Those Fighting Against Trump…

In observing the statements and actions of those protesting against Trump… I believe a few words need to be shared that explains their behavior.

As many may not know… since modern mental health fails to mention it… the Whole Human Being is composed of four simultaneously  existing dimensions, only one of which is physical, and thus readily discernible by ones brain and physical senses.

These are [from inside out], the Spiritual dimension, the Higher MIND, the Lower MIND, and the physical dimension.  We speak of the two parts of the MIND in the singular… by simply referring to MIND.  We do this  because in the early years of 1900, an  Intelack personality named B.F.Skinner [who had no training in Psychology], said that the best way to study Man was to ignore everything about Man that was not physical.  Those in science readily agreed with him, and thus began the process of denying the Esoteric Psychology of the ancient Greeks, and instituting the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”.

The people protesting Trump are Intelack type individuals, or… people with Souls that are immature, and lacking in Consciousness.  Now, when a person is lacking in Consciousness, that person is simply new to the form of human being.  This concept [that we Souls have as many lifetimes as needed to achieve enough Spirituality to warrant returning Home to God]… is  believed by half the world, but not believed by those in the West [for the most part].  It is true nonetheless, and if you are not part of the protestors, chances are you are more Enlightened than they are.

People who lack C’etc [or Consciousness], tend to be very fearful of anything that reminds them of  Truth, Spirituality, or personal responsibility.  What Trump is doing is forcing people to “prove” they are not terrorists, or  ‘prove’ they do not believe in the Muslim need to kill all Christians…which is part of Jihad, and demanded in the Quran of all Muslims.

Both Soros and the Muslim Brotherhood desire to destroy America, and all Christians. So, to try  and prevent terrorists from flooding into America is the PRIMARY responsibility of President Trump.  What protestors hate about Trump is that he is not a Muslim coward like  Obama. Intelack people simply can’t stand honor, Truth, or patriotism, because it resists the delusional thinking of  Islam.

So, are you an  Intelack?  Or are you an honorable person who loves God?

Peace, Brother James


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