A Bit from my new book…

_______ A part of Preface…

Therefore, we have the following situation: The more repressed bits of Karma stored Within ones MIND that exist… [which depletes ones level of Consciousness or Spirituality], and thus makes ones Soul more vulnerable to ones MIND, the more power ones MIND has over ones Soul. And this means the less able ones Soul is to resist, or deny the negative desires of ones MIND.
And this is simple math. Each bit of Karma one engages depletes ones store of Spirituality by the amount of energy that bit of Karma requires. And this depleted condition remains until that bit of Karma that one initially created is returned to oneself… AND one is able to fully accept responsibility for that Karma. Which means truly forgive the messenger or person who is returning ones initial bit of Karma back to oneself.
And this is where most people fail the “test”. It is the “normal” human reaction to react to a returning bit of Karma with anger, resentment, hostility, bitterness, and to want to seek revenge upon the person who is RETURNING ONES OWN KARMA BACK TO ONESELF.
This is, of course, the secret hidden Reality in all events that come to us in life. And since we have no memory of having initiated this action ourselves, we easily fall into the role of victim.
How many people on earth, and in America mistakenly believe themselves to be VICTIMS?
Conscious Awareness is naturally invisible to those who are not Enlightened individuals. Truly is it said: No one mocks God, nor His Creation. To do so, one would have to at least have some level of Consciousness, right?
And… this sets up the quinticential battle of Mankind on Earth, which is the historic war between good and evil, which is exemplified by the battle going on Within the MINDs of all human beings.

______Peace, Brother James


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