Bit of new book on Suicide…

Although in our mudane life, we do tend to recognize a difference in political parties, although we rarely recognize the fact this ‘difference’ is due to a person either possessing, or lacking the Virtue of Conscienc [ability to resist evil] as part of an over-all measure or level of the Consciousness of a person’s Soul?
It would be most rare for one person to ask another person this question, for example: “What part of the Virtues of Life is your Soul lacking that causes you to not realize how dishonest that candidate is”?
We do not ask such questions because we have not been properly educated, and the reason we have not been properly educated is that the Intelack type personality has gradually taken over education in the United States.
The entire thrust of Common Core is precisely to cripple children by discouraging them, mocking them, and punishing them for being creative, spontaneous, or for knowing more than their teachers by reason of being more Enlightened.


Brother James


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