It is with humility, sorrow, and yet, great enthusiasm that I write this blog. And I say this because I have just enough Intuition to realize that the task for we Americans is [or would be] entirely overwhelming… If, even in the flooding darkness of these days, America was not being given an opportunity to save itself, or what will remain of mankind, and the destiny of Life… as a consequence of WWIII, which is taking place even while you read this?

And the reason for this is that the larger Reality of what is taking place encompasses multiple levels of lesser realities, and within these [which are known only to those given the understanding], are levels of Souls that must exercise their best judgement… even while trying to rise above ego, personal ambition, greed [the MIND of Man, in other words], and a natural fear of what they clearly can neither control, nor comprehend?  And yet, here we all are: Stationed on a modern tower of babble, with everyone shouting at each other to please make sense!

The answers we need are available to Mankind, but the answers are being played out in slow motion in the world around us… and we are so concerned by a rapidly rising flood of evil, that we cannot connect the evil dots composing the flood.  Even the most devout Christians are refusing to use the map of Revelation God provided mankind many centuries ago to comprehend what is happening?  And those creating the evil in the world follow an entirely different map, that of Islam, which…I’m afraid, can best be described as a “DeathCult”.

Every Soul… Muslim, Christian, or other religion or  non-religious person  must make a choice… and there is very little time left to make this choice. And the problem is… how does one rise above ones own beliefs, prejudices, and anxiety due to the chaos of the ‘end time’?  This “is” the time of testing.

Over the last several months, I have studied the Bible, and in particular, the book of Revelation. And I have watched the videos of Pastor Irvin Baxter, and these have been most helpful in clarifying what is taking place? And I would invite all to Goggle ‘Irvin Baxter,’ and discover what one has time to watch.

Yesterday I came across this and I would encourage every one to check it out, and if possible, sign it and prepare to enable this very necessary event. There are several people behind a Special Election to choose a new President and VP BEFORE OBAMA HAS TIME TO COMPLETELY DESTROY AMERICA! This is, in my opinion, the best solution to a serious problem facing America.

I believe we have three options: 1. Obama resigns, which is most unlikely. 2. A Coup by the best military leadership, much of whom Obama has fired. 3. The Congress indite Obama for Treason, most unlikely. So, a Special Election, after finding Obama unfit, is perhaps the fourth and best option… since we would only be advancing the election of a new President by a year.

There is a great deal riding on what we Americans will or will not do, in the immediate future.  The world is in great turmoil, which is what Revelation said would take place. I believe the US is not mentioned in Revelation because we have an option… if we will exercise it?  We need to help Israel, and we need to help ourselves, and the world [by assuming our historic role of leadership], by choosing to resist evil; beginning with putting an end to the evil of Obama.  Which will Allow [Trump and Cruz, would be my choice] to protect America, and to help the world resist both Islam [ISIS] and the Antichrist, who will appear in about three years [according to the Bible].

We are in extraordinary times, and we have an opportunity to do some extraordinary things… not to “save the world” –since that die has been caste–  But to remind all people who love God, that the ‘end time’ is a testing of our love:  Individually, personally, and intensely in the face of great evil.

Many will die, and in fact many are dying daily all around the world. WWIII, as it slowly evolves… will ultimately bring death to 2.2 Billion people, or 1/3rd of mankind. That we will die is hard to accept for some, but we must work on accepting this, since the Bible is clear that this will take place. Whether one dies is not the point. That one dies with a love of God in one’s heart is the point.

All Souls will either be resurrected, or not. And those who are not, if they do not change, will find the Lake of Fire in the second death. Read Revelation, it’s quite clear.

Let all good people do what they can to resist evil, and let us do what we can to restore [while we can] America as that bright and shinning light on a hill, so that we can remind the world that this Earth is not our home, and that God is a loving God, worth dying for. Because the alternative is hideous to consider.


Brother James


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