What’s Wrong With Socialism?

What’s wrong with Socialism ?  The inherent, inevitable, and absolute error of Socialism is this:  It is conceived by timid, fearful, and godless people driven by MINDs whose basic and most robust desires are Greed, Envy, and an insatiable need to Control everyone and everything… while working toward a sameness that the nature of Life [as conceived by God] is intended to eliminate [and will, if necessary, destroy civilization in order to CORRECT what mankind is doing].

And, the people who crave, desire, and will kill to achieve Socialism, have Souls whose maturation level is  barely above that of an animal.  Their Souls, in other words, are lacking in Consciousness, or the Virtues of Life all Souls are seeking to acquire [in accordance with the Purpose of Life].  This means such Souls are very limited in their levels of Spiritual Evolution, which means they are vulnerable to, and driven by, the base desires of their MINDs.

Another way to put this is to say that any large collection of human beings; a city, county, village, state, or even a nation, where Intelack type people dominate, will reflect the low-level Consciousness of immature Souls that are naturally drawn to the most evil desires of the MIND.  In other words, evil desires are always most active in people whose Souls lack an awareness of God.  That is, ‘godless’ people!

And this is nothing less, and nothing more than the historic battle between good and evil on the Earth plane of Creation.  This cyclic degeneration of mankind into the low level and evil desires of the MIND inevitably bring destruction to Man.  Sad, but it is also inevitable when Man allows the Intelack type people to take over civilization.  When good people refuse to fight for what is good and proper. Resist this magnetic pull of evil by doubling down in your worship of, and love of God.


Brother James


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