BANNON…Some free advice…

Mr. Steve Bannon is a very bright [intelligent] individual.  And, in this sense, he is in a group that represent perhaps 25% of the population.  But the level of IQ, and natural brain development, is not all a person needs… if that person is to interact “well” with a wide range of the population.

So, what else does a person need?  Put simply, a person needs “Humility,” which is directly tied to how much “C’etc” [research here], a person’s Soul has acquired?  C’etc [pronounced “C_etcetera”],  is my symbol for the Virtues of Life that all Souls are slowly acquiring by completing Karma. My names for these Virtues are: Conscience , Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance [a large element of Humility], and Empathetic Understanding [which includes empathy and Intuition].

I do not know the level of Spirituality possessed by the Soul of Mr. Bannon, but his actions suggest a small amount of Spiritual Consciousness.  That is, his need to be important speaks to an active Ego, which is an indication of a domination by the MIND [as opposed to humility which is active in those who realize that all of one’s accomplishments are due to Grace… or supported by God, which only manifests in those who do not cut off Spiritual access to themselves by an over-active Ego]?  In other words, an Ego-driven MIND rather easily overpowers a person’s Conscience, Discretion, etc… if that person’s MIND tends to dominate his or her thoughts and actions. This can also be explained as a “fear of being irrelevant,” and this fear is not based on actual events…, but is how a person’s MIND “mistakenly perceives” events?  This is a symptom of a lack of self-love, or a lack of Spirituality.

What causes me to suggest that Mr. Bannon has an over-active Ego, is his fixation upon events of the past… [which are of his own imagination] which is his MIND subtly coloring his view of the present.  What do I mean?

What I am about to say is based on the principles of Esoteric Psychology, which are not well known in the fields of mental health and “psychology” today. But to understand the largely invisible operations of Man, subtly operating behind a person’s actions and behaviors, nothing helps explain actions and behaviors better than studying the MIND of a person!  And the MIND is not capable of being known by the physical brain.

To study or understand the MIND, one must do so from “Within” one’s own MIND, and that requires one do so using Intuition and exploration of one’s own MIND.  And, I refer to this as Esochology.  

Put another way… What causes a person to fixate on something [rather than just overlook it, or ignore it], is one of two things: 1. It stimulates a repressed fear in a person [Mr. Bannon], or 2.  It signals a warning in an Enlightened person that the person caught up in a fixation must be dealt with harshly, or that person will continue to pursue his or her psychological fixation.

In other words, a person whose MIND is pursuing a fixation will see in a harsh reaction, a threat to itself… and it will ordinarily back off it’s fixation.  If Mr. Bannon continues to pursue his fixation [or need to be important], it will indicate he is more seriously Delusional than is perhaps “safe” for him to maintain the status he enjoys?

My advice, therefore, would be for Mr. Bannon to choose another fixation to pursue. It will be much safer for him relative to maintaining the appearance of being relevant.

Peace, Brother James



First of all, what does this old saying mean, exactly?

Many people assume they know what this familiar phrase means…  But do they? Quite likely, the same people who “think” they know what the Souls is,  are the same people who assume they know that God is?  Have you ever seen a Soul? Just curious?

Do people really know that this phrase referring to God being “Within Man” is a Mystical message given to Man by Mystics?  …A Mystical message?  A Mystic, by the way, is someone who “listens to God”.  Now, do you know what this means?  How in the world does a person “listen to God”?  Certainly not by use of ones physical ears, right?

Well, oddly enough… Listening to God makes use of the same part of Man that must be used in order to awaken to the  fact that God exists “Within” oneself. And, that “part” of Man is known as “Intuition“.   Alas, unfortunately, the term Intuition stands for something that is not taught in education  today.  Can you guess why it is not taught in education?   The reason Intuition is not taught in edlucation is that those who are naturally drawn to teaching are people who are  found of  the brain and thinking, and  thinking is a physical exercise, using this muscle, we call the brain.

human-brain-8265651However, the brain is incapable of perceiving the Energy of the Spiritual dimension of Man, where Intuition resides.  To diagram the Whole of Man, we might do this:

WholeIn this sketch, we have the physical man with brain, then the oval of the Lower MIND [Astral region], the Higher MIND {Causal region], then the Soul, or Spiritual dimension of Man.  Man is composed of all four which exist simultaneously in the Whole Human Being.  By the way, the combined Astral and Causal regions represent the MIND of Man.

Now, take the  concept of Intuition, and imagine it within the circle marked Soul, and this then is the reason… if your Attention is in your Brain [black square], it cannot be focused in Intuition operating out of the Soul. You can “think” or you can KNOW.  But it is one or the other.

The fact is, it is not a “choice” a person has whether or not to make use of one’s faculty of Intuition?  Unless your Soul contains a sufficient amount of the Virtues of Life [which I refer to by use of the symbol “C’etc” (pronounced “C_etcetera”)] you will not be able to make use of your Intuition to “listen to God,” or to “see” and “hear” bits  of Spiritual Truth.   So, although it is True that “God is Within Man,” it is not possible to possess experiential proof of this until one’s Souls possesses a sufficient amount of C’etc to enable it to make use of your faculty of Intuition, which enables you [your  Conscious Awareness] to both “see” and to “hear” the bits of Truth which ONLY exist Within your Self.

This sadly means that not every Soul is “ready” to “see” or “hear” Truth.

Peace, Brother James


Regarding the Abstract Term CONSCIENCE…


How is CONSCIENCE Acquired?

The term Conscience stands for, or refers to a person being able to discern right from wrong, and this ability must come from “Within” a person.  That is, it cannot be acquired except by experiential [which means personal] exploration of both good and evil… which also includes suffering the consequences of engaging in evil thoughts and actions.  And if you grasp this concept, you can proceed to the more difficulty process of accepting that you are not directly in “charge” of your life!

But, if not you, then who… [or what], right?

What is in “charge” of one’s life is the Law of Karma, which is virtually unknown in the West.  And this is strange because the Law of Karma rules over every thought and action a person has or does!  And it was designed by God before any of we Souls entered the Creation.  The question  one must answer is this:  Why is there no mention of the Law of Karma in the Bible? The principle of Karma is this:  As you sow, so shall you reap.

And the answer is… how would a Pope maintain Control over people if the people knew that they did not need a Pope because their relationship with God is personal and private?  Or, put another way… what gives a Pope the right to assume he can serve as a “Christ”… when the Pope is not ordained by God to do so?  The answer is a combination of Ego, pride, and Delusional Thinking fed to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain by the MIND [the natural Psychology of people who lack Enlightenment].

This answer revolves around the “MIND of Man”.  Each Soul received a MIND that was attached to it as all Souls first entered the Creation.  The reason for the MIND is that the Soul is an aspect of God, and thus, it is composed of the same Energy as God, which is Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy.  And, NSgy cannot manifest on, nor engage directly in the energies of the Creation at all.  In other words, if you [the physical you] wanted to experience your MIND or Spiritual realms, you must find a way to enter into those realms… since they cannot manifest on the physical realm. What enables this is another abstract term, that of Meditation.

This means, by the way, that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a person to learn how to do Psychology by use of the brain alone.  And, let us see if we can somehow bring this all back to CONSCIENCE?  Which is an Abstract term that tells us nothing about Conscience except that we think it exists?

What makes discussing the Esoteric [invisible] dimensions of Man so difficult is that the brain [which most people are confined to]  is useless because it cannot experience  three=quarters of who and what Man is.  Were you aware that none of these “abstract words” can convey what they stand for? MIND, Soul, Spirit, God, Conscience, Intuition, Knowledge, Truth, Esoteric, Spiritual, mental, emotional, and so forth?

We “think” we know what these terms mean, but few people actually have a clue. And… yet, each person is slowly building Conscience by a long process [consisting of many, many lifetimes] of trial and error, which involves ones Soul, MIND, the Law of Karma, various Hells, Reincarnation, and the natural experiential process of human maturation overseen by the Law of Karma = Life, in other words.

Peace, Brother James

For further research… Here

Let us Discuss the CONCEPT of Compromise in Congress…

What does the word “compromise” actually mean?  I mean… I hear people say:  “We passed the bill with “bi-partisan cooperation”.  And if you “think” you know what this means… well, I’m about to challenge your “thinking”.

To begin with, let us agree that there really is such a thing as “evil”.  And the term “evil” refers to that which is wrong, harmful, and putting one’s own welfare above that of others!  In other words, evil always results in harm to someone… for the selfish benefit of another.  An act driven by greed, or a desire for power, which is feeding one’s Ego, always results in harm to someone.

Why would anyone “want to hurt another”?  Well, it is not a matter of wanting to hurt another, it is more a case where the desires of one’s own MIND override the level of “Conscience” contained within one’s Soul.   Perhaps you were not aware that we Souls differ in how much “Conscience” our Souls possess?  This is not taught in education, and is pretty much unknown in modern mental health, so it is understandable that most people are unaware of this fact?

But this is a fact of life, nonetheless…  and this blog is about Truth, not what people think is true, or imagine might be true?

The “fact” is… this difference in one’s level of “Conscience” is what makes the Liberal or Democrat view life quite differently that the Conservative individual.  In fact, this “lack of Conscience” is what causes the Democrat to be so different from the Conservative.  And, of course there is no way to “see” this evil from just looking at a person.    We can only tell the evil within a person’s MIND  when we listen carefully to what a person says, or when a person tries to force a harmful, or dishonest action upon people who are capable of “seeing” the harm inherent in such an  action.

The problem is… the Democrat type person [I refer to such people as “Intelack” type people] do not possess a sufficient amount of Conscience to enable them to “see” the evil in what they are doing!  And here again, this is likely a new concept for many people?  If interested in Consciousness, I write about it here.

Every Soul has a MIND attached to it to enable it to relate to, and to interact with the Creation, and particularly this physical plane.  You see, your brain is physical, and it relates to things physical, tangible and capable of being felt by our physical senses.  But the brain cannot perceive the MIND, because the MIND  is composed of an energy much too subtle for the brain to perceive.

As the Soul slowly acquires what I refer to as “C’etc” [pronounced “C_etcetera”]– which the ancient Greeks labeled Consciousness, it awakens to higher bits of Truth, which includes what we refer to as Conscience:  Or being able to readily tell right from wrong? 

The Intelack, or Democrat type person simply possesses a Soul that lacks sufficient Conscience to “see” the evil their MINDs cause them to pursue.  They are simply being used by their MINDs to pursue the evil desires of their MINDs, and they have no idea this is what they are doing?  In fact they take some pride in being able to manipulate honest people into denying what is good or proper.

 And the word “compromise” is,  for the Democrat [Intelack] type person,  simply the result of the Democrat being deviously clever in getting what he or she desires… as he or she verbally denigrates, ridicules, and even lies to force Conservatives to yield to them.   The conservative tends to prefer accommodation rather than argument, and unaware of who and what the Democrat is… even unable to imagine how ruthless the Democrat will be to get what he/she desires, the Conservative  most often allows the Democrat to chip away at that which is good in life.

The most obvious example of this was the eight years of Obama.

Peace, Brother James


What Does the Astral Region Have to do With Your MIND?

A lengthy short-story by Brother James

Interesting question… Or, just another unknown to deal with? It is both!
I hope it is of interest to a great many people because the Astral Region and the MIND are one in the same thing! Now, that should be a surprise to almost everyone! Especially [I’m sorry to say] to those mental health professionals trained in “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’].
You see, the Whole Human Being, or WHB [which means all human beings], is composed of four simultaneously existing, and yet, entirely separate vibrational dimensions, each of which has its own reality.

From outside going inward, we have: The physical dimension [body, brain and physical senses]; the Astral dimension [the Lower MIND]; the Causal dimension [the Higher MIND]; and the Spiritual dimension [the Soul and its invisible operations].
For those who learn better via ‘seeing,’ let me provide a simple illustration.
The Soul, composed of at least the following aspects or elements [Intuition, Knowledge, Conscious Awareness or “C-Awar”… which is where Knowledge is stored], which is accessed via ones faculty of Intuition.

The MIND is composed of two parts. One is the Higher MIND, and the other is the Lower MIND. I refer to both using the symbol M, which stands for all operations of the MIND of Man – both Lower and Higher… and like the Spiritual operations of Man, the mental operations are also invisible to Man. However… the results of these operations, when they manifest on the physical level, are referred to as “symptoms”. And these symptoms are types and kinds of behavior that are physical phenomena we can observe using our physical senses.

And no, people have no idea what is causing them to do what they do?

You see, or perhaps you do not “see”… the brain “cannot” perceive the operations of the (“-M-“) except when these are manifested as symptoms!

And, since BS&bp [or modern mental health] has no idea what is causing people to do what they do, we have a serious problem in America, and around the world, regarding our condition of mental health, psychology, and in recent years in psychiatry as well.

The ONLY WAY to discover the (“-M-“) is from “Within” the (“-M-“) itself !!! Quite a paradox, isn’t it?

And, since the brain is incapable of perceiving the (“-M-“) , how can someone who has not been trained to “Exper-tuit” the (“-M-“), discover what is wrong “Within” the (“-M-“) by use of the brain?

“Exper-tuit” ? This is a symbol I have recently coined to stand for a unique form of experiencing that Man is capable of experiencing… if a person is Enlightened enough to do so?

And now we begin to separate people like grains of wheat from sheaf, which is called straw. Some people possess Souls that are more Enlightened than other Souls. And if this disturbs your notion that “all Souls are the same,” I’m sorry. But we must deal with the Reality of Life when we deal with the actual Psychology of Man.

And that means we must accept that not all Souls are the same… in terms of how Enlightened a Soul is, or where one’s Soul resides upon the “Ladder of Life”.

You see, when we Souls all came into the Creation [as reported by generations of Mystics], we were all the same. But, from that point of entrance onward, we Souls began to act and mature as individual Souls.

This might be a good place to introduce a new concept for most people. I refer to this concept as “Neutral Spiritual Energy,” or the symbol “NSgy”.

I believe NSgy is the Energy of God, and it is also the primordial Energy of Existence. NSgy has no equal nor counterpart. It is an Energy unto itself, and exists alone as the ONLY Reality of an Existence that mankind perceives as a dark void, or “nothing”.

This void is referred to in Genesis, in the Bible. It is visible when you shut your eyes.

We Souls are aspects of that NSgy, and “Within” each living thing in the Creation is a “Soul,” that is also composed of NSgy.  And to reinforce what I just said… I said that EVERY LIVING THING IN CREATION has a Soul. It is the Soul that provides “life” to everything that is “alive”. The moment a Soul departs a form, that form “dies”. However, the Soul shifts into its Astral form, and exists in the Astral realm as itself. I refer to that “self” as “Conscious Awareness,” or “C-Awar”.

I believe “C-Awar” is what Renee Descartes was searching for when he settled for “I think, therefore, I am”. Which was strictly confined to his brain and the physical dimension of Man, thus leaving three other dimensions unaccounted for?

Alas, philosophy has yet to figure this out, as it continues searching in the dictionary for some indication of a Truth that ONLY exists in the Spiritual dimension.

Back to the “symptoms” of a conflicted (“-M-“). The “evidence” of a conflicted (“-M-“) are observable symptoms that strike a reasonable person as peculiar, odd, bizarre, or harmful to self or others.

Although, let us be very clear about this… all these symptoms are CAUSED by a person’s (“-M-“), and the vast majority of people have no idea what is causing them to do the things they do not want to do, or would prefer not to be doing!

And modern mental health, or BS&bp [which does not believe in the (“-M-“)], insists that the people who are seeking help… are all just playing a game of refusing to take responsibility for what they are doing.

BS&bp is, in other words, shamefully abusing those people who are brave enough, or desperate enough, to seek help from people who are just as confused as they are! The result is a disaster and a rising increase in suicide as the world becomes more evil.

Why would any sane person not believe in the (“-M-“) of Man? Primarily because a scientist named B.F. Skinner, in the early 1900s, did not believe in a (“-M-“) because his own (“-M-“) protected him from having to deal with his own (“-M-“) by feeding Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of his brain which caused him to “think” that he had discovered a new kind of “psychology,” he labeled ‘behavioral psychology’.

And I label it BS&bp. And BS&bp is an oxymoron.

The term “psyche” is Greek, and the ancient Greeks defined it as “Self, Soul, and Mind,” or the Esoteric or invisible aspects of Man.Psychology combines ‘psyche’ with ‘logy which means a “study of the psyche of Man”.

There is no mention of behavior because the ancient Greeks were wise enough to realize the inside invisible dimensions of Man could not be studied by observing the “behavior” of Man.

But then, those people who are confined to Intellectualism, or use of the brain while avoiding all emotion, do not realize they fear the unknown nature of emotionality. And they pride themselves on being able to live a life devoid of emotionality.  Sadly, they fail to realize their “condition” of Intellectualism locks them away from being open to the Esoteric [invisible] three-quarters of themselves. They are quite cut off from both the (“-M-“) and the Spiritual dimension “Within” themselves.

I refer to such people as “Intelack” type individuals. That is, people with immature Souls, and lacking in Conscience, or my symbol “C’etc” [which stands for the Virtues of Life]: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Attention and Empathetic Understanding.

The sad truth is, those people in denial of, or whose Souls are not “ready” to awaken  to, the Esoteric dimensions and operations taking place “Within” themselves have no idea they are in denial of anything? They firmly believe there is nothing about Man that the brain cannot “know”.

What is amazing, is that modern mental health, or what I refer to as “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’]… because it is in denial of the Esoteric dimensions of Man, draws to itself thousands of Intelack type individuals who are deathly afraid of the unknown “Within” themselves. And these people intellectually earn degrees and are licensed as “psychologists” because they “know” nothing about Psychology.

“What unknown is that,” you might ask?

I am speaking of the (“-M-“) and Spiritual operations taking place “Within” the Whole Human Being. You know…. those elements of Man that, when in conflict… CAUSE people to engage in unwanted and self-damaging behavior!

What’s the answer? Proper training conducted by properly trained people, of course. What chance is there this will occur? About zero chance, I suspect.

Peace, Brother James

A New Psych 101 for America…

If you were taught “psychology” in High School, Community College, or any college or University after 1950, you received a great deal of misinformation… and that information was not only wrong, it was, and is dangerous.

What do I mean?  Well, I mean every single person has a MIND [my symbol for the MIND, to make sure we do not confuse the physical brain with the MIND, is this: M.jpg].  The reason I have to use a symbol for the MIND is that modern mental health has been in denial of the Esoteric [which means invisible] MIND [symbolM.jpg] since B.F. Skinner said the following, in the early 1900s:  And underlining is my emphasis.  quote.jpg

 “…the child of our past” is as close as the M.jpgof Skinner would allow him to get to saying the term ‘MIND’.  People like Skinner are very intellectual, and have well-developed brains, and they often have high IQ’s, and they are often quite proud of their gift of Intellectualism.  However, what they do not realize is that their gift of Intellectualism is Nature’s “compensation” for their lack of Consciousness, or what I refer to as “C’etc” which is only acquired by the Soul, over a very long time. Consciousness = Knowledge, whereas, Information = information only, and it is acquired by the brain and “thinking”.

What the Intelack type individual lacks is  the faculty of Intuition.

Man, the Whole of Man, is composed of four simultaneously existing, and yet quite separate vibrational energies, or planes, each with its own reality.  And modern mental health is confined to the physical dimension of Man ONLY.  This ignores three-quarters of who and what Man is. Modern Mental Health or what I refer to as “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”] was the idea of Skinner, who intensely feared his own M.jpg.

You see.. There are two types of people on Earth.  One I refer to as Intelack type, and the other is an Enlightened type. So, a person can be very bright intellectually [have a quick and agile brain], but at the same time be severely lacking in C’etc, or in Consciousness — which ONLY comes  from a Soul that has acquired a substantial amount of Consciousness, or the Virtues of Life: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic  Understanding [Intuition], or what I refer to as “C’etc,” [Pronounced “C_Etcetera].

2 parts.jpg

Now, only those Souls that have acquired C’etc can be Enlightened.  But any Soul that has an intense desire to be important…can be Intellectually gifted, but to do so, that Soul must surrender itself to the MIND that is attached to each Soul. And the result of this dedication to the Ego, is a denial of God, or Consciousness. The result is often a sudden fall as wealth and fame overrides one’s ability to cope with too much too fast.

Again, it is not possible to use one’s brain alone to comprehend what I am writing, it requires some level of Intuition, or empathy, or Enlightenment.

And, if you are lacking in Intuition, it just might be because you have not been taught how to use your faculty of Intuition?  Remember, education has paralleled psychology since the early 1900s, and BS&bp has intentionally been in denial of the Esoteric dimensions of man, especially that of Intuition, since the Intelack type individual fears that which the brain cannot experience.

The PROBLEM is this… Every conflict a person has [Sexuality,  bad habits, compulsive behaviors, Racism, Hate, a penchant toward evil, and the many fears Man has… are all due to a conflicted M.jpg, which can be treated… if the treatment is performed by an Enlightened individual who has received the specific Esoteric training required to provide that person with a thorough study of his or her own M.jpgrealm.  This training is not being provided today.

Peace, Brother James


Open Letter regarding Psychology of the Liberal/Democrat Personality…

Let us begin our discussion with a Axiom:

A  Knowledge is part of one’s Spiritual Dimension, and Information is part of ones intellectual or physical dimension.2 partsThe left square [#1] is the Left-Hemisphere and the right square is [#2] the Right-Hemisphere of the brain.

The above diagram is virtually unknown in education today, it is unknown because to comprehend the concepts illustrated in this diagram, a person must possess a Soul that is Enlightened sufficiently to “see” and to “hear” subtle bits of Spiritual Truth.  The same bits of Spiritual Truth  [Knowledge] that Christ spoke of in the Bible, when he spoke to his disciples about the masses being unable to “see” and “hear”  the bits of Truth that his disciples were now able to see and to hear.

Education today is based on what the Intelack type personality “thinks” is true. And the Intelack type person is confined to the brain and thinking [or the Left Hemisphere of the brain] .  The Intelack is lacking what I refer to as sufficient “C’etc” [Consciousness or Enlightenment] to enable him/her to Intuit bits of Truth that his/her Soul will acquire over many, many lifetimes [and… this means that we Souls are not all “equal” in terms of the level of “maturation” of our Souls].  Research the term “Intuition” here.

This means there are two different types of people on Earth. And it is not possible to see this difference by simply looking at a person.  And, unless you are somewhat Enlightened, you will not “see” nor “hear” the “lack of Enlightenment” displayed by an Intelack type personality.

The most obvious “symptoms” of the Intelack type individual are: 1. A need for more government control over everyone and everything in life. 2.  A tendency to be as lenient as possible with people who engage in evil. 3. An intense [but usually non-conscious] fear of personal responsibility.

So, what explains the Democrat who is corrupt, but denies it?  For the Democrat, it is not conscious denial, it is his or her MIND feeding Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of his/her brain, which he/she has no option but to believe.  This means… in other words… that it is useless to use common sense in discussing law  with the Intelack individual.  And the only compromise the Intelack is willing to make is if the Enlightened individual will embrace evil, which is the “secret” goal of every Intelack type individual.

You see, the Intelack lacks Consciousness, or C’etcwhich means he/she lacks a level of Spirituality needed to “see” the Truth.

And do not imagine for a moment that the Intelack is not deviously clever in his or her arguments, ideas, and ceaseless attempts to insure that government gains more and more CONTROL OVER THE LIFE OF EVERY CITIZEN.

This then is the reason the Democrat can oppose laws that benefit mankind …when  these laws also depend upon and require citizens to assume responsibility for their lives.   The Intelack is soft on crime because the Intelack lacks Conscience, Discretion, and thus, a tendency to view evil as “normal”.

I hope this look into the Psychology of the Liberal, Democrat, Socialist, and Marxist has been helpful.

Peace, Brother James