Title of My New Book… “In the Study of PSYCHOLOGY… the Brain is Useless !”

My question is this:  What am I implying & am I just being cute… or,  am I saying something very important [that has been overlooked far too long]?

Peace, Brother James


Atheists Can’t Help Seeming Arrogant…

In recent days, during meditation, I have had some painful, and yet, insightful realizations regarding myself.  And this morning, when I applied what I have learned about myself to the plight of the Atheist, a remarkable understanding came to me via my Intuition.

That is, I realized that the Soul of the Atheist-type individual has simply not awakened to the very subtle Energy of Spirituality from “Within” itself, and therefore, it is the MIND of the Atheist that is speaking through the Left-Hemisphere of the brain of the Atheist, and not the Conscious Awareness of the Atheist.

“What difference does this make,” you might ask? Well, it makes quite a lot of difference… when you look at the larger picture of your own Soul… as monitored and recorded by the MIND that is attached to your own Soul.

That is… the balance scale of Reality [the Law of Karma, in other words] is so finely balanced, and so Perfect… that every negative thought we have is made part of our own store of Karmic debt, which must ultimately be cleared before we can go Home.

Is the fact this is taking place, even though we are not aware of it seem fair?  Not to us, it doesn’t.  But, to the Law of Karma, which God Created, it is absolutely fair — it is fair because it takes place with every single Soul, with no exceptions!  It is part of the Purpose of Life, in fact.

So, from now on… I will look at an Atheist with a sense of pity, not scorn.  And I will save myself a great deal of negative Karma.

Peace, Brother James

Why Is Knowledge So Difficult to Acquire?

The reason is little known because the reason is Mystical, which means it takes place in dimensions of Man which the brain [which is physical] cannot access. And when is the last time you read this?

Knowledge is the result of “Completing Karma”.  But what does this mean, right?  Well, just using common sense, one realizes that Knowledege would require experience.  In fact capital “K” Knowledge requires experiential understanding rather than simply intellectual familiarity with abstract words which “point to,” or “stand for” that which the word or term cannot actually convey.  And, are you familiar with the distinction I just made?

An excellent example is the term Soul.  Most people “think” they know what the term Soul means.  But who do you know who has ever met a Soul, or seen a Soul?  And, what does the Soul look like?

To appreciate the difference between intellectual information and actual Knowledge of something, we must realize what the difference between “information” and “Knowledge” is?  Information, as already suggested, can be possessing the name of something, like the Soul, for instance. Whereas Knowledge of the Soul would, of necessity, require one to have actual experiential exposure to the Energy of the Soul [which is Spiritual Energy, which is not part of the Creation].

And that means for one to possess Knowledge of the Soul , one would have to make use of one’s faculty of  Intuition, ones Conscious Awareness [C-Awar], and what allows one to experience oneself as separate from life… which is what I refer to as one’s “C-Awar,” or one’s Conscious Awareness.  I believe my “C-Awar” is what Renee Descartes was searching for when he settled for “I think, therefore I am”.

My point is this: There is no direct connection between the physical brain, one’s thinking, information, or one’s MIND… and that of Knowledge. And this places Knowledge as something other than what the brain can experience. This means that Knowledge is an Absolute, and it resides Within one’s Soul, or what I refer to as the Apapsyche [which means the Operational Energy of the Soul].  And all of this resides Within, and is part of the Spiritual Dimension of Man,.

This then leads to my dividing Man into four dimensions. From inside out, these are the Spiritual Dimension; the Higher MIND dimension; the Lower MIND dimension; and the physical dimension, which includes the physical body, the brain, and thinking.  And we would all know this if American education taught the whole of Man, rather than a one-dimensional view of Man based on the limitation of the physical brain.

This little blog might cause some to question the value of our education in America?  And why it seems to fear dealing the the whole of Man?

Peace, Brother James


In the reality of Life… the more Enlightened a person is [the Soul of that person], the more Intuitive that person is. And,this is just a [little known] fact of life.

Trump is quite bright,  Enlightened, and thus, quite IntuitiveIntuition, by the way… is the way in which bits of Truth are provided to us by our Consciousness — when we are “ready” to awaken to some higher bit of Truth. This is a long and very involved story, so just take my word for this, if you will?

When Trump reads something, or hears something, he Intuitively realizes what is prompting what he reads, hears, or sees. That is, the subtle truth taking place behind what he reads  sees, or hears.  Most Enlightened people can do this, but few of them  realize this is a “gift” of Enlightenment. And such people therefore imagine that everyone can do this, so they don’t perceive that they are ‘different’.

The point to stress here is that the typical Dem/Lib, or Intelack type person [lacking in Consciousness] has no idea that they simply can’t “see, hear, or experience” what the Enlightened person can see, hear, and experience. This naturally gives Trump an advantage in business… however, as President, when he awakens to a bit of Truth and shares this with a Tweet, most of those reading the Tweet only SEE the words he tweets, but fail to perceive the underlying bit of Truth behind his Tweet.

Trump Intuitively perceives the evil deeds of Obama, and the evil people surrounding Obama…  even though Obama is no longer President. Of course Obama and those who serve him try to mask and cover up the evil, corrupt, and criminal actions they engage in by intellectual clap-trap. But an Intuitive person can “SEE” the evil behind their deeds, and this is what Trump is Tweeting about.

I SEE the evil deeds, do you?

Peace, Brother James

Thinking is an involved process…

This diagram illustrates the process of thinking, and the alternative process of Intuition.


One’s Intuition is an aspect of ones Spiritual dimension, and has nothing to do with intellect, or thinking. Notice it by-passes the thinking process entirely.

Thinking, on the other hand, begins in the Higher MIND, and is largely based on one’s Fate Karma [that one came into the Earth plane to work through]. Also involved in thinking is what I refer to as the “DM=SI,” or Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity.

And, although we ‘think’ we have “free will,” what we actually have is a “conditioned free will,” which means we are constantly operating like actors on a stage [acting out a part we wrote ourselves — based on what Karma we wanted to work on in this lifetime]. And the other players that come onto the stage are bit players that LIFE has arranged to be part of the play we designed. This is precisely what Shakespeare spoke of.

From time to time, each of us experiences something akin to Deja vu, or a sense that we have somehow experienced some situation previously?  This is a vague memory of a prior experience that we did, indeed, experience, and we are now currently re-playing that experience in hopes of “Completing the Karma we created in that previous event”.

The Genius of God in establishing the Law of Karma is that it normally operates in a way that we rarely even notice that it is a repeat of some previous event.  And the mercy of God is that we are allowed to keep repeating past events until we finally realize that what “caused” the event is our own previous actions, and that we need to “Accept” responsibility for what we are experiencing, and to forgive all the actors,including ourselves.

This is what Christ meant when he said do not judge, and when a person slaps you one one cheek, turn the other cheek as well.

In other words… try to accept responsibility for the event, and  forgive the people involved.  Very often quite difficult to do!

Peace, Brother James

An Interesting bit from book today

When one meditates, the purpose of meditation is to slowly teach ones faculty of Intuition to awaken, and at the same time, by-pass ones MIND, and ones thinking of the brain. In other words, the purpose of meditation is to develop ones faculty of Intuition… which is the ONLY way to contact the Spiritual Energy Within oneself.
And… until, and unless ones Soul has acquired a substantial amount of C’etc [Consciousness], there is not much to Intuit. This is the reason the Intelack type person [who lacks C’etc], is unable to comprehend the Spiritual nature of the Enlightened individual. The Intelack has little or no access to Intuition, and thus… little or no experiential understanding of what Spirituality is; and no experience of Empathetic Understanding with which to contact [the Esoteric realities of C’etc… that the Soul of the Intelack has not, as yet, acquired].
The Intelack simply does not have the capability of accessing that which would allow him or her to “see” or “hear” what the Enlightened type person KNOWs. Unfortunately, the Enlightened person has no idea that the Intelack person has no way to KNOW what the Enlightened person KNOWs.
And so, we have these two very different types of people looking at one another, thinking that because they look alike, they are alike.
And nothing could be further from the truth.


Brother James

A Matter of Intuition… a secret Science fears !!!

Since education today is literally owned by people confined to the malady of Intellectualism [that is people confined to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain, and in denial of emotionality almost entirely], so I wonder how many people realize that our children are not taught how to use, grow, or encourage their faculties of Intuition?

And how many people realize a major intent of Common Core is to insure that no child ever be given an opportunity to experience his or her faculty of Intuition… which means Common Core is intended to destroy a child’s ability to love God.  Since Spirituality is only available to one via ones faculty of Intuition.  Intuition is an aspect of ones Apapsyche [Operational Energy of ones Soul] or an aspect of ones Spiritual dimension, and thus,  not part of ones thinking at all.

And since most science-type people are very much into their brains and thinking [as opposed to use of their faculties of Intuition],  for them to seek to prevent a child from exploring Creativity, and imagination [as Common Core does] is a perverted  idea of people who fear their emotions, and quite likely Spiritual Truth as well.  The fact is… this almost evil part of Common Core is not often mentioned.  But for me, it is the most important and hideous part of Common Core.

But returning to the faculty of Intuition, it must be stressed that if allowed, children will naturally and automatically use their faculties of Intuition when playing, or spontaneously creating thoughts and scenarios to “fit” their imaginative explorations of ‘let’s pretend’.  But to the Intelack type person [those confined to thinking], this imagination of children is frightening to them, and they seek to prevent children from engaging in this exercise of Intuition.

This is perhaps the greatest reason for home-schooling of children.  The American system of education used to be the best in the world.  But since the greed of Unions have taken over our education, it has become a “business” dedicated to making money… not educating youth.

Perhaps this is what has happened to the Congress as well?  Too much money, and too much greed, which always creates corruption.  Term limits needed desperately.  Just like cities and states must find a way to fire bad teachers [who see teaching as a way to make money, period], and these harmful teachers are kept  in place… simply because teachers are cash cows for the Unions.  Unions see children simply as numbers which generate income.  That is why the Union lobby is so opposed to Home-schooling, and School Choice.

If your child is imaginative, and creative, encourage these abilities.  Do not punish the Intuitive child for being bright and naturally creative.  No child should be punished for expressing what God has provided that child.


Brother James