The most important point I was not able to put forth in part I rests upon my inability to convey  the fact that so much of the Spiritual dimension of oneself is invisible to ones brain and physical senses:  Both the MIND dimensions [two of these] and the Spiritual dimension are incapable of being seen or known via our normal and familiar methods of discovery. Alas, you cannot ‘think’ about this.

I believe the single most significant fact not realized by Man [at least in the West], is the fact that three-quarters of one’s whole… are elements and dimensions that CANNOT BE KNOWN BY ONE’S BRAIN AND THINKING. And this fact is denied by a certain class of people… quite unknown to themselves.

Take KNOWLEDGE for example.  Education in the West is convinced that to gain Knowledge, one must fill up on information.  The reason so many think this way… is that this is what the MIND wants mankind to believe.  How many people in the West KNOW what the MIND is? Take a guess… Ten percent, fifty percent, or ninety percent?  It is more likely one in ten might KNOW what the MIND is?

And the reason so few KNOW what the MIND is… begs another question: How many in modern mental health KNOW what the MIND is?  If you ask them, you will find that not one in a hundred licensed psychologists will be able to tell you.  By the way, when I use the term KNOW in all capital letters, this indicates that I am speaking of a person possessing experiential Knowledge… and not just an intellectual belief composed of some Abstract words that point to a description of a MIND that  some people think is hidden  somewhere in the physical brain…  What these people miss entirely is the fact that the MIND is Esoteric, or composed of invisible operations Within Man that are not physical, and thus, they cannot be known by the brain.

And, of course this concept… that there are many parts of oneself that one simply cannot discover by use of ones brain and thinking… is itself a most difficulty concept to embrace… simply because how does one become aware of that which  one’s brain cannot perceive?   Man can only think about the MIND in the ABSTRACT?

Unless, and until, a person can accept that he or she is utterly incapable of KNOWING the MIND via his or her brain… the discovery of the MIND remains impossible for such a person.   And… such a person will only discover his or her errors when, at the time of death, that person finds him/herself in the Astral body, on the Astral realm of Creation, in front of a judge, communicating  MIND to MIND, or via telepathy with that judge.

Now, how many readers were aware of this part of Life?

Peace, Brother James


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