A Discourse on the concept of Nothing.

Before we begin, let me pose a question we can think about  while I present this discourse.  What if the Reality of Life consisted of good, evil, and Neutral?  And the reason for this question will become clear as we move through this discourse.

In a Spiritual discourse, or ‘Satsang,’ given by Master Charan Singh, In Durban, South Africa,in 1975, he said this;

“The Lord cannot be found anywhere outside of oneself…”  He then said: “The Soul and MIND are knotted together, and the MIND is naturally drawn to the senses.”  My question is ‘why is the MIND “naturally” drawn to the senses’?   Is it because the physical senses are physical, tangible, and more real to us that either the MIND or Spiritual parts of ourselves?  If this is the case, then it is readily understandable why our attention is drawn to our physical senses.

We might take a moment to ask ourselves this question?  What is the Purpose of Life?  Have you noticed that hardly any religion or Spiritual path tells us what the Purpose of Life is?  In another video, Master Charan Singh said:  “Our job is ‘training the MIND to go inward and upward.  Master said in the same video that Simran and Dhyan is used to rise to the Eye Center, where we can began practicing bhajan, or listening to the sound of the Audible Life Stream, or Shabd Dhun.

Master then added: “Only one thing that can pull one’s attention from Creation, and that is the Shabd Dhun,or the Audible Life Stream.”

And, what is the Energy of the Audible Life Stream?  It is of course Spiritual Energy, but is there anything especially peculiar about Spiritual Energy… other than it is the Energy of God, and that it is invisible?   Why is Spiritual Energy invisible?  Does it exist in a different vibrational dimension?  And, is the Spiritual dimension such that it ONLY exists as the Spiritual dimension, and to experience it… one must go to that dimension, since it cannot manifest on this physical plane?

Could this possibly explain the reason philosophers, using their brains, have been unable to discover the Truth?

In another video, Master said:  “We do not see the light because of the darkness…” and he was speaking of the light of our Spirituality, and he was speaking of our attachments as the darkness, or that our attachments are what  separates us  from the light.  To me, this suggests that Spiritual Energy, like that of the Soul,  is different  when it is in the form of our attachments.  And part of that difference is that the “light” is missing when it is in the form of an attachment. Thus an attachment lacks Spiritual Energy.

Does this not suggest that  Spiritual Energy must be altered to become an attachment created by the MIND?  And that we do not see our Spiritual Energy in our attachments… because the attachments are no longer Spiritual Energy?  Is the reason the MIND is, as Master says… ‘the Soul and MIND are knotted together’,  because it is the MIND  that must  convert Spiritual Energy into MIND-level energy,  which is then converted into physical energy?  Let me repeat this paragraph.

If we consider that the whole of Man is composed of multiple vibrational dimensions,  and only one is physical… then perhaps both the MIND and Spiritual dimensions are invisible to our physical senses.  Then it makes perfect sense that in order to try and reclaim our Spiritual Energy [separated from ones Soul into one’s attachments] we are given Simran and Dhyan as the method of reclaiming our own Spirituality?  In other words, we do Simran to try and re-attach our Spiritual Energy to our Souls.  This would also explain how it is that the only way to detach is to attach to something higher.  Simran then is the method by which we slowly reclaim our own dissociated Spirituality.

And yes, what I am suggesting here seems strange.  But is it all that strange?  I mean, we cannot see MIND energy or Spiritual Energy, so how can we know what is going on at these levels?  And how would we even know whether or not we use our own Spiritual Energy to create attachments?

Most people on the Path quite likely assume that our attachments are “emotional” attachments… but how many would be open to the idea that our attachments are literally dissociated bits of our own Spirituality?  And if what I am suggesting is true, then the more attachments one has, the less Spiritual Energy one has available to oneself.

Perhaps the Light of the Spirit is not actually diminished by our attachments, but to sustain the attachments… it requires our Spiritual Energy to be focused on the attachments?   In any case, to sustain ones attachments is said to be contrary to one’s Spiritual growth.

The MIND of the human being creates desires for objects of the world, and each such desire is fulfilled by use of ones own Spiritual Energy.  And mystics refer to this attachment by the term “attachment”.  And the Energy used by the MIND to create an attachment is ones own Spiritual Energy.   So, whether it is actually one’s own Spiritual Energy that is used for ones attachments, the net effect is the same.  An attachments is a misuse of ones Spiritual Energy.

Master Charan Singh said in his Satsang: “We must abstain from the worldly pleasures. Our MIND is pulled down by our senses,  we do not see the light within ourselves”.

I take this to mean… with our Spiritual Energy reduced by our attachments, we can no longer depend upon our Spiritual Energy, or its Light  to remind us that this physical plane is an illusion… [perhaps we might refer to this as a reduction in our Consciousness]? And in a relatively short time, our collection of attachments becomes such that [our ability to discern real and unreal is reduced] and we forget what is Real, and begin to believe the illusion is the only reality there is.

In addition, the  fact that Spiritual Energy is invisible to our physical senses no doubt contributes to the ease by which our MINDs  so easily involve us in the illusion.  And the fact that the vast majority of people thoroughly believe the illusion to be real,  makes differentiating between the illusion and Reality quite difficult… since so few will tolerate resistance to what they believe to be true.

Master Charan Singh then said: “Unless our attachments are cut from the Soul or Spirt, or Nam, we do not escape from this plane.”  Would it be presumptuous to say that the term “cut” could also mean… converted from attachment back to ones Spiritual Energy…otherwise we cannot escape from this cycle of birth and death?

I conclude from what Master Charan Singh said, that we are caught in a dilemma of either -or.  That is, either we are attached to the MIND and its attachments, by which the MIND  prevents us from awakening to the Spirit, Shabd, Holy Ghost, or Nam within us… primarily because the Spiritual within us is invisible to our physical senses… Or, we somehow find a way to reverse the very nature of our lives on this Earth  plane?

This raises for me a question?  Without help, is it even possible for a human being, whose life in the illusion is mostly operated by the MIND… and the Karma that it contains,  to worry about his Soul?    What would cause a person to spontaneously begin to wonder what has happened to his Soul?  I have concluded that if one awakens to the Spirituality within oneself, this awakening is  evidence of one receiving Grace from the Lord. Or in the case of those who are Initiated, Grace from ones Master.

Master said:  “Unless the Soul gets a release from the MIND.. it can never become whole.”

Does this remark from Master suggest that the Soul is less than whole… and it cannot become whole again unless it gets a release from the MIND. Question:   How does one get a release from the MIND?

The answer, we are told over and over again is to do our Simran and Dhyan.  Master says: “Our job is training the MIND to go inward and upward.”

I mean, the Soul is Spiritual, and the MIND is not.  So, how can the MIND hold the Soul,  which the MIND cannot even perceive?  Perhaps what the MIND holds is a stepped-down Spiritual Energy that one’s Soul gave to the MIND to create the attachment between ones Soul and some physical person, place or thing on the Earth plane?  It does not matter how precisely this attachment is created, what is important is that it exists.

And this then… brings us back to the question:  What is the Purpose of Life?

Many years ago, I was working on a theoretical structure that would explain Psychology relative to the whole Human Being.  And for quite some time, I was missing something that I needed to complete that structure.  One evening, I was at a table doodling, when I suddenly wrote down the terms ” Neutral Spiritual Energy”.  Which I gave the symbol NSgy.

It took quite some time for me to awaken to what my Intuition gave me that evening. But I eventually realized that this phrase, Neutral Spiritual Energy, was a reference to the Energy of God.  But since I had not heard of this concept before, I did not trust my Intuition at the time.  But as part of my general process I tried to think of all the things I could that were “neutral”?

I eventually realized that I could not think of anything that was Neutral?  What did this mean, I wondered?   What if Neutral Spiritual Energy was the primordial Energy of God? And that, as the mystics say, God projected a stepped-down energy into the Void, which resulted in the formation of the Creation.  Could Neutral Spiritual Energy be the Spiritual dimension, and the dimension of Truth, Reality, Spirituality, God, and all absolutes?

For me and my theoretical structure for the Psychology of Man,  the idea of Neutral was the key I needed to complete my structure.  And, in solving this problem, I also realized that the Soul, being an aspect of God, is also composed of Neutral Spiritual Energy.

Now, another question for you….If your Soul looked into a mirror, and you were Neutral, what would you see?   Since Neutral means nothing to cause friction, you would be invisible. After a long search for something that was Neutral, I concluded that the nearest thing I could come up with was the term “Nothing”.

And, I found the discovery of NSgy fascinating.  And I suspect you can pursue this enquiry for yourselves, if you are so inclined?

Master Charan Singh said:

“Only one thing that can pull one’s attention from Creation, and that is the Shabd Dhun, or the Audible Life Stream.

If one views the Soul as Neutral Spiritual Energy, then one can easily imagine the mirror idea, and no image.  So, it occurred to me that the Purpose of Life is for we Souls to discover everything Neutral Spiritual Energy can be… when it is manifested into the physical plane of Creation?   This then also explains the Hindi idea that the Creation is the Lord’s Lela, or the Lord’s Play.  Not like a child playing, but like what Shakespeare said regarding life as a play in which we Souls are all playing parts.

I mention this simply because I believe there is merit to it. But I have no confirmation that the concept of Neutral Spiritual Energy is valid,nor applicable to Sant Mat.


Master then said:  “Meditation means trying to help our Soul get released from the clutter of the MIND.”  Could this not mean… released from that which is not Spiritual?  The Soul, to return to God, must once again become Enlightened Neutral Spiritual Energy, or Pure Spiritual Energy.


Brother James






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