WHAT IS TRUTH? And why is it so hard to discover?

The reason philosophers have such a difficult time finding the Truth [capital “T” Truth], is that Truth cannot manifest on this physical plane… because Truth only exists in the Spiritual Dimension of existence.

The fact that the Whole Human Being consists of four simultaneously existing dimensions or energy fields, all of which resonate at a different frequency… is not well known. Allow me to show a sketch of what I mean:

WHBThis sketch represents the Whole Human Being, or WHB.  And three-quarters of who and what Man is, are Esoteric, or invisible to the fourth dimension, which is the physical dimension.

Modern mental health, for example, denies three-quarters of the Whole of Man in preference of focusing on one-quarter of Man, primarily because people, quite unknown to themselves, very often fear what is repressed “Within” their MIND realms.  This was the case with B.F. Skinner, who gave the world the oxymoron “behavioral psychology” in the early 1900s.  His one-dimensional view of Man has resulted in high rates of suicide among teen-age youth, and Veterans with PTSD.  Because “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’] denies the MIND of Man. Hence modern mental health is unintentionally responsible for a great deal of pain and suffering in America today.

Perhaps the worst result of Skinner’s denial of the Whole Human Being is that the various mental illnesses associated with sexually conflicted MINDs have exploded over the last century. Homosexuality and LGBT are both the result of this denial of the MIND by Skinner and modern mental health.

The Truth is… the mental illness behind so much carnage, pain and suffering by mentally conflicted individuals would be entirely unnecessary if BS&bp would go back to what Psychology was prior to the Delusional Thinking of Skinner and modern mental health.

Peace, 1-Brother James


WHAT IS PSYCHOLOGY.. I mean, in actuality? Using this key: 4 -1=3.

The prefix of the term Psychology, given to the world by the ancient Greeks, some 2,000 yeas ago… uses the Greek term “psyche,” which the Greeks define as “Self, Soul, and Mind”.  And, as you keep these terms in your thoughts [as we move forward], appreciate that each of these three terms points to, and stands for, three entirely separate [AND INVISIBLE] parts of the Whole Human Being!

And this Whole includs the physical dimension of Man, which any person can see and think about… The WHOLE of Man, consists of FOUR DIMENSIONS!  Not just one, or two, or three… but FOUR DIMENSIONS.  ONLY one of which is physical.  Modern mental health limits itself to just the physical dimension of Man.  The “Why” of the reason they do this is fascinating.  Part of this explanation is contained in the concept of Intellectualism… if interested?   The reason  is not the direct focus of this blog.

When we apply simple math… each person is composed of four dimensions, and three of these dimensions are ENTIRELY INVISIBLE TO THE BRAIN AND PHYSICAL SENSES OF Man! Man = Four Dimensions, and ONLY one of these is physical, tangible, and capable of being perceived by the brain and physical senses. And, to the really astute student of math, if you subtract one dimension from four dimensions, that will leave three  dimensions… which are different from the one physical dimension.  And this difficult equation is this: 4 -1=3.

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ArrowThe termEsoteric” means = invisible = and  this term refers to three of the four dimensions of Man! One physical dimension, and three invisible dimension. Again 4 -1=3!

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Based on the fact that Man is composed of four simultaneously existing, and yet entirely separate  energy dimensions, each with its own range of reality [and three of these are invisible to the physical dimension], this means three of the four are invisible to many people.   And these invisible dimensions are ONLY capable of being KNOWN by those who are specially trained to do so!

Now, how likely is it, do you suppose, that those who deny the existence of three of the four dimensions of Man [because they, being limited to the brain and thinking]…  simply cannot awaken to three of these invisible dimensions], will support a True Psychology?  Very few of them will support a more honest and real study of Psychology!  When you cannot “see” the existence of three of the four dimensions of Man, and you are taught that there is nothing your brain cannot know… many believe what they are taught!  They just don’t have any alternative.  How come?  Consciousness and lack of proper training!

To “learn how to see” the invisible parts of oneself, one must possess two things!  One thing is sufficient Consciousness, and the other thing is special training.  The one, Consciousness,  is acquired by one’s Soul by “completing” sufficient Karma to provide such Consciousness. A very mystical process that takes place entirely “Within” oneself.  And the “special training” is training provided by a fully trained Gestalt Psychotherapist [or a Mystic], and it involves the discovery and elimination of deeply repressed traumata hidden “Within” one’s MIND realm.  Karma from many lifetimes, in fact.

So, will those who are confined to Intellectualism ever discover the Esoteric three-quarters of themselves?  No, not  until they acquire Consciousness and are fully trained in a full appreciation of what Psychology is?  Sad to some, perhaps? But, this is merely the way of things in the Reality of Life.  The proper study of Life is [or should be[ called Psychology!

Peace, 1-BrotherJames <http://1-brotherjames.com&gt;

Why Should Your Child Know About the Law of Karma?

Regardless of the fact that the Law of Karma is not taught in most American schools today… is no excuse for you not teaching your child about this most basic fact of Life!

For Christians, do not refrain from teaching your children about the Law of Karma just because frightened and less than properly educated clergy are afraid to speak of the Truth. In the Bible, where Christ said to “turn the other cheek,” Christ was speaking about the Law of Karma.  But perhaps you do not draw this conclusion?

In or around the fifth century, a number of wealthy families were struggling to gain power, and control of the office of the Pope… purely for political reasons.  As they gained control, first one would “clean up” the scriptures by removing all the reference to the Law of Karma they could find in the scriptures.  But bits and pieces remain in the scriptures because these people simply missed certain references. Some people agree with this idea, some do not.  I believe it, if for no other reason than who some of the popes were, and what they did!

The “Dark Ages” were some of the most ghastly activities of mankind, and most of these activities were ordered by a few popes during that time.  They did this in order to punish people, to get rid of adversaries, and to maintain their power.  There was noting Spiritual about what they did at all.  And I mention this simply to say… there is no reason for Christians to remain uninformed and ignorant regarding the Reality of Life.

In my humble opinion [as humble as I can be], there is more than enough unknown in life.  I do not believe we need encourage our children to remain ignorant regarding the natural nature of the MIND of Man, and how all Saints and Mystics over the centuries have warned about the unavoidable danger of not engaging in an active war against evil… offered to us by the MIND that exists “Within” each of us.

And here is where the Reality of Life gets difficult to deal with if one burdens oneself with fear of the unknown and a refusal to seek and speak Truth. 

Who do you know who can say with authority what the Purpose of Life is?

I am 83, and I have asked all kinds of people, beginning at age five, when I asked the Nuns in the Nunnery across the street from my house: “How come my friend Johnny is not good looking”?  And they said: ” It is the Will of God”.  Well, I did not believe them then, and I most certainly do not believe that now!

I have never believed it is God’s Will that is responsible for anyone to be misshapen, ugly, ill, weak, mean, or stupid.  And when I found out about the Law of Karma, and how it works, I was a most happy Man.  My belief in a Perfect God, one whose existence is Pure Love, was sustained when I came to understand the nature of the Law of Karma.  Which was designed by God, by the Way!

The simple definition of Karma is this:  As you sow, so shall you reap! But this only makes sense when one also understands the nature of Reincarnation. That is, the fact that we Souls have as many lifetimes as needed to acquire the level of maturity of the Soul required to awaken us [from “Within” ourselves] to the Reality of Life, and then to begin to dedicate our lives to going Home to God.  And the two names for this process are Consciousness and Enlightenment.

The natural desire of the MIND is to seek out things to do and to try! And each thought and action we take “creates” Karma.  That is, all Yang, or male out-going energy is Yang action.  And all incoming Karma is Yin, or female action. The symbol for this is this: Yin sm  And this is also a symbol for the nature of Creation. In physics, the Law of Karma is known as… “for every action taken, there is an opposite and equal reaction”.  This is just the Law of Karma.  It rules the entire Creation.  And it is the Law of Karma that determines how one looks, how one thinks, and what one does in this life.  The plan for one’s present life is called one’s Fate Karma.  And we come into this life with a Fate Karma that, at the time of birth, constructs our personality and psychology, using the repressed emotions our MINDs take-on from our parents.  And it is this Fate Karma that one’s MIND uses to continually feed Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain, which we refer to as our “thoughts”.

My point is simply this… It is wise for a parent to teach a child that every action one takes is counted, and held “Within” one’s MIND.  And every thought and action one engages in, WILL COME BACK TO ONESELF IN EITHER THIS LIFE, OR IN SOME SUBSEQUENT LIFETIME. GUARANTEED!

Best book I know to research this is:  The Path of the Masters, by  Julian Johnson. This book is in many libraries.

Peace,  BJ

IS YOUR BRAIN the same thing as YOUR MIND? OR NOT?


You would not necessarily know the answer to this question because modern mental health [or BS&bp]… which stands for Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’… has been trying ignore and hide the MIND from the public for the last century.

Why would “mental” health do this, you might ask?  Because the “MENTAL” part of mental health was denied by B.F. Skinner [due to his own fear of the MIND] in the early 1900s, and his doing so “fit” perfectly with those people who wanted to “study” Psychology by simply using their brains…. and just ignore the three-quarters of Man that are invisible to the brain.  And in this way, they would  not have to expose themselves to what is hidden “Within’ the MIND of each such person.

Skinner labeled this denial of the MIND “Within” Man using the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”.  That is, the ancient Greeks, who gave the world the term “Psychology,” used the prefix “psyche” for their term Psychology.  They did this because the term Psyche, in Greek, means ‘Self, Soul, and Mind,” and these  three terms refer to the Esoteric, or invisible dimensions of Man.

Therefore, the term Psychology actually means a “study of the Esoteric [or invisible] parts or dimensions of Man.  Why would Skinner not know this?

Skinner, who was a scientist [and knew nothing about the Psychology of Man]  watched the behavior of animals, then used his brain to speculate upon what in the environment of those animals might be causing them to behave as they did?  He likely prodded them with various things to make them react, and then just omitted the torture part of his observation of the animals.

Skinner then went to those in the field of Psychology at the time, and for some reason, they allowed him to refer to his observation of animals using  the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”.  You see the Greeks intended the word Psychology to specifically refer to a “study” of the Esoteric [invisible] dimensions of Man [the MIND and Spiritual dimensions].  Therefore, the Greeks said  nothing about behavior, because all behavior is determined by the MIND, not by the brain.  The brain is like the tuner on a radio, useless without the source of sound, which is produced from a source other than the radio.

To imagine that behavior arises from something external to Man, is to say that  the faucets in your house create the water you use.  That is, the faucet creates the water.  This eliminates entirely the water meter and the water lines that feed the faucets.  The oxymoron “behavioral psychology” suggests that your behavior is entirely in reaction to some external force.  This would mean that until something outside of yourself stimulates a response, you are without feeling, emotion, or Psychology.  This mistaken notion is natural for the person who is either ignorant of Psychology, or confined to Intellectualism, or is someone with a Phobic-D type personality!  And Skinner was confined to Intellectualism and he knew nothing about Psychology.

The study of Psychology cannot be accomplished by use of the brain alone.  And the reason for this is that the MIND is not physical, and is, in fact, invisible to the brain and physical senses.  So, as close as you can get to studying the MIND by use of your brain is to study “abstract terms” that point to [or stand for] something you cannot KNOW by use of your physical brain.

In order to actually “study the MIND,” you must do so from a state of consciousness in which your Attention [an aspect of your Conscious Awareness] which is  separate from your brain, and while making use of your faculty of Intuition [which is an aspect of your Soul].  In other words, there is a great deal more to the study of Psychology than what the brain will ever KNOW.

The Psychology of Man consists of two-parts MIND, and one part Spirituality. And you can quote me on that!

Peace, 1-BrotherJames


What is PTSD? and why don’t we know?

ThisBSbox represents, as it suggests, modern mental health, or “BS&bp” which stands for: Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’.     And BS&bp is what B.F. Skinner, a scientist type person in the early 1900s, was able to substitute for the Psychology of the ancient Greeks [over the last century].  The essential difference between what the ancient Greeks gave the world as Psychology, and what Skinner suggested is that Skinner suggested that Man had no MIND to be concerned about!

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Quote from Richard I. Evans [B.F. Skinner: The Man and His Ideas] New York: E.P. Dutton & Co. 1968.

“A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.

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In this quote, Skinner tells us two things of importance. 1. That he had no idea what the MIND of Man was. 2. That he was quite frightened of his own MIND. And with these two issues [and Intellectualism], Skinner perverted a century of mental health in America.

This Delusional Thinking of Skinner was quickly picked up by a class of people who, unknown to themselves, were Phobic-D type people, who also greatly feared the MIND within themselves.  So, they were more than happy to deny, ignore, and teach that there is no MIND within Man to worry about.

PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder], is the result of a conflicted MIND, which means a MIND that is attempting to take some intense trauma from military experience, and reconcile that with some deeply repressed psychological traumata from early childhood.  And this results in behavioral phenomena that we label PTSD.  The way to “properly” deal with the problem of PTSD is Gestalt Psychotherapy provided by a fully trained Psychotherapist [which is very hard to find today].

Peace, Brother James

Let’s Begin at the Beginning…

When every conflict we experience [having to do with oneself] is due to the MIND, and modern mental health denies the MIND… what then?  Well let us first accept a symbol for the MIND as being this:  M  And the reason for using this symbol is to avoid the MIND causing anyone to mistakenly “think’ that the terms brain and MIND both refer to the same thing!

I say this because this is precisely what BS&bp [or modern mental health] does. That is, the people trained in modern mental health are taught by people who routinely use the terms brain and MIND interchangeably as though these were two terms for the same thing. What thing?

human-brain-8265651This thing, which is the brain.  Which is a large muscle located in the Skull. How does the brain differ from the M?  Well the brain is physical, and it cannot perceive three-quarters of the Whole Human Being. This means, of course, that the brain WILL NEVER EXPERIENCE THE M, which is composed of two separate energy dimensions, neither of which is physical.

MIND -1This box is how BS&bp views the Mof Man. That is, what this empty box contains is how modern mental health views the Mof Man.  And yes, this is a serious matter, however, since so few KNOW what the Mis… who is going to raise a bit stink about something the brain will never experience, and something that can’t be proven physically?

Let us bring this new format to an end by suggesting what the COST of denying the Mis to two important groups of Americans!  These two groups are the Veterans, and young people.  Both groups are experience increasing numbers of deaths by suicide in recent years.  What is the reason for this?  Ignorance of BS&bp to realize what the Mis, how it operates, and what has to happen in order to deal with the Mof Man, and the Mof young people.

In other words, because BS&bp denies the Mof Man [and if you are in the business of mental health and you have not dealt with your own M]. then you will automatically increase the fears repressed within the Mof the Veteran and the young person who are looking for help from you. arrow

More later…