Columbia Pacific University, or CPU, was the first “on line” university in the nation. And if interested in more details about CPU, then try this.

My point in writing this little blog is to say I am a graduate of CPU, with a Ph.D. in Psychology.  My thesis title was:  “A Theoretical Construct of Personality Based on Experiential Intrapersonal Integration of Repressed Multi-resonant Levels of Consciousness.”

At the time I applied to CPU, I held four degrees:  AA, BA, MA, and a MS in Psychology/Psychotherapy from San Diego State University. I had applied to three well-known graduate schools, providing the various Schools of Psychology with my Thesis, as an indication of what I wanted to pursue.

Each University, in its turn, turned down my request, saying essentially the same thing.  “What I wanted to study was outside of what their Psychology Departments provided.”  What does this mean?  I will share what this means with you, but you are likely not to believe me… because what I’m about to share is truly bizarre.

Virtually unknown in much of the West [fairly well established in the Eastern cultures], is the fact that in the West, and led somewhat by America, is the notion that the highest level a human being can achieve is to have a very high IQ, and a quick and agile brain, capable of memorizing a great many factoids and regurgitating these with great accuracy.

An example of this is history, where Knowing the dates and principles involved in historic events are highly prized, and the reason for, consequences of, and social or cultural results of these events are almost irrelevant.   In other words, what is expected of students is for them to use the Left-hemisphere of their brains exclusively as they remember these facts unrelated to the lives, needs, or human conflicts of people involved in these events.

What is not expected is Intuition, curiosity, imagination, or insight that is not contained in the book being used for the course [not infrequently written by the professor teaching the course]. This is what I refer to as the “Malady of Intellectualism”.

Intellectualism is defined as using the brain and thinking exclusive of emotions, or emotionality.  And this results in a denial of three-fourths of Man, which are energy dimensions which are Esoteric, invisible and unknowable by the brain or physical senses.  So, much of “formal” education is focused on, and limited to, that which the brain can either think about, preferably as abstract words, terms or concepts [absent emotional content, in other words], or simply deny.  Which is what much of science teaches us to do.

In essence, this is what a computer does.  Garbage in, and garbage out, is the saying.  In the West, and in America, we fail to differentiate between information and Knowledge.  We fail to do this because those in charge of education in the US are largely people who live for, limit learning to, and celebrate the Left-Hemisphere of the brain and ‘thinking’.  Why?  Because these people unknowingly fear any part of the Reality of Life their brains cannot pretend to control by thinking.   Remove emotion from life, and you remove what is [unknowingly] frightening to the Intelack type personality.

This unknown fear, is precisely what Common Core is all about.  An unrelenting desire of Intelack type people to eliminate any and all emotional energy from education.  Why?  Because the Intelack type person has a Soul that is lacking in Consciousness, or in Spiritual Evolution, and a MIND that cannot perceive Spiritual Energy, and therefore, fears the unknown of the Spiritual dimension… which just happens to possess all Absolute Truth, Intuition, Empathetic Understanding, and the bits of Knowledge [Spiritual Truths], that only Intuition can experience.

And the ‘unknown’ includes Truth, the Soul, Spiritual Energy, Intuition, Reality, Consciousness, and the bits of Knowledge that Intuition awakens from Within ones Conscious Awareness … which is what Rene Descartes was searching for when he settled for thinking.  And, what I am sharing is what I have discovered since graduating from CPU in 1983.

And, today, not one in a thousand licensed psychologists who graduated from the three universities I applied to can tell you what the MIND is.  So, when does one person’s fear become a hinderance to mankind as a whole? When that one person is an Intelack in charge of major programs in universities.

When such people [Intelack people] gain positions of power and control in any field that impacts the whole of mankind.

Peace, Brother James


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