When is Conservatism Not Conservatism, but is Fascism?

What makes a Conservative a Conservative? The actual “causal factor” is the level of Spirituality [or Consciousness (symbol “C’etc”) ] possessed by a person’s Soul… and of course this is an Esoteric thing, and thus, it is not something the brain would be able to know.  And we are now distinguishing between possessing  an adequate IQ (Intelligence),  as opposed to being Enlightened!

CONS...When a person is Enlightened… this means his/her Soul has acquired a substantial amount of Spiritual Knowledge, or Truth.  And this influences that person’s thoughts, behavior, and beliefs.  AND… of course no one can be Enlightened until that person’s Soul has acquired sufficient Truth, which means Spiritual Knowledge.

Most people in the West do not realize that every Soul is not the same, but we Souls vary in the level of Consciousness [Knowledge or Truth] each of us has acquired?  Now, a bright or intelligent person can be a Fascist, especially when that person’s Soul does not possess much Consciousness [Knowledge or Truth]. And this brings us to the difference between Knowledge and Information?

A person can be very bright and deviously clever simply by possessing a good brain, that his or her MIND can use to manipulate others.  And with a retentive brain, he or she would have a good memory to easily recall facts so as to intimidate others.  This is the typical way the Liberal, Democrat, Socialist or Fascist gains advantage over “normal” people.  This is all “information”.

Knowledge, on the other hand is ONLY available to that person whose Soul has gained a substantial amount of Consciousness [which means Truth and Knowledge], and such a Soul  is Enlightened, which means his or her sense of God dominates his or her choices, and ways of being.

On the other hand… it is virtually impossible for an Enlightened Soul to be a Fascist because the level of Consciousness in the Enlightened or Conservative Soul automatically prevents that person from embracing vile thoughts, and prevents that person from placing others in harms way just to gain an advantage.   This level of “humanity” is the “Achilles Heel” of the Enlightened individual, and this concern for people [not to manipulate them, but to care for them]… is taken advantage of by those people who lack Consciousness.

So, the Fascist promises people strength, power, nationalism, and protection … but at a cost.  And the cost is a subtle totalitarianism wherein the Fascist begins to act like a Socialist or Marxist as he becomes a dictator and the nationalism he promised means that he now OWNS everyone and every thing.

Unless a person is somewhat Enlightened, it is not easy for a person to “see” the disguised Totalitarianism in the Phobic-D type individual. And the reason is that it takes a substantial amount of Intellectualism to rise to a position where one’s intellect can capture others who are frightened, or unsure what to do? No one should ever question the intelligence of, or ability to manipulate others that the Fascist possesses. Hitler, Mao, and Stalin were all Fascists, and each used the vehicle of Socialism to lull people into serving them.

Another important difference between the Conservative and the Fascist is that when the Fascist does something, someone always is harmed.  When the Conservative does something, no one is harmed, but many are helped.  That which makes the difference is the level of Consciousness in a person.  The basic difference between the Conservative and the Fascist is easily observed in listening to how each speaks of God, or denies or ignores God?  The Fascist tends to have a god-complex, and will act like god in making life swell for those who worship him, and a living hell for others.

The main characteristic of the true Fascist is a cold, calculated disregard for any person who is not necessary to fulfill the desires of the Fascist.  Anyone who supports abortion is more Fascist than not.  The person who  is a racist, or is comfortable with racism, is someone who is ignorant of the fact that the Soul has no race.  The person who harbors hate does so because that person is fearful, and fear indicates a lack of God, or Consciousness.

Being Enlightened specifically means a person’s Soul  has acquired a substantial amount of Knowledge.  And that is a person whose Soul has worked its way up the Ladder of Life to a point where it has become Consciously Aware of many bits of Truth.  Quite literally, the only person who can embrace the thoughts and behaviors of the Fascist is that person who is relatively new to the form of  human being.  And such a person lacks Consciousness.

Remember, a person can be VERY INTELLIGENT and at the same time possess very little Consciousness.  So, if one is Conscious enough to realize how wrong it is to abuse others, or one’s Soul is Enlightened enough to realize what the saying  “WEG1WGA” means, then one’s Soul has acquired sufficient Consciousness to call oneself a human being, and a child of God.

Peace, 1-Brother James



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