What if the Level of Evolution we Humans can achieve… is Mystically limited to the level of Morality we tolerate in our species?

What if the current species on Earth was self limiting by its tolerance of those in the species who are godless, and thus lacking in Conscience and Discretion, and thus, we are not unlike a species that refuses to get rid of diseased organisms?


Is it not interesting that our species  pays godless doctors to kill babies in the womb, and yet, we refuse to execute murders, rapists, and corrupt politicians.

Look at the number of top politicians in DC who financially benefited from the monstrous level of corruption instituted by semi-ex president Obama.  Look at the failure of current heads of Departments as they refuse to prosecute the great number of evil people in the government in DC today.  Surely a species has some kind of inherent insanity to imagine it is ready to meet and greet Space neighbors… when it can’t even prosecute the most obvious felons and Traitors within its own species!

If  the human beings on Earth today are holding our species  back, due to an over abundance of evil people in the species, then let us all be thankful we won’t be responsible for infecting other species in Creation.

Peace… is likely only possible by going “Within” oneself, and leaving the Creation entirely?

Brother James



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