The Reason Spirituality is Strange…

The term “Spirituality” is strange because words alone can neither define, nor explain what the word Spirituality refers to.

The term Spirituality refers to the Energy of God, which… other than the terms Spirit and Holy Ghost, remains undefined by far too many intellectuals.  And why would this be the case?

The reason is that ‘Intellectualism’ refers to use of the brain [absent the energy of emotion … which is the energy of the MIND].  The brain is incapable of experiencing either the energy of the MIND, or the Energy of the Soul [and the Energy of the Soul is  the Energy of Spirituality, which is the Energy of God].  So, the brain and thinking is a physical operation limited to the brain, which is physical.

That is… the whole human being is composed of four simultaneously existing energy dimensions, each with its own vibrational reality

Normally, we do not notice that we are separated into so many parts.  The reason is that the operational dynamics of the MIND extend from the physical [brain] realm to the Higher MIND realm [which is just this side of the Spiritual dimension of the Soul]. And the operations of the MIND are too subtle for the brain to perceive… although, the MIND directly impacts [and subtly directs the brain] by use of  “DM=SI” and “Delusional Thinking”.*

*…My work over the last 40 years has been  a process of discovering and revealing the Esoteric [invisible] operations which take place Within Man. And to do this, I have had to coin or create a great many new terms, labels and symbols to stand for, or point to, these otherwise invisible operations.

The symbol “DM=SI” stands for ‘Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity,’ and this means that the MIND can feed Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain, and the brain “thinks” that what it is thinking is true.  This is the reason the Democrat or Liberal [ or Intelack] can tell lies so convincingly.  Such people literally believe what they are saying to be true.

No person is capable of sensing the subtle difference between the Truth and Delusional Thinking unless that person is Enlightened to some degree.  This level and type of Consciousness is called “Conscience”.  And, a Soul must be quite Enlightened to enable it to clearly “see” and “hear” the false hoods of Intelack type people.

Alas, the majority of people on Earth today do not possess Souls that are Enlightened.  Therefore, far too many people tend to believe what corrupt politicians tell them.  People listen to the words… and do not “perceive” the evil such words are masking.

So, Spirituality is strange because only an Enlightened Soul is capable of awakening to the Truth from Within itself… and to do this a Soul must have worked its way above the point where the MIND can mislead that Soul by use of Delusional Thinking.

Now, if this has little meaning to you, that’s OK.  And if this makes sense to you, then you are Enlightened enough to “see” the Truth. For this, you must be thankful, and pray with deep humility for having reached the level your Souls has achieved.

As Christ said to his disciples, “for you it is given to see and to hear that which the masses can neither see nor hear.”

Peace, Brother James


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