Alex Jones Asked: “Why does the Left like Islam so much?” The answer is…

This question is a very good question, since it identifies a very important reality.

However, the answer is not one that everyone will comprehend.  And this causes America a problem.  The level of ignorance of most Americans regarding “proper” Psychology is substantial.  The reason for this is that in the early 1900s, B.F. Skinner, a scientist who studied the behavior of animals, thought [intellectually  believed] that his intellectual speculation about the behavior of animals was “psychology”.

Skinner believed this because he knew absolutely nothing about PSYCHOLOGY.  He shared this ignorance of Psychology with the whole of science, medicine, and virtually the whole of academia. That is, the brain is physical, and the MIND is not.  Alas, the brain cannot perceive the subtle energy of the MIND. Therefore, those people who are confined to the brain for their understanding of life… have no idea that they are limited in their ability to “Intuit” subtle bits of Truth… which emanate  from a dimension of Man that is not physical, and thus… not part of what the brain can perceive.

That is… some people are  more Enlightened than are other people. Problem is… we can’t tell who is Enlightened  simply by looking at one another. And this presents a problem for us… since we have not discussed this as part of our education for decades.

In politics, this [social status problem] is resolved by people separating themselves into the Democrat camp and the Republican camp [although some Republicans are fence sitters ].  I refer to the Democrat, Liberal, Socialist, Marxist, etc. as the Intelack type personality.  I refer to those people in politics who possess “Intuition” as Enlightened individuals.  These more Enlightened people tend to be what we refer to as Conservatives.

The fact is, or the Reality is… each Soul is doing the best it can to grow and mature by engaging in, and eventually completing bits of Karma. Karma simply means “action” and for every action there is always an opposite reaction.

But this slow growth process is taking place entirely Within each Soul.  In other words, the Spiritual dimension inside of each person is “learning,” and the results of this “learning” is called Consciousness… Explained here.  Again, all of this takes place at Esoteric or invisible levels Within Man.

As a Soul acquires “Knowledge” [the stored results of completing Karma] the MIND must yield to the  Truth a person’s Soul has acquired.  It is this acquired Truth Within a person that determines whether that person is an Intelack type person [lacks Consciousness], or is an Enlightened individual?

The KEY to determining whether one is an Intelack or not is whether or not that person seeks to [CONTROL OTHERS excessively?].  All who seek the Delusional goal of a Utopian society [Socialism and Marxism]  where everyone is entirely the same… are Intelack type people.  Or people driven by their MINDs since the MIND cannot perceive the Spirituality of the Soul.  And if the level of Spirituality of the Soul  is not sufficient to resist the MIND, then that person is an Intelack.  Not by choice, but simply due to a limited level of Consciousness possessed by that person’s Soul.  It takes time to climb the Ladder of LIFE, in other words.

In the meantime, the wise or Enlightened people will hopefully assert their greater sense of Truth, and resist the habitually negative desires of the Intelack people.

Peace, Brother James


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