Let Us Remember Who We Are…

Each human being is composed of four simultaneously  existing dimensions, each with its own vibration or resonant reality.  From inside out, these are the physical dimension, the Astral dimension, …

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What is the Great Tribulation? I mean… aside from a story in the Bible?

If you are at all familiar with the phrase “End Time” or, if familiar with Revelation in  the Bible, or you have watched YouTube at all… then you have likely heard about the myste…

Source: What is the Great Tribulation? I mean… aside from a story in the Bible?


This is the PLAN I have outlined in my new book:  A PLAN to Reduce PTSD Suicide.

Let me lay out a simple PLAN for dealing with PTSD. The Crash Course Plan [or CCP].
1. ONLY a competent and properly trained Psychotherapist should be allowed to help Veterans [a graduate of the CCP].
2. The authority of the “officials” currently in charge of mental health in the VA… must not be allowed to interfere in this PLAN [I will explain shortly].
3. A crash course needs to be established immediately for volunteer Psychotherapists [people who are sensitive, Intuitive, and brave], who want to be trained in how to work with the MIND of Man.
4. This course will require class room study and personal Gestalt psychotherapy intended to help the volunteer get in touch with early childhood traumata that must be cleared… so that it cannot be used by the MIND of the Veteran.
5. This crash course will require eight weeks to complete, and the PLAN must be able to compensate the volunteers so that neither they, nor their families suffer in any way. There is enough stress already, let us not compound it with financial difficulties.
It is believed that if ten volunteers can be obtained, then this would provide [in 8 weeks] ten VA hospitals with a competent Psychotherapist who can immediately begin to help Veterans suffering from PTSD.

What do you think?  I am quite excited that with a New [and open] President Trump, we just might be able to provide Veterans the competent help they deserve.

Peace, Brother James