The Purpose of Life…Revisited

Despite what many Intellectuals insist is true, the Reality of Life [which is usually invisible to us] has a distinct Purpose… and oddly enough, that Purpose is to find a way out of the cycle of birth and death, Within which  most people do not even know they are trapped?

Yesterday, a beautiful Japanese Lace leaf Maple was planted.  The root ball of that tree was between five and six hundred pounds.  It was of course more than my wife and I could manage alone.  So, my wife called a person who had recently done some work for us, and asked if he could help?  He said he could, but that it would have to be after his work day was done.

So, my wife and I prepared, best we could, by doing those things we knew were needed in preparation to plant that tree.  We hoped that three people could somehow  move that massive root ball into the hole without damaging the tree or ourselves?  

Two days ago, another person and myself had dug the hole for the tree. And because the tree was so large, I thought I had better check out YouTube  to learn something about planting large trees.  And I learned a number of things.   One is how important it is to make sure the tree is planted so that the point on the trunk of the tree where the roots begin was at the level of the surrounding  surface, or slightly higher, so that water would drain away from the trunk. Water is needed by the roots, but standing water will damage the trunk.

I also learned that the canopy of the tree was continually supported by the root ball of the tree. And any damage to the root ball would be transferred to the tree itself.  So, any damage to the root ball should be avoided.  With this new information, I spent a couple hours  yesterday morning waiting for the tree to arrive. When it did, I began replacing some of the dirt in the hole to  insure that the trunk of the tree and its root system  would be at the proper place.  We had dug the hole prior to the arrival of the tree. and when I measured the distance from the bottom of the root ball to the point where the roots came out of the trunk, I needed to raise the bottom of the hole about eight inches.

The point of all of this is that, my wife and I had done all we could to get ready to try and move the root ball… and at that point…  the neighbors on each side of us arrived home from work, and seeing my wife and  I with this large tree… well, they took pity on us and volunteered to help. All of us together were successful in planting that beautiful tree, which will be a pleasant sight for all of us to enjoy for years to come.

One  Purpose of Life is to experience a  moment just like this, where neighbors extend a helping hand, and all one can say is…  To thank them profusely, and to remember what kindness and helping each other is all about.  At 82, I really do appreciate my neighbors.

Peace, Brother James


Have You Ever Wondered What Truly Competent Psychotherapy Is? Part 2…

In Part 2… we will enter into areas of “Competent Psychotherapy” that are entirely unknown to modern mental health, or “BS&bp,” which stands for Behaviroal Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”.

First of all, Competent, proper, or effective Psychotherapy depends entirely upon the person providing the therapy, and not on the label given to what that person is doing?  This is a backhanded way of saying that perhaps 50% of those people in modern mental health who are fully “licensed” to do Psychotherapy are neither properly trained…  nor capable of being trained.

The ONLY person capable of acquiring the peculiar skills and unusual abilities required to work with the MIND of Man is someone whose Soul is Enlightened enough to rise above that person’s MIND.  In other words, ONLY THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE ENLIGHTENED INDIVIDUALS SHOULD BE TRAINED TO PROVIDE PSYCHOTHERAPY.  And not any label of Psychotherapy, but specifically A Gestalt model that involves the therapist being able to shift from his/her physical body into his/her MIND realm [and beyond, into that of Conscious Awareness itself].  My symbol for Conscious Awareness is “C-Awar,” and I believe C-Awar is what Renee Descartes was searching for when he settled for “I think, therefore, I am”.

Why only an Enlightened individual?  Because there are only two types of people on Earth.  One type is the Intelack type individual [godless or lacking in Consciousness], and the other type is the Enlightened type individual. And only the Enlightened type individual has acquired a sufficient amount of “C’etc” [or Consciousness] to be able to “Astral Travel” or shift from one dimension to another dimension.  And to help a person deal with a conflict “Within” that person’s MIND, one must be able to explore “Within” one’s own MIND, and identify the particular emotional resonance that is conflicted “Within” the MIND of the person seeking “Proper Psychotherapy”.

You might want to read the last sentence over a few times to allow yourself to realize that I am talking about “MIND reading” of a sort!  That is, reading what is wrong “Within” the MIND of another by awakening to the exact same emotional resonance being stimulated “Within” one’s own MIND.

I refer to this natural  [although advanced] ability of Man as “Empathetic Understanding,” which I list as one of the Virtues of Man.  And obviously, to be able to freely  explore your own MIND, you must have previously discovered and eliminated any deeply repressed childhood traumata that might be  hidden “Within” your own MIND.

The requirement that anyone seeking a license as a Psychotherapist undergo his or her own course of Psychotherapy is one of the first things the Intelack type people [who took over mental health in America] removed.  So, now, in 2017, not one in a thousand mental health experts can tell you what the MIND is, where it is, or how it operates?  I mean, imagine that!  A field of mental health in which no one knows what the “Mental” in Mental Health means?

That would be like licensing a brain surgeon to conduct brain surgery and never require that surgeon to study the brain.

My point is simply this…Unless you KNOW exactly what is wrong with a person before ever meeting that person… you have no business trying to treat that person because the only thing you will do is to make the conflict “Within” that person worse.  In the case of the Veteran suffering PTSD, this means causing that Vet to become so despondent that he/she will commit suicide.  And how many mental health “experts” have been charged with malfeasance?

Mental Health is all about the MENTAL dimension of Man,  Surely there must be some people in America  who believe in God, the Soul, and the fact that the brain is a physical muscle in the skull, and is not the MIND?

Peace, Brother James

Have You Ever Wondered What Truly Competent Psychotherapy Is?

Really “competent” Psychotherapy is quite rarely experienced today, regardless how much one pays for treatment.  And the problem in acquiring competent help is that those who are licensed by some state agency to perform Psychotherapy… have no idea what Psychotherapy is?  And what they have been taught has nothing at all to do with the MIND of Man.

The MIND of MAN, by the way, comprises two Esoteric energy bodies, neither of which can be perceived by the brain. The word Esoteric is just another word for “invisible”. And although modern mental health avoids, ignores, and pretends the MIND doesn’t actually exist, the fact is… every mental conflict every human being  experiences is due to a conflict “Within” the MIND of a person.  Your MIND “is” the psychological operation going on  “Within” you, which is impossible to discover or experience by use of your brain.  And your MIND can even cause your brain to think precisely what your MIND wants it to think via a process of the MIND I refer to as “DM=SI”.

DM=SI refers to Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity. And this super subtle process operates by feeding Delusional Thinking, or “D-Think” to the Left-Hemisphere of your brain.  And a part of this “process” involves an aspect of ones Spiritual dimension [the Attn Aspect of ones Apapsyche] being used by ones MIND to convert MIND-level emotion into brain-level words and terms.  I refer to this as Delusional Thinking.

Modern mental health is strictly an exercise in Intellectualism… which means stuffing the brain full of information that is 75% disinformation [based entirely on intellectual speculation], and 25% memorizing labels [that have a host of obvious symptoms attached to them], and these ‘labels’ with the symptoms attached to them are said to be your problem, and since they are not actually “the problem”– but only symptoms of the problem, you can spend years in therapy, and the only thing that changes is your bank account.

Unfortunately, those who pay for the education and training are told that what they are learning is all there is to “KNOW”!  And these people taking the “training” have no way of knowing they are being deluded so that those in charge can maintain the Delusional Notion that what they are teaching has value.  This sham began in the early 1900s with B.F. Skinner, who knew nothing about Psyhology but a great deal about how to use his intellect to get what he wanted… which was to be called a “psychologist”.  He got his way, and America has suffered terribly.

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Evans, Richard I. B.F. Skinner: The Man and His Ideas, New York: E.P.Dutton & Co, 1968.

“A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.”

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As I said, Skinner knew nothing about the Psychology of the ancient Greeks, and his training was in observing animals, and then speculating as to what might be causing them to behave as they did…  in reaction to what he and his colleagues did to them?

To him, the behavioral actions of the animals “fit” nicely with his limitation of Intellectualism, or his limitation to use of his brain alone in attempting to comprehend Life?  He was an Intelack type personality, and thus confined to his brain and thinking. In essence, this means that he lacked Intuition, Empathy, Empathetic Understanding, and psychic ability.

Did  I mention that it is impossible to discover the MIND by use of the brain?

Well, it is impossible to intellectually discover the MIND.  This is the reason those trained in modern mental health [or BS&bp], have been shamefully mislead to believe they are trained in “psychology”.  Sadly, they know nothing about Psychology.  And the more they “think,” the less they will KNOW.

mistakenly believe that since they are licensed, this must mean they have been taught properly, correctly, and that what they have been taught is all there is to understand?

0 line  OK, this is part 1.  I will do part 2, right after dinner, and have it hopefully posted tonight.

Peace, Brother James.


What causes a person to Disrespect America, the flag, and refuse to stand for the National Anthem?

There are two things that would cause a person to do such a thing, and both are contained “Within” a person, and these are usually non-conscious to that person. They are psychological, or deeply repressed “Within” a person’s MIND in other words.

  One of these is deeply repressed hatred [the cause of which is a deeply repressed self-loathing,  which is usually caused by beliefs [or misperceptions] taken-on from significant others in a person’s life [brother/sister, parents, or some teacher]. This psychological defect is held ‘Within’ and repressed ‘Within’ a person’s MIND due to a lack of positive acceptance in that person’s  early childhood.

The second thing is also psychological [which means repressed ‘Within’ a person’s MIND, and is thus unknown to that person’s brain or intellect]. This  second MIND-level conflict is a deep-seated sense of being inferior, which manifests itself in a person who is insecure [or craves attention].  This is usually associated with someone who was unloved as a child. That is, the parent or parents of that child conveyed to the child that he or she was not worthy of being loved.  This emotional defect causes a person to quickly follow others, and especially when the action being followed brings that person attention [whether good or bad is irrelevant to such people].

In both instances, the person will quickly pickup on the current rationale for his or her action. But the “reason” given is merely a cover story for the real reason he/she is engaging in action to be noticed as “special”.  It is always a need to be accepted, prompted by a sense that one is inferior, and insecure.

So, a wise person would not want to be recognized as acting out as a way to bring attention to oneself.   But, as I said, this personality flaw is non-conscious to those ‘Within’ whom it exists.  Although such action is  reprehensible, it is what such people are psychologically driven to do.

We need to pity them.  And, if repercussion is powerful enough, they will “learn” to resist this need ‘Within’ themselves.  Or they could seek out competent psychotherapy to discover and eliminate this flaw ‘Within’ themselves.

Peace, Brother James



In the early 1900s, a scientist-type individual named B.F. Skinner, who was quite intelligent [but was also lacking in Consciousness], uttered the following:


“A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.”

Evans, Richard I. B.F. Skinner: The Man and His Ideas, New York: E.P.Dutton &Co. 1968.

In this quote, Skinner said:  “…the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism…”

This statement was Skinner’s sarcastic way of dismissing the idea that Man has a MIND, as well as a brain.  Why would Skinner “think” this?

Oddly enough it was his own MIND feeding the Left-Hemisphere of his brain Delusional Thinking [or D-Think], that caused his brain to think what he thought.   This is a common occurrence in Man, but it is little known in modern mental health —  because modern mental health [or “BS&bp“]  ceased dealing with the MIND of Man in the early 1900s, largely due to the influence of Skinner.  

As a consequence,  most people today believe the disinformation they have been taught as psychology 101 in high school and college…which denies three-quarters of the whole of Man,

The FACT IS… Every conflict a person has is due to a person’s MIND. EVERY MENTAL CONFLICT is due to the MIND of Man. Every single conflict!

Perhaps you can imagine how much damage this denial of the MIND by BS&bp has caused in America over the last century?  Impacted are all sexual deviants, all people mistakenly thinking they are some type of LGBT, and especially Veterans suffering from PTSD.  The psychological carnage has been just awful.

And this ignorance of mental health was responsible for America electing a Homosexual sociopath, as President, who was supposedly married to a Transvestite male, and the two of them mentally abused  two “rent a child” children. Obama  almost destroyed the military by forcing the military to accept sexual perverts into the military.

And here is a nation today tearing itself apart so that Intelack [godless] people can maintain their Delusional Thinking fed to their brains by their MINDs. Sad state of affairs, but suits Satan just fine.

Peace, Brother James


A Subtle Problem with Formal Education…

The essential problem with “Formal Education” that I wish to address in this blog is an insidious, destructive, almost treasonous problem.  Unfortunately, this problem is unknown to the very people who are committing the “problem”.

What am I talking about?  I am talking about subtly teaching children how bad America is; how bad its founders were; and how wonderful Stalin, Mao, and Castro were.  This is what the “Intelack” type teacher is doing daily, but to this type of person, what he or she is doing… seems to be a perfectly perfectly natural to do… because such people are psychologically conflicted [and the term “psychologically” means each is conflicted “Within” his or her own MIND]…  Which means the conflict which drives such people is entirely unknown to them… and so, they do  not  notice  what they are doing at all.

And yes, this means they are technically insane, however, this type and form of insanity is not identified by the field of mental health today… And the reason for this is that modern mental health [since the early 1900s, has been in denial of the MIND of Man as part of  what it mistakenly refers to as “psychology”]!

Hard to believe? Of course it is.  But do your own little test, or research project by asking any “psychologist” today this question:  “What is the MIND, and where does it exist, and what is its primary function”?  Not one in a thousand will be able to answer your question!

Why does the Democrat, or Liberal, not complain about what Intelack type teachers are doing in the classrooms of the nation?  The answer… sadly, is that what makes a Democrat a Democrat or a Liberal a Liberal is that he or she is an  Intelack type individual.  And the very nature of the Intelack type individual is that one does not know one is lacking anything of importance, since one has full access to ones brain, thinking, and is often even superior in intelligence.

The term “emotion,” which is part of most definitions of Intellectualism, is used by those who write definitions  as “lacking in emotion”… as though this was a good thing.   However…the phrases “absent emotion,” or “lacking in emotion,” refers to more than just lacking in emotion!  The term “Emotion” is part of Consciousness, and a person who lacks emotion also lacks “Conscience,” or the ability to judge right from wrong!

The extreme incidence of the condition wherein a person lacks Conscience is identified as a ‘sociopath,’ or the next step, which is Psychopath.  These people have  little or no Conscience, and lacking Conscience is the prime condition of the world’s worst despots.  The phrase “Lack of  Conscience” refers to the person whose level of Spiritual Evolution is “lacking”. This is a natural condition of the Intelack [or godless type individual].  And yet, we fail to recognize this type person among ourselves, and in failing to do so, we subject our children to them daily.

Maybe Man will be relieved of such people in the new Golden Age ahead?

Peace, Brother James

What Does Many Are Called, but Few Are Chosen… actually mean?

Let us just pose a question to ourselves?  Of the about six billion people on Earth today, how many follow some religion… as opposed to those who are Atheist, Agnostic, or simply do not care about whether there is a God or not?

The number of people around the world who pursue some kind of religion probably registers at least a-third of six billion.  That means there are about two billion people, more or less, who pursue God in some way.  And this number then represents the “Many are Called” part of the familiar saying.  What I wonder is how many of the two billion are actually chosen?

Personally, I believe that Islam, since it teaches its followers to hate, murder, and mutilate other human beings… is not likely among those who will be ‘chosen”. That then reduces the number to be chosen by about a billion.  That leaves about a billion, or one in six people on Earth, who still have a chance to be chosen… if they are sincere in their Faith?

Of that billion, how many, do you suppose “KNOW” what the criteria might be, for being chosen? I suspect the number would be considerably less than a billion.  For that matter, I wonder how many actually “know” what is required?  Do you know where the list is posted that specifies the criteria for being “chosen”?  I am unaware of this list myself.

I have been following a Spiritual Path for over 40 years, and I have given two hours every morning to meditation, focusing intently upon God.  I am a Vegetarian, and I do not smoke, or drink alcohol, and I have been celibate for 30 years.  And I do not believe I will be chosen.  So, I wonder what the criteria for being chosen might be?

My very best wishes goes out to those who may be chosen, and my encouragement to them to maintain what they are doing,  since the End Time is approaching quite rapidly now.

Peace, Brother James