For seven years, or more, I have shared on Twitter the fact that Obama suffers from a deep-seated psychological fixation, tied to his father abandoning him when he was about three years of age.

Obama’s father was a Marxist-Muslim who hated both America and Great Britain. Obama’s father loved revolution, Communism [a natural combination of Marxism and Islam plus basic hatred], and having sex with women.  Obama’s mother was a white woman whose parents were white Socialist-Communists.  Obama’s father abandoned Obama and his mother to go to Africa to engage in Communist revolution.  And Obama believes his father was killed by the CIA, and MI-6 agents in Africa.

Back to the present. Obama, with the help of George Soros, and a carefully orchestrated national hatred of George bush [devised by Democrat-one-worlders], Obama became the first black President due largely to deeply repressed guilt Within the MINDs of mostly Liberals in America, and tons of money by elitist one-worlder types who want America to be directed by the UN.  Obama was a community organizer, or someone who used the complaints of malcontents to force bureaucrats to comply with blackmail [not unlike what Sharpton and Jackson have done for years].

My point is not that Obama is corrupt, and a sociopath, and that he is also quite insane due to his fixation with his father who abandoned him for Communist revolution… my point is that at a deep psychological level [not consciously known to Obama], he desires to punish America for his father’s death.  And he has both Democrat and RINO traitors to help him in doing that… which is why the Congress has surrendered America to this insane wannabe Muslim revolutionary.

But this was the his first seven years of his Dictatorship.  Now he [and more importantly his handlers] is/are determined that ISIS will finish his desire to punish all America for the death of his father [and prepare America for a take-over by the UN… out of which will come the Antichrist].  So, it has come down to these two symbols:

Pic    and this     islam-symbol-picture

Know what these stand for?  The red cross represents the Knights Templar, who defeated Islam in the Crusades. And the crescent moon with the star represents Islam, and its Caliphate which means invading hordes of people all over the world dedicated to world-domination, and the utter distinction of everyone who is not Muslim.

If America removes Obama in the next month, perhaps America could resist the Islamic invasion of US. If not, then Obama may become the next head of the UN, after being the one who crushed America.  Such is the hatred of the UN for America.  And if this happens, then America and the rest of the world will suffer untold butchery and murder.  We are, I believe, in World War III, right now.  And WWIII is prophesied to result in the death of 2.3 billion people around the world.

It all depends upon if Congress or the military wakes up and removes O, or O is allowed to declare Martial Law [and the Congress just passed a law, giving Obama authority to declare Martial Law for any reason, at any time].  If Obama does that, Islam wins, and all mankind is done, except for those insane enough to be a part of Islam.  And the world will have nearly 6 years of pain, suffering, and death. Talk about revenge for ones father…

Farfetched?  We will see, won’t we?


Brother James


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