Questioning things…

In my new book: Questions About Life…  I wrote this today…

Just a question that pops into my thoughts… are we clear on the concept that we Souls have been in the Creation since God created Man? This concept makes a lot more sense if one is not confined to the notion that this massive physical universe was created for we Souls to experience just ONE lifetime.
To compound my difficulty with the Christian notion that a Soul only has one lifetime to live… is the fact that every living thing requires a Soul. It is the Soul Within a living form that gives that form “life”.
In other words, when you look out of your window, and see a bird, perched in a tree… that bird is [according to Christianity] living the only life it will experience in the Creation. And when it dies, it will remain in the ground, or its parts will be distributed over miles by the wind… and at some future time… its Soul will be judged as to its “works”? And a determination will be made as to whether it continues or is cast into the Lake of Fire?
What “works” will that bird have accumulated over its one lifetime?
Did you realize the notion of one life to live… is supported in the Bible by one verse?
Hebrews 9:27 And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgement.
Now, at least half of the world’s population does not agree with the notion that Man only has one life to live, but some Pope, or Popes, around the fifth century, decided that this verse meant that Man only had one life to live on Earth. And millions of people, who follow Catholicism, believe what the Pope(s) have interpreted the Bible to mean.
However, using the exact same verse, I will share with the reader what Eastern mystics have said… as it relates to this verse.
And too, in the Bible, in Revelation, it clearly states that the False Prophet will be the last Pope… and this False Prophet will lead many people to accept the Antichrist… and in doing so, these people will confine their own Souls to the Lake of Fire.
Who is correct? Which interpretation is true, and which interpretation best “fits” what God had in mind when he Created the Creation?
In Eastern mysticism, this notion of the Soul and its experience of LIFE… describes Hebrews 9:27 in a very different way. And in this Chapter, and in my discussion of the “Purpose of Life,” I will base my views on this Eastern view… simply because I find [in my 80+ years of this lifetime], that which I am sharing is a more fitting [more loving] view of what God intended for we Souls and His Creation.
In Eastern mysticism, as shared by several religions, both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation, are both key players in fulfilling the Purpose of Life.
The concept of the Law of Karma is a perfect solution to the Creation… if, what one hopes to achieve is Spiritual Equality and Peace. And I say this because the goal of the Law of Karma is to achieve a complete and objective Wisdom regarding what NSgy can be, or do?
And I challenge anyone to find a better solution, given that what one has to work with is nothing. That is, NSgy is Neutral Spiritual Energy, and thus, outside of the Spiritual dimension itself, NSgy does not exist. What math will explain that which cannot be seen, nor conceived?


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