The Mystical Message of Christmas

Man is a marvel and exceedingly complex thing, only a portion of which is Pure Spiritual Energy.  Man, as Christ said, is to love one another… and in the Scriptures… Christ merely alludes to the reason for doing so… simply saying that God is Love.  And that we Souls are aspects of God, sent into the Creation by God.  And Christ said that we Souls should love one another.  And by saying that, did Christ mean, we Souls need to share that which we are…[in Reality], with one another?  The Bible hints at the structure of Man, but in so far as I know, it does not spell it out in terms that are easily understood nor comprehended?

Did the scriptures ever specify the structure of Man… that is, in a way that the normal person might comprehend the whole nature of Man? And, from this hazard a guess as to the Purpose of Life?  Remember, it is suggested that ancient Man was not as sophisticated or educated as we are today. I’m not at all sure this is true, but this is what some suggest…

How many people, for instance, are familiar with the fact that the whole of Man is composed of four simultaneously existing, and yet entirely separate vibrational dimensions… only one of which is physical?  This means that three-quarters of the whole of Man are not capable of being perceived by ones physical senses.  And the “Love” part of Man is the Soul of Man, and this is the ONLY part of Man that is Real in an absolute sense.  And only the Soul shares the same Energy as that of God.  And that Energy, as expressed by Christ, is Love.

So, how many people know that the Energy of the Soul, is Love, which is part of the primordial Energy of existence…  Which existed as a void, undifferentiated, and unaware? I have labeled this Energy as Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy.  The key being the term “Neutral”.

What existed before God projected a stepped-down portion of Himself into the Void, which became Creation?  Well, it was NSgy, or  Neutral.

The Void

The Void, prior to the Creation, was darkness, devoid of sound, form… or awareness.  Although it existed, it knew not of its existence. What we refer to as God… is that existence, and the Creation is what God Created as a projection of Himself, in what the mystics refer to as a stepped-down Spiritual Energy [which means somewhat less than Pure].  Pure = NSgy = Love, or Neutral, which means no form, no substance [as we think of substance], and in essence… ‘nothing’.

So, the Creation is an illusion… in that it was Created, not that the Creation does not have form, or an apparent reality.

The Creation grew, and on the Earth, God said ‘let there be life,’ and there was.  Now, we are talking about millions of years, and the Bible is not quite precise in speaking of the Creation occurring in six days. As Man thinks of days, at any rate.

The early form of Man had developed from evolution, and in the Bible one form was called Nephilim. Edgar Caycee, said, that at a point in the early development of mankind, the beast-like creatures were quite beast-like, but operating sort of like human beings today. Well, the Souls [sons of God] in the Astral Region of Creation saw that the beasties on Earth were near enough to human [Man-like] that they mated with the female beasties, and gave birth to a more conscious life form.  And we are talking about millions of years of evolution, growth, death, disolution [the flood], and eventually we became who we are today.

Christ came into the world to give mankind a choice.  In other words, to provide a “light” for those Souls that were evolved enough to recognize the Truth [or ‘light’ that Christ represented].  And those Souls who could “see” and “hear” believed Christ, because they were more sons of God, than not.  And Christ told them how to resist the negative [or MIND-operated] desires of the Earth plane,  by praying [meditating on God and Truth], as a means of rising above the endless temptations of their MINDs.

The resurrection of Christ, was a potent message to those Souls who were able to  make the connection with the Spiritual [non-physical] nature of the Soul, as opposed to those Souls whose MINDs operate and control their lives, and prevent them from awakening to the Spiritual Within themselves. Every Christmas, the same resurrection reminder takes place… except that those Souls that are still subservient to the MINDs that are attached to them, grow stronger and increase in numbers, while the Spiritually oriented Souls grow weaker and fewer in number.

The Souls on Earth today have about 7 years more to make a BINDING decision between good and evil.  Mankind is in a time the Mayans call the End of the Age, and the Christians call the End Time. Armageddon is about 7 years ahead, but the first resurrection will be taking place in the very near future…where the most Spiritually evolved Souls will be pulled up to Heaven.  There to await the time Christ returns with his angels and the final judgement of Mankind.

The wise person will avoid and resist all forms of evil, and will even begin to pray in earnest.  The time is short, and many may have acquired so much negative Karma that it will pull them into the Lake of Fire.  But I am not the judge, God is.


Brother James



Today, I added a web site especially for people who believe they are vile, awful, negative, bad, or unfit for God to save.

The web site is, or or Here.

This site invites the reader to email me so that we can discuss a few things about Reality, and about who will and will not be resurrected, or continued as Souls?

I did this because I suspect a great many people are unsure about the verses contained in Revelation in the Bible?  And too, many may not be aware that we are very near the last 7 years until Armageddon, and the End of the Age.

Many people are also not aware that not all Christians will be resurrected, nor will all Christians be part of the reign of Christ on Earth for 1,000 years.  And for those who want to be resurrected, and want to be part of the reign of Christ on Earth for a thousand years, well, it might be worth their time to re-read Revelation 20 and 21.

For sure any Catholics might want to read about the False Prophet, and whether or not they will be part of those Christians who will be with Christ for a thousand years?


Brother James

What Does BLM Want?

The BLM [Black Lives Matter] protester is simply demanding what Obama and Holder promised them early in O’s administration.  Don’t you remember when O and Holder both said, regarding the Black Panther thugs who carried clubs to intimidate voters at a voting place, that no black person would be held responsible for any crime committed during the reign of Obama?

…[thus (not too subtly) conveying the fact that now a black person is President, it is white people and those who obey the law who will be persecuted by the government, and by Holder, not black people]…

So, along with being told by Democrats [for about 60 years], then by their parents [at least those who attend the church of Reverend White], that they are victims, oppressed, and unable to exercise personal responsibility … and are thus entitled to engage in criminal behavior, and to rob, steal, and especially beat up white people, mexicans,  older veterans, old ladies, and to generally act irresponsibly [because their great grand-parents might have been slaves]… over a century ago.

Therefore, according to Holder, and now Lynch, it is only “natural” that young black people should protest when police begin to arrest them for criminal behavior. Besides, O never knows when he will need the BLM movement to fire-bomb a city or two so that O can declare Martial Law?

So, the BLM protester marches, screaming how oppressed they are, and how unfair life is, and that black youth should have the right to shoot each other if they want to.  And their Marxist teachers reinforce their victim status continually [as a means of trying to ingratiate themselves with black youth], who the teachers have been told as part of their training in college by Liberal professors… that black people  are incapable of learning…  And the only people who  want to intervene in this merry-go-round of deceit are Conservatives… who are labeled by O, Holder, Lynch, Hillary, Sharpton, Jackson, and other Marxist racists… as enemies of the black community.

So, we have prejudiced, irrational, even hysterical protesters who are convinced that they are incapable of being responsible, and that is is unfair to expect that they should be responsible.  And… is it any wonder that so many black youth are vulnerable to, and even drawn toward the hateful rhetoric of IslamicDeathCult members?

So, what does the BLM protesters want?  They demand what the Democrats have taught them to believe, which is that they are victims and incapable of being responsible, therefore, they must not be expected to act like human beings.

As long as the nation has a president who fears being responsible himself, is there much chance black youth will rise above what the Democrats expect them to be and do?  I would think that black parents would be concerned that in Chicago, black youth are killing each other at an alarming rate.  But for some reason, the black community is ready to riot if some black thug is interfered with by the police… while black youth killing each other is quite OK?

I must admit, I would not have believed the Democrat [Marxist] rhetoric since FDR, would have been so effective, but it seems all conscious Americans [of all races] must re-evaluate the deviously clever, and culturally destructive propaganda the Democrats [in media and government], have promoted over the last many decades.  It is bought by the black community 90 to 95%.  And O has brought into America millions of uneducated people to perpetuate the Marxist Democrat way of dependence.

I suggest thoughtful citizens begin to pray intensely for Spiritual intervention in this death spiral so many young people have chosen as a new form of entertainment.


Brother James

Regarding Columbia Pacific University

Columbia Pacific University, or CPU, was the first “on line” university in the nation. And if interested in more details about CPU, then try this.

My point in writing this little blog is to say I am a graduate of CPU, with a Ph.D. in Psychology.  My thesis title was:  “A Theoretical Construct of Personality Based on Experiential Intrapersonal Integration of Repressed Multi-resonant Levels of Consciousness.”

At the time I applied to CPU, I held four degrees:  AA, BA, MA, and a MS in Psychology/Psychotherapy from San Diego State University. I had applied to three well-known graduate schools, providing the various Schools of Psychology with my Thesis, as an indication of what I wanted to pursue.

Each University, in its turn, turned down my request, saying essentially the same thing.  “What I wanted to study was outside of what their Psychology Departments provided.”  What does this mean?  I will share what this means with you, but you are likely not to believe me… because what I’m about to share is truly bizarre.

Virtually unknown in much of the West [fairly well established in the Eastern cultures], is the fact that in the West, and led somewhat by America, is the notion that the highest level a human being can achieve is to have a very high IQ, and a quick and agile brain, capable of memorizing a great many factoids and regurgitating these with great accuracy.

An example of this is history, where Knowing the dates and principles involved in historic events are highly prized, and the reason for, consequences of, and social or cultural results of these events are almost irrelevant.   In other words, what is expected of students is for them to use the Left-hemisphere of their brains exclusively as they remember these facts unrelated to the lives, needs, or human conflicts of people involved in these events.

What is not expected is Intuition, curiosity, imagination, or insight that is not contained in the book being used for the course [not infrequently written by the professor teaching the course]. This is what I refer to as the “Malady of Intellectualism”.

Intellectualism is defined as using the brain and thinking exclusive of emotions, or emotionality.  And this results in a denial of three-fourths of Man, which are energy dimensions which are Esoteric, invisible and unknowable by the brain or physical senses.  So, much of “formal” education is focused on, and limited to, that which the brain can either think about, preferably as abstract words, terms or concepts [absent emotional content, in other words], or simply deny.  Which is what much of science teaches us to do.

In essence, this is what a computer does.  Garbage in, and garbage out, is the saying.  In the West, and in America, we fail to differentiate between information and Knowledge.  We fail to do this because those in charge of education in the US are largely people who live for, limit learning to, and celebrate the Left-Hemisphere of the brain and ‘thinking’.  Why?  Because these people unknowingly fear any part of the Reality of Life their brains cannot pretend to control by thinking.   Remove emotion from life, and you remove what is [unknowingly] frightening to the Intelack type personality.

This unknown fear, is precisely what Common Core is all about.  An unrelenting desire of Intelack type people to eliminate any and all emotional energy from education.  Why?  Because the Intelack type person has a Soul that is lacking in Consciousness, or in Spiritual Evolution, and a MIND that cannot perceive Spiritual Energy, and therefore, fears the unknown of the Spiritual dimension… which just happens to possess all Absolute Truth, Intuition, Empathetic Understanding, and the bits of Knowledge [Spiritual Truths], that only Intuition can experience.

And the ‘unknown’ includes Truth, the Soul, Spiritual Energy, Intuition, Reality, Consciousness, and the bits of Knowledge that Intuition awakens from Within ones Conscious Awareness … which is what Rene Descartes was searching for when he settled for thinking.  And, what I am sharing is what I have discovered since graduating from CPU in 1983.

And, today, not one in a thousand licensed psychologists who graduated from the three universities I applied to can tell you what the MIND is.  So, when does one person’s fear become a hinderance to mankind as a whole? When that one person is an Intelack in charge of major programs in universities.

When such people [Intelack people] gain positions of power and control in any field that impacts the whole of mankind.

Peace, Brother James

AMERICA…At the Crossroad

It is with humility, sorrow, and yet, great enthusiasm that I write this blog. And I say this because I have just enough Intuition to realize that the task for we Americans is [or would be] entirely overwhelming… If, even in the flooding darkness of these days, America was not being given an opportunity to save itself, or what will remain of mankind, and the destiny of Life… as a consequence of WWIII, which is taking place even while you read this?

And the reason for this is that the larger Reality of what is taking place encompasses multiple levels of lesser realities, and within these [which are known only to those given the understanding], are levels of Souls that must exercise their best judgement… even while trying to rise above ego, personal ambition, greed [the MIND of Man, in other words], and a natural fear of what they clearly can neither control, nor comprehend?  And yet, here we all are: Stationed on a modern tower of babble, with everyone shouting at each other to please make sense!

The answers we need are available to Mankind, but the answers are being played out in slow motion in the world around us… and we are so concerned by a rapidly rising flood of evil, that we cannot connect the evil dots composing the flood.  Even the most devout Christians are refusing to use the map of Revelation God provided mankind many centuries ago to comprehend what is happening?  And those creating the evil in the world follow an entirely different map, that of Islam, which…I’m afraid, can best be described as a “DeathCult”.

Every Soul… Muslim, Christian, or other religion or  non-religious person  must make a choice… and there is very little time left to make this choice. And the problem is… how does one rise above ones own beliefs, prejudices, and anxiety due to the chaos of the ‘end time’?  This “is” the time of testing.

Over the last several months, I have studied the Bible, and in particular, the book of Revelation. And I have watched the videos of Pastor Irvin Baxter, and these have been most helpful in clarifying what is taking place? And I would invite all to Goggle ‘Irvin Baxter,’ and discover what one has time to watch.

Yesterday I came across this and I would encourage every one to check it out, and if possible, sign it and prepare to enable this very necessary event. There are several people behind a Special Election to choose a new President and VP BEFORE OBAMA HAS TIME TO COMPLETELY DESTROY AMERICA! This is, in my opinion, the best solution to a serious problem facing America.

I believe we have three options: 1. Obama resigns, which is most unlikely. 2. A Coup by the best military leadership, much of whom Obama has fired. 3. The Congress indite Obama for Treason, most unlikely. So, a Special Election, after finding Obama unfit, is perhaps the fourth and best option… since we would only be advancing the election of a new President by a year.

There is a great deal riding on what we Americans will or will not do, in the immediate future.  The world is in great turmoil, which is what Revelation said would take place. I believe the US is not mentioned in Revelation because we have an option… if we will exercise it?  We need to help Israel, and we need to help ourselves, and the world [by assuming our historic role of leadership], by choosing to resist evil; beginning with putting an end to the evil of Obama.  Which will Allow [Trump and Cruz, would be my choice] to protect America, and to help the world resist both Islam [ISIS] and the Antichrist, who will appear in about three years [according to the Bible].

We are in extraordinary times, and we have an opportunity to do some extraordinary things… not to “save the world” –since that die has been caste–  But to remind all people who love God, that the ‘end time’ is a testing of our love:  Individually, personally, and intensely in the face of great evil.

Many will die, and in fact many are dying daily all around the world. WWIII, as it slowly evolves… will ultimately bring death to 2.2 Billion people, or 1/3rd of mankind. That we will die is hard to accept for some, but we must work on accepting this, since the Bible is clear that this will take place. Whether one dies is not the point. That one dies with a love of God in one’s heart is the point.

All Souls will either be resurrected, or not. And those who are not, if they do not change, will find the Lake of Fire in the second death. Read Revelation, it’s quite clear.

Let all good people do what they can to resist evil, and let us do what we can to restore [while we can] America as that bright and shinning light on a hill, so that we can remind the world that this Earth is not our home, and that God is a loving God, worth dying for. Because the alternative is hideous to consider.


Brother James