What Could Explain Why O is Controlled by Iran’s Leaders?

I mean…What would explain Obama allowing Iran’s obvious abuse of America, making Obama jump through hoops, putting sailors in harms way, giving up so many terrorists in exchange for four American hostages, paying Iran a king’s ransom, etc?

Why has government traditionally prevented Homosexuals from holding  high positions?  It is because Homosexuality is a mental illness that makes a person extremely vulnerable to blackmail, because sick people are easily compromised when sexual escapades they can’t resist are photographed.

What is chief of staff Valerie Jarrett’s prime loyalty to…. Iran, or America?  Who might be able to get photographs of Obama’s evening White House romps?

What if Iran’s leaders had photographs of O doing a great many explicit and obviously degrading, humiliating things?  Would that serve as a means by which Iranian leaders now control the actions of America via threat of exposing Obama?

Do we now know the reason two boats wound up making themselves available to Iranian capture; Obama freeing, and removing criminal investigations of multiple terrorists, etc? Should America allow itself to continually be blackmailed as long as Obama remains in office?


Has the need for Democrats to cling to control of power in Washington now extended to their willing cooperation in the blackmail of America,  and the abuse of American military personnel simply to protect Obama?  Has the mainstream media sunk so low that they are now complicit in this as well?

Is this the new normal for America?  What a legacy for a once great nation.  If any of this is true… then shame on Congress, and especially on the Secret Service.

How sad this can even be imagined, but it is taking place, is it not?

Brother James


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