced through these prior to the class, and I felt surprisingly confident that this class was very important.

The format I used was that I read a passage from one of the books, and then I proceeded to explain what prompted the author to write what was written…. presumptuous of me? Of course it was, but that is what happened.

How was I able to “know” what prompted the author to write the words he or she wrote? Well, that is somewhat difficult to explain. But part of the answer is what I have previously shared as the concept of “riders of Truth”. The only explanation I have is that during that transitional year of my life, I found myself experiencing a great many things that defied simple understanding.

The essence of this story: As I shared with the students what existed behind what the various authors wrote, many of the students began to ask questions, and this led to more and more interchanges in which students became personally involved in discussing how they were reacting to what was being said.

About half-way through the course, some of the students began to experience a very strange thing. That is , one student would say a word or two, trying to explain something he or she has Intuitively awakened to from Within him/herself, and the other person would [after hearing only one or two words] exclaim: “Yes, I Know exactly what you mean”!
______________ This extraordinary experience took the students who were experiencing this phenomenon by surprise, as it did me. In twelve years of teaching I had never experienced this phenomenon before. As the class continued, about half the class began meeting on the Commons before class to experience this phenomenon amongst themselves. In a short time their friends and other students began to crowd around them watching what was happening, but only the students in the class [and this was about half of the class] were experiencing this phenomenon.

The students labeled this phenomenon “Knowings”. And by Knowings they meant that they were sharing Intuited bits of Truth with one another… entirely via telepathic communication.

Had we stumbled upon the Origin of Creativity by accident? Well, I am reluctant to suggest this… but, I am quite certain that half the students and myself discovered a great deal about Intuition, Empathetic Understanding, telepathy, and the workings of the Spiritual dimension of Man.

The unexpected aspect of this course [at least on my part]… is that among those students who experienced these “Knowings,” many changed their majors; others decided that they were not ready for college; while others decided they wanted to spend their lives doing other things. The net result for half the class, including myself, was that we all became more open to ourselves, and more honest with what we wanted in our lives. In my case, I realized that teaching about art was not what I wanted to do. What I wanted to do was to teach people about themselves… and that meant going back to school to pursue Psychology.


Brother James