When one meditates, the purpose of meditation is to slowly teach ones faculty of Intuition to awaken, and at the same time, by-pass ones MIND, and ones thinking of the brain. In other words, the purpose of meditation is to develop ones faculty of Intuition… which is the ONLY way to contact the Spiritual Energy Within oneself.
And… until, and unless ones Soul has acquired a substantial amount of C’etc [Consciousness], there is not much to Intuit. This is the reason the Intelack type person [who lacks C’etc], is unable to comprehend the Spiritual nature of the Enlightened individual. The Intelack has little or no access to Intuition, and thus… little or no experiential understanding of what Spirituality is; and no experience of Empathetic Understanding with which to contact [the Esoteric realities of C’etc… that the Soul of the Intelack has not, as yet, acquired].
The Intelack simply does not have the capability of accessing that which would allow him or her to “see” or “hear” what the Enlightened type person KNOWs. Unfortunately, the Enlightened person has no idea that the Intelack person has no way to KNOW what the Enlightened person KNOWs.
And so, we have these two very different types of people looking at one another, thinking that because they look alike, they are alike.
And nothing could be further from the truth.


Brother James


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