Some little known facts about the Democrat Personality…

The reason I feel obligated to share with others some important facts about the Democrat Personality is… my 35+years as an “Esoteric Psychotherapist”. That is, someone who studies and comes to understand what the MIND is, and how it works!  I refer to my work as “Esochology,” or a study of the MIND and Spiritual  dimensions operating ‘Within’ Man. Not everyone has been forced to discover the psychological factors that cause certain people to lack the ability to judge good versus evil?  But that is the primary and essential work of the competent Psychotherapist !

fourThat is, in order to explore one’s MIND, one must let go of the brain and thinking long enough to become lost in one’s own MIND… which is not part of one’s physical body.  The fact is, not everyone is meant to practice “Esoteric Psychology”.  If modern mental health realized this, a great deal less harm would be imposed on American citizens.  But that is another story.

What I discovered from within my own MIND is that each person has a Soul, and the Soul of each person possesses  a certain number of “Virtues” [or bits of Consciousness]! I label these virtues Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.  And perhaps a way to describe these is that each comprises a certain level of Truth, or aspects of TRUTH, that we Souls acquire by “Completing Karma,” and.. what does this mean?  

A person, that is, the “Whole of a person,” has a choice to make each time he or she is confronted with something hurtful, painful, or agrivating? And how we deal with this event determines whether we complete a bit of Karma, or we resist that bit of Karma, and if we resist it, this guarantees that it must come around again to confront us?  You see the “secret” is… nothing happens to us unless it is supposed to happen to us… due to our doing the exact same thing sometime in the past.  And yes, this is a most difficult thing for a person in the West to believe.  And I understand if the reader resists this bit of truth.

My point is this… As a Soul Accepts Karma, and forgives the messenger, that Soul acquires “C’etc,” or my symbol for the Virtues of Life.  And this leads us to the two types of people on Earth. 1. The Intelack, and 2. The Enlightened person. The Enlightened Soul is one that has lived many lifetimes and has acquired a substantial amount of C’etc, or the Virtues of Life… which means a high level of Conscience, which means an ability to resist the evil desires of the MIND.

The Democrat type person is an Intelack type personality, or a Soul that is new or relatively new to the form of human being.  Being a Soul that is relatively new to the human form, the Soul of that person simply lacks sufficient C’etc to recognize, or resist evil, and in addition, lacks sufficient C’etc to realize the cost of lying, cheating, stealing, or engaging in negative activity requires a Soul to be re-educated in some Hell between lifetimes. Lacking this “re-education,” the MIND of the Democrat is simply more prone to engage in and even support the evil acts of others.

This then is the sad reality we human beings must deal with day in and day out. The wise person would make sure those who are Democrat, do not gain any position that tempts that person with money, or power!

Peace, Brother James


Let us Discuss the CONCEPT of Compromise in Congress…

What does the word “compromise” actually mean?  I mean… I hear people say:  “We passed the bill with “bi-partisan cooperation”.  And if you “think” you know what this means… well, I’m about to challenge your “thinking”.

To begin with, let us agree that there really is such a thing as “evil”.  And the term “evil” refers to that which is wrong, harmful, and putting one’s own welfare above that of others!  In other words, evil always results in harm to someone… for the selfish benefit of another.  An act driven by greed, or a desire for power, which is feeding one’s Ego, always results in harm to someone.

Why would anyone “want to hurt another”?  Well, it is not a matter of wanting to hurt another, it is more a case where the desires of one’s own MIND override the level of “Conscience” contained within one’s Soul.   Perhaps you were not aware that we Souls differ in how much “Conscience” our Souls possess?  This is not taught in education, and is pretty much unknown in modern mental health, so it is understandable that most people are unaware of this fact?

But this is a fact of life, nonetheless…  and this blog is about Truth, not what people think is true, or imagine might be true?

The “fact” is… this difference in one’s level of “Conscience” is what makes the Liberal or Democrat view life quite differently that the Conservative individual.  In fact, this “lack of Conscience” is what causes the Democrat to be so different from the Conservative.  And, of course there is no way to “see” this evil from just looking at a person.    We can only tell the evil within a person’s MIND  when we listen carefully to what a person says, or when a person tries to force a harmful, or dishonest action upon people who are capable of “seeing” the harm inherent in such an  action.

The problem is… the Democrat type person [I refer to such people as “Intelack” type people] do not possess a sufficient amount of Conscience to enable them to “see” the evil in what they are doing!  And here again, this is likely a new concept for many people?  If interested in Consciousness, I write about it here.

Every Soul has a MIND attached to it to enable it to relate to, and to interact with the Creation, and particularly this physical plane.  You see, your brain is physical, and it relates to things physical, tangible and capable of being felt by our physical senses.  But the brain cannot perceive the MIND, because the MIND  is composed of an energy much too subtle for the brain to perceive.

As the Soul slowly acquires what I refer to as “C’etc” [pronounced “C_etcetera”]– which the ancient Greeks labeled Consciousness, it awakens to higher bits of Truth, which includes what we refer to as Conscience:  Or being able to readily tell right from wrong? 

The Intelack, or Democrat type person simply possesses a Soul that lacks sufficient Conscience to “see” the evil their MINDs cause them to pursue.  They are simply being used by their MINDs to pursue the evil desires of their MINDs, and they have no idea this is what they are doing?  In fact they take some pride in being able to manipulate honest people into denying what is good or proper.

 And the word “compromise” is,  for the Democrat [Intelack] type person,  simply the result of the Democrat being deviously clever in getting what he or she desires… as he or she verbally denigrates, ridicules, and even lies to force Conservatives to yield to them.   The conservative tends to prefer accommodation rather than argument, and unaware of who and what the Democrat is… even unable to imagine how ruthless the Democrat will be to get what he/she desires, the Conservative  most often allows the Democrat to chip away at that which is good in life.

The most obvious example of this was the eight years of Obama.

Peace, Brother James



In the in Intelligence Hearing yesterday, I witnessed a reprehensible abuse of Truth, conducted by Democrats… and allowed by Republicans…AND SUSTAINED BY THE “LAW”.  Perhaps making obvious the fact that the Law does not mean the “Truth”.

The Democrats openly, loudly, and repeatedly said that there was NO PROOF AT ALL THAT THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION ATTEMPTED TO SPY ON THE TRUMP ORGANIZATION.

Even FBI Comey lied, and the General sitting next to him lied… and the Democrats on the committee COUNTED ON THEM LYING. What do I mean?

Either the penalty for exposing actions taken under a FISA warrant is so severe [I believe I heard 10 years in Prison], or something else is going on… because there were two attempts by the Obama administration to secure FISA warrants to spy on the Trump organization.  One in October [which was denied], and again in January [which was permitted]. Is it against the law to even talk about these warrants?

These attempts by the Obama administration are IN THEMSELVES clear evidence that the Obama administration was seeking to  spy on the Trump organization… and yet both Comey & the General, and the Democrats all lied [under oath, by the way], saying that there was NO EVIDENCE   that this occurred.

Is this not using the Law to block public awareness of illegal activities [made secretly OK by some law passed by Congress]?   Is this not a case where government bureaucrats are using the laws they pass to operate in ways the Constitution expressly denies?  And then the Democrats can openly lie to the American Public, while the laws of the FISA process prevent honest people in Congress from exposing the lies of the Democrats… and the Democrats count on good people obeying the Laws they intentionally create to punish anyone who dares expose their lies?

I find this particularly disgusting, vile, and alas…. routinely typical of Democrat or Intelack [godless] type people.

Really aggravating,    Brother James


And… I must preface this blog with the fact that the Psychology I am speaking about is not well known to modern mental health [research HERE if interested]?

Think of thought [particularly Dem/Lib/Intelack thought] as a triangle. That is, the origin of all thought of such people springs from the same psychological “Causal”… which is a deeply repressed fear of the Unknown. And what is ‘unknown’ is a lack of Spiritual  Consciousness. And Consciousness includes the Virtues of Conscience, Discretion, Acceptance, and Empathy. So, the Intelack lacks a certain level of Spiritual Evolution.  This lack of Spirituality is what makes the Intelack an Intelack.

Dem Psyche.jpg

In other words, the Dem/Lib/Intelack has no choice as to whether to believe in God or not, the level of Consciousness of this type person is simply insufficient to experience the subtle energy of the Spiritual dimension.

What fools Enlightened people regarding the Intelack [Dem/Lib] type individual is that the Intelack can be very intelligent.  This intelligence [I believe] is often given to the Intelack in compensation for a lack of Spirituality. This type of intelligence is called Intellectualism, and it is defined as lacking ’emotion’.  In this case, the term   emotion would more properly be that of Consciousness.

And Consciousness has nothing to do with the brain, thinking, IQ, or intellect. This means the Intelack can act like, and appear to be a very advanced Soul, and yet, the fact is… this person is actually fairly new to the form of human being.

So, the Intelack [Dem/Lib] does not choose to be fearful, or to resist Spirituality, such fear is due to an absence of Spirituality Within that person’s Soul.  And lacking the virtues which accompany Enlightenment, the Intelack is naturally drawn to and thus vulnerable toward evil, or in this Iron Age, vulnerable to be used by Satan.

So, if you have wondered why the  Dem/Lib seems to work so hard against that which would increase freedom and personal responsibility for  we citizens… the answer is that they fear personal responsibility and thus, they are dedicated to collectivism, Socialism, and all forms of Marxism, including  Totalitarianism.

Peace, Brother James


Today, on Twitter, I noticed the current game of KEEP-AWAY played by the main stream media and the Democrats in Congress is… LET’S GET SESSIONS… SO WE CAN PREVENT OUR DEM LEADERS FROM GOING TO PRISON.

Sadly, far too many Republicans, and even Conservatives fail to recognize this game, and by their ignorance [or failure to pay attention] they allow good people in DC to be beaten up by the evil people in the main stream media, and the corrupt people in Congress.

Virtually  every few days, Obama sends over a name to the Democrats in Congress, who then call the servants of Satan in the media, who then put in banner headlines the name of the good person to be destroyed, and millions of Americans who still read newspapers, and listen to the Marxist news on the TV, believe what the main stream says.

I, myself am sick of this game, although I have not been a part of it for a long time now.  When I see it being played, it makes me sad to be reminded how impotent are the Republicans and Conservatives in allowing the Main stream media and the corrupt Democrats to get away with this game.

In my opinion it is time for good people in Congress to begin to speak out [to social media, since the main stream media WILL NOT PRINT WHAT GOOD PEOPLE SAY], and expose the vile, ugly, and intentional misinformation promoted by Democrats in Congress… as they serve Obama and his master Satan.


Peace, Brother James


Chances are… most people are unable to explain why any person would not want America to be more prosperous, to have more jobs, and higher paying jobs, and to have safe neighborhoods?  And yet… it was obvious that a majority of Democrats refused to applaud, and refused to stand in support of President Trump’s ideas.

What would cause the Democrats to refuse to applaud ideas that would benefit all Americans?  Was it just spite?  Was it just bitterness at losing the election?  Or, was it something else… perhaps something the Democrats themselves are not aware was going on WITHIN themselves?  I believe it was something of a psychological nature that caused the Democrats to refuse to applaud, or to stand in support of what President Trump was saying.  And I believe that what caused the Democrats to sit and refuse to applaud is worth exploring. Well… I actually believe we need to KNOW the REASON the Democrats refused to support ideas that were clearly received by a majority of people with much enthusiasm !

My work, over the last 40 years, has been to serve people as a special psychotherapist. And “special” refers to the fact that I helped people get in touch with deeply repressed MIND-level conflicts that were causing them  to engage in behaviors that were both painful, and  embarrassing for them.  These people were driven to engage in certain behaviors that caused them pain, and yet, they had no idea as to the reason for their behavior?

Not widely known is the fact that in the early 1900s, a person named B.F. Skinner,  who observed animal behavior and then speculated as to what in the environment of these animals might be causing them to act in certain ways… mistakenly thought of himself to be a “psychologist”. He actually knew nothing about Psychology, but his ego [and ignorance of what the ancient Greeks gave the world as Psychology] caused him to “think” that he knew more than the ancient Greeks.  Skinner suffered from a most common malady, that of “Intellectualism”… which is most often defined as using one’s intellect while avoiding emotionality.

What is not known about the malady of Intellectualism is that denial of emotionality is a symptom of those who [unknown to themselves], have a MIND that denies them access to their emotions [the reason for this is Psychological]. Emotional energy is the energy of the MIND, by the way.  And, despite what many intellectuals suggest… being absent ones emotions is not a good thing.  What makes a superb mother is her ready access to her emotional energy [which means Intuition and Empathy].

Modern mental health, or what I refer to as “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”] fails to address the MIND of Man. This is a fact, but this fact is not well known. The reason BS&bp denies and ignores the MIND has to do with the Delusional Thinking of Skinner [which was intellectual compensation for his fear of his own MIND].

And, what does this have to do with those Democrats who refused to applaud, or to stand in support of the ideas of President Trump?  Well, it has to do with the fact that the MIND has the ability to cause a person to “think” and “act” in certain ways that he or she may not notice… but others notice as most  peculiar.  Such people do not notice their peculiar behavior because to them it is habitual behavior, which their MINDs [by feeding Delusional Thinking] to the Left-Hemisphere of their brains, cause them to rationalize, justify and excuse whatever thoughts and behavior they engage in.  In other words, such people “see” nothing peculiar in what they think or do.  Nor are they aware that what they think and do is peculiar,  rude or negative.

In other words, there are people whose thoughts and behaviors are incongruent with the thoughts and behaviors of others, but because those observing such peculiar thoughts and behaviors have no idea what might be causing them… observers tend to just ignore that which they can’t explain.  This, of course only encourages peculiar people to continue “venting” their anxiety in such peculiar thought and behavior.

My point is this… Those Democrats that refused to applaud, or to stand in support of the President’s ideas were not simply  protesting… they were using the opportunity as a means of psychologically “venting” deeply repressed fear in negative behavior [KNOWING that no one would guess what was really going on WITHIN their MINDs].

These individuals are not really “fit” to be in the positions of responsibility in which they find themselves.  And unless they are removed, they will [unknown to themselves] continue to psychologically sabotage America.  Modern mental health is of little help or value in this regard, since BS&bp has been in denial of the MIND for almost a century.

A word to the wise… will hopefully encourage the nation to make sure that those elected to the Congress are psychologically healthy people.

Peace, Brother James


What Does BLM Want?

The BLM [Black Lives Matter] protester is simply demanding what Obama and Holder promised them early in O’s administration.  Don’t you remember when O and Holder both said, regarding the Black Panther thugs who carried clubs to intimidate voters at a voting place, that no black person would be held responsible for any crime committed during the reign of Obama?

…[thus (not too subtly) conveying the fact that now a black person is President, it is white people and those who obey the law who will be persecuted by the government, and by Holder, not black people]…

So, along with being told by Democrats [for about 60 years], then by their parents [at least those who attend the church of Reverend White], that they are victims, oppressed, and unable to exercise personal responsibility … and are thus entitled to engage in criminal behavior, and to rob, steal, and especially beat up white people, mexicans,  older veterans, old ladies, and to generally act irresponsibly [because their great grand-parents might have been slaves]… over a century ago.

Therefore, according to Holder, and now Lynch, it is only “natural” that young black people should protest when police begin to arrest them for criminal behavior. Besides, O never knows when he will need the BLM movement to fire-bomb a city or two so that O can declare Martial Law?

So, the BLM protester marches, screaming how oppressed they are, and how unfair life is, and that black youth should have the right to shoot each other if they want to.  And their Marxist teachers reinforce their victim status continually [as a means of trying to ingratiate themselves with black youth], who the teachers have been told as part of their training in college by Liberal professors… that black people  are incapable of learning…  And the only people who  want to intervene in this merry-go-round of deceit are Conservatives… who are labeled by O, Holder, Lynch, Hillary, Sharpton, Jackson, and other Marxist racists… as enemies of the black community.

So, we have prejudiced, irrational, even hysterical protesters who are convinced that they are incapable of being responsible, and that is is unfair to expect that they should be responsible.  And… is it any wonder that so many black youth are vulnerable to, and even drawn toward the hateful rhetoric of IslamicDeathCult members?

So, what does the BLM protesters want?  They demand what the Democrats have taught them to believe, which is that they are victims and incapable of being responsible, therefore, they must not be expected to act like human beings.

As long as the nation has a president who fears being responsible himself, is there much chance black youth will rise above what the Democrats expect them to be and do?  I would think that black parents would be concerned that in Chicago, black youth are killing each other at an alarming rate.  But for some reason, the black community is ready to riot if some black thug is interfered with by the police… while black youth killing each other is quite OK?

I must admit, I would not have believed the Democrat [Marxist] rhetoric since FDR, would have been so effective, but it seems all conscious Americans [of all races] must re-evaluate the deviously clever, and culturally destructive propaganda the Democrats [in media and government], have promoted over the last many decades.  It is bought by the black community 90 to 95%.  And O has brought into America millions of uneducated people to perpetuate the Marxist Democrat way of dependence.

I suggest thoughtful citizens begin to pray intensely for Spiritual intervention in this death spiral so many young people have chosen as a new form of entertainment.


Brother James