The Wonder is…What We Think is Mostly Incorrect

It is, of course, egotistic of me to imagine I might know something beyond what another might “know”… But then, even though it is egotistic, it is also true.

The fact is… this is just the way the Reality is, and the wonder is… hardly anyone knows where he or she is in terms of his or her evolution.  If one even thinks about his or her evolution?  And, I am speaking about one’s Spiritual Evolution… which is entirely different from one’s level of intelligence, or level of education, or how old one is, or what one thinks about oneself.

How prepared are you to define the following?  Soul. Spirit, MIND, Astral body, Causal body, Conscious Awareness [or C-Aware],” or God? If I were to tell you that your Soul is an aspect of God, and that it is composed of Neutral Spiritual Energy [NSgy], and that we all begin as a micro-organism, and we are slowly growing by incarnating into more complex bodies over countless lifetimes… [depending upon one’s Karma], would you believe me, or discount what I am saying because you “know” that Man only has one life to live?

Were you aware that nowhere in the Bible does it state that Man only has one lifetime in which to achieve Perfection?  It says that we [our physical bodies] die after each lifetime, and that is quite true. One’s physical body, brain, personality and psychology die at the end of each lifetime.  What continues is ones Soul with a MIND that is attached to one’s Soul… that one’s Soul had to take-on when first entering the Creation.

We also [normally] forget our past life, and one’s brain slowly “learns” who one is as one [in whatever life form one’s Soul is within] slowly acquires a sense of oneself in the life form in which one finds oneself?

So, if you find yourself in the human form this lifetime, be grateful you have made it this far. It is very easy to slip backwards… depending upon how one uses this special lifetime?  This slipping back is called transmigration.

If this is a second lifetime as a human being, you have beaten the odds, so…as soon as you can, find a way to thank God for this privilege.  And try to live a good and righteous lifetime, so that you might reincarnate into a human form again.

The purpose of Life is to slowly rise up the Ladder of Life, and to use the human form to resist evil while dedicating oneself to God, who is the Father of all Souls.

Peace, Brother James



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