BUT FIRST… Look below to paragraph in all capital letters & in BOLD.

The Congress shows good intentions in allocating MONEY to the problem of addiction to drugs, or Opiates, Smack, Pot, etc.  And in bringing together people who are also CONCERNED about the PROBLEM.

The PROBLEM IS… Are these EXPERTS not the very people attempting to deal with the problem… with no success?  The only thing money does is to make people who have no idea what to do RICHER…

Congress must ask itself… are they seeking to reduce the problem, or give the impression they are doing something? And I am serious in this question.

Allow me to explain as briefly as I can what is going on with the problem of Drug addiction.  Let me begin with the reason people use drugs?  Drugs are used by people [initially] to achieve a state not unlike when one is intoxicated with alcohol. But alcohol has a negative reaction by others, whereas today using drugs is “cool,” neat, hip, etc.

The primary reason people become addicted to drugs is… the drugs work to meet the psychological need of a person to cut-off awareness of anxiety [which is caused by that person’s MIND… threatening to expose some fearful unknown from within itself to that person’s Conscious Awareness].


1. Deeply repressed fear. 2. A need to have that fear revealed. 3.  The fact this fear is a psychological misperception taken-on at the time of that person’s birth… which can ONLY be discovered via COMPETENT PSYCHOTHERAPY.

______________________  Additional point of interest is:  Modern mental health or “BS&bp” Research Here... has no idea what the MIND is, where it is, or how it works?  The CAUSE of addiction is not the drugs… but a person’s MIND that uses the drugs to achieve a state of reduced anxiety. The actual causal behind drug use is that it works.  And no amount of cerebral, behavioral, or intellectual activity will impact the HABIT OF DRUG USE BECAUSE THE HABIT IS FIXED IN THE PERSON’S MIND.

____________Without adequate AND PROPER Psychotherapy, throwing money at addiction is an exercise in fleecing the tax-payers.

Peace, Brother James

What is Enlightened Psychotherapy?

About 40 years ago, shortly after I graduated with my Master’s in Counseling/Psychotherapy, I somehow found myself working at a prison in Washington State, serving a group of male inmates who, upon their own initiative, urged the administration of that prison to allow them to secretly hire a competent therapist to help them with their problems.

This was a most courageous and Enlightened thing they did… and I am just now admitting to them, and to the world, that I believe it was my own ignorance that caused their program to be closed down.  And I am most profoundly sorry to have been the cause of that happening.

Now, 40 years later, I wish to extend an apology to those inmates for my being so darned naive regarding the utter ignorance [and intense fear] of the State, and the Department of Corrections.  It was my own ignorance of how frightened, ignorant, and stupid the Department of Corrections was [and still is] that led me to try and encourage the Department of Corrections to extend this program to all prisons in Washington State.

In providing testimony to a group at the Capital, which included the head of the DOC, and some state officials, I mistakenly used the word “experiment”… as in the inmates were brave enough “to experiment with a new idea”…

Well the paranoia of the high-paid people at that hearing caused them to hear nothing but my one word “experiment”.  They did not hear what I said, nor how positive I was about the courageous attempt by inmates to help themselves.  They only heard the word “experiment,” and that terrorized them.

Within a week, I was told that I had been black-balled by the state, and that I was no longer permitted to help any prisoner in the system.  And I was amazed, dumbfounded, and only now, some 40 years later, am I finally realizing just how frightened some people can be?

One inmate refused to buckle under the fear of the DOC, and he and I maintained correspondence [through which he was able to awaken to a number of early childhood events that were the “cause” of his previous predatory behavior].  For that, I will always be thankful.

Enlightened Psychotherapy is, quite simply, one Soul conveying to another Soul the permission to rise above the MIND, and to recognize the negative misperceptions that  were held by the MIND of the person Within whom such misperceptions were held.  Once this occurs, the misperceptions are converted from misperception to Spiritual Energy Within the person, and they no longer possess the power to cause that person to act out negatively.

Then it is just a matter of learning new ways of being, which come rather quickly.


Brother James


And to begin with, after you read this blog, you will know what 95% of the licensed psychologists in America do not know.  And if this is disturbing to you, it should be, because 100% of all the conflicts people experience are due to the MIND of people… and not anything they can deal with by use of their brains.

Your brain is a physical muscle, with extraordinary aspects of biological and electrical synapsing, with a capacity to store phenomena it is exposed to as part of what we call cerebral memory.  And this even includes “abstract words, terms, symbols and concepts” that the eyes see, and the ears hear, and… what makes these “abstract” is that the pictures, words or experiences the brain takes-in are only “symbols” for what the words, terms, symbols and concepts can  ONLY POINT TO, OR STAND FOR.

In other words… the name of something is not capable  of conveying the actual experience of what the name or label “stands for”.

That is, many people believe they “know” what the term Soul stands for.  But do they? Who do you know who has met a Soul?  The Soul is composed of Spiritual Energy, and Spiritual Energy is invisible to the brain and to the MIND.

And the MIND can cause the brain to think what the MIND wants the brain to think, by exercising a subtle [normally invisible] process I refer to as the “DM=SI” [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity], and the DM=SI is the primary Defense Mechanism of the MIND.  And of course the brain is quite unaware of the DM=SI.

There are four simultaneously existing, and yet entirely separate vibrational energy dimensions which make up the whole of Man.  From outside in, these are:  The physical dimension; the Lower MIND, or Astral dimension; the Higher MIND, or the Causal dimension; and finally there is the Spiritual dimension.

The only part of Man that can experience all four dimensions is ones faculty of Intuition, which is a part of ones Apapsyche, which is part of ones Spiritual dimension.

And the reason all of this is unusual or unknown to you is that BS&bp [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”] has been systematically seeking to ignore, deny and abandon three-quarters of the whole of Man since the early 1900s.

Research, if interested, Here.

OK with the material thus far?  Now, the brain, as I said, is a physical muscle and it is therefore vulnerable to drugs, because drugs impact the physical body, and the brain is physical.  But drugs have no impact upon the MIND because the MIND is not physical, in any way, shape or from.  So, when some drug is offered by someone trained in BS&bp, the communication between the MIND and the brain is interfered with, and so the brain cannot carry out the messages of the MIND [which is the normal means by which the MIND helps one “vent” negative energy being generated Within ones MIND], when deeply repressed traumata Within the MIND are being stimulated by vibrations  being conveyed by some person, event, or situation taking place outside of a person.

In other words, ones behavior is ALWAYS determined by ones MIND, and never by ones brain.  So, you can beat a person, starve them, etc., and that person cannot change until that which is Within that person’s MIND is re-programed [and that CAN ONLY TAKE PLACE FROM WITHIN THAT PERSON’S MIND], as facilitated by the Higher MIND of a properly trained psychotherapist.

But, since BS&bp does not believe there is anything Within a person’s MIND [and those trained in BS&bp  have no idea what the MIND is], well, people are suffering a great deal due to improper treatment. Especially obvious with Veterans who are committing suicide at alarming rates, due to improper treatment.

There is a type of person, I refer to as the Intelack type person, whose Soul is relatively new to the from of human being, and thus, such people naturally fear [the invisible] three-quarters of the whole of Man.  Their fear is non-conscious, thus they are unaware of this fear.  It used to be dealt with through proper training, but since the early 1900s, this training was thought by B.F. Skinner, to be unnecessary.  And modern mental health is now practiced as a part of Intellectualism, or strictly by the brain and focused on what the brain thinks.  In denial of the Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man, in other words.

And, since BS&bp is controlled by, operated to serve, and from the top down guarded against anyone who might suggest a change in BS&bp… guess what?  Making sure mental health is not changed is more important to those in BS&bp than the lives of American Veterans.

But at least you now KNOW something very important that the government and modern mental health fears being told… So be  careful who you talk to.


Brother James

Open Letter to Mental Health Professionals…

As I was sitting, wondering what I should write about this afternoon… it occurred to me to offer an unusual “gift” to any mental health professional who “feels” as though his or her training has not fully awakened  the inherent ability of him or her?

If you do “feel” this way, then chances are… you are correct.  And… good for you for noticing this!  What does this have to do with my “gift”?  Well, I am retired, and my expertise lies in having actually helped conflicted people get in touch with deeply repressed misperceptions held within their MIND realms, and by re-experiencing the emotional trauma that “set” the misperception, their conflict disappeared.

What I offer to any therapist, psychotherapist, or psychiatrist [or small group] who would enjoy being of greater service to the clients/patients they serve… is a short one-week advanced course in Competent Gestalt Psychotherapy at no cost, except for your transportation. Your room, board and training will be provided at no cost.

Why would I offer something like this?  Primarily because the citizens of America deserve a great deal better treatment than they are receiving today.  And the fields of mental health and “psychology” are controlled by people who do not realize they intensely fear the MIND of Man.  That is, the ghost of B.F. Skinner still controls the halls of mental health, and the public deserves better.

What I will help you discover will in no way compromise you with your license, except to enhance your treatment of people.  And I will also teach you how to hide your new skills and abilities so as to not threaten those in your field who have no idea what the MIND is?  If interested, drop me a line via email:


Brother James

How Many Young People “needing mental health” would be healed if parents received help instead?

I don’t mean this title to be rude, or insensitive, but it is meant to suggest a HUGE problem in the field of modern mental health… due to simple ignorance [born of fear].

The fact is… all conflicted behavior, or issues with mental health, are SYMPTOMS of a conflict Within the emotionality of ones MIND.  And in the case of young people, their symptoms of conflict are CAUSED by an active conflict a young person has with his or her parent, or parents… and the conflict is not new.  It has slowly gotten worse, and it will continue to get worse until something [that neither the youth nor the parents are aware is going on] is changed.

How do parents who have no idea how they are causing the conflict of a child address the conflict of the child?  Well, they can’t very well do so, can they… if they have no idea what they are doing to cause it, right?  And to ask the child [which is what modern mental health “experts” are taught to do] is silly beyond reason, but it happens all the time.

The problem is psychological, and the term psychological means it takes place at a level Within the MIND of both the parent and the child, and  neither of them realizes there is a conflict taking place…  because the conflict is non-consicously held Within their MINDs… and the brain is certainly not the MIND.

And how does modern mental health deal with the MIND of Man?  Well, they don’t even try to do so, because B.F. Skinner, in the early 1900s, said there is no MIND Within Man, and foolishly, many of those in Psychology at the time believed his Delusional Thinking to be true.

So, today parents send children to mental health “experts” who have no idea what is causing the child’s conflict, and not knowing what to do, these “experts” send the child to a psychiatrist who writes a prescription that will make a zombie of the child.  And all the adults feel that they have accomplished something of value.  All they have done is create a child dependent upon drugs for life, and convinced that something is wrong with him or her.

The problem with the child is that the MIND of one or both parents is non-consciously sending messages to the MIND of the child, and these messages are in conflict with what the child has to do to live normally in life.  And since these messages are communicated at a non-conscious level, neither realizes that the Behavioral symptoms of the CONFLICT are entirely caused by an internal conflict Within the child’s MIND… rebelling at the false misperceptions held Within the MIND of the child.

All that is needed is a couple sessions with a COMPETENT Psychotherapist, and the child would be relieved of the misperceptions, and the child’s problem would be solved.  The parent still is sending the negative messages, but the child is able to ignore theses.

If modern mental health knew what it was doing [at all], the parent could  have a few sessions and that would eliminate the child’s conflict as well… given the parent saw a competent therapist?  What are the chances the parent can find a competent therapist?  Perhaps one in two or three hundred.  Not promising, I know.


Brother James