How About Fear…

Fear is crucial to the rabbit, is it not?


Excessive Cost of Education & what we can do about it?

I have always been an advocate for Community College. For a number of reasons, but primarily two:  It is still reasonable, and it allows a student to explore a great many alternative vocations.  No one needs an expensive four-year institution, except for those for whom the name of the institution is substituted for personal ability and  capability?

So, knock off first two years of excessive expense and what is left are two years of specialization, right?  Now, why not initiate a third form of education that offers students intensely interested in a subject with training and education by experts in those fields who volunteer their expertise, and receive  other than monetary compensation? An honorary degree, special thanks to volunteer’s Corporation, etc.

The point is, let us retire the old-fashioned idea that a tenured person remains forever viable. Many professors  quickly become more of a burden than innovative and current to the fields within which they are ho longer active.

Surely, a stipend paid for by a Corporation or Company with a semester off from full-time participation for selected top people would be a great charge-up for them, and a god-send to students anxious to learn what such people have to teach!  And this means any college or university engaged in such a program SHOULD BE ABLE TO GREATLY REDUCE THE COST OF EDUCATION… RIGHT?

What say you to my idea?  If you like it, share it with others.

Peace, Brother James

From book this am…

Well, in the West, we lack two things that cause us to remain locked into the brain and thinking… And as long as we are thus confined, we remain ignorant of the difference between the illusion of life that seems real, and the Reality of life that is invisible to us.
This still doesn’t help clarify much, does it?
The reason is that in the West, we lack, as I said, two things that are fundamental and crucial to explaining the reason people are different from one another?
The two things? 1. Truth, and 2. Reality.
The question is… “How come”? And the answer is… Education, or the lack thereof!
The reason the West in particular does not deal with either Truth or Reality in our education system is that in the West, we have allowed the subtle fears of the Intelack class individuals in our midst to subtly guide us into denial of Reality to accommodate their fear of Reality.
Or put another way, the Intelack type person is so fearful of the Truth, and God, and Reality, that they demand those of us who are naturally open to Truth, God and Reality pretend that Truth, God and Reality isn’t important!
And in every civilization that has died, you will find that this same thing has occurred. Good people, in order to placate the fears of godless people deny God. And this sets the stage for evil, and the Satan aspect of the [“-M-“] of Man, and in relatively short order, the Intelack [godless] people take over all the positions where Intellectualism pushes out Consciousness.
And slowly, subtly, the Enlightened people, who dislike arguing, fighting, or forcing the Truth upon those who fear the Truth, find themselves up to their arm pits in evil, which the Intelack loves.

Peace, Brother James



Used in the work and writings of
Brother James
James W. Patterson, Ph.D.
[November 1, 2017]
This term/symbol is my label for the Operational Energy of the Soul. The Apapsyche has two aspects with which it operates. One is the “Attn Aspect,” and the other is the “Awar Aspect”.
The Attn Aspect is one’s ability to focus [or concentrate], or to focus one’s attention upon phenomena. The Awar Aspect is one’s ability to experience that upon which the Attn Aspect is focused.
This symbol stands for Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’. It is the symbol by which I refer to modern mental health, and psychology. The training of BS&bp stresses the brain, thinking, and the behaviors of Man, while denying and ignoring the MIND, or [“-M-“] of Man.
The symbol C’etc, is pronounced “C_etcetera,” and it refers to the Virtues of Life the Soul is slowly accumulating by completing Karma over many, many lifetimes: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.
This symbol stands for “Conscious Awareness,” which is my term for that part of the dimension of Spirituality that serves as what the ancient Greeks referred to as “Self”. That is, that which enables a person to hold a sense of oneself as separate from others, and separate “Within” existence.
This Symbol stands for the primary Defense Mechanism of the MIND, which I refer to as the DM=SI: Defense Mechanism= Subtle Insanity. This mechanism was once identified by the name of Scotoma” by Fritz Perls in one of his books. Although he spoke to the observable symptoms of this mechanism, he did not explain what causes these symptoms?
The Intelack personality is that person “Within” whose Soul a limited amount of C’etc exists. This term is explained here: <;
The term Intellectualism is usually defined as ‘using the brain and intellect at the expense of emotion’. “At the expense” means not allowing one’s emotions to interfere in ones thinking. And to read this makes this practice seem like a positive thing. It is not positive, but it is the plight of those who are cut off from their natural processing of the energy of the [“-M-“], which is emotional energy. And being cut off is due to one of two things: 1. Not being in possession of Conscience [the Intelack], or 2. Being cut off because one’s [“-M-“] was ordered by oneself, in early childhood, to not expose one to one’s emotions. And this demand is always associated with some type of intense trauma, which is then repressed from “C-Awar” … Until released by proper Psychotherapy, or the end of ones present lifetime.
This symbol stands for the Left-Hemisphere of the brain, which is the Hemisphere to which the MIND of Man feeds Delusional Thinking, or D-Think, when the MIND seeks to control what a person is thinking. Or when the MIND seeks to divert one’s attention from some emotion Active within one’s MIND. In order for this diversion to work [as part of the DM=SI of the MIND] the MIND feeds [MIND-level] D-Think to the [L-H] of the brain, which requires the Attn Aspect of Apapsyche to transfer to the [L-H] in order to convert the MIND-level D-Think into brain-level thinking. While this is taking place, the Attn Aspects of Apapsyche is prevented from focusing on anything else [such as the emotion that is being repressed by the MIND].
This symbol stands for the Right-Hemisphere of the brain, which is the Hemisphere in which Intuition, imagination, creativity and emotionality are ‘experienced’. Access to the [R-H] is limited to those whose Souls have acquired a high level of C’etc, or Consciousness, or the Virtues of Life.
This is my new symbol for the MIND of Man, simply to remove it a bit further from the term MIND, which BS&bp tends to use interchangeably with that of the brain, meaning the [L-H] of the brain and thinking about things.
If my writing program would allow it, the symbol would more properly be this: “ M “  And the strikethough reminds us that the singular term MIND actually refers to the Higher MIND [which is associated with the Causal Region of Creation], and the Lower MIND [which is associated with the Astral Region of Creation].
A MIND or [“-M-“] was attached to each Soul when all Souls first entered the Creation. And the reason for this is explained in the section explaining the symbol “NSgy”.

The symbol NSgy stands for “Neutral Spiritual Energy,” which I believe to be the primordial Energy of Existence, which would, of course, mean this is the Energy of God. NSgy is unique as the Energy of existence in that it cannot be other than it is, ever. This is the reason the Soul [which Mystics tell us is an aspect of God] requires a MIND or [“-M-“] [which was Created by God], to enable the Soul to vicariously experience the Creation, while at the same time that Soul remains quite separate from the Creation.
Perhaps the greatest mystery in Life is how the Soul [with [“-M-“] attached — for as long as the Soul remains in the Creation] that Soul is never actually a part of the Physical Universe, which means the Soul is “Within” Man, and yet, it is not actually a part of Man. In other words, we have a case where the Soul is “using” a physical life-form to explore and experience the Creation, and yet… while the Energy of the Soul sustains the “life” of that life-form, the Soul is never actually a part of that life-form or Creation.
Although every thought or action that life-form has or takes is retained in the [“-M-“] of that life form, and it is this memory of the [“-M-“] that is “judged” at the end of each lifetime. This is the operation of the Law of Karma, and it is explained in in the Bible in Hebrews 9-27.
This means of course that the Soul is quite dependent upon the [“-M-“] which is attached to it for it’s experiencing of the Creation. This would explain the reason the NSgy of the Soul is so easily forgotten by the Soul, since the Soul is entirely dependent upon the MIND to explore the Creation.
This is also the reason Saints and Mystics are routinely sent into the Earth to help remind those Souls that are “ready,” to try and re-awaken them to who and what they are?

I will add to this list as time permits.

Atheists Can’t Help Seeming Arrogant…

In recent days, during meditation, I have had some painful, and yet, insightful realizations regarding myself.  And this morning, when I applied what I have learned about myself to the plight of the Atheist, a remarkable understanding came to me via my Intuition.

That is, I realized that the Soul of the Atheist-type individual has simply not awakened to the very subtle Energy of Spirituality from “Within” itself, and therefore, it is the MIND of the Atheist that is speaking through the Left-Hemisphere of the brain of the Atheist, and not the Conscious Awareness of the Atheist.

“What difference does this make,” you might ask? Well, it makes quite a lot of difference… when you look at the larger picture of your own Soul… as monitored and recorded by the MIND that is attached to your own Soul.

That is… the balance scale of Reality [the Law of Karma, in other words] is so finely balanced, and so Perfect… that every negative thought we have is made part of our own store of Karmic debt, which must ultimately be cleared before we can go Home.

Is the fact this is taking place, even though we are not aware of it seem fair?  Not to us, it doesn’t.  But, to the Law of Karma, which God Created, it is absolutely fair — it is fair because it takes place with every single Soul, with no exceptions!  It is part of the Purpose of Life, in fact.

So, from now on… I will look at an Atheist with a sense of pity, not scorn.  And I will save myself a great deal of negative Karma.

Peace, Brother James

A fascinating fact about Truth…

This is from my latest book, and it is one of the best explanations of “why” Truth cannot be conveyed by words, or via information, that I have written.

“If you did not experience a huge Ah-ha, and simply are reading words… Then you do not have anything to remember. And that is fine.

But those who just experienced an Ah-ha, relative to the invisibility of Truth, and how it can either be “experienced” from “Within” oneself, or not at all… You possess that Knowledge from “Within” your own Conscious Awareness, or “C-Awar,” and it is yours forever.

What those of you just experienced takes us back to my point regarding those individuals who were transcribing the Bible around the fifth century.  In addition to needing a great proficiency in language, a person would also have to be Enlightened [or Intuitively capable of “seeing” the invisible bit of Truth hidden “Within” the words they are reading.  In other words, Truth or Spiritual Truth, since these are the same… Cannot be KNOWN except from”Within” oneself.  Truth, in other words, cannot be gleaned from what one reads…. Period.

You cannot “learn” Truth by reading words, in other words.  The Truth is “hidden” as a Mystical rider on one or more words a person may come across in one’s reading… but unless one is “ready” to use that invisible rider to awaken from “Within” oneself that exact same Truth, then there is not Truth to be found in the words you are reading.”

This is from my new book:  If you fear Death… That is Wise.

Brother James