The results of the South Carolina election greatly disturbed me. And even though the votes for Trump were fewer than the votes for Cruz and Rubio combined, the result was Trump won.  I offer this quote just as a sense of America losing its way…

__________________Begin Quote.

God has no caste, color or creed; neither do our souls have such limitations.  Our soul is a drop from the ocean of Divinity.  When God has no sect or caste or color, why should the soul have any when both are of the same Essence?  Paltu Sahib exhorts:  “Let nobody be under the wrong impression that his high caste will take him to heaven; or because he belongs to a high class family that he alone will see God”.  To whatever race, religion, country or station in life one may belong, if one worships God with true love and unalloyed devotion, he shall reach Him without fail.

Our castes, colors and creeds are concerned with our bodies only and perish with them in fire or dust.  Guru Nanak says:  “Where reckoning takes place, there body and its caste do not go”.  Bulleh Shah says, “Your actions shall decide your fate, and your castes shall stand away.”  Another Saint says:  “In the court of the Lord, nobody inquires about castes or religion; he who loves God becomes His”.  Sages always come to take us out of the bounds of castes and creeds, and to show us the true Path of Love and Devotion.  On the other hand, after Their departure, we are prone to forget Their teachings and shut ourselves in narrow circles and societies.

____________________End Quote.

I believe to use hate as a guide for ones future is a very poor choice.  But then, resentment often results in hateful action, such as promised by Trump.  To me, it is sad so many Americans are unable to “see” the loving choice God has provided America in this most negative time in America, and the opportunity to re-establish the rule of law and the Constitution by one who holds the Constitution as quite important:  Senator Cruz.

The above quote is from Light On Sant Mat, by Maharaj Charan Singh.

Peace, Brother James



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