I was just watching a video by Irving Baxter, regarding the coming new holocaust of the Jews…  In it Dr. Baxter made some relevant and fascinating points that I believe all Americans would benefit from awakening to!

So, if you agree, then please RT this blog so that others might become aware of this as well.

The first point is that the events of Revelation in the Bible are difficult to comprehend, without substantial study… but more importantly, they are actually quite relevant to each of us today.  The Bible speaks of Israel [the woman with twelve stars on her head] will be helped by the wings of an angel.  In the Bible, the US is symbolized by an Eagle.  So, Baxter’s belief is that the US will support Israel against the army of the Antichrist… over a period just ahead [let us hope this is true]!

That then got me to remembering the idea of Apostate christians, or as Baxter put it: Those people who are Catholic, or Protestant … somewhat like RINOs, or christian in name only.  That is, people who call themselves Christians, but people who are willing to “compromise” the principles of Christianity to achieve “universal faith,” or “universal brotherhood,” where people subtly begin to praise the UN’s idea of Christianity… which means, all faiths are the same.  This ‘universalism’ idea is one several Popes have pushed  over the tenure of the last five Popes.

If one will do a little study of the writings and pronouncements of these Popes, one will quickly see that they have been doing their best to encourage all nations to surrender sovereignty to the One World Government of the UN, by encouraging all people to submit to a “universal” governing body, administered by the United Nations.  The Antichrist will rise in the UN, in the near future, and all 1-worlders around the world are striving for this to happen.

These one-worlder type people are elitists, wealthy, intellectual, and most are somewhat connected to high positions in many governments.  They are also a strange type of Marxist, who believe the masses must be governed by elitists like themselves.

Now we come to Trump, whose wealth places him in contact with, and makes him a part of this elitist community.  Therefore, the “so-called” christians favoring Trump are not Christians, they are Apostate christians [in name only], and they are therefore [and unknowingly] serving Satan.  They have no idea that they are being used by Satan, to prevent Senator Cruz from becoming a force for good that will help America remain “sovereign,” and free from the UN, which only needs one more Liberal vote in the Supreme Court to make the Constitution null and void.

Please share this for those open to what is taking place.

Peace, Brother James


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