I listened today to a recording of a  Satsang [discourse] given by my Spiritual Master  in 1989… and it reminded me of something not everyone has ever considered?

What if Life were a giant merry-go-round, and we come into life to serve as the forms on that merry-go-round… and to do and experience Karma?  And, not all the forms are human beings, in fact… most of the forms  are those of  various animals?  So that, the chances of coming in as  a human being are somewhat few and far between?

Now mind you… the only form in which one can escape the cycle of life after life on the merry-go-round is in the form  of a human being.  But… when one comes into life on the Merry-go-round as a human being, one does not remember how important the human form is, and one believes that one was born to collect tickets, and make repairs.

One simply has no idea that one only has this form as a human being to effect an escape!  And if one doesn’t escape the cycle of birth and rebirth this this lifetime… one misses the opportunity of escaping until one happens to come into life as  a human being again… and… who knows how many lifetimes that might require?

My point?  My point is this… How many KNOW what the Purpose of Life is?  And the second question is… how many different life forms are on this merry-go-round?


Brother James


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