What Drives the Dem/Lib’s Constant “Need” to Eliminate Guns?

In this hopefully simple explanation of a complex “causal factor” [that of the MIND of Man ], allow me to try and explain what drives the Dem/Lib = Intelack type person to want to eliminate guns?  The term “Intelack” can be defined as “godless” and lacking in Consciousness [which is quite different from what we know as intelligence].  Intelligence = the brain, thinking, and IQ.

So, while reading this, try and remember that the Dem/Lib/Intelack type person is insidiously clever in being able to obtain what [he/she, it] desires by using intelligent manipulation of rhetoric and the law to obtain what [he,she, it] desires [which is 99% of the time harmful to others].  And too, the Intelack is not constrained by right and wrong.  This is one side of the problem. The other side of the problem is that the Enlightened type individual rarely realizes the Dem/Lib [Intelack] type person operates “absent” Conscience and Consciousness.  That is, unrestrained by Conscience. Finally, the Intelack has no way of realizing that he,she, it… is in any way different than anyone else? Then too… the Intelack tends to be an Egotist, and Delusional.

So, we have the Democrat and the Republican as the two basic types of people. However, in recent decades, the rhetoric of the Intelack has been so effective [aided by a relentless Marxist education of youth for at least 40 years], that the Intelack has pulled the less than Enlightened Republicans over to the side of the Intelack [Democrat, Progressive, Socialist, Communist, and Marxist] way of thinking.  And this has been subtle, and persistent.

And the psychology of the Intelack is driven by the MIND of Man, as opposed to having access to Conscience and Discretion, which are more Spiritual.  And the natural nature of the MIND is to fear the invisible Energy of the Soul.  This then is the actual battle between good and evil “Within” Man.  It is a battle between the two halves of the brain:  Left-Hemisphere = Intelack.  Right-Hemisphere = Enlightened.

Let me say right up front that in America, today…. and going back perhaps a century…, our education has consistently ignored, denied, and avoided mentioning the fact that Man consists of four energy bodies, each of which is important, and each of which is always active.  These consist of the obvious physical body, a more subtle Astral body,  an even more subtle Causal body, and a Spiritual body that is invisible to both the brain and the MIND.

Most people are aware of reports of people who have experienced “near-death” experiences, where they report  having seen a “bright light”.  Well that light is the light of the Astral Region of Creation, which is the Astral body of Man, or the Lower MIND.  And it is the Astral Region where the various Heavens and Hell(s) are located…  [for those really interested,  click here].

The psychology of the Dem/Lib/Intelack is, as suggested above, the MIND directing the brain of the Intelack type individual because the level of  maturation of the Intelack Soul is not sufficient to be left on its own.  This lack of Consciousness leaves a “void” of Spirituality… which the MIND fears… because the MIND cannot perceive the Energy of the Soul.  So, deep “Within” the Intelack is a huge fear of the “Unknown”… which is the Energy of the Soul, which is quite unknown to the Intelack.  And this inner [unrecognized fear] then creates the NEED of the Intelack to try and CONTROL everyone and everything in his or her environment.   This fairly well defines the Democrat, right?

A gun to the Intelack represents POWER, and the Intelack also “sees” the gun as being outside his/her ability to intellectually CONTROL.  And this creates a huge level of ANXIETY and constant fear “Within” the MIND of the Intelack. This constantly drives the Intelack to seek all possible means available to  CONTROL that which he/she cannot  CONTROL.  To the Intelack, this  Fixation is a very high priority fixation.  And do remember… the Intelack is not at all constrained by law, or the Constitution, or by what is right or wrong?

The Intelack is constantly burdened by fear and intense anxiety regarding any kind of gun.  That is the REASON the Intelack is myopic regarding the gun. And there is no reasoning or rational  means of reducing this anxiety whatsoever.

To Liberty, there is likely no greater threat than the Intelack type individual.

Peace, Brother James


Some little known facts about the Democrat Personality…

The reason I feel obligated to share with others some important facts about the Democrat Personality is… my 35+years as an “Esoteric Psychotherapist”. That is, someone who studies and comes to understand what the MIND is, and how it works!  I refer to my work as “Esochology,” or a study of the MIND and Spiritual  dimensions operating ‘Within’ Man. Not everyone has been forced to discover the psychological factors that cause certain people to lack the ability to judge good versus evil?  But that is the primary and essential work of the competent Psychotherapist !

fourThat is, in order to explore one’s MIND, one must let go of the brain and thinking long enough to become lost in one’s own MIND… which is not part of one’s physical body.  The fact is, not everyone is meant to practice “Esoteric Psychology”.  If modern mental health realized this, a great deal less harm would be imposed on American citizens.  But that is another story.

What I discovered from within my own MIND is that each person has a Soul, and the Soul of each person possesses  a certain number of “Virtues” [or bits of Consciousness]! I label these virtues Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.  And perhaps a way to describe these is that each comprises a certain level of Truth, or aspects of TRUTH, that we Souls acquire by “Completing Karma,” and.. what does this mean?  

A person, that is, the “Whole of a person,” has a choice to make each time he or she is confronted with something hurtful, painful, or agrivating? And how we deal with this event determines whether we complete a bit of Karma, or we resist that bit of Karma, and if we resist it, this guarantees that it must come around again to confront us?  You see the “secret” is… nothing happens to us unless it is supposed to happen to us… due to our doing the exact same thing sometime in the past.  And yes, this is a most difficult thing for a person in the West to believe.  And I understand if the reader resists this bit of truth.

My point is this… As a Soul Accepts Karma, and forgives the messenger, that Soul acquires “C’etc,” or my symbol for the Virtues of Life.  And this leads us to the two types of people on Earth. 1. The Intelack, and 2. The Enlightened person. The Enlightened Soul is one that has lived many lifetimes and has acquired a substantial amount of C’etc, or the Virtues of Life… which means a high level of Conscience, which means an ability to resist the evil desires of the MIND.

The Democrat type person is an Intelack type personality, or a Soul that is new or relatively new to the form of human being.  Being a Soul that is relatively new to the human form, the Soul of that person simply lacks sufficient C’etc to recognize, or resist evil, and in addition, lacks sufficient C’etc to realize the cost of lying, cheating, stealing, or engaging in negative activity requires a Soul to be re-educated in some Hell between lifetimes. Lacking this “re-education,” the MIND of the Democrat is simply more prone to engage in and even support the evil acts of others.

This then is the sad reality we human beings must deal with day in and day out. The wise person would make sure those who are Democrat, do not gain any position that tempts that person with money, or power!

Peace, Brother James

Marijuana is a perfect example of the battle between Good and Evil… or how powerful is Greed in Intelack type people?

The basic challenge for every Soul, hidden within every person, comes down to the level of the Virtue of CONSCIENCE contained within the Soul of a person?  How much Conscience a Soul possesses WILL determine how that person perceives the use of Marijuana?  This choice is not an intellectual choice [although most people believe the choice is intellectual].  The choice is made by a person’s MIND that, due to a lack of “C’etc” [pronounced “C_etcetera”], which is my symbol for the Virtues of Life we Souls are slowly acquiring by completing Karam over many, many lifetimes.   A lack of Conscience… is a lack of C’etc, which means a person is lacking the Virtues of Life.  My names for the Virtues of Life are:  Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.  These Virtues form a person’s level of  Conscious Awareness, which I give the symbol “C-Awar”.  And if a person  lacks the Virtue of Conscience, chances are quite good that person also lacks the Virtue of Discretion as well.  And by lacking these important Virtues, a person is more prone to, or vulnerable to be controlled by his or her MIND [which is not the brain, but is a subtle energy body existing within Man that administers the Law of Karma from within Man]. 

Alas, modern mental health began denying the MIND of Man in the early 1900s, when a scientist [ignorant of Psychology] named B.F. Skinner, offered an Oxymoron he called “Behavioral Psychology” as a new way to study Man.  Unknown to himself, his new idea was simply a verbal statement of the factors by which the MIND of Man subtly controls what a person thinks and does.  I refer to this oxymoron, and those trained in it, by the symbol “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’].

And the MIND [symbol M], is the primary determinate in a person’s choice regarding Good and Evil in Life. A person will automatically chose evil over good if that person lacks the Virtues of Life which allow one to “see” what is good and what is evil?  So, those people who favor the harmful drug Marijuana choose this evil because they have insufficient experience [ a lack of C’etc], and therefore, they are unable to “see” beyond it’s ability to cause them to “feel good,” as it blocks their Conscious Awareness of their own Karmic pain.  When we block this Karmic pain, it WILL FIND OTHER WAYS IN WHICH TO CAUSE US PAIN AND SUFFERING.  Quite literally, no one avoids his or her Karma.

The Lord helps us experience our negative Karma in the least harmful way possible… however, if we refuse to accept this pain, then more painful ways of feeding us our negative Karma will be initiated.  Only a fool thinks that avoiding the pain of life is a good idea!

But, there are a great many Intelack type people on Earth who see drugs as a very good source of money.   It is sad there are not as many Enlightened people in America who  “see” taking drugs as harmful, and speak out loudly against it.

Peace, Brother James

Let us Discuss the CONCEPT of Compromise in Congress…

What does the word “compromise” actually mean?  I mean… I hear people say:  “We passed the bill with “bi-partisan cooperation”.  And if you “think” you know what this means… well, I’m about to challenge your “thinking”.

To begin with, let us agree that there really is such a thing as “evil”.  And the term “evil” refers to that which is wrong, harmful, and putting one’s own welfare above that of others!  In other words, evil always results in harm to someone… for the selfish benefit of another.  An act driven by greed, or a desire for power, which is feeding one’s Ego, always results in harm to someone.

Why would anyone “want to hurt another”?  Well, it is not a matter of wanting to hurt another, it is more a case where the desires of one’s own MIND override the level of “Conscience” contained within one’s Soul.   Perhaps you were not aware that we Souls differ in how much “Conscience” our Souls possess?  This is not taught in education, and is pretty much unknown in modern mental health, so it is understandable that most people are unaware of this fact?

But this is a fact of life, nonetheless…  and this blog is about Truth, not what people think is true, or imagine might be true?

The “fact” is… this difference in one’s level of “Conscience” is what makes the Liberal or Democrat view life quite differently that the Conservative individual.  In fact, this “lack of Conscience” is what causes the Democrat to be so different from the Conservative.  And, of course there is no way to “see” this evil from just looking at a person.    We can only tell the evil within a person’s MIND  when we listen carefully to what a person says, or when a person tries to force a harmful, or dishonest action upon people who are capable of “seeing” the harm inherent in such an  action.

The problem is… the Democrat type person [I refer to such people as “Intelack” type people] do not possess a sufficient amount of Conscience to enable them to “see” the evil in what they are doing!  And here again, this is likely a new concept for many people?  If interested in Consciousness, I write about it here.

Every Soul has a MIND attached to it to enable it to relate to, and to interact with the Creation, and particularly this physical plane.  You see, your brain is physical, and it relates to things physical, tangible and capable of being felt by our physical senses.  But the brain cannot perceive the MIND, because the MIND  is composed of an energy much too subtle for the brain to perceive.

As the Soul slowly acquires what I refer to as “C’etc” [pronounced “C_etcetera”]– which the ancient Greeks labeled Consciousness, it awakens to higher bits of Truth, which includes what we refer to as Conscience:  Or being able to readily tell right from wrong? 

The Intelack, or Democrat type person simply possesses a Soul that lacks sufficient Conscience to “see” the evil their MINDs cause them to pursue.  They are simply being used by their MINDs to pursue the evil desires of their MINDs, and they have no idea this is what they are doing?  In fact they take some pride in being able to manipulate honest people into denying what is good or proper.

 And the word “compromise” is,  for the Democrat [Intelack] type person,  simply the result of the Democrat being deviously clever in getting what he or she desires… as he or she verbally denigrates, ridicules, and even lies to force Conservatives to yield to them.   The conservative tends to prefer accommodation rather than argument, and unaware of who and what the Democrat is… even unable to imagine how ruthless the Democrat will be to get what he/she desires, the Conservative  most often allows the Democrat to chip away at that which is good in life.

The most obvious example of this was the eight years of Obama.

Peace, Brother James


Open Letter regarding Psychology of the Liberal/Democrat Personality…

Let us begin our discussion with a Axiom:

A  Knowledge is part of one’s Spiritual Dimension, and Information is part of ones intellectual or physical dimension.2 partsThe left square [#1] is the Left-Hemisphere and the right square is [#2] the Right-Hemisphere of the brain.

The above diagram is virtually unknown in education today, it is unknown because to comprehend the concepts illustrated in this diagram, a person must possess a Soul that is Enlightened sufficiently to “see” and to “hear” subtle bits of Spiritual Truth.  The same bits of Spiritual Truth  [Knowledge] that Christ spoke of in the Bible, when he spoke to his disciples about the masses being unable to “see” and “hear”  the bits of Truth that his disciples were now able to see and to hear.

Education today is based on what the Intelack type personality “thinks” is true. And the Intelack type person is confined to the brain and thinking [or the Left Hemisphere of the brain] .  The Intelack is lacking what I refer to as sufficient “C’etc” [Consciousness or Enlightenment] to enable him/her to Intuit bits of Truth that his/her Soul will acquire over many, many lifetimes [and… this means that we Souls are not all “equal” in terms of the level of “maturation” of our Souls].  Research the term “Intuition” here.

This means there are two different types of people on Earth. And it is not possible to see this difference by simply looking at a person.  And, unless you are somewhat Enlightened, you will not “see” nor “hear” the “lack of Enlightenment” displayed by an Intelack type personality.

The most obvious “symptoms” of the Intelack type individual are: 1. A need for more government control over everyone and everything in life. 2.  A tendency to be as lenient as possible with people who engage in evil. 3. An intense [but usually non-conscious] fear of personal responsibility.

So, what explains the Democrat who is corrupt, but denies it?  For the Democrat, it is not conscious denial, it is his or her MIND feeding Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of his/her brain, which he/she has no option but to believe.  This means… in other words… that it is useless to use common sense in discussing law  with the Intelack individual.  And the only compromise the Intelack is willing to make is if the Enlightened individual will embrace evil, which is the “secret” goal of every Intelack type individual.

You see, the Intelack lacks Consciousness, or C’etcwhich means he/she lacks a level of Spirituality needed to “see” the Truth.

And do not imagine for a moment that the Intelack is not deviously clever in his or her arguments, ideas, and ceaseless attempts to insure that government gains more and more CONTROL OVER THE LIFE OF EVERY CITIZEN.

This then is the reason the Democrat can oppose laws that benefit mankind …when  these laws also depend upon and require citizens to assume responsibility for their lives.   The Intelack is soft on crime because the Intelack lacks Conscience, Discretion, and thus, a tendency to view evil as “normal”.

I hope this look into the Psychology of the Liberal, Democrat, Socialist, and Marxist has been helpful.

Peace, Brother James

Who blames Trump for Defeat of Moore?

Pardon my  interjecting a bit of Truth…, but those blaming Trump for the defeat of Moore are Intelack type personalities, and incapable of [as Christ said, “seeing” or “hearing”] the Truth.  That is, Trump gave his reason for speaking positively about Moore, and that reason was that he, Trump, needed as many Conservative Republicans as he could get to pass what he [Trump] knows that
America needs… following eight years of dedicated destruction of America by the mentally ill Homosexual Sociopath [with Delusional visions of being a Muslim-Marxist], Obama… who said he was “married” to a Homosexual Transvestite named Michael.

The abuse these two things imposed upon two young female children, right in front of America and the world… should, in itself, be grounds for their imprisonment.  But, with the degree and level of evil the government of the United States has become today… virtually no one in government today needs to worry about being corrupt, evil, Homosexual, suffering from Pedophilia, or openly conducting child-abuse rings on islands with wealthy billionaires.

No, President Trump was not responsible for the defeat of Moore.  What was responsible for the defeat of Moore, and the success of an Intelack named Jones, is the level to which evil has taken over great numbers of people in Alabama, just as Satan is doing within states all across America.  This is, after all, what the Bible [Revelation] refers to as the End Times, and America is just beginning to “see” and “hear” the results of The Great Tribulation: Three and one-half years of crime, hate, and  sexual perversity, with a level of corruption unknown in history.

So, no, the defeat of Moore had nothing to do with President Trump, and everything to do with the flood of evil infecting the MINDs of all people who are not intended to be pulled up at the time of Armageddon.  Intelack type people who are godless, and whose MINDs are thus open and vulnerable to the evil directions of Satan, whose evil  is especially active in the world today. 

President Trump is fighting a great battle against the evil with which Satan is flooding America.  And Intelack [godless] Souls are most vulnerable to this evil from Satan, and this condition is destined to get much worse, and it is only held in check by a sufficient number of Enlightened Souls actively putting God and Truth ahead of the evil desires of their MINDs.

Every Soul that compromises with Truth, opens a door to Satan.  This seems unfair, or unjust perhaps?  But, if you have read Revelation in the Bible, then you realize that the Great Tribulation is a massive “TESTING” of we Souls.  And each Soul is being tested.  Because each Soul is being judged as to whether it is “worthy” or not?  If worthy, one is reincarnated when life begins again.  If not worthy, then one’s Soul with MIND attached will spend a very long time in Hell.

A word to the wise.  Peace, Brother James.



San Francisco, Kate Steinle, a Miscarriage of Justice & the REASON?

Players:  1. Matt Conzales, an Intelack who places race above Law.  2. Jose Garcia Zarate, an Intelack who is an illegal, uneducated, criminal that the Intelack class human being loves to “protect” [because Jose is pure evil]. 3.  A Jury of twelve people who were chosen specifically because each is an Intelack [godless] individual [which means a Liberal/Democrat].

A natural tendency of attorneys is to be Left-Hemisphere dominant individuals who are also quite limited in their access to the Right-Hemisphere of the brain, which allows a person access to the faculty of Intuition… which provides one a sense of Conscience, or the ability to “Intuitively” judge right from wrong. This L-H penchant is also found in scientists, politicians, and all criminals.  That is, such people are lacking a sense of Conscience.

This is the reason lawyers, Democrats, Liberals and all Marxists constantly NEED information in order to “know” what to do?  The only person the Intelack trusts is another Intelack, because both suffer the same lack of Conscience.  Inside such people is a non-conscious fear [caused by the lack of Spirituality “Within” such people].  This “condition” is not a ‘choice’ so much as it is the natural result of a lack of God  [Consciousness] “Within”  such people.

That is, only those people whose Souls are more Enlightened that other people possess Souls that have active access to Conscience [which is NOT an intellectual operation at all, but rather the Soul of an Enlightened individual choosing to avoid the negative Karma created by lies, deceit, and evil actions]!  And, of course there is no way to visually identify an Enlightened individual, other than by what he/she does and says!  Or does not do… such as support and engage in crime and evil deeds.

It is not an accident that San Francisco is the home of sexual perverts of all kinds, which means the home to Intelack [godless] people.  That SF is also a Sanctuary City is completely understandable, since to welcome criminals is the natural way of the Intelack type personality.  Evil loves evil, just as Satan loves godless individuals.

The error good, or Enlightened individuals make is to not “trust” their Intuition more, which will put them in touch with the inherent danger that exists to Enlightened individuals when among Intelack type people.  To emphasize this point, it was not difficult for the judge who oversaw this most recent Miscarriage of Justice in San Francisco to find twelve Intelack type people who [quite unknown to themselves] hated Kate Steinle because she was not one of them:  Vile, fearful, hateful, evil, and whose  morality was perverted.

The decision should have been expected for anyone who is the least bit Enlightened. It is simply not possible for an Intelack type person to act with Conscience when choosing between good and evil.  The “lesson” for the Enlightened of America is not to trust anyone or anything in San Francisco.  Just like no good person should trust anyone in Congress who is a Democrat [Intelack] type individual.

Tough to accept this Reality, I know… But it is the only “hope” the Enlightened in the nation have, going forward.  Love God, and at the same time  resist, and fight against evil, continually.

Peace, Brother James