Why Disrespecting America is pure Egotism…

If you can name one nation on Earth that is perfect, then you are justified in disrespecting or condemning America. And, you are a fool for remaining in America rather than moving immediately to that perfect nation.

Bye, bye, and good luck.

Brother James



BUT FIRST… Look below to paragraph in all capital letters & in BOLD.

The Congress shows good intentions in allocating MONEY to the problem of addiction to drugs, or Opiates, Smack, Pot, etc.  And in bringing together people who are also CONCERNED about the PROBLEM.

The PROBLEM IS… Are these EXPERTS not the very people attempting to deal with the problem… with no success?  The only thing money does is to make people who have no idea what to do RICHER…

Congress must ask itself… are they seeking to reduce the problem, or give the impression they are doing something? And I am serious in this question.

Allow me to explain as briefly as I can what is going on with the problem of Drug addiction.  Let me begin with the reason people use drugs?  Drugs are used by people [initially] to achieve a state not unlike when one is intoxicated with alcohol. But alcohol has a negative reaction by others, whereas today using drugs is “cool,” neat, hip, etc.

The primary reason people become addicted to drugs is… the drugs work to meet the psychological need of a person to cut-off awareness of anxiety [which is caused by that person’s MIND… threatening to expose some fearful unknown from within itself to that person’s Conscious Awareness].


1. Deeply repressed fear. 2. A need to have that fear revealed. 3.  The fact this fear is a psychological misperception taken-on at the time of that person’s birth… which can ONLY be discovered via COMPETENT PSYCHOTHERAPY.

______________________  Additional point of interest is:  Modern mental health or “BS&bp” Research Here... has no idea what the MIND is, where it is, or how it works?  The CAUSE of addiction is not the drugs… but a person’s MIND that uses the drugs to achieve a state of reduced anxiety. The actual causal behind drug use is that it works.  And no amount of cerebral, behavioral, or intellectual activity will impact the HABIT OF DRUG USE BECAUSE THE HABIT IS FIXED IN THE PERSON’S MIND.

____________Without adequate AND PROPER Psychotherapy, throwing money at addiction is an exercise in fleecing the tax-payers.

Peace, Brother James


Today, on Twitter, I noticed the current game of KEEP-AWAY played by the main stream media and the Democrats in Congress is… LET’S GET SESSIONS… SO WE CAN PREVENT OUR DEM LEADERS FROM GOING TO PRISON.

Sadly, far too many Republicans, and even Conservatives fail to recognize this game, and by their ignorance [or failure to pay attention] they allow good people in DC to be beaten up by the evil people in the main stream media, and the corrupt people in Congress.

Virtually  every few days, Obama sends over a name to the Democrats in Congress, who then call the servants of Satan in the media, who then put in banner headlines the name of the good person to be destroyed, and millions of Americans who still read newspapers, and listen to the Marxist news on the TV, believe what the main stream says.

I, myself am sick of this game, although I have not been a part of it for a long time now.  When I see it being played, it makes me sad to be reminded how impotent are the Republicans and Conservatives in allowing the Main stream media and the corrupt Democrats to get away with this game.

In my opinion it is time for good people in Congress to begin to speak out [to social media, since the main stream media WILL NOT PRINT WHAT GOOD PEOPLE SAY], and expose the vile, ugly, and intentional misinformation promoted by Democrats in Congress… as they serve Obama and his master Satan.


Peace, Brother James

Psychology of “Liberals”

If the modern Liberal was normal, the story of what’s wrong with the Liberal would not be  important.  The fact is, the “Liberal,” although not uncommon, is nonetheless deserving of special attention. Not the fact that a person is a Liberal, but what is deserving of our attention is the REASON a person has thoughts and actions we label as Liberal?

And, before we get too far into this short piece, allow me to share a couple little-known facts with the reader. One is that the label “Intelack” stands for people who are naturally Democrat, Liberal, Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Progressive, Nazi, and Maoist.  And the other fact is that what makes people different from one another is not what modern mental health thinks causes this difference, but rather, what makes people different is  a difference in the level of Consciousness Within  people.

And, you may ask, what do I mean by   “Consciousness”?   Well, I believe Consciousness is just another name for the level of Spiritual Evolution a person’s Soul possesses?  This assumes, of course you will accept the idea that the human being has a Soul?

Next you have to accept that the purpose of life is for each Soul to grow and mature over time?  If you can accept a Soul, and that each Soul is supposed to grow in knowledge through experience, then what I am about to say will not seem very strange.

Oh, one more thing.  We make a mistake when we look at the intelligence of a person and presume that an intelligent person is an Enlightened person. You have heard that many intelligent people know about things, but that they often lack “common sense”.  In addition,  quite often the higher the IQ is, the less in touch with ones emotions one is.  Well, the reason is that IQ is a measure one ones brain and thinking.  It is not a measure of ones level of Consciousness.

Were you aware that many sociopathic or psychopathic murderers were very intelligent, and yet had no emotionality at all?  The reason is that the brain is physical, and the MIND which feeds the brain its thoughts is not physical, nor is the MIND Spiritual.  Intuition and emotionality are both part of ones Spiritual dimension, and the Spiritual dimension is not capable of being perceived by ones brain.

So, the very intelligent Liberal can “act” like he/she cares about people, but such “caring” is an act.  The fact is, the Liberal is very much in touch with the brain and thinking, but not in touch with emotion, or Spirituality.

Finally, the worst thing about the Liberal personality is that he/she tends to be very self-centered. That is, how other people view the Liberal is very important to the Liberal.  And so, the Liberal politician, or public servant, or teacher, does things to make others dependent upon and to like the Liberal.

But the Liberal has a MIND that, being cut off from [and actually fearing his or her emotionality], often fears personal responsibility. So, to avoid taking personal responsibility the Liberal will lie, cheat and defraud. Lacking Conscience, this makes the Liberal very vulnerable to evil. And the Liberal has no idea everyone isn’t like him/herself.  Alas, it is not possible to point out the dishonesty of the Liberal since his/her MIND will block him/her from seeing evil behavior.

The only way for Enlightened people to protect themselves is to make sure the Liberal is never allowed to gain a position where he/she can begin to control others.  Like a seat in Congress, for example.  Being unable to tell right from wrong is a dangerous thing for a politician.  And we KNOW this to be certainty, do we not?


Why Liberals Lie…

As strange as the title might seem, there is a reason for the type of person we refer to as a “Liberal” to lie, and this little blog will focus on explaining this reason… and why the lying is not by choice, but by necessity!

But let me first announce that there are two basic, and fundamentally different types of people on Earth.  One is the person I identify as the “Intelack” class person [which includes the Liberal, Democrat, Progressive, Socialist, Communist, and in severe cases – the fascist, psychopath, or terrorist].

The second type of people I refer to as Enlightened individuals, or those people whose Souls have  acquired a substantial amount of “C’etc” [pronounced C-etcetera], and C’etc refers to the Virtues of Life all Souls are slowly acquiring over many, many lifetimes.

In case you have not made the connection already, I am suggesting that human beings are [and this is unknown to many people] following a very precise Purpose of Life, which largely takes place at levels our brain and physical senses cannot perceive.  And if you are particularly interested in the Esoteric dimensions of Man, then click Here .  And, if you can just take my word for it, the Intelack class individual has no idea he or she is any different than anyone else.

So, we have two very different types of people wandering around sharing this Earth together… and neither type actually realizes how different they are, or more precisely, the reason they are so different.  Although  the Enlightened person certain recognizes that the Intelack is different simply by the thoughts and behaviors of the Intelack type person.  But lacking any clear understanding as to the reason the Intelack [Liberal/Democrat] is so very different, the Enlightened individual imagines it must be the great intellect of the Intelack person that makes them peculiar?

Actually, the Intelack is [if one is] intellectual because he/she is often provided a great deal of Intellectualism in compensation for a lack of Consciousness.  What is “Consciousness”? Consciousness is explained Here. But briefly, Consciousness [CONS, or C’etc] is defined by me as Conscience, Discretion, Acceptance, Knowledge and Empathetic Understanding. And all these Virtues are held within what I refer to as the Apapsyche of Man. And the Apapsyche I define as the “Operational Energy of the Soul”.

And the way in which we acquire C’etc is by doing and “completing” Karma. Again, if interested, research Here.

The point is… the Intelack class personality lacks sufficient C’etc to enable him/her  to push back against, or nullify the often negative desires of his or her MIND.  That is, the Intelack is vulnerable to the desires, and fears of a MIND that is not moderated or restrained by ones Soul or Consciousness.

This means the Intelack lacks the ability to rise above fear;  or the ability to differentiate between good and evil.  And perhaps most importantly, the Intelack  is operated by his/her MIND… which subtly uses  Delusional Thinking [D-Think] fed to the Left-Hemisphere of his/her brain, which he/she believes to be true:  Since the brain cannot differentiate  normal thinking from the D-Think fed to it by the MIND.

So, when the Liberal [Intelack] lies, the lying is being conducted by the MIND of the Intelack, and the reason for the lying is so that the Intelack is protected from being exposed to truth, which would automatically expose the Intelack to the deeply repressed fears within his/her MIND.

When the Bible speaks of the “Light of the Soul,” it is not just poetic language, it is speaking to the Reality that within each of us is the Light of Spirituality, if it is not hidden by ones MIND?   The MIND is tasked with making sure that none of us gets ahead of our own evolution.  And this means that for the Intelack class personality, his/her Soul is not as yet ready to awaken to the Truth of Spirituality.  And, of course, none of this is part of our intellectual awareness.

So, it is the fairly Enlightened individual who is able to “see” this blockage of the MIND in certain people.  The ideal combination is the Enlightened individual who is also trained in ancient Psychology.  That produces a person who routinely “sees” the evil actions of the MINDs of people.  But since what the Enlightened person “sees” is not ordinarily  seen by others, the others tend to not believe what the Enlightened people say.

So, Liberals lie, and not being readily caught, they very often get away with their lying.  It would of course be wise for people to make use of the Enlightened people on Earth… but let’s not hold our breath on that one.


It occurred to me this morning, and has been in my thoughts for some time now, that we would be wise to remove “Intelack” people from the criminal justice system.

An Intelack person is explained in the link, but briefly, it’s someone whose Soul is new, or relatively new to the form of human being, and this Soul has not as yet accumulated much, if any C’etc.  And C’etc is my symbol for: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding, or “Enlightenment”.

My recommendation is quite logical, but will offend the sensibilities of the Intelack individual in that the MIND of the Intelack [unknown to him/her] holds hidden within itself an intense fear of personal responsibility.  To not fear the Energy within oneself that allows one to enjoy personal responsibility one needs to be somewhat Enlightened [in possession of some level of awakened Spirituality within oneself].  And this means ones Soul must have lived a sufficient number of lifetimes to have earned a level of C’etc that ones Conscience and Knowledge are active parts of ones decision-making process.

By contrast, the Intelack individual [which the name implies], lacks C’etc, and is thus  vulnerable to the desires of the MIND: Greed, Envy and Avarice [the many ways in which Greed can manifest itself]. Every criminal is an Intelack, and the nature of the crimes committed indicate the degree to which a criminal lacks C’etc?

So, when we allow an Intelack judge to sentence criminals, guess what?  Since the judge [unknowingly] fears personal responsibility, the Intelack judge will inevitably sentence the criminal leniently.  The   Intelack judge does not realize this, but those of us who are Enlightened at all should realize this, and we really need to correct this insanity.

For example, I propose anyone who is convicted of identity theft be sentenced to “full restitution” of all costs and damages caused by his/her criminal behavior.  In other words, the person convicted of identity theft be sentenced to a work program that generates “income” to the criminal.  After costs of incarceration are met, then all additional income will be channeled to the victim/victims of that criminal… until “full restitution” is met. When full restitution is met, and only then, can such a criminal be considered for release.

Every crime should be similarly dealt with.  Why should law abiding citizens be responsible for paying for criminals ? This is an insane practice. Every criminal should “pay” for his/her cost of incarceration, and full restitution for the crimes committed BEFORE ANY RELEASE IS CONSIDERED.  The nation would, I believe, be amazed at the reduction of crime.


Brother James