Gestalt Psychotherapy, When Properly Practiced… Takes Place on Levels Which are Invisible … and Enlightened!

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I believe Fritz Perls, who was a “natural” Gestalt Therapist,” did a great job doing what he did, however, he was not a great teacher of what he did.

Why do I suggest this? Because what he did virtually ceased to be great [and was thought to be eventful] after his death, merely because the physical act of dissociation by shifting chairs is itself an effective thing to do.  But Gestalt in the hands of someone who is not Enlightened, is just a “parlor trick”. And like so much of psychiatry today, Gestalt has been captured by Intellectualism and the physical  disassociative element is actually more harmful than helpful … when practiced by  someone who is not “Enlightened”.

The Gestalt practiced by Perls was perhaps thought by him to be much more intellectual than it actually was… Because Perls [in my opinion] was not aware of the Esoteric elements naturally operating “Within” himself, which caused his work to be effective and helpful to people!

Perls made use of an elevated level of Empathetic Understanding, or a peculiar advanced level of MIND to MIND telepathic ability that existed “Within” himself, that I believe he mistakenly attributed to his brain and intellect.

In my limited reading of Perls, and hearing him speak on recordings, I believe he possessed a Soul that possessed an extraordinary level of Empathetic Understanding. But this Spiritual “gift” was not recognized by him, and thus he was unable to “teach” others, since he was unaware of the reason he could do what he did?

To do Gestalt successfully, one must possess a high level of “C’etc” [Pronounced “C_etcetera”], and this refers to the Virtues of Life: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.  In other words, in Reality we have people who are quite intellectual, and we have people whose Souls possess a high level of C’etc. Gestalt can be done by Enlightened people, and SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED BY people who are simply intellectual.

How do we know the difference,  you must listen to a person carefully…

Peace, Brother James


Marijuana is a perfect example of the battle between Good and Evil… or how powerful is Greed in Intelack type people?

The basic challenge for every Soul, hidden within every person, comes down to the level of the Virtue of CONSCIENCE contained within the Soul of a person?  How much Conscience a Soul possesses WILL determine how that person perceives the use of Marijuana?  This choice is not an intellectual choice [although most people believe the choice is intellectual].  The choice is made by a person’s MIND that, due to a lack of “C’etc” [pronounced “C_etcetera”], which is my symbol for the Virtues of Life we Souls are slowly acquiring by completing Karam over many, many lifetimes.   A lack of Conscience… is a lack of C’etc, which means a person is lacking the Virtues of Life.  My names for the Virtues of Life are:  Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.  These Virtues form a person’s level of  Conscious Awareness, which I give the symbol “C-Awar”.  And if a person  lacks the Virtue of Conscience, chances are quite good that person also lacks the Virtue of Discretion as well.  And by lacking these important Virtues, a person is more prone to, or vulnerable to be controlled by his or her MIND [which is not the brain, but is a subtle energy body existing within Man that administers the Law of Karma from within Man]. 

Alas, modern mental health began denying the MIND of Man in the early 1900s, when a scientist [ignorant of Psychology] named B.F. Skinner, offered an Oxymoron he called “Behavioral Psychology” as a new way to study Man.  Unknown to himself, his new idea was simply a verbal statement of the factors by which the MIND of Man subtly controls what a person thinks and does.  I refer to this oxymoron, and those trained in it, by the symbol “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’].

And the MIND [symbol M], is the primary determinate in a person’s choice regarding Good and Evil in Life. A person will automatically chose evil over good if that person lacks the Virtues of Life which allow one to “see” what is good and what is evil?  So, those people who favor the harmful drug Marijuana choose this evil because they have insufficient experience [ a lack of C’etc], and therefore, they are unable to “see” beyond it’s ability to cause them to “feel good,” as it blocks their Conscious Awareness of their own Karmic pain.  When we block this Karmic pain, it WILL FIND OTHER WAYS IN WHICH TO CAUSE US PAIN AND SUFFERING.  Quite literally, no one avoids his or her Karma.

The Lord helps us experience our negative Karma in the least harmful way possible… however, if we refuse to accept this pain, then more painful ways of feeding us our negative Karma will be initiated.  Only a fool thinks that avoiding the pain of life is a good idea!

But, there are a great many Intelack type people on Earth who see drugs as a very good source of money.   It is sad there are not as many Enlightened people in America who  “see” taking drugs as harmful, and speak out loudly against it.

Peace, Brother James

All Souls are from God, but they are not all “equal” in maturation

And if this flies in the face of what we have been told, so be it.  All Souls are in the process of acquiring what we might refer to as Spiritual Evolution [or Consciousness], and this refers to and requires the slow, many-lifetime process of engaging in and completing Karma [which is defined as Action-Reaction].

That is, what is called in physics the principle that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  In the Law of Karma this is called the Yang and Yin principle. Or the concept that “as you sow, so shall you reap”.  And each action we do is an act of Yang energy [male and outgoing], and that will in turn require the return of that exact same Karma in its YIN form.  And Yin Karma means the emotional experience of receiving precisely the exact same Yang Karma acted out against oneself.

Now, if one is able to receive that Karma [or utilize the Virtue of Acceptance] then that bit of Karma is complaint.  However, Acceptance is rarely exercised when one receives the results of one’s own Karmic action.  Most often a person believes the action taken against oneself is unwarranted, unfair, unjust, and one then resists the action, or seeks revenge for such action… which results in that particular Karma  coming back again, and again, until one realizes that it is coming back to one because it was CAUSED by oneself.  The only way to “complete” that Karma, is to own it, and to forgive the person who returned one’s own Karma to oneself.

So, the fact is… each of us is in the process of trying to LEARN what the Law of Karma is, and how to deal with it.  And that means that each of us is separate and unequal in how much Karma one has COMPLETED?  The following sketch is a visual reminder of the  two basic types of people on Earth.


I refer to these Virtues by the symbol “C’etc” [pronounced “C_etcetera”], and each Soul is in the process of accumulating these Virtues by engaging in the Karma of life.

So, part of humanity are Intelack Souls, and part of humanity are Enlightened Souls. And sometimes it is difficult to tell which is which, but it is important to discover this, because the Intelack individual is naturally prone to evil.

Peace, Brother James

Another bit from my new book:

When people in the world confuse the Spiritual [and invisible] Reality of Life with the physical illusion of the Earth plane that we think is real, and Enlightened people assume that the Intelack person possesses the same C’etc as the Enlightened individual… and can therefore choose between good and evil. This ignorance on the part of the Enlightened people causes them to yield to the insistence of the Intelack to “compromise”. No one can compromise with evil, or the lack of truth [and avoid supporting evil].  We human beings are not naturally given to understand the REALITY OF EITHER-OR in Life. Our MINDs cause us to believe that everything on Earth is “relative”. We just do not realize that “Compromise” means the game of life will ALWAYS go to the Intelack. And it has done so since the beginning of time.
________________This will change after the war of Armageddon, by the way.

Mystical Incorporeal Man VS Knee Jerking

“Mystical Incorporeal Man”? Is there such a thing? And if there is, what is it?   If you look in a dictionary for the term Incorporeal, it will likely suggest the term “immaterial”.  And the dictionary will most likely define immaterial as being unimportant, or inconsequential.  Both of these terms are based on, and spring from, the corporeal nature of Man, which naturally knows little of the invisible dimensions of life because the corporeal nature of man consists of the physical body with its special muscle we call the  “brain”.

And… the physical dimension of Man represents one-fourth of the whole of Man; while three-fourths of the whole of Man are composed of invisible dimensions the the brain cannot [and never will] perceive.

So, strictly speaking… the “Mystical Incorporeal Man,” refers to the MIND [which is composed of a ‘Lower part,’ and a ‘Higher part,’] but we refer to these two in the singular term MIND; and the term Incorporeal also refers to the Spiritual dimension of Man, which is invisible to all dimensions except that of the Spiritual dimension itself.

And… it is the very rare individual who has been able to “experience” his or her MIND.  And this should not be too surprising since the MIND is invisible to the brain and physical senses of Man.  In fact, the MIND is so elusive that many in science, and the field of “modern mental health,” or what I refer to as “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”], do their best to try and convince the world that the MIND is “sort of” like the brain.

Well, the MIND is nothing like the physical brain, and the MIND will always remain invisible to the brain, and to those who are confined to the brain for their investigation of Life.

As for”Knee jerking,” that just refers to speaking out without adequate or proper contemplation regarding what one is saying.  Relying on hackneyed phrases one has picked up, or letting ones MIND direct ones speaking by use of the DM=SI of ones MIND, and Delusional Thinking [0r D-Think].

You see, or perhaps you do not see… [since BS&bp does not teach what I’m about to explain],  the MIND can use its DM=SI to feed D-Think to the Left-Hemisphere of ones brain, and ones Apapsyche [the Operational Energy of ones Soul] converts the MIND-level thoughts into brain-level thinking, so that the brain has no way of differentiating between what it thinks and what the MIND wants it to think.

And, of course all this takes place at levels of consciousness that the brain cannot perceive.  So, when you observe someone who is quite convinced that what he/she is saying is true [and you know it is not true], you are unable to convince that person of his or her error, because he/she is convinced he/she is right… and it is not that person’s brain making the decisions, it is his/her MIND.

This forms, as you might imagine, the basic conflict between those people who are Intelack [lacking in consciousness to some degree], and those who are Enlightened to some degree.  And yes, there is a range of consciousness so that people who are Intelack [or lacking in consciousness] range from what we might call sociopathic [or really cut off from their emotions], to those who  have some access to their emotions, but they still have difficulty telling right from wrong, and this means they are rather easily persuaded to take actions that are harmful to themselves and others.  But the MIND of the Intelack convinces him or her that life is unfair, and it is up to Man to correct what the Intelack views as “errors” in the way Life operates.

All despots are Intelack type personalities, and each despot “thinks” that he or she is helping people toward some Utopian dream, and a few thousands deaths is well worth the cost.  In Life, there is a constant war taking place Within Man, and that war is between ones MIND [favoring evil] and ones Soul [when mature, will fight for good].

And what determines whether one is an Intelack or not is the level of C’etc [or Consciousness] a person’s Soul has acquired? And the mystics tell us this takes many, many lifetimes to achieve.

So, whether or not one speaks truth to Life depends upon whether or not that person knows the difference between good and evil?  There are many references to this in the Bible, by the way.


Brother James


Question: How do we Protect Against Common Core, and Marxist Oriented Teachers and Professors ?

Or put another way, how do we help our young people avoid being indoctrinated with Marxist propaganda, a Liberal [socialist] agenda, or having their faith and Spiritual beliefs negatively assaulted by teachers and professors who dislike America, and whose views are oriented toward Marxist Psychological distortions of Reality?

Part of the reason for ordinary people complaining about what their children are being taught is that their children are Enlightened [possess Souls that are more Spiritually Evolved than ordinary young people], and this provides such young people with  a sense of “Intuition” that other children do not possess.  All children being taught by  adults who are teaching based on a predilection for Marxist philosophy,  are being taught by teachers who are subtly indoctrinating children to dislike and perhaps even hate America.  And this usually includes parading  before the student alleged atrocities committed by America against all other nations.  The fact that only the more Enlightened students take exception to the rhetoric of such instruction is a natural reaction of young people whose natural level of Consciousness allows them to “see” the inherent dishonesty of their instructors — but this is rare.

Although an Enlightened student might sense that an instructor is not being honest, it is the rare student whose parents have “taught” the student to bring their perceptions and concerns home to discuss with is or her parents. And even more rare is the parent who takes his child’s word over that of an instructor.

So, as an ex-teacher and university professor, I know of that which I speak.  My unique qualification, however, is that I was a  Psychotherapist for over 30 years, specializing in the conflicts of the MIND of Man.  During this time, I discovered a great many things that are not generally known, even in “modern mental health”.   I discovered, for example, that it is the MIND of a person that dictates to that person’s brain what they person will think and believe.  And the only element of a person capable of interfering in the dialogue between ones MIND and ones brain… is the state of maturation of ones Soul.

Needless to say, the instructor or professor who is engaging in indoctrination has no idea this is what he or she is doing?  The MIND of such a person causes him or her to “think” that what he or she is saying is quite true.  This is “Delusional Thinking,” or D-Think, and D-Think is a natural, automatic expression of the MIND of a person whose Soul possesses  a certain “lack” of Consciousness.  A level that is not sufficient enough to push back against the MIND of that person.  In other words, the Soul of that person cannot help but allow the MIND that is attached to the Soul of that person to “do its thing”.  The Soul of such a person does not possess the necessary level of Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding, or “C’etc” [pronounced ‘C_etcetera’], and C’etc is my symbol for the Virtues of Life that all Souls are slowly accumulating.

In the Bible, Christ speaks of his disciples being able to “hear’ and “see” bits of Truth that the masses could neither “see” nor “hear”.  The explanation for this is not very well explained in the Bible.  But then, the explanation is difficult to convey in words, unless the one receiving the explanation is highly Enlightened, and capable of using his/her faculty of Intuition to “experience” the otherwise invisible “bits of Truth”.  Using ones faculty of Intuition to “see” the invisible bits of emotional energy Within a person’s MIND  is the standard practice for the properly trained Psychotherapist — which is a dying breed in mental health unfortunately.

And my point is this:  If hardly anyone knows which teacher or professor is likely to be involved in subtle propaganda [least of all those who are themselves guilty], how do we protect our young people from this abuse?  Well, I believe I have an idea of how we can protect our children, and the explanation of this idea  will be outlined in my next blog:  QEC: Qualified Educator Certification.


Brother James