And by ‘rational’ do I mean introspective, or speculative regarding potential problems, which may be indicated to some people, but not to others?

What is rational relative to the ego needs of Man?  Do the basic desires of the MIND, which are Greed, Envy, and an insatiable need to control… lend themselves to we humans  being rational or introspective?  Or, put another way… are the physical and emotional needs of Man such that they must be met first, before a person can be asked to consider the “rational” [and for some people non-existent] needs of Mankind in order for mankind to survive?

Who, in other words, is greatly concerned about the welfare of mankind when everyone that person knows is happy, contented, healthy, and living well?

In other words, must mankind be full, well-nurished, well-housed, well-educated and not in a state of panic… before Man is capable of abstractly considering the needs of other people who are desperate, or even dying?   Must we wait for all of mankind to be at ease, before mankind can begin to worry about a state of being that doesn’t [at the moment] exist for everyone?

Must mankind be in grave peril before those who are part of mankind [but not personally experiencing what many are experiencing] notice the plight of those who are suffering?

And does mankind move, or operate like a herd of grazing cattle, with heads down, chopping away at their feed… and only become disturbed when, on the fringe of the herd, some of the herd bellows out of fear of being killed or harmed?

I recall motion pictures of Buffalo being shot, dropping down dead, and the Buffalo around them continuing to eat, not missing a beat.  How far have some human beings moved from the time when they were animals, and how long does it take for “instinct” to be erased within ones MIND?

And while considering the factor of certain people being at ease while others are struggling, is there any reason for this state of disparity to exist for mankind?  And to answer this, it might be well to consider a socio-philosophical question:  What is the Purpose of Life?  And, what, if anything, does the Bible teach about the welfare of mankind?

If it is the nature of mankind to only react when a crisis is already upon Man, or is there a way to announce the crisis before it occurs?  If Man has [as some suggest] advanced beyond the animal species? If the level of the Conscience of Man is so cloaked, asleep, or insensitive, then perhaps the cycles of historic societal destruction may be inevitable?  In which case the catch-as-catch-can approach to life may be Man’s only alternative?  Selfish, but is it inevitable?

But then, the Bible and other Eastern mystics tell us otherwise. And that gets us to the question… has mankind reached a point in its development where concern for the whole of mankind is important enough to mankind, or even a potion of mankind, wherein a sufficient number of mankind are  Enlightened enough to point out the plight of a needy portion of mankind, and demand that the whole address the needs of the few?

And this seems to me to require a special leader, or type of person who is Enlightened [which means Spiritually Evolved]. And this is always the case, is it not?  The majority of people not demanding that their leader be the most Enlightened among themselves?

I believe there is life [the illusion of life], and there is Life [as in the Reality of Life]. And what we can see and think about on Earth is the illusion of life.  While the Reality of Life, which we cannot see or think about, is only capable of being viewed by the Enlightened among mankind.

Like Christ who noted to his disciples that to them… it was given to “see” and to “hear” what was behind his words, whereas the masses could neither see nor hear the Truth to which his words could only point.  So to the masses he spoke in parables.

With large numbers of the people of Earth in poverty, or experiencing a shortage of potable water, or  food, or being butchered by the insane promptings of what I refer to as the #IslamDeathCult… what of a “rational nature” is being done about these things?  And if nothing… why not?

I believe it is the psychologically conflicted and entirely incapable leader in the White House, whose marxist-muslim father abandoned him when he was three years of age: Leaving a deep and lasting scar on the psyche of Obama.  Obama’s government is run by the Czars he has place throughout the Government.  And because he is black, and a marxist, much of government shares his desire to destroy the Constitution and Liberty and punish America for leading the world.

And the world of Islam is sizing upon the absence of an American leader to let loose the hounds of Hell upon the world. And from inside the US, Obama is doing everything he can to help those his father would have helped.  This is clearly the reason Obama placed Muslim Brotherhood agents in various Departments of Government.

And a largely corrupt Congress,  peopled by many who decades ago ceased being useful, are impotent to stop a fellow marxist-Democrat.  So, without the guidance of the Constitution, and 7.5 years of systematic dismantling of the Constitution by Obama, America is on the brink of collapse.  As much due to a nation moving away from God, as a fear of being called racist if anyone should try and remove Obama.

What is rational about what is taking place in America today?  Or in the world today?  Very little is rational, and a great deal is intentional, as Islam seeks to impose its world-wide Caliphate upon mankind.  And Obama has tied the arms of the military, and the Congress is useless.

And a Socialist is actually being applauded for crying out for the destruction of America, while on the supposed other side, a Billionaire sees the nation as “ripe for plucking”.

May God Help those in the nation who have not forgotten God.


Brother James


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