Soul’s Path Back to God, Part II

The most important point I was not able to put forth in part I rests upon my inability to convey  the fact that so much of the Spiritual dimension of oneself is invisible to ones brain and physical senses:  Both the MIND dimensions [two of these] and the Spiritual dimension are incapable of being seen or known via our normal and familiar methods of discovery. Alas, you cannot ‘think’ about this.

I believe the single most significant fact not realized by Man [at least in the West], is the fact that three-quarters of one’s whole… are elements and dimensions that CANNOT BE KNOWN BY ONE’S BRAIN AND THINKING. And this fact is denied by a certain class of people… quite unknown to themselves.

Take KNOWLEDGE for example.  Education in the West is convinced that to gain Knowledge, one must fill up on information.  The reason so many think this way… is that this is what the MIND wants mankind to believe.  How many people in the West KNOW what the MIND is? Take a guess… Ten percent, fifty percent, or ninety percent?  It is more likely one in ten might KNOW what the MIND is?

And the reason so few KNOW what the MIND is… begs another question: How many in modern mental health KNOW what the MIND is?  If you ask them, you will find that not one in a hundred licensed psychologists will be able to tell you.  By the way, when I use the term KNOW in all capital letters, this indicates that I am speaking of a person possessing experiential Knowledge… and not just an intellectual belief composed of some Abstract words that point to a description of a MIND that  some people think is hidden  somewhere in the physical brain…  What these people miss entirely is the fact that the MIND is Esoteric, or composed of invisible operations Within Man that are not physical, and thus, they cannot be known by the brain.

And, of course this concept… that there are many parts of oneself that one simply cannot discover by use of ones brain and thinking… is itself a most difficulty concept to embrace… simply because how does one become aware of that which  one’s brain cannot perceive?   Man can only think about the MIND in the ABSTRACT?

Unless, and until, a person can accept that he or she is utterly incapable of KNOWING the MIND via his or her brain… the discovery of the MIND remains impossible for such a person.   And… such a person will only discover his or her errors when, at the time of death, that person finds him/herself in the Astral body, on the Astral realm of Creation, in front of a judge, communicating  MIND to MIND, or via telepathy with that judge.

Now, how many readers were aware of this part of Life?

Peace, Brother James


The Soul’s Path to God

In the diagram below, I have indicated the Path of those Souls that will find their way back to God.   These are the steps every Soul must take to return Home to God.  The only difference a religion on Earth makes is that it can help or hinder the advancement of one’s Soul in this process… which is the single same process all Souls must take in their return to God. For very practical [albeit Mystical] reasons.

And when I say ALL Souls, I am also speaking of Christ, and all Perfect Living Masters as well.  Christ was a unique Soul, chosen by God to perform the tasks God wanted accomplished.  But even Christ had to complete the Path of all Souls seeking to become One with God [or 1=1].  The reason that all Souls [intended to become One with God] must complete this Path… is that the Energy of God is unique.  And it is Perfectly Neutral, which means no thing [nor thought, desire, nor any unfinished business] can be left Within a Soul returning to the unique Energy of God.


God is the primordial Energy of existence, and I believe this Energy is Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy.  And I believe this because no other form of Energy could be trusted to not be influenced by the Creation.  In other words, to remain entirely aloof from the Yin-Yang nature of the Creation, God would have to be composed of Neutral Spiritual Energy.  Neutral is the only Energy that could be trusted to not be influenced by the Creation. NSgy is the Reality behind the illusion, in other words.  All Absolutes must of necessity be found within the Spiritual dimension, since it is the ONLY dimension that is Real in an Absolute sense.  That is, permanent, and unchanging.

Creation is such that it requires resistance to enable something to materialize from “nothing”.  The entire Creation is an illusion, that is, the whole of Creation is CREATED.  It utilizes actual energy, thus it appears quite real.

In other words… to Create something from nothing… God would have to have resistance, and this then is the purpose of the MIND-level energy,  which is a subtle stepped-down Spiritual Energy, and thus… the MIND-level energy, with its  Yin-Yang nature of good and evil [or the two aspects of ‘Male’ (out-goiong) and Female (in-going) energies] was  required to form the phenomena of Creation.

So, the story of Genesis is an attempt by  Man to explain what is a purely mystical process, the nature of which can ONLY be KNOWN by a Soul that has acquired a very high level of Enlightenment.  And… pretty much unknown by most people… to acquire an increased level of Enlightenment, a Soul must let go of attachments held by the MIND that is attached to it.

You see, the “cost” of acquiring the attachments we Souls possess requires a Soul to “spend” its own Spiritual Energy… which its MIND converts into the attachments to the illusion… which bind the Soul to the cycle of birth and death and the illusion of life.  It is the unloading of these attachments that takes so much time to be spent in the higher regions of Creation.

Going back to the illustration above, the only way what I have shared with the reader works… is if every Soul is part of both the Law of Karma, and that of  Reincarnation.  In other words, it is not possible for any Soul living as an Amoeba to evolve into a human being in one lifetime.  So, like it or not, both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation, are the two Principle Laws of Life. And both are Absolute laws, and both are essential in the Creation of God, and expressly designed for His Creation… and operational Within every Soul.  But not all Souls will realize or accept the offering of God.

So, after very long periods of time, the Earth is renewed, and Man is judged. And only those Souls judged as “righteous” [worthy of remaining as active parts of Creation] will continue as Souls. What happens to those Souls not judged as worthy?  Read Revelation 20:10-15

Peace, Brother James