A passage from new book…

Why are bathrooms set aside for little girls in America being opened to males whose illness is peeping at little girls? Because what currently constitutes the leadership of the field of mental health is overly populated with Intelack BS&bp trained people whose own sexually conflicted MINDs are now free to engage in whatever evil they desire.
Why is President Obama forcing homosexuality upon the military in America? Indeed, “why” is the question… but who will risk asking this question. Or painfully more to the point, who in DC is not part of the growth of sexual perverse individuals being appointed to high positions in the government of the United States of America?
Where is the field of mental health? It is headed by Intelack type people whose MINDs dominate their thoughts, and thus, cause them to not “see” the sickness so prevalent in their own profession.
It sounds trite, or silly to suggest that when a nation puts God behind a screen of intellectualism, placed there by sexually conflicted individuals [who hold high positions in mental health], that the nation begins to deteriorate… but this has been taking place for several decades, and it has now become an epidemic.
Who is to protect and care for the mental health of the nation? Who, indeed? When sexual perversion is promoted by the President, who is powerful enough to condemn the President in a way that is meaningful?
Indeed, is this not the present battle taking place in America between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump? Cruz is aware of the evil flooding the nation, and Trump thinks all problems can be resolved by more money and more Intellectualism.

Brother James


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