What’s Wrong With Socialism?

What’s wrong with Socialism ?  The inherent, inevitable, and absolute error of Socialism is this:  It is conceived by timid, fearful, and godless people driven by MINDs whose basic and most robust desires are Greed, Envy, and an insatiable need to Control everyone and everything… while working toward a sameness that the nature of Life [as conceived by God] is intended to eliminate [and will, if necessary, destroy civilization in order to CORRECT what mankind is doing].

And, the people who crave, desire, and will kill to achieve Socialism, have Souls whose maturation level is  barely above that of an animal.  Their Souls, in other words, are lacking in Consciousness, or the Virtues of Life all Souls are seeking to acquire [in accordance with the Purpose of Life].  This means such Souls are very limited in their levels of Spiritual Evolution, which means they are vulnerable to, and driven by, the base desires of their MINDs.

Another way to put this is to say that any large collection of human beings; a city, county, village, state, or even a nation, where Intelack type people dominate, will reflect the low-level Consciousness of immature Souls that are naturally drawn to the most evil desires of the MIND.  In other words, evil desires are always most active in people whose Souls lack an awareness of God.  That is, ‘godless’ people!

And this is nothing less, and nothing more than the historic battle between good and evil on the Earth plane of Creation.  This cyclic degeneration of mankind into the low level and evil desires of the MIND inevitably bring destruction to Man.  Sad, but it is also inevitable when Man allows the Intelack type people to take over civilization.  When good people refuse to fight for what is good and proper. Resist this magnetic pull of evil by doubling down in your worship of, and love of God.


Brother James


What is the Purpose of Life?

And before we get started, perhaps you might want to hazard a guess as to where Knowledge comes from?

Well, life does have a Purpose, and that Purpose is for a Soul to engage in as many lifetimes as it needs… to acquire sufficient Knowledge to enable it to rise above the MIND, and to remember that it is an aspect of God, and thus needs to tear itself away from the illusion of life [which is this physical plane], and to begin to focus on where it needs to go… which is to the Astral plane, thence the Causal plane, thence the Pure Spiritual Region, where it has five more regions to navigate before it is re-introduced to God, the Creator of Creation, and the Father of all Souls.


Brother James

What Obama has Done…

For seven years, or more, I have shared on Twitter the fact that Obama suffers from a deep-seated psychological fixation, tied to his father abandoning him when he was about three years of age.

Obama’s father was a Marxist-Muslim who hated both America and Great Britain. Obama’s father loved revolution, Communism [a natural combination of Marxism and Islam plus basic hatred], and having sex with women.  Obama’s mother was a white woman whose parents were white Socialist-Communists.  Obama’s father abandoned Obama and his mother to go to Africa to engage in Communist revolution.  And Obama believes his father was killed by the CIA, and MI-6 agents in Africa.

Back to the present. Obama, with the help of George Soros, and a carefully orchestrated national hatred of George bush [devised by Democrat-one-worlders], Obama became the first black President due largely to deeply repressed guilt Within the MINDs of mostly Liberals in America, and tons of money by elitist one-worlder types who want America to be directed by the UN.  Obama was a community organizer, or someone who used the complaints of malcontents to force bureaucrats to comply with blackmail [not unlike what Sharpton and Jackson have done for years].

My point is not that Obama is corrupt, and a sociopath, and that he is also quite insane due to his fixation with his father who abandoned him for Communist revolution… my point is that at a deep psychological level [not consciously known to Obama], he desires to punish America for his father’s death.  And he has both Democrat and RINO traitors to help him in doing that… which is why the Congress has surrendered America to this insane wannabe Muslim revolutionary.

But this was the his first seven years of his Dictatorship.  Now he [and more importantly his handlers] is/are determined that ISIS will finish his desire to punish all America for the death of his father [and prepare America for a take-over by the UN… out of which will come the Antichrist].  So, it has come down to these two symbols:

Pic    and this     islam-symbol-picture

Know what these stand for?  The red cross represents the Knights Templar, who defeated Islam in the Crusades. And the crescent moon with the star represents Islam, and its Caliphate which means invading hordes of people all over the world dedicated to world-domination, and the utter distinction of everyone who is not Muslim.

If America removes Obama in the next month, perhaps America could resist the Islamic invasion of US. If not, then Obama may become the next head of the UN, after being the one who crushed America.  Such is the hatred of the UN for America.  And if this happens, then America and the rest of the world will suffer untold butchery and murder.  We are, I believe, in World War III, right now.  And WWIII is prophesied to result in the death of 2.3 billion people around the world.

It all depends upon if Congress or the military wakes up and removes O, or O is allowed to declare Martial Law [and the Congress just passed a law, giving Obama authority to declare Martial Law for any reason, at any time].  If Obama does that, Islam wins, and all mankind is done, except for those insane enough to be a part of Islam.  And the world will have nearly 6 years of pain, suffering, and death. Talk about revenge for ones father…

Farfetched?  We will see, won’t we?


Brother James

What Could Explain Why O is Controlled by Iran’s Leaders?

I mean…What would explain Obama allowing Iran’s obvious abuse of America, making Obama jump through hoops, putting sailors in harms way, giving up so many terrorists in exchange for four American hostages, paying Iran a king’s ransom, etc?

Why has government traditionally prevented Homosexuals from holding  high positions?  It is because Homosexuality is a mental illness that makes a person extremely vulnerable to blackmail, because sick people are easily compromised when sexual escapades they can’t resist are photographed.

What is chief of staff Valerie Jarrett’s prime loyalty to…. Iran, or America?  Who might be able to get photographs of Obama’s evening White House romps?

What if Iran’s leaders had photographs of O doing a great many explicit and obviously degrading, humiliating things?  Would that serve as a means by which Iranian leaders now control the actions of America via threat of exposing Obama?

Do we now know the reason two boats wound up making themselves available to Iranian capture; Obama freeing, and removing criminal investigations of multiple terrorists, etc? Should America allow itself to continually be blackmailed as long as Obama remains in office?


Has the need for Democrats to cling to control of power in Washington now extended to their willing cooperation in the blackmail of America,  and the abuse of American military personnel simply to protect Obama?  Has the mainstream media sunk so low that they are now complicit in this as well?

Is this the new normal for America?  What a legacy for a once great nation.  If any of this is true… then shame on Congress, and especially on the Secret Service.

How sad this can even be imagined, but it is taking place, is it not?

Brother James

An Interesting bit from book today

When one meditates, the purpose of meditation is to slowly teach ones faculty of Intuition to awaken, and at the same time, by-pass ones MIND, and ones thinking of the brain. In other words, the purpose of meditation is to develop ones faculty of Intuition… which is the ONLY way to contact the Spiritual Energy Within oneself.
And… until, and unless ones Soul has acquired a substantial amount of C’etc [Consciousness], there is not much to Intuit. This is the reason the Intelack type person [who lacks C’etc], is unable to comprehend the Spiritual nature of the Enlightened individual. The Intelack has little or no access to Intuition, and thus… little or no experiential understanding of what Spirituality is; and no experience of Empathetic Understanding with which to contact [the Esoteric realities of C’etc… that the Soul of the Intelack has not, as yet, acquired].
The Intelack simply does not have the capability of accessing that which would allow him or her to “see” or “hear” what the Enlightened type person KNOWs. Unfortunately, the Enlightened person has no idea that the Intelack person has no way to KNOW what the Enlightened person KNOWs.
And so, we have these two very different types of people looking at one another, thinking that because they look alike, they are alike.
And nothing could be further from the truth.


Brother James

A bit of writing for today…

Each of us has obtained some rung on the Ladder of Life, and at considerable cost to ourselves have we achieved this status. If you feel somehow superior to those who are vile, vicious, and evil… this sense of being superior is not an accident. But the sense of being superior needs to be monitored… to make sure it is not just ones MIND feeding ones ego.
On the other hand, if in observing the evil around yourself, you have a sense of regret for those involved in such evil, then that is your humility and level of Consciousness allowing you to realize that there, but for the Grace of God… go I. It is this sense of humility that will carry one forward, or upward on the Ladder of Life.
And yes, it is possible to be humble and resist evil at the same time. It is senseless to allow mosquitos to bite one… in a misguided idea that it would be wrong to protect oneself against these mosquitos, by killing them. Keep in MIND, please, that the ONLY way we Souls grow and mature is by spending time in the various Hells which expressly exist to teach us how to be better. The mosquito could spend no better time than in some Hell learning that being a mosquito is a less desirable form in which to exist.
The exact same reality goes for all in Islam who believe that the murder of innocents is what they are supposed to do. Muhammed was a brutal despot who survived in a brutal environment by being more brutal than others. The only part of the Quran that is decent is what he stole from Christianity. His input into the Quran is nothing but a savage need to control, harm, and defile females for amusement.
To intentionally praise and worship such a monster is madness in the extreme. To rationalize this IslamDeathCult as being of god… is really quite insane. It is of Satan, and all who practice it are headed for the Lake of Fire. God will not be mocked by anyone. Life is either-or, always.


Brother James

From new book…

In America, with the election of Obama, the Intelack type people voted, and the Enlightened type people did not. The result is, a black person was elected to the Presidency simply because he was black. And the morality of the nation has been in a steep decline since 2008.
Obama is the son of a Marxist-Muslim Communist revolutionary who died in Africa, thought by Obama to have been killed by the CIA and MI-6. Which is why Obama hates America and Great Britain. But with a Liberal press, the dreadful and largely Marxist actions of Obama are not reported. Intelack type people naturally serve and support Intelack type people.
And this brings us to how life in the illusion operates. The Law of Karma, in its most simple explanation is: As ye sow, so shall ye reap. And with America voting for a godless Marxist with psychological sympathy for Islam, and a hatred for the Constitution, America has sown, and for America to expect to reap anything other than pain and suffering is quite naive.