What does Wisdom mean?  Is it like knowledge, or memory, or knowing right from wrong?  What does discretion have to do with Wisdom?  How about experience, or age, or education, or one’s parents?  And, what does the notion of Spirituality have to do with Wisdom, if anything?  And is Wisdom different from Enlightenment, or are these different names for the same thing?

Finally… does Wisdom have anything to do with intelligence, or one’s brain, or perhaps ones level of IQ?   And is it in some way coupled with ones education and the type of education one receives?  Or perhaps ones race, ethnicity, or religion?

The answer will, I believe, seem strange to many.  Wisdom is the end result of all the things I mentioned, and one more thing… something I did not mention.

Wisdom is the end result of, and the goal of the Law of Karma.  And the Law of Karma is a basic principle of the Reality of Life, and in the West, very few people know anything about the Law of Karma, or the Reality of Life, which involves Reincarnation.

The odd thing about Wisdom is that, generally speaking, those people who obtain Wisdom are quite often in their last lifetime experiencing the cycle of birth and death. And this means two things: 1. The Wisdom they share with mankind is rarely appreciated, comprehended, nor tolerated.  2. So, those who have obtained Wisdom routinely keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves.  Not out of selfishness, but out of concern for their own safety.

In addition, the desires, needs and interests of the people of the illusion are far more interested in how to game the system… rather than in learning how to extricate themselves from the system?  So, what the person with Wisdom Knows is rarely of interest to people generally.  Finally, the Wise person is dedicated to returning Home to God, and not in becoming more involved in the illusion of life, or in creating more Karma, which prevents one from rising up the Ladder of Life sufficiently to escape the cycle of birth and death.

Where does Wisdom come from?  It comes from a person engaging in an action [doing Karma], and then receiving that very same action taken against oneself — either in this very lifetime, or in some future lifetime?  And since we do not realize the action taken against us [was originally initiated by us], we ordinarily take offense to the action against us.  And we blame the messenger, get angry, upset, and even swear vengeance against the messenger.  Eventually, one begins to awaken to the Truth, and begins to Accept that which happens to oneself.  And this sets in motion an internal process I refer to as Esotransmutation, or the mystical process whereby bits of trauma [Karma] repressed Within ones MIND, are subtly converted from experience to bits of Knowledge.  And these bits of Knowledge [composed of both the Yang [male] energy of action, and the Yin [female] energy of experience] are stored as ‘Wisdom’ Within what I refer to as one’ Apapsyche [Operational Energy of ones Soul].

Wisdom is, of course, very valuable for a Soul on Earth, but not so much if ones Soul is busily engaged in Karma as one is trying to climb up the Ladder of Life.  For those Souls that are leaving this physical plane, having already climbed up the Ladder of Life, Wisdom is most helpful in helping such Souls avoid any additional Karma that would further burden them, keeping them tied to the cycle of birth and death.

So, Wisdom helps one avoid lies, cheating, stealing, intentionally harming others, and from adding to ones own troubles.  But, to offer Wisdom  to those who find these traits [which create Karmic obligations] most useful in gaining advantage over others… well, they do not find Wisdom of much value.

Has this been helpful regarding Wisdom?  I hope so.


Brother James


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