San Francisco, Kate Steinle, a Miscarriage of Justice & the REASON?

Players:  1. Matt Conzales, an Intelack who places race above Law.  2. Jose Garcia Zarate, an Intelack who is an illegal, uneducated, criminal that the Intelack class human being loves to “protect” [because Jose is pure evil]. 3.  A Jury of twelve people who were chosen specifically because each is an Intelack [godless] individual [which means a Liberal/Democrat].

A natural tendency of attorneys is to be Left-Hemisphere dominant individuals who are also quite limited in their access to the Right-Hemisphere of the brain, which allows a person access to the faculty of Intuition… which provides one a sense of Conscience, or the ability to “Intuitively” judge right from wrong. This L-H penchant is also found in scientists, politicians, and all criminals.  That is, such people are lacking a sense of Conscience.

This is the reason lawyers, Democrats, Liberals and all Marxists constantly NEED information in order to “know” what to do?  The only person the Intelack trusts is another Intelack, because both suffer the same lack of Conscience.  Inside such people is a non-conscious fear [caused by the lack of Spirituality “Within” such people].  This “condition” is not a ‘choice’ so much as it is the natural result of a lack of God  [Consciousness] “Within”  such people.

That is, only those people whose Souls are more Enlightened that other people possess Souls that have active access to Conscience [which is NOT an intellectual operation at all, but rather the Soul of an Enlightened individual choosing to avoid the negative Karma created by lies, deceit, and evil actions]!  And, of course there is no way to visually identify an Enlightened individual, other than by what he/she does and says!  Or does not do… such as support and engage in crime and evil deeds.

It is not an accident that San Francisco is the home of sexual perverts of all kinds, which means the home to Intelack [godless] people.  That SF is also a Sanctuary City is completely understandable, since to welcome criminals is the natural way of the Intelack type personality.  Evil loves evil, just as Satan loves godless individuals.

The error good, or Enlightened individuals make is to not “trust” their Intuition more, which will put them in touch with the inherent danger that exists to Enlightened individuals when among Intelack type people.  To emphasize this point, it was not difficult for the judge who oversaw this most recent Miscarriage of Justice in San Francisco to find twelve Intelack type people who [quite unknown to themselves] hated Kate Steinle because she was not one of them:  Vile, fearful, hateful, evil, and whose  morality was perverted.

The decision should have been expected for anyone who is the least bit Enlightened. It is simply not possible for an Intelack type person to act with Conscience when choosing between good and evil.  The “lesson” for the Enlightened of America is not to trust anyone or anything in San Francisco.  Just like no good person should trust anyone in Congress who is a Democrat [Intelack] type individual.

Tough to accept this Reality, I know… But it is the only “hope” the Enlightened in the nation have, going forward.  Love God, and at the same time  resist, and fight against evil, continually.

Peace, Brother James



Why we in the West fail to realize the Reason some people deny God, while other people Love God?

And, before we begin  this serious topic — ponder this question:  Is it possible to actually love someone one has never met?  arrow 11a

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As strange as it might seem…and in spite of the fact that a great many people mistakenly believe that because the SOULS of people are the same Spiritually… [ or “Within” a person], then people should also “be” the same…externally?  The fact is… mankind represents two [2] distinctly different types of people.  One type I  refer to as “Intelack,” and the other type I refer to as Enlightened.

The problem we have [particularly in Western cultures]  is a problem of improper education, which is the natural result of institutions being run by the most intellectual type people… rather than run by the most Enlightened type individuals.  And, the question then becomes:  What is the difference between an intellectual type person and an Enlightened type person?  The difference is the intellectual is run by his/her MIND, and thus denies God.

To begin to discuss this hugely important topic, we must first agree on some basic principles of Life? Does a carrot have a Soul?  How you answer this basic question will determine whether you are a friend of Truth, or a defender of “let’s pretend”!  And while on this question, how about a Tree, a dog, a cat,  a snake, or a cell?  Do these life-forms have Souls? And are all Souls the same?

A A Soul is an aspect of God, and thus, the Soul contains the same Energy as that of God, which is invisible to the physical senses of Man.

The simple fact is… every living thing has a Soul. It is the Soul that provides “life” to  every living thing in the Creation; from cell to Man.

Now a second important question:  How many lifetimes does a Soul have in which to accomplish the Purpose of Life?  The Purpose of Life is to explore and experience all the ways that Neutral Spiritual Energy can manifest itself in the Creation?  And to do this, the Soul needed to take-on a MIND, which God provided each Soul as we entered the Creation.

Final question?  It it likely that a Soul that has not acquired Enlightenment would be able to resist a MIND whose purpose is to insure that the Soul remain somewhat like a slave to the desires of the MIND, until that Soul is capable of acquiring sufficient Consciousness to rise above the MIND?

Answer:  No, the Soul of an Intelack type person remains subject to the dictates of the MIND, which views the Energy of God as the “unknown,” and thus, the [Lower] MIND remains  fearful of the invisible Energy of God.

And,  since the only part of Man that has seen God is the Soul of Man, only the Enlightened Soul can manifest its Love of God.

Peace, Brother James

All Souls are from God, but they are not all “equal” in maturation

And if this flies in the face of what we have been told, so be it.  All Souls are in the process of acquiring what we might refer to as Spiritual Evolution [or Consciousness], and this refers to and requires the slow, many-lifetime process of engaging in and completing Karma [which is defined as Action-Reaction].

That is, what is called in physics the principle that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  In the Law of Karma this is called the Yang and Yin principle. Or the concept that “as you sow, so shall you reap”.  And each action we do is an act of Yang energy [male and outgoing], and that will in turn require the return of that exact same Karma in its YIN form.  And Yin Karma means the emotional experience of receiving precisely the exact same Yang Karma acted out against oneself.

Now, if one is able to receive that Karma [or utilize the Virtue of Acceptance] then that bit of Karma is complaint.  However, Acceptance is rarely exercised when one receives the results of one’s own Karmic action.  Most often a person believes the action taken against oneself is unwarranted, unfair, unjust, and one then resists the action, or seeks revenge for such action… which results in that particular Karma  coming back again, and again, until one realizes that it is coming back to one because it was CAUSED by oneself.  The only way to “complete” that Karma, is to own it, and to forgive the person who returned one’s own Karma to oneself.

So, the fact is… each of us is in the process of trying to LEARN what the Law of Karma is, and how to deal with it.  And that means that each of us is separate and unequal in how much Karma one has COMPLETED?  The following sketch is a visual reminder of the  two basic types of people on Earth.


I refer to these Virtues by the symbol “C’etc” [pronounced “C_etcetera”], and each Soul is in the process of accumulating these Virtues by engaging in the Karma of life.

So, part of humanity are Intelack Souls, and part of humanity are Enlightened Souls. And sometimes it is difficult to tell which is which, but it is important to discover this, because the Intelack individual is naturally prone to evil.

Peace, Brother James

“NEW WORLD ORDER”… What does this mean?

Although the idea [entirely intellectual –  which means held entirely within ones physical brain], regarding  a “New World Order,”  or a One-World Order [in which all human beings are thought to deserve a life that is  “EQUAL”]… is a very popular  idea  with  people who are largely absent a solid base of Spirituality… [and yes, this statement does initially appear as an oxymoron].  We are regretfully taught that there is an actual correlation between intelligence and a person’s level of Consciousness, or  the  Spiritual Evolution of a person’s Soul.

This correlation,  which is imagined by the  brains [of those individuals who are vulnerable to being  controlled by their MINDs (explained momentarily) … this concept… that the brain is directed by the MIND… is  not well known by the public because modern mental health has been in denial of the MIND of Man for over a century.  Those people who are most vulnerable to this denial of the MIND are people with Souls that lack  a certain level of Consciousness [or the Virtues of Life].

This denial of the MIND is a natural  part of the natural Defense Mechanism of  Skinner [the father of Behaviorism], and this means modern mental health is based on the Delusional Thinking of B.F. Skinner. Let us review a quote of Skinner’s which tells us all we need to know about his ignorance or Psychology and Reality.

_____Richard I. Evans,B.F. Skinner: The Man and His Ideas. New York: E.P. Dutton & Co. 1968,

“A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.”

In this  quote, Skinner’s reference to “the child of our past,” was his best effort to refer to the MIND of Man… since Skinner was quite ignorant  regarding  the MIND of Man, as he was ignorant of Psychology as well.  I mention this only  to illustrate the reason modern mental health lacks an adequate understanding of the MIND of Man.  And the fact that the MIND  of Man is the CAUSE of all mental illness means that ignorance of the MIND makes modern mental health more a danger to Mankind than a benefit.

The fact the present field  of “psychology” is largely controlled by Intelack type individuals [or people who are controlled by their MINDs], results in a very serious avoidance of the actual Psychology of Man.

Those people on Earth whose Souls lack a high level of Conscioiusness [or Spiritual Evolution] naturally [although they are not conscious of this] fear both the MIND and Soul in mankind, and thus,  they are confined to the brain or Left-Hemisphere of the brain.  That is, they attempt to “think” their way to some Utopian ideal, just like Lenin, Mao, Stalin, Hitler,  Soros and Obama.

Like it or not, believe it or not… the fact is… this Earth is where we Souls “act out” our desires and receive the results of such desires in a universal Law of Karma. And the term Karma simply means “action”.  As ye sow, so shall ye reap, is a fact.

So, to imagine that all people should be the same is quite insane, when placed up against the Reality of Life.  But MIND-driven, Intelack type people… do not possess the level of Enlightenment that allows them to “see” or “hear” the truth that we human beings are on Earth to “learn,’ and “grow”… and not to be ruled by Intelack type individuals.

Peace, Brother James

Some lines from new book 4 Inmates

For example, most Democrat politicians think of themselves as “helping” others. And I have yet to hear a Democrat say that he or she is correcting the errors in Life created by God… but that is precisely what they are attempting to do. Which is why what they do is to harmful, painful and destructive for mankind.

Do such people really believe there is no “need” in life for poverty? How does a Soul explore and experience poverty, if there is none? How does a Soul “help the poor” if there are no poor to help?

If judges who fear personal responsibility themselves give lenient sentences to people who commit crime, how does a person experience the proper result of committing crime? In other words, the actual results of actions committed by people incapable of “anticipating” the natural results of their actions, will always be harmful for people. And the fact those who are harmed are “due such harm as their Karma,” does not reduce the Karmic obligations generated by those who created the pain and suffering for people!

So, the Law of Karma is Perfect, but those engaging in and suffering the result of Karma do not realize what they are doing, otherwise they would not be doing what they are doing. So, as one becomes more Enlightened, this means one has spent ones own time sowing and reaping Karma, and has slowly “learned” that indeed there is a cost for every action a person takes.

The two types of people then… are those who are early in the process of Life, and those who have been at the work of Life for some time. The Intelack type person is new to the game of Life, and the Enlightened person is an older Soul, and having learned the cost of doing evil, is able to resist the temptation.


Brother James

Secrets of how People Read & Understand [or don’t]…

I have said before, there are two different types of people on Earth.  One is the Intelack type person [those who lack C’etc], and the Enlightened type people.

What I have not  likely shared is that Enlightened people also differ in how much Spiritual Evolution a person’s Souls has acquired?  In the following chart, the number 1 people are the Intelack people, and they read words only.  Then the # 2 Enlightened type person reads words and uses Intuition to “register” some emotional content. Finally, we have the #3 Enlightened type person who reads words, emotional content, and can also Intuit the psychological motivation behind the words being read.

Reader types

So, when a # 3 Enlightened person reads the writing of a typical Lib/Dem/Intelack type person, the Enlightened person can readily “see” the psychological intention behind the words of the Intelack type person.  The #3 Enlightened person can “see,” in other words the fear, dishonesty, and often the reasons the Intelack is lying, using words to deceive others.

Unfortunately, what I just shared is unknown to modern mental health [the members of which are hugely Intelack type people today], and thus, the public hears nothing about this disparity in truth telling by #1 Intelack people, and #2/#3 Enlightened people.  That is, Obama is called a liar, but because the vast majority of the public does not realize that his lying is automatic due to the low-level of Consciousness he possesses, people tend to give him a pass.

To ignore a natural liar who is also Commander in Chief is what is plunging this nation into a very bad situation.  And in the nation’s slumber, mesmerized by Intelack people heading much of government, media and education, the future looks quite dismal.

So, for the #3 type people, transfer your attention within yourselves, and focus on God, and await activities already on their way.


Brother James

AMERICA…We do have a choice!

The fact is… the only part of Man that is Real…in an absolute sense… is the Soul of Man, or that portion of ourselves which is an aspect of God.  And this is true, whether one believes it or not?  And it is to the Soul of Man that I wish to speak.

Each human being has a Soul, and a MIND, and the MIND was attached to every Soul as we Souls entered the Creation, in the very beginning.  The reason for the MIND is that the Soul is composed of the same Energy as God, which I believe is “Neutral Spiritual Energy,” or NSgy [also spoken of as Love].  And the “secret” of this phrase is the term “Neutral”.  And… can you think of anything that is Neutral?   That’s because Neutral is like nothing, or no thing.  Neutral is Spiritual Energy, or the primordial Energy of existence.

And… without Creation, which is an illusion… [that seems real], we Souls would have no way to grow, mature, and experience what NSgy can be?  So, there are good people, not so good people, and really evil people.  And the type of person one happens to be is determined by where, on the Ladder of Life, one’s individual Soul resides?

How come everyone doesn’t “know” what I am saying?  Because what I am saying takes place at levels we cannot “see” with our physical senses.  You see, operating at levels which are invisible to our physical brains, are a host of Esoteric operations that serve the maturation process of we Souls, which was designed by God.  One can deny this, since it can’t be proven physically, but why deny it?

But…Back to “our” CHOICE !

Not everyone is capable of making a choice [because “choice” depends upon how Enlightened ones Soul is]?  And if you are someone whose MIND is in “control” of your life [which means your thinking and thus, your beliefs and choices]  then I am not talking about you specifically… although, if you do not actively resist those who are more Enlightened in making a choice for you, well then, you will benefit.

I am specifically speaking to those people who can “see” evil,  and who realize how destructive the Presidency of Obama has been for America.

It is [and will be] difficult to assume responsibility for America, since you will be criticized, scorned by those who are found of “free stuff,” and ridiculed by the main stream media… who are largely limited to Intellectualism [and this term means people whose Karma is to explore the intellect [without interference of emotion and common sense in this lifetime].

So, I am speaking to the warriors for God, goodness, mercy, Truth and Reality.  Or people who are Conscious enough to realize evil does not work.

The problem… as I see it, given the fact we are in the “end time” that is mystically laid out in the Bible,  and a rapidly rising threat from ISIS and Iran [aided by both Russia and China] WHILE OBAMA TAKES PICTURES OF HIMSELF… We are like a rudderless ship in a mounting storm, and wringing our collective hands will not resolve the problem… will it?

OUR CHOICE?  I propose those enlightened enough in the nation to realize that O is insane, and thus  a threat to all of us… and that we come together in an extraordinary movement [something like #A_USTruthRevolt],  whereby we conscious citizens encourage both Trump and Cruz to assume the role of leaders;  and we encourage our Generals to look upon them as our leaders [as we prepare for the war that is now imminent due to the Iran Deal],  and simultaneously… we encourage our state legislatures to call for an immediate national election for a new President of the United States of America.  WE DO NOT HAVE A YEAR TO WAIT, IN MY OPINION.

Israel needs help now, and if Israel makes a move to protect itself, then all hell will break loose in the Mid-East, where both China and Russia are not active.  And it is crucial that conscious Americans realize that Obama WILL NOT PROTECT ISRAEL, NOR THE UNITED STATES.  Again, Obama is insane, in denial, is sympathetic to both the Muslim and Marxist causes, and therefore worse than useless.

I am merely a retired Psychotherapist, not a leader, or politician, but I believe my idea has merit… given the crushing problems coming our way RIGHT NOW.

What say you?  Is there a WILL to save America by doing our part to reinstitute God back into AMERICA?  Good simply must rise above evil in America…for the survival of our Souls.  If we do not try and fight against evil, we tacitly enable evil, and resurrection will pass us by. We have a choice to make!!


Brother James