What Does BLM Want?

The BLM [Black Lives Matter] protester is simply demanding what Obama and Holder promised them early in O’s administration.  Don’t you remember when O and Holder both said, regarding the Black Panther thugs who carried clubs to intimidate voters at a voting place, that no black person would be held responsible for any crime committed during the reign of Obama?

…[thus (not too subtly) conveying the fact that now a black person is President, it is white people and those who obey the law who will be persecuted by the government, and by Holder, not black people]…

So, along with being told by Democrats [for about 60 years], then by their parents [at least those who attend the church of Reverend White], that they are victims, oppressed, and unable to exercise personal responsibility … and are thus entitled to engage in criminal behavior, and to rob, steal, and especially beat up white people, mexicans,  older veterans, old ladies, and to generally act irresponsibly [because their great grand-parents might have been slaves]… over a century ago.

Therefore, according to Holder, and now Lynch, it is only “natural” that young black people should protest when police begin to arrest them for criminal behavior. Besides, O never knows when he will need the BLM movement to fire-bomb a city or two so that O can declare Martial Law?

So, the BLM protester marches, screaming how oppressed they are, and how unfair life is, and that black youth should have the right to shoot each other if they want to.  And their Marxist teachers reinforce their victim status continually [as a means of trying to ingratiate themselves with black youth], who the teachers have been told as part of their training in college by Liberal professors… that black people  are incapable of learning…  And the only people who  want to intervene in this merry-go-round of deceit are Conservatives… who are labeled by O, Holder, Lynch, Hillary, Sharpton, Jackson, and other Marxist racists… as enemies of the black community.

So, we have prejudiced, irrational, even hysterical protesters who are convinced that they are incapable of being responsible, and that is is unfair to expect that they should be responsible.  And… is it any wonder that so many black youth are vulnerable to, and even drawn toward the hateful rhetoric of IslamicDeathCult members?

So, what does the BLM protesters want?  They demand what the Democrats have taught them to believe, which is that they are victims and incapable of being responsible, therefore, they must not be expected to act like human beings.

As long as the nation has a president who fears being responsible himself, is there much chance black youth will rise above what the Democrats expect them to be and do?  I would think that black parents would be concerned that in Chicago, black youth are killing each other at an alarming rate.  But for some reason, the black community is ready to riot if some black thug is interfered with by the police… while black youth killing each other is quite OK?

I must admit, I would not have believed the Democrat [Marxist] rhetoric since FDR, would have been so effective, but it seems all conscious Americans [of all races] must re-evaluate the deviously clever, and culturally destructive propaganda the Democrats [in media and government], have promoted over the last many decades.  It is bought by the black community 90 to 95%.  And O has brought into America millions of uneducated people to perpetuate the Marxist Democrat way of dependence.

I suggest thoughtful citizens begin to pray intensely for Spiritual intervention in this death spiral so many young people have chosen as a new form of entertainment.


Brother James


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