Warning to All Parents around the World: RE: Pedophilia Arrests… & the danger of INFECTION OF CHILDREN.

What I am about to say is very important, although it is not known by modern mental health [or “BS&bp” (Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’], which is the reason Pedophilia became such a problem!  It is also the reason the mental health condition of Homosexuality has  now reached epidemic proportions!  Fear and ignorance prevalent in mental health, psychology, and psychiatry today regarding the MIND… is directly responsible for Pedophilia, Homosexuality, and the hysterical conditions of LGBT around the world today.

I was listening to news of the round-up of sexual predators, perverts, and pedophiles from all around the world on You-Tube yesterday, and it struck me that I should do a blog for the parents of the thousands of children who have been psychologically damaged [infected by] the mentally ill pedophiles  whose insane mental illness  has seriously INFECTED thousands of young people from around the world.

It is the great ignorance of the MIND of Man among those in mental health today that is responsible for the growth of the infectious disease of sexual perversion in the world today.  Sexual perversion is a mental illness that is also highly infectious to adolescents whose MINDs are particularly vulnerable to being mentally [often permanently] damaged by mentally ill adults.

THE FACT IS… What drives the adult sexual pervert is his or her MIND, which is a subtle energy body within Man [all of mankind].  The part of the MIND that is vulnerable to “infection” are deeply repressed misperceptions taken-on by our MINDs at the time of birth. These have to do with one’s sexual identity… which is common in most adolescent children.

When a Pedophile,  Homosexual, or other sexually  conflicted person molests a child, the MIND of the child converts that physical abuse  into a psychological [which means non-conscious] belief that for some reason the child “DESERVES” to be abused sexually.  If this deeply repressed belief is not quickly addressed by COMPETENT PSYCHOTHERAPY, that child remains an easy prey for sexual predators.  And once fully infected, that child becomes a sexual predator itself.  This is the infectious nature of sexually conflicted MINDs as they prey upon vulnerable children.

What can a parent do?  Ideally, carefully monitor your child, and if your child becomes withdrawn, or begins to act-out in sexually provocative ways, or begins to ask pointed questions regarding his or her sexuality, seek out the help of a COMPETENT Psychotherapist.  Alas,  due to the century long take-over of mental health by people who have no idea what the MIND is [and actually deny the MIND],  following the ignorant advice of  B. F. Skinner, in the early 1900s, there are very few competent professionals in the field of mental health today.  So, the task for a parent is quite difficult.

And for heavens sake, do not take your child to a Homosexual mental health worker, since mentally ill people are licensed today to “treat” children… if you can believe it?  This is how degenerate the field has become!

If you happen to know someone who is naturally psychic, or a mother who is particularly empathetic, or a sensitive Gestalt Psychotherapist, then seek the advice of those people, pray, and hope for the best. But one thing for sure… do not let anyone who is suffering from a sexually conflicted MIND near your child. Sexually conflicted people “think” they are OK, and this denial of their illness is normal for them. That BS&bp agrees with this delusional thinking is a great problem in the world today.

Peace, Brother James


Insight Into Islam for Westerners…

I just watched Cecil B. De mills classic film “The Crusades,” and the ending reminded me of something quite important, but generally unknown.  And this little known fact is relevant to what the world is experiencing today.  And I want to try and explain what that important fact is, if I can?

What makes the God of Christ different from the Allah of Mohammed,  is not the name Allah, which Mohammed called his god.  The difference is not merely a  name. Many have referred to many names for something that exists beyond Man, and they have done so  over many ages. My point is not the name by which God is referred to, my point is the essence of God, Himself, and the Path God Created for the redemption of His Souls?

The name “Allah” was created by the man named Mohammed, who said that he, Mohammed, was a prophet.  But Mohammed was not a Saint, nor a Mystic, nor was he sent by God.  How do I know this?  Because precious little that Mohammed taught coincides with the teaching of Saints and Mystics, who have been conveying a single Spiritual message to mankind since the beginning of the Creation.  This message has never changed, and is always the same message, and it is carried by a Soul that incarnates as a human being expressly for the purpose of awakening this message in specific Souls.

Some disciples or followers of a Saint or Mystic, in order to try and hold on to the teachings of that Saint or Mystic, have created various religions.  But that was not the intention,  nor the wish of the Saint or Mystic.

All Saints and Mystics teach the same Spiritual Truth.  And that Truth is this:  There is only one God.  And there is only one path back to God.  And  the Saints and Mystics are sent into the Earth by God, to “Initiate” specific Souls that are “ready” to begin the long and difficult  journey back Home to God, the Father of all Souls.  And such Saints and Mystics may come in any Age, in any country, to any race, and they all have precisely the same message to teach.  And that message is one of Love, and it is only of interest to those Souls that are “attracted” to the message, which is Mystically directed to the “Spirit” of the Soul.

No Saint or Mystic comes to start a religion, or to condemn any religion.  They come only to “Initiate,” or awaken the Spirit hidden “Within” the Soul of those people who are automatically drawn to that Saint or Mystic?  In the Bible, Christ is quoted as saying:  “My sheep know me, and I know them”.  The attraction of a Soul to a Mystic is entirely Mystical, or of a Spiritual nature. It is an invisible bond of Soul to Soul, in other words.

And only those Souls that are Spiritually “Ready” to be Initiated are called to the Saint or Mystic.  And this “union,” between a Soul and a Mystic, which is an awakening of the Spirit hidden “Within” the Soul of a person, with that of the Saint or Mystic…  is one that remains unbroken. And the Mystics tell us that at the most a Soul would require four lifetimes to complete the task of becoming free from the Law of Karma and the cycle of birth and death forever.  But they are quick to add, why not make it in one lifetime?  And that depends upon one’s dedication to Meditation?

Love, tolerance, patience, humility, forgiveness, and non-violence is the teaching of Saints and Mystics.  This teaching has precious little to do with Islam.  Islam is of the MIND, because it was born of Mohammed’s desire to control others, and… various inclusions in the Koran are direct psychological projections from Mohammed’s MIND, having to do with sexual conflicts with his mother, which, most likely caused him to marry an older woman.

A Muslim in America does not have to fear death by leaving the insanity of Islam, but in some people this [often non-conscious] fear is deeply etched. So, if you know a Muslim, suggest that hate, murder, and mutilation of female children is not from God, it is from the insane MIND of Mohammed.

Peace, Brother James

On Behalf of my 83rd Birthday… A TREATISE ON “MEDITATION”…


This Treatise had its beginning on March 17, 1972. That is 46 years ago, and that is the date I received “Initiation” from a Mystic… which is crucial to this treatise, but  that event, without  reader-preparation, would simply be confusing.

Over the last quarter century, I have written a great many books. What makes this strange is that in the eleventh grade, the only punctuation I used was a dash, like this ( – ).  Should I write, I wrote a single  run-on sentence punctuated here and there by a dash – between thoughts.  I attribute this to the fact that in the fifth grade, I could neither read, nor write. I am thankful to Mrs Cox, in the fifth grade, and Miss Ziebold in the eleventh grade. This is just my background.

What I discovered over the years is that Knowledge has nothing to do with information, the brain, or education.  Knowledge is entirely experiential, and it only takes place as a most complex process entirely  “Within” the MIND and Spiritual dimensions of each human being  We return to this concept shortly.

We think of life as sequential.  That is, events taking place as a series of straight lines [one after another].  Whereas, in Reality, Life is always now [like a stage] with past and future events waiting off-stage to make a sudden appearance, and we integrate these into now [“ignoring” the incongruity of the event].  In this sense, Shakespeare was correct.  What causes us to ignore the lack of congruence is the MIND, for whom time is irrelevant. It is carrying out its job of integrating the Law of Karma with what we believe is a linear life unfolding before us… as we view these seemingly “accidental” events as unrelated to us.

To comprehend the subject of “Meditation,” we must understand what this term means? And, it is difficult to understand the term “Meditation” because the key to the term Meditation is the term “Esoteric”.  Esoteric means ‘invisible’ to the brain and physical senses.  Or put another way, the key-principles of Meditation involve  the “Attention” faculty of Intuition, and  that of “Concentration,” both of which are operations of the Soul… and people mistakenly “think” they know what the Soul is? How many of you have seen a Soul?  And to think one knows what the Soul is, when one has no idea what the Soul is… is a common form of Delusional Thinking, which is virtually ignored in Western education.

Mankind therefore engages in a subtle form of Delusional Thinking, which is the MIND feeding Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain, and we do not realize this is taking place continually. The fact the MIND can feed Delusional Thinking [or D-Think] to oneself, and one is unaware that what one is thinking is what one’s MIND wants one to think… is a bitter pill to swallow for the Ego of Man.  So, we ignore it, and we deny it can even happen.  And the MIND counts on [and helps] us  deny this phenomenon.

So, now we have briefly set the stage, so to speak, let us discuss the practice of Meditation?  We begin with discussing the “purpose” of Meditation?  Meditation is a crucial part of the teaching of every Saint or Mystic that has been sent into the Earth plane by God… And the reason Meditation is so important is that Meditation is the ONLY way for the Soul to begin to stop the leeching of the Spirituality of the Soul by the MIND that is attached to the Soul.

How does the MIND “create” Karma?  It takes a bit of the Spiritual Energy of the Soul and “creates” an event for the Soul to vicariously experience… Vicarious in the since that it is the Soul’s own Energy that creates and sustains that event.  And then the MIND stores that event in its memory as Karma.  And, over many lifetimes, that storehouse of memory is filled with what we call “Attachments”. The attachment we speak of is the Spiritual Energy of the Soul that is dissociated and held in all that Karma.

This is the reason the Mystic speaks of the Soul being a “slave” to the Karma held within the MIND.  Although it is the experiencing of this Karma that will eventually give we Souls experiential understanding…  it must be converted from Karmic experience into Knowledge, and Truth.  And that takes place Within us at levels of which we are unaware.

Meditation involves Attention, Concentration, and Acceptance… although the Acceptance part is rarely discussed. Acceptance means forgiving oneself for having spent ones own Spiritual Energy on pleasures of the Illusion.  Both the positive and the negative experiences we have participated in  have been at the expense of our own Spirituality.  In other words, we used our own Spiritual Energy to fulfill  our “desires” for these experiences of the Creation.  And when a Soul awakens to this FACT, it most generally creates a great deal of grief, sorrow, and humiliation.  And we are ashamed, but that is Ego.  This subtly begins the awakening process of “seeing” the difference between the Reality of God, and the Illusion, which we  believed to be real and important. 

Grief is the magic eraser of  Karma, and the more a person can grieve, the quicker that person converts Karma into Knowledge.  Humility only comes from humiliation. So, rather than try and hide from humiliation, embrace it deep within yourself.  See it as a friend, and as a way to clean out the storerooms of Karma from “Within” oneself.

The MIND does not appreciate, nor does it initially support nor encourage this transformation by the  Soul.  In fact, the MIND does everything in its power to dissuade the Soul from engaging in Meditation.  It attempts to feed D-Think to one during Meditation.  It will also bring up all kinds of memories from deep within itself, and it displays these on a screen during one’s Meditation.  This is the reason the Mystic tells us to do both Simran [or repeating of the holy names], and dhyan [which is focusing on the Mystic that Initiated one’s Soul]. And one must keep ones full Attention fixed in the eye-center, resisting the temptation to look either left or right, up or down.

And this is Meditation. An attempt by a Soul to focus all its Energy at the eye center, at the forehead, and to exclude everything else.  And this is a very long and difficult process, and it takes a great deal of dedication, desire, intention, and surrender of one’s Ego.  And the MIND will be relentless in its offering of distractions in various forms:  One’s work, children, politics, pains, aches, and any resentments the MIND can stir up during the day… are stored and presented during Meditation.   A favorite of my own MIND is providing me flashes of pictures of the movie I saw the day or evening before.  I personally sit for meditation between 2 and 3 a.m.  And I have done that every day for the last 46 years.  And, this morning was not unlike any other morning… except that now, I am much more aware of how relentless my MIND is in its attempt to interject itself into my Meditation.  The statement of Christ, “If thine eye be single, they whole body shall be full of light,” is a reminder that what Mediation needs to be is one-pointed Attention of all one’s Concentration. This intensity is quite tiring.

Most Mystics, or Masters, remind us of just how difficult Meditation is, and they know this because every Soul must go through the same process.  There is only one Path back Home to God, the Father of we Souls.  I hope my sharing this bit about Meditation has been helpful.

Peace, Brother James, May, 2018




What Most People do not KNOW about the Liberal/Democrat type personality?

To fully comprehend the Psychology of the Liberal/Dem personality, one must study Eastern Mysticism, and the concepts of Reincarnation, the Source, nature, and operation of the Soul, and how Consciousness is acquired by we Souls? In addition, one must possess some Knowledge of the MIND, and how it works?

This study would require at a minimum, a decade of dedicated research and study of the Esoteric Psychology of the Whole Human Being, and much of it via personal  exploration of one’s own MIND realm.

Short of this… the reader could trust that I do possess these experiential bits of Knowledge, and that what follows is based on such Knowledge…

The explanation of the Psychology of the Lib/Dem personality begins with a little known declarative statement.  “That which we refer to as “Conscience” is a Virtue, which is acquired by the Soul by completing Karma”.  Alas, this statement does not tell us much [without the Decade of Research]!

But, allow me to fill-in some blanks.  Karma is simply this:  “As you sow, so shall you reap”.  And this is a huge oversimplification of the Law. The principle of the Law rests upon Reincarnation, or the fact we Souls have as many lifetimes to acquire Consciousness [or Enlightenment] as we require!

So, when we look at someone, we do not know how many lifetimes that Soul has spent in the process of acquiring Knowledge; a part of which is CONSCIENCE.  So, Conscience is not either-or, it is slowly [and painfully] acquired over many lifetimes. If we carefully listen to a person, and observe his or her behavior, one can “guess” [more properly Intuit]  the level of that person’s Conscience… if one possess a fairly advanced level of Conscience oneself?

And this would,  of course, mean that one is not fooled by a person’s rhetoric, intellect, or a carefully rehearsed behavior?

The  fact is… the Liberal/Democrat is often quite intellectual, at times even gifted in use of intellect… as compensation for a lack of Conscience.  In addition, the Lib/Dem personality,  since he is confined to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain and thinking… is often deviously clever in misusing the law to gain what he or she desires.  And, not being bothered with Conscience, the Lib/Dem has no moral restraint on how evil or corrupt he or she needs to be?

When this type of person gains a position of responsibility [ability to cause harm to others], the Lib/Dem knows precisely how to abuse that position to gain personal advantage, and destroy anyone who is seen as a threat.

So, we have the Lib/Dem [sociopath] personality, in a position to cause harm to those the Lib/Dem hates, and we have a person named Mueller.  And now you can hopefully make sense of what Mueller is doing?  He hates President Trump, and Mueller has as many tax dollars as he needs, and he has the cover of the law [will only use Liberal judges, who like himself, lack Conscience],  and the media, and the Democrats in Congress. Looks like green lights ahead for Mueller, doesn’t it?

Are there enough people in government with Conscience to stop him from finding a way to remove the President?  With the DOJ headed by a frightened old man, and thus the leaders of justice immune from prosecution, and a nation fighting among itself… passively waiting for the Southern border to be overrun by invading hordes of illegals, ISIS, criminals, and welfare recipients, it does not look especially bright, does it?

Peace, Brother James

What’s the Difference Between Truth, and Relative Truth?

The difference?  Relative truth can change, depending upon circumstances, while Truth is an Absolute, and it never changes.

Truth is permanent, does not change, cannot be altered, and strangely, it cannot manifest on the physical plane of existence.  So, how does one know whether what one is thinking is True, or not?

If you are “thinking it,” then it is not True.  It is relatively true.

Truth can only be known by “Intuition,” which is an aspect of your Soul, which is a unique part of Man in that, although it is “within” ones body, it is at the same time separate in that the vibration of your Soul is Spiritual Energy which is part of the Spiritual Dimension… which is not even part of Creation.

So, it is quite possible for a person to KNOW the Truth and be unable to articulate it to others… unless those others are in possession of the Truth themselves.  And unless those people are Enlightened to some degree, they will not be in possession of the Truth.  Thus, we have the frustrating reality that those who should be making decisions regarding the most positive direction for Man to pursue… are overwhelmed by people who are perhaps quite intellectual, but lacking access to Truth, they will inevitably make the wrong decisions.

Welcome to the illusion of life that is subtly intended to help Enlightened people make the decision to leave this perpetually flawed illusion in favor of following the Truth. This is the often mentioned Purpose of Life that is mostly unknown, and yet, like the Law of Karma, it is the governing Truth for Man.

Peace, Brother James

A Peculiar Thing About Truth…

Although it is said that Truth does not exist… that thought is untrue.

Truth does exist,, but it exists in a dimension that is not physical, and thus, not available to that part of Man that is associated with the physical brain.

So, that explains the reason philosophers have not found the Truth. That is, they… being confined to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain, and thinking, do not make use of the ONLY part of Man that can ‘experience’ the Truth… which is the faculty of Intuition, which is a part of the Soul, which is purely Spiritual.

That which enables a person to gain access to the faculty of Intuition is the Soul, which depends upon the level of Consciousness it has acquired… by completing Karma?  Now, if you do not believe in the Law of Karma, or that you possess a Soul, well then, how likely is it you will let go of thinking long enough to experience your faculty of Intuition?

Experiential awareness of ones Spirituality is limited to those who, first of all, believe in God.  Secondly, if you stand still with your belief in God, and do not make use of it to climb up the Ladder of Life, then you do not reach the level where Intuition is actively operating.   So, a passive Soul pretty much remains at a level where the MIND controls what one thinks and believes?

Unfortunately, Intuition can be used, but only if one “believes” it exists.  If one prefers use of the brain, then one is allowed to make use of the brain, and that results in one being unaware of the existence of Intuition, Spirituality, and, of course, Truth.  This is the condition I refer to as the Malady of Intellectualism [or a person whose fear of the unknown causes that person to cling to the brain and thinking]… which is a condition brought on by a lack of Faith… which is the natural result of an immature Soul.

So, Truth most definitely exists, but it only exists to those whose Souls have climbed up the Ladder of Life to the point where they have contacted Intuition, which then enables them to “experience” bits of Truth.  Alas, only those people who have reached this level of the Ladder of Life can experience Truth.  So, it is not possible to share one’s bit of Truth with anyone whose Soul has not climbed the Ladder of Life to the point where they can experience Intuition.

And, this is just the  way Life is structured, which fits the Law of Karma, and we Souls have as much time as we need to awaken to this Reality…contrary to what we have been told.  But once a Soul discovers this, it become anxious to leave the cycle of birth and death as soon as it can do so?

Peace, Brother James

What do I Mean When I Say “The Soul Has no Race”?

I am speaking of the fact that the Soul is immortal, and that we Souls have as many lifetimes as we need to fulfill the Purpose of Life?

In other words, the external form which the Energy of the Soul enlivens… can, as the Eastern Mystics tell us, run the full spectrum of the “Wheel of Eighty-Four”… and this phrase refers to the 8,400,000 different species of life forms a Soul can incarnate into upon the Earth plane.  One life form at a time.

In the West, generally speaking, we believe two things we are told… which are not true.  One is that the Soul only has one life to live.  And the other thing is that Man alone has a Soul.  Both things are mistaken beliefs by people who have not made a study of Mysticism, or the Fifth Century period of the Popes and Catholicism.

Both Reincarnation and the True story about the role of Spirituality in the life of Man were written out of [removed] from the Bible [or an attempt to do so was made] in, and around the Firth Century A.D. The reason?  Desire for power, ego, greed, and ignorance.

The fact is… every living organism has a Soul.  And the ONLY REAL part of everything that is alive is the Soul [which is immortal], and the Soul has a MIND attached to it [which remains with it until that Soul leaves the cycle of birth and death forever].  The MIND enables  each Soul  to fully and completely explore and experience everything the Creation has to offer?

So, the idea that the Soul [which is an aspect of the Energy of God, and is immortal] has a race, just because it happens to be in a particular physical form this lifetime is sheer nonsense, coupled with ignorance.  The Soul [and this means every Soul] is composed of Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy.

Peace, Brother James