Each of us has obtained some rung on the Ladder of Life, and at considerable cost to ourselves have we achieved this status. If you feel somehow superior to those who are vile, vicious, and evil… this sense of being superior is not an accident. But the sense of being superior needs to be monitored… to make sure it is not just ones MIND feeding ones ego.
On the other hand, if in observing the evil around yourself, you have a sense of regret for those involved in such evil, then that is your humility and level of Consciousness allowing you to realize that there, but for the Grace of God… go I. It is this sense of humility that will carry one forward, or upward on the Ladder of Life.
And yes, it is possible to be humble and resist evil at the same time. It is senseless to allow mosquitos to bite one… in a misguided idea that it would be wrong to protect oneself against these mosquitos, by killing them. Keep in MIND, please, that the ONLY way we Souls grow and mature is by spending time in the various Hells which expressly exist to teach us how to be better. The mosquito could spend no better time than in some Hell learning that being a mosquito is a less desirable form in which to exist.
The exact same reality goes for all in Islam who believe that the murder of innocents is what they are supposed to do. Muhammed was a brutal despot who survived in a brutal environment by being more brutal than others. The only part of the Quran that is decent is what he stole from Christianity. His input into the Quran is nothing but a savage need to control, harm, and defile females for amusement.
To intentionally praise and worship such a monster is madness in the extreme. To rationalize this IslamDeathCult as being of god… is really quite insane. It is of Satan, and all who practice it are headed for the Lake of Fire. God will not be mocked by anyone. Life is either-or, always.


Brother James


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