The Mystical Message of Christmas

Man is a marvel and exceedingly complex thing, only a portion of which is Pure Spiritual Energy.  Man, as Christ said, is to love one another… and in the Scriptures… Christ merely alludes to the reason for doing so… simply saying that God is Love.  And that we Souls are aspects of God, sent into the Creation by God.  And Christ said that we Souls should love one another.  And by saying that, did Christ mean, we Souls need to share that which we are…[in Reality], with one another?  The Bible hints at the structure of Man, but in so far as I know, it does not spell it out in terms that are easily understood nor comprehended?

Did the scriptures ever specify the structure of Man… that is, in a way that the normal person might comprehend the whole nature of Man? And, from this hazard a guess as to the Purpose of Life?  Remember, it is suggested that ancient Man was not as sophisticated or educated as we are today. I’m not at all sure this is true, but this is what some suggest…

How many people, for instance, are familiar with the fact that the whole of Man is composed of four simultaneously existing, and yet entirely separate vibrational dimensions… only one of which is physical?  This means that three-quarters of the whole of Man are not capable of being perceived by ones physical senses.  And the “Love” part of Man is the Soul of Man, and this is the ONLY part of Man that is Real in an absolute sense.  And only the Soul shares the same Energy as that of God.  And that Energy, as expressed by Christ, is Love.

So, how many people know that the Energy of the Soul, is Love, which is part of the primordial Energy of existence…  Which existed as a void, undifferentiated, and unaware? I have labeled this Energy as Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy.  The key being the term “Neutral”.

What existed before God projected a stepped-down portion of Himself into the Void, which became Creation?  Well, it was NSgy, or  Neutral.

The Void

The Void, prior to the Creation, was darkness, devoid of sound, form… or awareness.  Although it existed, it knew not of its existence. What we refer to as God… is that existence, and the Creation is what God Created as a projection of Himself, in what the mystics refer to as a stepped-down Spiritual Energy [which means somewhat less than Pure].  Pure = NSgy = Love, or Neutral, which means no form, no substance [as we think of substance], and in essence… ‘nothing’.

So, the Creation is an illusion… in that it was Created, not that the Creation does not have form, or an apparent reality.

The Creation grew, and on the Earth, God said ‘let there be life,’ and there was.  Now, we are talking about millions of years, and the Bible is not quite precise in speaking of the Creation occurring in six days. As Man thinks of days, at any rate.

The early form of Man had developed from evolution, and in the Bible one form was called Nephilim. Edgar Caycee, said, that at a point in the early development of mankind, the beast-like creatures were quite beast-like, but operating sort of like human beings today. Well, the Souls [sons of God] in the Astral Region of Creation saw that the beasties on Earth were near enough to human [Man-like] that they mated with the female beasties, and gave birth to a more conscious life form.  And we are talking about millions of years of evolution, growth, death, disolution [the flood], and eventually we became who we are today.

Christ came into the world to give mankind a choice.  In other words, to provide a “light” for those Souls that were evolved enough to recognize the Truth [or ‘light’ that Christ represented].  And those Souls who could “see” and “hear” believed Christ, because they were more sons of God, than not.  And Christ told them how to resist the negative [or MIND-operated] desires of the Earth plane,  by praying [meditating on God and Truth], as a means of rising above the endless temptations of their MINDs.

The resurrection of Christ, was a potent message to those Souls who were able to  make the connection with the Spiritual [non-physical] nature of the Soul, as opposed to those Souls whose MINDs operate and control their lives, and prevent them from awakening to the Spiritual Within themselves. Every Christmas, the same resurrection reminder takes place… except that those Souls that are still subservient to the MINDs that are attached to them, grow stronger and increase in numbers, while the Spiritually oriented Souls grow weaker and fewer in number.

The Souls on Earth today have about 7 years more to make a BINDING decision between good and evil.  Mankind is in a time the Mayans call the End of the Age, and the Christians call the End Time. Armageddon is about 7 years ahead, but the first resurrection will be taking place in the very near future…where the most Spiritually evolved Souls will be pulled up to Heaven.  There to await the time Christ returns with his angels and the final judgement of Mankind.

The wise person will avoid and resist all forms of evil, and will even begin to pray in earnest.  The time is short, and many may have acquired so much negative Karma that it will pull them into the Lake of Fire.  But I am not the judge, God is.


Brother James


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