From new book…

In America, with the election of Obama, the Intelack type people voted, and the Enlightened type people did not. The result is, a black person was elected to the Presidency simply because he was black. And the morality of the nation has been in a steep decline since 2008.
Obama is the son of a Marxist-Muslim Communist revolutionary who died in Africa, thought by Obama to have been killed by the CIA and MI-6. Which is why Obama hates America and Great Britain. But with a Liberal press, the dreadful and largely Marxist actions of Obama are not reported. Intelack type people naturally serve and support Intelack type people.
And this brings us to how life in the illusion operates. The Law of Karma, in its most simple explanation is: As ye sow, so shall ye reap. And with America voting for a godless Marxist with psychological sympathy for Islam, and a hatred for the Constitution, America has sown, and for America to expect to reap anything other than pain and suffering is quite naive.


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