That is… It is not God who judges Man, it is Man him/herself that judges.

Take a look at this drawing:


What is illustrated is obvious, how this all works is quite difficult to explain.  But fact is, it is taking place daily.

Take a look at the energy centers within Man.  And please note how LOW is the “Mul,” or sex center. Up and down, remember is a choice of direction we choose daily.

Energy Centers of Man

God did not intend for the sexual center in Man to be used as an entertainment device. But, only Enlightened people tend to rise above this primitive [but powerful] center.

Note how close the sex center is to the elimination center. Focusing on any center lower than the Dodal Chakra is negative. Guess where the Homosexual focuses CONSTANTLY?

Now you know the reason the Bible says that those who practice Homosexuality will never see Heaven.  One simply cannot spend ones life focused on next to the lowest center of Man and expect to create positive Karma.

One more picture to emphasize my point.



Brother James


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