What do most people fail to know about the Psychology of the Socialist?

First and foremost, most people fail to realize that the psychology of a person is unknown to that person… that is, it is very rare for a person to be aware of the psychology operating within oneself?  And this is quite important, because a person can be acting like a horse’s ass [so to speak], and not have any idea that he or she is doing so?  And more importantly, the person, not knowing he is acting and speaking in a strange, bizarre, or peculiar way…  has no need to discover the reason he is doing this… because he fails to realize that what he is doing is in any way peculiar?  Depending upon that person’s level of fear at being with others, or of public speaking, that person can range from just be uncomfortable with a mild sense of anxiety… to not really being present,  in the sense he or she is aware of what he or she is saying and doing?

This is precisely the reason public figures pay to have someone help them present an acceptable image to others.  So, depending upon the status of the person one is observing, that person may seem present and aware of himself, or that person can seem nervous,  having difficulty in articulating answers, or perhaps giving the impression that the person is not very bright?

This is part of the reason President Obama, for several years,  would  demand that a teleprompter be present for him to use.  In this way, he did not have to be concerned that he might let what was actually going 0n his his thoughts  accidentally slip out in his speaking.  Early in his stay in the White House, it would not have done for him to let slip that his goal for America was to destroy the Constitution,  replace the government with a Marxist from of government, and hand America over to Islam as run by Islamic clerics.

So, Obama handed the operation of himself over to his aide, Valerie Jarrett, who has managed him quite well.  And in my opinion, he and his directors, George Soros, and Valerie Jarrett, and the many Marxist Czars he appointed to run the government for him, have been very effective in dismantling the government of the United States of America.  Of course this required the help of many Democrats in both the House and Senate, and his control over AG Holder.   With his appointments to the Supreme Court, he was almost able to fully control the government.   I believe he will, if left in the Presidency, accomplish his goals.

Now, the psychology of Obama, who is both a Socialist and a Communist, or operating with the psychological structure of an Intelack type personality.  That is, someone whose Soul is lacking C’etc [or Consciousness], which means a Soul that is new to the form of human being.   His state of mental health is an adopted  way of acting, that, if not watched too closely, and not questioned, is quite capable of   deluding  most people into thinking that he is like an absent-minded professor.

In the structure that has been created by Jarrett,  he never has to answer any questions which might threaten his [Delusional belief] that he is a very responsible person.  And by handing off literal control of government to others, as overseen by Jarrett, he can easily maintain his Delusional belief system.  And by surrounding himself by people whose negative [selfish, greedy, and Imperialistic ambitions… match those of himself], he is allowed to maintain his Delusional belief that he is in control of government.

The MIND of Obama is severely troubled, and holds within itself an intensely negative self-view of himself, of which he is entirely unaware.  He is a man-child, acting like a king, and no one around him dare point out that the Emperor has no clothes.  I would imagine one look from Jarrett to anyone who would threaten what she has created would be sufficient… to cause the person to not do it again.

What does every Socialist have in common?  A Soul that is naive, immature, and early in its development.  A godless Soul that is also entirely operated by the MIND that feeds Delusional Thinking to a brain, that has no idea that its thoughts, beliefs, and desires are those of a MIND that is not bothered with, nor resisted by a Soul.  Therefore, the Socialist can pursue the Utopian dream of every Marxist of a perfect world in which he, or she, is king.  Overseeing thousands of people who are superbly glad that he/she is their ruler.

Obama, I’m sure,  is truly surprised if he happens to observe anything negative about himself on TV.  And, not unlike Trump in some ways, Obama is told that he is always right, and whatever he sees or hears as being negative is just some right-wing religious nut job.  Reality, Truth, or honesty is not allowed in the White House in the America of today.

Of course, I readily admit that I am a purest when it comes to Truth.  You see, any lie is, for me, evil.  So, with an administration that mostly lies, I only see evil in the government of Obama.  For me, it is the last vestiges of goodness of the American people that have allowed Obama to so shamelessly butcher the nation, while the nation kept healing itself… despite how viciously Obama sought to cripple the nation.

But now, I believe the “vestiges” of goodness are about spent, and the reaping of the evil that Obama, and his corrupt government, has so recklessly, widely, and deeply sown… are about to come home to roost, as the nation is about to experience intense pain and suffering.  And if Obama is able to impose his last Marxist [godless] judge on the Supreme Court, Obama will indeed have destroyed America, and only God will be able to punish America, along with the other nations of the Earth.

But the nation still has a few months to alter the course of America.  But will it do so?  I believe only a nation demanding an honest, and God-loving man like Senator Cruz, would be able to stop the nation’s leap into the Lake of Fire, along with Satan, the False Prophet, and the Antichrist.

But then, perhaps too few believe in the Bible today to take heed?  We will just have to wait and see.

Peace, Brother James


The Purpose of Life…

I listened today to a recording of a  Satsang [discourse] given by my Spiritual Master  in 1989… and it reminded me of something not everyone has ever considered?

What if Life were a giant merry-go-round, and we come into life to serve as the forms on that merry-go-round… and to do and experience Karma?  And, not all the forms are human beings, in fact… most of the forms  are those of  various animals?  So that, the chances of coming in as  a human being are somewhat few and far between?

Now mind you… the only form in which one can escape the cycle of life after life on the merry-go-round is in the form  of a human being.  But… when one comes into life on the Merry-go-round as a human being, one does not remember how important the human form is, and one believes that one was born to collect tickets, and make repairs.

One simply has no idea that one only has this form as a human being to effect an escape!  And if one doesn’t escape the cycle of birth and rebirth this this lifetime… one misses the opportunity of escaping until one happens to come into life as  a human being again… and… who knows how many lifetimes that might require?

My point?  My point is this… How many KNOW what the Purpose of Life is?  And the second question is… how many different life forms are on this merry-go-round?


Brother James

Bit of new book on Suicide…

Although in our mudane life, we do tend to recognize a difference in political parties, although we rarely recognize the fact this ‘difference’ is due to a person either possessing, or lacking the Virtue of Conscienc [ability to resist evil] as part of an over-all measure or level of the Consciousness of a person’s Soul?
It would be most rare for one person to ask another person this question, for example: “What part of the Virtues of Life is your Soul lacking that causes you to not realize how dishonest that candidate is”?
We do not ask such questions because we have not been properly educated, and the reason we have not been properly educated is that the Intelack type personality has gradually taken over education in the United States.
The entire thrust of Common Core is precisely to cripple children by discouraging them, mocking them, and punishing them for being creative, spontaneous, or for knowing more than their teachers by reason of being more Enlightened.


Brother James

The last election in America…

The results of the South Carolina election greatly disturbed me. And even though the votes for Trump were fewer than the votes for Cruz and Rubio combined, the result was Trump won.  I offer this quote just as a sense of America losing its way…

__________________Begin Quote.

God has no caste, color or creed; neither do our souls have such limitations.  Our soul is a drop from the ocean of Divinity.  When God has no sect or caste or color, why should the soul have any when both are of the same Essence?  Paltu Sahib exhorts:  “Let nobody be under the wrong impression that his high caste will take him to heaven; or because he belongs to a high class family that he alone will see God”.  To whatever race, religion, country or station in life one may belong, if one worships God with true love and unalloyed devotion, he shall reach Him without fail.

Our castes, colors and creeds are concerned with our bodies only and perish with them in fire or dust.  Guru Nanak says:  “Where reckoning takes place, there body and its caste do not go”.  Bulleh Shah says, “Your actions shall decide your fate, and your castes shall stand away.”  Another Saint says:  “In the court of the Lord, nobody inquires about castes or religion; he who loves God becomes His”.  Sages always come to take us out of the bounds of castes and creeds, and to show us the true Path of Love and Devotion.  On the other hand, after Their departure, we are prone to forget Their teachings and shut ourselves in narrow circles and societies.

____________________End Quote.

I believe to use hate as a guide for ones future is a very poor choice.  But then, resentment often results in hateful action, such as promised by Trump.  To me, it is sad so many Americans are unable to “see” the loving choice God has provided America in this most negative time in America, and the opportunity to re-establish the rule of law and the Constitution by one who holds the Constitution as quite important:  Senator Cruz.

The above quote is from Light On Sant Mat, by Maharaj Charan Singh.

Peace, Brother James


Common Core reminds me of Skinner

Does the reader remember hearing about B.F. Skinner, the person whose ill-conceived idea of  a “new psychology” has destroyed America?

I am writing a new book on the following  paragraph which is a quote from Skinner, in a book by Evans, Richard I.  B.F. Skinner:  The Man and His Ideas. New York: E.P. Dutton & Co, 1968:

A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.”

I believe this one paragraph is responsible for the destruction of America, and the disastrous state of education in America as well.  It took a century to accomplish, but every negative thing taking place in America today can be directly traced back to this statement by Skinner… and its adoption by modern mental health as a valid statement.

The only thing valid within  this statement of Skinner is how it illustrates his  intense fear of that of which he was ignorant:  His own MIND.  His ignorance of Psychology is clearly illustrated by his saying:  “somehow or other” in referring to the MIND of every human being [of which is was completely ignorant].  Skinner was an Intelack type personality:  Quite Intellectual, but utterly devoid of Conscience.

What he meant was that for him… the child did not possess a MIND, and [somehow or other] magically … to which is own MIND rebelled and insisted he use the term “animism,” to try and mask his ignorance and fear.  In this, Skinner  was no different than many Intellectuals [people lacking Conscience] today who push Common Core as a means of trying to cripple the Intuition, Creativity and Spontaneity of children. So afraid of this natural ability of children are these  Intelack adults.

If the nation had a competent level of mental health or psychology today,  this would not be a problem. Alas, the reality is Skinner’s ignorance is rampant in both fields today.


Brother James

God Doesn’t Judge, He merely Reads..

That is… It is not God who judges Man, it is Man him/herself that judges.

Take a look at this drawing:


What is illustrated is obvious, how this all works is quite difficult to explain.  But fact is, it is taking place daily.

Take a look at the energy centers within Man.  And please note how LOW is the “Mul,” or sex center. Up and down, remember is a choice of direction we choose daily.

Energy Centers of Man

God did not intend for the sexual center in Man to be used as an entertainment device. But, only Enlightened people tend to rise above this primitive [but powerful] center.

Note how close the sex center is to the elimination center. Focusing on any center lower than the Dodal Chakra is negative. Guess where the Homosexual focuses CONSTANTLY?

Now you know the reason the Bible says that those who practice Homosexuality will never see Heaven.  One simply cannot spend ones life focused on next to the lowest center of Man and expect to create positive Karma.

One more picture to emphasize my point.



Brother James


What does Wisdom mean?  Is it like knowledge, or memory, or knowing right from wrong?  What does discretion have to do with Wisdom?  How about experience, or age, or education, or one’s parents?  And, what does the notion of Spirituality have to do with Wisdom, if anything?  And is Wisdom different from Enlightenment, or are these different names for the same thing?

Finally… does Wisdom have anything to do with intelligence, or one’s brain, or perhaps ones level of IQ?   And is it in some way coupled with ones education and the type of education one receives?  Or perhaps ones race, ethnicity, or religion?

The answer will, I believe, seem strange to many.  Wisdom is the end result of all the things I mentioned, and one more thing… something I did not mention.

Wisdom is the end result of, and the goal of the Law of Karma.  And the Law of Karma is a basic principle of the Reality of Life, and in the West, very few people know anything about the Law of Karma, or the Reality of Life, which involves Reincarnation.

The odd thing about Wisdom is that, generally speaking, those people who obtain Wisdom are quite often in their last lifetime experiencing the cycle of birth and death. And this means two things: 1. The Wisdom they share with mankind is rarely appreciated, comprehended, nor tolerated.  2. So, those who have obtained Wisdom routinely keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves.  Not out of selfishness, but out of concern for their own safety.

In addition, the desires, needs and interests of the people of the illusion are far more interested in how to game the system… rather than in learning how to extricate themselves from the system?  So, what the person with Wisdom Knows is rarely of interest to people generally.  Finally, the Wise person is dedicated to returning Home to God, and not in becoming more involved in the illusion of life, or in creating more Karma, which prevents one from rising up the Ladder of Life sufficiently to escape the cycle of birth and death.

Where does Wisdom come from?  It comes from a person engaging in an action [doing Karma], and then receiving that very same action taken against oneself — either in this very lifetime, or in some future lifetime?  And since we do not realize the action taken against us [was originally initiated by us], we ordinarily take offense to the action against us.  And we blame the messenger, get angry, upset, and even swear vengeance against the messenger.  Eventually, one begins to awaken to the Truth, and begins to Accept that which happens to oneself.  And this sets in motion an internal process I refer to as Esotransmutation, or the mystical process whereby bits of trauma [Karma] repressed Within ones MIND, are subtly converted from experience to bits of Knowledge.  And these bits of Knowledge [composed of both the Yang [male] energy of action, and the Yin [female] energy of experience] are stored as ‘Wisdom’ Within what I refer to as one’ Apapsyche [Operational Energy of ones Soul].

Wisdom is, of course, very valuable for a Soul on Earth, but not so much if ones Soul is busily engaged in Karma as one is trying to climb up the Ladder of Life.  For those Souls that are leaving this physical plane, having already climbed up the Ladder of Life, Wisdom is most helpful in helping such Souls avoid any additional Karma that would further burden them, keeping them tied to the cycle of birth and death.

So, Wisdom helps one avoid lies, cheating, stealing, intentionally harming others, and from adding to ones own troubles.  But, to offer Wisdom  to those who find these traits [which create Karmic obligations] most useful in gaining advantage over others… well, they do not find Wisdom of much value.

Has this been helpful regarding Wisdom?  I hope so.


Brother James