“…These passions take possession when mind is allowed to run wild, out of control of the spirit…”
And by “spirit,” Dr. Johnson means the Spirituality of the Soul, which in certain people simply lacks the level of C’etc necessary to resist the evil desires of the MIND. Again, if one keeps in his thoughts the fact that all Souls are not the same… since each is perched upon one of many rungs of the Ladder of Life… and the Intelack type Soul is perched upon the lower rungs of this Ladder, it helps to realize how certain Souls are naturally vulnerable to negativity… given the lack of Consciousness of these particular Souls?
It is interesting that mankind does allow for a great variance in intellect among people, but for some reason, those same people do not comprehend that people can also vary in the level of Consciousness a Soul may possess? And the fact that some Souls will not [in this lifetime] be able to rise above the negativity they repeatedly engage in seems to be quite beyond the grasp of some people.
How much do you have to beat a person to reach that person’s evil-dedicated MIND… since the MIND is not physical, and couldn’t care a wit about how much that person is beaten?


Brother James


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